tagFetishThe White Menu Ch. 02

The White Menu Ch. 02


"So, what's next?" Anne could hardly contain her excitement as she asked the question. Her friend Sasha had taken her to this restaurant where they were given a special "White Menu" to order from. Sasha had surprised Anne with an order of oysters, and a dirty martini, both served with fresh cum as the main ingredient. She had been hesitant at first, but after watching their waiter jerk off into her friend's martini, then trying a similar drink herself, the eroticism of the event had turned her on so much that she had orgasmed right at the dinner table. Now she could hardly wait to see what kinky thing was headed their way, though she was still a little scared that she wouldn't be up to it.

"Well," answered Sahsa. "I think we should order our dinner, what do you think?"

Anne felt a frightened thrill tremble up her spine as she opened The White Menu again to once more peruse its offerings. There was a wide selection of appetizers, salads, pastas, and main entrees. Underneath each selection was a number indicating your preference for the amount of semen in your food. Despite her excitement, Anne wasn't sure she was ready for the maximum four rating. Perhaps a nice respectable two would be a good way to start. Enough to taste the jizz, but not so much as to be overpowering. Besides, she was still unsure she was ready for what seemed to be happening to her.

"Perhaps a salad to start with, then entrees?" Sasha suggested.

Anne nodded in agreement as she noted the appetizing options. There was a baby spinach salad with peaches and hazelnut vinaigrette; a pear, arugula, and pancetta salad, also with a vinaigrette dressing; and, of course, the classic Caesar salad. Anne decided that the baby spinach sounded the best.

The entrée selection was much wider, and therefore harder to choose from. There was a cheese and/or cum stuffed ravioli with tomato cream sauce; penne with a rosemary cream sauce; fettuccini alfredo; pork tenderloin; grilled New York Strip; and the fish of the day was a honey and/or cum glazed salmon. This was a tougher decision, but in the end she was curious how the flavors of the honey and sperm would mix together and decided on the salmon.

"I've made up my mind, what did you decide on?" Anne said nervously.

"I think I'll go with the Casesar, and the penne," Sasha replied. "What level are you going to try for your first time here?"

There were butterflies of nervous excitement in her stomach as she exhaled deeply and replied, "I'm going to start with a 'two.' I don't know if I am ready for much more than that yet."

Sasha laughed, "I understand. You're braver than I was. When I started here I could only muster up the courage for a 'one.' It wasn't till Zeke added some 'flavor' to some of our meals at home that I got brave enough to try anything more. Now I love it! I almost always order a three or four when we come here. Poor Zeke just can't supply enough with one shot to give me the taste I want."

Anne still couldn't wrap her mind around the idea of her best friend sitting in her dining room while her husband stroked his cum all over her dinner. What would Chris say when she told him about this place? Would he be willing to do the same for her? Would she be willing?

"Well I hope you'll be doing a 'four' tonight. I am curious to give it a taste to see if I like it," Anne said.

"Of course! Now, don't you think we need another drink?"

"How could I argue with that? You think our waiter is 'up' for making another dirty martini? I'd love another view of him stoking that big dick of his."

Sasha laughed again. "Perhaps. I don't know about you, though, but I'd like to save him for the salad course. I had something else in mind."

"Oh, really? More surprises, or can I know about this one in advance?" Anne teased.

"I think one more surprise might be fun, don't you? You already know what the secret ingredient is, maybe this time the delivery will surprise you."

The further this went, the more and more excited Anne got. She was once again wishing she had worn something besides jeans, something will a little more access to her tingling pussy. She liked the idea of sitting here, fingering herself, while naked waiters delivered semen to her on a plate. There certainly was enough privacy here with their curtained off booth that hid them from the other patrons of the restaurant. Somehow she had a feeling that Sasha wouldn't mind too much if she did that either. In spite of her wish, however, she just didn't feel brave enough to take that next step.

The curtain slid aside once more and their waiter returned to the table to take their orders. His cock had regained its stiff appearance, and once more Anne had to resist the overwhelming urge to reach out and give it a couple of tugs.

Just as the ladies were about to give their drink order, a rhythmic pounding sound began to come from the wall behind Anne. She looked at the waiter in surprise and asked, "Is that what I think it is?"

The waiter smiled sheepishly and replied, "There is a very excited young couple in the booth next to you. I wouldn't be surprised if their excitement got the better of them."

The speed of the banging began to get faster, and now they could hear a woman's voice crying out in unison with each pound of the wall.

"Does that happen often?" Anne asked incredulously.

"Every day or two there is an event like that. It's why we have the curtains. Some people really enjoy fucking in a public place, and what better place than this?" He replied. "We try to wait until they are done before we disturb them."

Anne stared at the waiter, her eyes travelling slowly down to his cock as she listened to the sounds of the sex in the next booth reach a crescendo and the woman let out a long orgasmic scream. She noticed the waiter's dick twitch in excitement as he too listened to the fucking next door.

As the noise subsided, Sasha fanned herself with her menu and said, "Well, that got me hot, how 'bout the rest of you?"

The three laughed together, and Anne blushed with excitement. She was definitely going to be bringing her husband here, and soon.

The waiter took their orders and departed, and the girls made more small talk.

Shortly, the waiter returned with the next round of drinks.

"Bourbon, on the rocks." He said as he placed a tumbler full of brown liquor in front of each woman, then left once more.

"OK. How's this kinky?" Anne asked, looking at the glass in front of her. "It's just bourbon."

"And rocks, don't forget the ice part. Very important in a drink like this."

"Fine, ice too... so, where's the gimmick?"

"As I said, very important in a drink like this," Sasha repeated coyly, and raised her glass to her lips and took a sip.

Anne took a closer look. Straight bourbon, no semen anywhere. Then Anne noticed something odd. Small swirls of white were beginning to work their way through her drink. But where were they coming from?

Then it clicked: the ice. Each ice cube was more milky than a regular cube of water, though she hadn't noticed it at first. She lifted the glass up for a closer inspection and sure enough, she was right. It wasn't frozen water that made up these ice cubes, but frozen semen. As each cube slowly melted, it sent tendrils of sperm circling through her drink. Anne slowly brought the glass to her lips and sipped. The alcohol flavor was dominant, but underneath it, if only in the aftertaste, was the subtle flavor of cum.

She set her drink down again, and watched fascinated as the cum cubes continued to melt and release themselves into her drink. After a sufficient amount of time had passed watching, she lifted the glass again and took another sip, then another. The longer she waited, the more sperm was released into the drink and the more potent the flavor became.

Her reverie was broken by a moan from across the table. She looked up and saw Sasha, with her eyes closed, sipping the last of her drink. Her ice had melted quite a bit by now, and there seemed to be a 50/50 mixture of jizz and bourbon in her glass. She was slowly sipping the remainder, and seemed to be in a trance. Then Anne noticed that Sasha's other had had disappeared under the table and seemed to be working rather hard between her legs. Anne felt flush as she realized what her friend was doing across the table from her. Sasha had been smart enough to wear a skirt, and was now using the easy access it afforded to bring herself to orgasm.

Sasha had drained the remaining liquid contents of her glass. Her hand under the table quickened as she opened her mouth wide to swallow one of the half-melted cum cubes into her mouth. She held it there, feeling it melt, tasting the semen as it slowly filled her mouth. She began to shake, then jerk in her seat, as her orgasm hit her. Anne watcher her twitch, her hand working between her legs, and her tongue working the cum cube to melt it faster and fill her mouth with more of its white, milky essence.

Suddenly she let out a long hard moan, her body went rigid, then spasmed repeatedly. She bit down hard on the cube, crushing it between her teeth, filling her mouth with the icy white mixture. She continued to chew, to swirl, to wash the flavor over her tongue, to feel her mouth fill with the cum as she orgasmed again and again.

Then, finally, as the last wave slowly receded from her body, she swallowed her mouthful and felt it slide down her throat and into her stomach.

"Whoa," Anne said quietly, once her friend had regained a bit of her composure.

Sasha smiled weakly at her friend and once again fanned herself with her menu. "You're next."

"At this point, I'd love to, but I'm wearing jeans, and they don't really lend themselves all that well to that sort of... activity."

"Bah," Sasha replied, "You think that stops anyone here? Take a look out that curtain, look at that big group of women and tell me what you see."

Curious, Anne peaked out between the curtains. In the middle of the dining room was the large party of women that they had seen when they came in. It was obviously a rowdy group; they seemed to have had a lot to drink. Most likely it was a bachelorette party, as one of the women was wearing a veil. Taking a closer look however, she realized that while she was wearing a veil and a t-shirt, she did not actually have any pants or underwear on. One of the other women stood up drunkenly to give a toast, and Anne realized that she was the same. A nice top, but no bottoms at all. Anne could see the nice trim triangle of hair above what appeared to be a shaven pussy.

Anne watched for a while longer, enough to confirm that all the women were attired similarly, before closing the curtain and turning to her friend.

"See? Easy access," Sasha answered in response to the questioning look given to her by Anne. "There is a changing room just off the main foyer. Women will often strip off whatever bottoms they wore in."

"Yes, but to walk through a restaurant like that? To sit at a table in front of your friends, half naked, and touch yourself."

"Anne, come on now. You've been here long enough to see what is happening. You think women who eat at a restaurant with naked waiters who jack off on their dinner worry about being seen with no pants on? Are you telling me you don't have any exhibitionism in your blood at all? Doesn't that turn you on?"

Anne was stuck. Of course it turned her on, and she knew the idea would turn Chris on. She just had absorbed so much tonight already, that each new thing seemed overwhelming, and there was still a sense in her that she wasn't sure she was capable of going along with all this.

"I challenge you," Sasha continued, "before our dinner arrives, to take off those jeans of yours. You are going to want to, trust me."

Anne pondered the dare for a minute. She so desperately wanted to do it, her pussy ached to be stroked. She just wasn't sure she could go through with it.

She took one more quick sip of her drink to fortify herself. The alcohol helped, so did the taste of the jizz in her drink. Once more she realized just how horny she was getting. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and stood up next to the table, and reached for the button on her jeans.

Just then the curtain opened, and their waiter walked in. Anne sat down so fast she bumped her hip on the table. Her face grew bright red with embarrassment. It was one thing to take her pants of semi-privately behind a curtain with a trusted friend; it was another to do it in front of a naked stranger in a public restaurant.

Sasha, for her part, laughed once again at her friend's embarrassment. It was fun to watch the excitement it was obvious Anne was feeling conflict with her inhibitions and embarrassment. She was curious to see which side would win. She thought that she had almost had Anne with getting her to take off her pants, but it was a long evening and she knew things were just getting going.

Their waiter was carrying their salad course. He placed the salads down in front of the two women. Anne's salad looked like she had expected, arugula topped with pears and pancetta with a light vinaigrette. Sasha's salad also looked as she expected, romaine lettuce coated with a white creamy dressing, tossed with a few croutons and some parmesan cheese. But even from across the table she could tell that the main ingredient in the dressing had been substituted with semen. She could smell the pungent aroma of sperm fill the booth, and once more looked at her friend with wonder, and not a little jealousy.

The waiter stepped back, and asked, "Would you ladies care for some fresh cracked pepper on your salads?"

"Yes please," answered Sasha.

The waiter left for a moment, then returned with a pepper mill and added pepper to each of the women's salads. "Would you care for any fresh sperm on your salads as well?"

"I know I would love some, a four is nice, but a fresh coating tableside always enhances the experience in my opinion," Sasha replied. "Anne?"

"I think I'm fine for now," Anne answered. Truth be told, staring at their waiter's hard dick was once again getting her hot. She actually wanted to watch him ejaculate all over her pears, pancetta, and arugula, then slowly eat it while he watched. She could smell the cum wafting up from Sasha's plate across the table and that only enhanced her desire, but once again her natural inhibitions stopped her from saying yes.

"You sure?" Sasha prompted.

Anne nodded hesitantly. Sasha could see the conflicted battle going on in side of her friend. She needed a push, and Sasha thought she had just the thing.

"All right, you go ahead and start on yours, while I get a fresh helping from our friend here."

Then, as the waiter stepped forward and began to massage his giant cock over her food, she reached out and grabbed his dick with her hands and said, "You must be tired from waiting all those tables, why don't you stand there, relax, and let me handle this one."

Anne watched in jealous fascination as her friend did the exact thing she had been fantasizing about all evening. Sasha's hand worked slowly up and down the hard dick, and their waiter smiled, closed his eyes and enjoyed the hand job.

This was one of the many perks of his job. He loved it when the women he waited on wanted something more than just a tug job into their food. At least once a night one of his customers helped him out with a hand job, sometimes even a blowjob. If he was lucky enough, about once a month, one of the women he served would get horny enough to spread open their legs wide on the table and let him fuck her. Usually that happened behind the curtains, but a couple of times he'd been fortunate to be able to do it right in the middle of the dining room in front of the whole busy restaurant full of customers. Those were the times he looked forward to the most, but there was nothing wrong with what was happening now, standing in front of two hot women while one of them stroked his dick over her salad. Just another one of the reasons he loved his job.

Anne, for her part, was once again feeling a wet warmth begin to spread between her legs. She picked up her fork, stabbed some of her salad with it, and brought it to her mouth. It was good. The flavors of the pancetta and pears mixed well with the vinaigrette. The cum flavor in the dressing complimented the other ingredients well, it wasn't overpowering at all, and definitely enhanced the taste.

Anne took another bite while she watched her friend stroke their waiter's throbbing cock. Oh, that cock looked good, and oh, that cum tasted good in her food. And then something in her finally gave.

She'd seen naked a naked hostess and naked waiters. She's drunk semen in two different cocktails, eaten it on oysters, and as a dressing on her salad. She'd watched her friend finger herself to orgasm, and was now watching her give the waiter a hand job. She'd even orgasmed herself, and she was definitely interested in coming here again with her husband. What exactly was holding her up?

"Fuck it," she said. "Give me that dick. I want to stroke that thing till it shoots its creamy load all over my food."

With that she reached for their waiter's cock. Sasha gave way immediately with a happy grin and let her friend take over. The waiter adjusted his hips and angled his dick towards Anne's plate. Anne felt the smooth skin of his dick against her hand. She'd been fantasizing about touching him since he had first walked into their booth. Now she had his hardness in her hand and it was turning her on so much. She had started the salad course ready to take off her jeans, and now, as Sasha had predicted she would, she desperately wished she had followed through. She wanted nothing more than to dip her fingers into her wet snatch and to rub her clit until she came. As it was, the jeans kept her from doing that, but they could not keep her from rubber her crotch through them, so while one hand flew up and down the prick of their waiter, her other rubbed hard against the denim between her legs.

Sasha watched her friend with glee, glad that Anne finally seemed to have broken through the inhibitions that had been holding her back. However, there did remain the fact that she had started the hand job of their waiter, and really did want to have someone cum on her salad. She turned again to the button by the table and pressed it.

A moment later another waiter pushed his way through the curtain. His giant hard dick led the way followed by his ripped tan body. Sasha had yet to be disappointed by any of her servers, and this one was no exception.

He looked around at the situation at their table, then asked curiously, "How can I help you ladies? It seems you already have things very much 'in hand.'"

Sahsa chuckled, "My friend here has stolen the dressing dispenser from me. Is there any way you have another I can use? My salad desperately needs more dressing on it."

"Ah, I see. Of course ma'am, you are welcome to use my dispenser. Would you like me to use it, or would you rather use it yourself?"

"Oh myself, definitely. I can't let my friend here out do me." Sasha replied as she reached for the new waiter's cock. She slid her salad right under the tip of his penis, then began to massage his dick and balls.

The two women looked at each other and smiled, each admiring the hard shaft the other was working. The two men each stood quietly by the table, enjoying the sensation of the ladies' hands, and feeling the cum build in their testicles.

Anne felt the pre-cum oozing from her the tip of her waiter's dick. She slipped her had to the tip and scooped up on her finger. She brought it to her lips and tasted it. She loved how sweet it was, and the taste merely heightened her desire to make him explode the full load for her. She returned her hand to the tip of his penis, wet it with pre-cum and used that to lube up the rest of his shaft. Now her hand flew over the slippery cock in front of her. She felt him tense and she knew he was close. She aimed his dick towards her plate and stoked faster, her other hand squeezing his scrotum lightly.

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