tagFetishThe White Menu Ch. 03

The White Menu Ch. 03


The two women slouched low in their booths. Each one's breathing still slowing down from the ecstasy that they had just experienced. Anne's fingers traced lightly over her wet pussy, then up over her stomach and back down her legs, the sensations tingling in the afterglow of her recent orgasm. She was still amazed at herself. Had she really just done that? Had she really just fingered herself to orgasm while eating a salad covered with semen? Was she now still pantless in a crowded restaurant?

The answer, of course, was yes. Even better than that though, was that now her inhibitions had been broken through. She wanted more: more hot naked waiters, more stroking herself off, and most importantly, more cum. She drew a deep breath as she remembered that while what she had just experienced was great, it was only an appetizer, both literally and figuratively. She still had the main course to go.

"I told you, didn't I?" Sasha asked from across the table. "Totally hot. If this doesn't spice up your love life with your husband, nothing will."

"Oh, I am so bringing him here the first chance I get. This is going to rock his world." Anne replied, chuckling. "I can't wait!"

The curtains that cut their table off from the rest of the restaurant parted once more and their naked waiter stepped through. He could smell the strong scent of pussy in the air, and it made him smile. He knew what the ladies had been up to since the last time he had been to their table.

"And how was the salad course?" He asked knowingly. "Everything to your... pleasure?"

"Oh, indeed," Sasha laughed back. "We are having a wonderful time."

"I'm so glad to hear it. Your entrees will be up in just a moment. Would you ladies like another drink to go with your meals? Perhaps a glass of wine?"

"Wine would be lovely, thank you. Nothing in it though for the moment, I think we will save ourselves for the main course."

"Certainly. I'll be right back with those."

He left, and the girls chatted for a while. Anne enjoyed the feeling of her naked ass on the booth as they simply talked about their jobs, husbands, and lives. She was over her inhibitions and simply loved the idea that she was sitting in a restaurant, naked from the waist down, as if that were the most normal thing in the world.

The waiter returned with their wine, then cleared their salad plates and departed once more. Anne enjoyed the view of his naked ass as he slipped between the curtains. As he left, the girls noticed that there was quite a bit of noise coming from the outer restaurant. Curious, Sasha went to the break in the curtains and peeked out.

"Oh, my god! You have got to come see this." She exclaimed excitedly.

Curious, Anne got up from the booth and made her way to the curtain. Together they peeked out at the commotion going on outside in the main restaurant.

The large group of women that she had looked at earlier was causing the noise. When she had snuck a look at them earlier, she had surmised that it was a bachelorette party given that one of the ladies had on a t-shirt and veil, though was naked from the waist down. It was seeing her like that that had helped inspire her to want to remove her own jeans to give her better access to her aching snatch.

Now it seemed the party was in full swing. The rest of the girls were standing around the table cheering the bride-to-be on. The bride herself was down on her knees, her head bobbing up and down as she shoved her waiter's dick as far into her mouth as she could. Anne watched in horny fascination as the waiter suddenly pulled his cock from her mouth and shot wad after wad of thick white spunk all over the bride's face. Her bachelorette party screamed and cheered as his cum dripped down her face.

One of the other girls brought her a napkin, and the bride was about to stand and wipe her face, when someone else, the maid of honor perhaps, ran up giggling, "No, no, no, no! You have to stay right there. Don't you dare touch that face of yours! You're not done yet!"

The other girls whooped and hollered, as the maid of honor signaled one of the other waiters. He had been standing by the kitchen door, subtly stroking his own dick while watching the bride give head to one of his coworkers. He gave a quick knock on the kitchen door then ran quickly up to the bride and began furiously pumping his hand on his cock. The bride seemed a bit surprised at this turn of events, but like a good sport, put her face right below the end of his dick and waited.

It didn't take long and soon he too was shooting large globs of white jizz all over her face. The two large loads mingled together and her face was now covered with streaks of hot cum. Some of it had shot as high as her veil, while another heavy pool had run down her left cheek and dropped onto her shoulder.

Laughing, she once again sought to get up and wipe her face, and once again the maid of honor kept her from standing. "You're still not done! This is your last chance to be naughty before you get hitched and I am going to make sure it is a night you remember forever!"

As if on cue, the doors to the kitchen burst open and a line of men marched in. It seemed as if most of the waiters and the entire kitchen staff were making their way over to the bride. Most of the staff wore some kind of chef coat or apron, but none of them were wearing pants, and all of them were stroking rock hard cocks. It was hard to tell, but there must have been at least twenty men. As soon as the bride-to-be realized what was headed her way, she attempted to get up, but she was foiled by her maid of honor, who pushed her back down on her knees as the throng of men surrounded her.

"But I'm getting married, I can't do this!" Anne heard her protest loudly.

"Oh, he won't mind, trust me!" Her maid of honor replied back, as all the girls in her group cheered loudly.

That seemed to be enough for the bride, as she quickly found a good position on her knees and grabbed hold of two of the penises gathered around her head. She took a third one in her mouth and began sucking on it as her hands worked the other two. It didn't take long for the dick in her mouth to begin spurting, and she pulled back to let him add his load to the mess already on her face.

Most of the other men were gathered in loose clumps around her. One would shoot his load on her face, then step back to be replaced by another. A few of the women from her bachelorette party had joined the fun and were on their knees sucking off the kitchen staff and the waiters, getting them ready to add their jizz to their friend's face.

Everyone in the restaurant was watching her now. Many of the women and men at the other tables were craning necks and standing up to get a better view of the cum covered bride-to-be. Anne noticed that a couple of women had even begun sucking their partner's dicks. One spectating woman was licking her husband's balls, her hand working his shaft in a blur. She stood up suddenly and slapped her husband on his naked ass in encouragement as he made a beeline for the bride. He shouldered his way through the other men to get to the bride's face and unloaded a gigantic shot all over her. Everyone watching cheered.

Anne once again felt a warm wetness between her legs watching all those men standing around jacking off their cocks and waiting to deposit their spunk on the bachelorette's face. While most of the time the group of men obscured the bride from Anne's view, every so often a gap would appear and she got a quick glimpse of the woman at the center. Anne was stunned. The bride's face glistened with white, it pooled in some spots, and in others it ran down her cheeks or chin and dripped to her lower body. There was so much, and there were still at least a quarter of the men left to go. Anne pictured herself there on the floor waiting for those men to jerk off on her face, and while she doubted that she could actually go through with something like that, she found herself again fingering her wet snatch at the fantasy.

Now almost all of the restaurant staff had shot their loads on the bride and only a few of the patrons remained to have their turn. By now, all of the women in the restaurant had a good view of the bride, and with each remaining shot, they all cheered. Anne could now get a good look at the bride's face, and what she saw amazed her. A thick layer of white covered her face. Her veil and hair were matted with streaks where the men had overshot, or where the semen had grown so thick on her face that it ran dripping off the side. Her shirt was stained with many drips, and there were puddles of cum on and around her legs where it had run dripping from her cheeks and chin.

The bride's friends gasped and talked to each other feverishly at the sight, and more than one had surreptitiously snuck a hand between their legs. Anne thought she looked spectacular. She never imagined being cum on by so many men, each one waiting their turn to worship her by spraying their load all over her face. She admired the bride for her bravery, and was definitely going to add this to her list of fantasies.

Finally there was one man left. His wife led him by the penis over to the bride, then knelt down next to the bride and looked up at her husband. She sucked on his dick for a minute then pulled him from her mouth and said at the top of her voice so that everyone could hear, "Go ahead honey, shoot your cum all over her pretty face. I want to see you shoot it, and then I am going to lick it off of her face. Cum on, baby!"

That seemed to be enough for him. He stroked harder, and aimed the tip of his penis at her face. He began grunting loudly, then shot spurt after spurt of thick hot sperm onto her already slick face.

Both the bride-to-be and the man's wife groaned as he shot. Each one had their fingers furiously working their pussies. As his shots began to wane, he stepped back and his wife turned to look at the bride. Anne held her breath. This last shot pooled quickly with the thick white sheen already there. The white viscosity was too much to hold it in place, and the last shot slid quickly off the side of her cheek and dangled off her jaw. As the thick thread sagged down towards her collarbone, the wife of the man who shot the load reached up with her finger and snagged the dangling drip. Bringing the thread of spunk to her lips, she slid her cum laden finger into her mouth savoring the taste.

More of her husband's cum began to drip down off the bachelorette's jaw and the wife leaned over and caught the second drip with her tongue. Without waiting, she brought her tongue to the side of the bachelorette's cheek and licked a large glob of cum off, swallowing it with relish. The crowd cheered as she did so, and encouraged, she returned for another helping, this time licking the bachelorette's temple and forehead. She went back a final time, licking the cum from the bride's chin, then giving the bride a wet, sloppy, spermy kiss. Anne could actually see strands of semen stretch from their lips as this kiss was broken.

With some help from her bridesmaids, the bride-to-be stood up to more cheers from the restaurant. She was a sperm covered mess. Her face glowed from thick layer of cum on it. Drips ran down the length of her body. Her hair was matted around her face, and streaks of cum decorated it elsewhere.

"That is amazing," Sasha whispered. "I want to try that."

"I'm not sure I'd have the courage," Anne laughed. "But I'd love to see you give it a go. Maybe I can be the one who 'cleans' you up afterwards."

"That'd be hot for sure. Can you imagine what our husbands would think? You licking the cum of a roomful of strangers from my face?" Sasha joked.

Both women were clearly joking, but there was an undercurrent of excitement that ran through the joke, and Anne couldn't help but picture what that would be like. After what she'd just seen and already accomplished this evening, she didn't think the idea was that out of the question.

Across the restaurant, things were returning to normal. Most of the staff had disappeared back into the kitchen and the other patrons had returned to their own tables and resumed their dinners. The bride-to-be and her party were back at their table, though Anne noted that the bachelorette made no effort whatsoever to clean up. She was clearly enjoying the feeling of all that cum and intended to stay a mess for as long as she could.

Sasha spied their waiter with a large tray exiting the kitchen and suggested to Anne that they return to their seats for their dinner. Anne quickly sat down, her legs trembling with excitement. This was what she had been waiting for. The drinks, the oysters, the appetizers, all had been leading to this. She couldn't wait.

The curtains parted and in came their waiter holding their respective dishes. Anne's salmon looked amazing. Lightly seared, and covered with a glaze, she could smell the subtle mix of sperm and honey as she salivated at the thought of biting into it. Sasha's, on the other hand, was in another world. The penne in her dish swam in a "creamy" sea of spunk. The heady aroma of sperm filled the booth, along with the tang of the rosemary mixed in with it. Anne knew she was going to have to try some, it looked simply too spectacular and kinky to pass up.

Their waiter interrupted the quiet trance that both women had fallen into at the sight of their meals, and indicating Anne, said, "Since this seems to be your first time at our establishment, the chef wanted to give you a special treat."

With that he stepped aside, and in walked a man in a chef's coat and nothing else. He was a magnificent specimen. Tall, with dark eyes and a flashing smile. His rock hard body was only partially hidden beneath his coat, and his muscled legs rippled as he stepped through the curtain. But none of that mattered to Anne as she saw the giant penis that shot straight out from between his legs. It was easily ten inches of beautiful flesh. His large testicles seemed to match the stature of his shaft, and as they lay suspended hanging beneath, they swayed slightly, giving the impression of the torrent that lay inside.

"Oh," was all she replied in a small voice as he walked straight to their table, his cock pointing right at her delicate face.

"Welcome to our restaurant ladies, we are so glad to have you here tonight. I hope you have been enjoying your evening so far?" His voice was deep and sexy with a slight accent she couldn't quite place. Anne had to resist the temptation to stick her hands between her legs, or to grab his dick and stuff it into her mouth.

"We have!" replied Sasha enthusiastically. "This is Anne's first time here and I think I can safely say that you have a new regular customer on your hands."

Anne blushed at that, clearly embarrassed by the situation.

"I am so very glad to hear that," the chef smiled sexily. "As you can see, taking care of our customers is a high priority here at our restaurant. As the head chef, I like to welcome some of our new customers with the 'Chef's Special.' It is the most exclusive item we have on our menu. Would you be interested?"

Anne wasn't sure what to say. She was wracking her brain trying to think of what the special might be. Given the events of the evening, she had a pretty good idea, and by now her kinkiness was definitely pushing aside her better judgment. Still...

"Of course she'll have it!" Sasha piped in without waiting for Anne to respond. "She'd love too."

"Excellent!" Taking his giant penis in his hands he gave it a few slow strokes and presented it right up to Anne's face. "I eat a strict diet of fruits and other foods designed to enhance the flavor of my semen. I also produce a prodigious amount in each ejaculation, so the when the 'Chef's Special' is added to your meal, it turns an exciting experience into a delicacy. Many women also enjoy the fact that there are only two methods of stimulation that will produce the 'Special': a woman's mouth, or her vagina. Most women prefer to use their mouths, but occasionally some would rather feel this inside of them in a more exciting way."

Anne blushed even deeper as she stammered, "I... I couldn't... I'm married. I could never do anything like that."

"Oh come on, Anne, I saw the way you looked at that cock when it came through the curtain. Are you really telling me you don't want that stuffed inside of you?" Sasha asked incredulously. "You've had your fingers inside of you all evening. Wouldn't that giant cock fill that hole much better?"

"No! I couldn't. I love Chris, I could never betray his trust like that."

"Pardon me, but perhaps I have an adequate solution," interrupted the chef. "A mouth serves just as well as a pussy, why not suck it out?"

"No, I don't think so. It would be wrong."

"How about this? You saw that wonderfully gorgeous woman who seated you?" The Chef asked. "You get yourself some of the 'Chef's Special' and I'll give you a voucher for your husband to receive the exact same treatment from her. Don't you think your husband might forgive a little naughtiness on your part if he gets to do the same to a spectacular specimen like her?"

The entire time he was talking to her, the chef was slowly waving his giant cock right in front of her face. Its bulbous head was inches from her lips, she could see the pre-cum oozing slowly from the tip. The smell and the sight of it were making it difficult for her to think rationally. All she really wanted to do was take it deep into her mouth and suck it until it shot its essence all over her meal. Her pussy ached to be filled with this giant piece of meat. She wanted to be stuffed, pounded, and fucked until she screamed.

But could she really betray her husband like that? Could she cheat on him just because she wanted this dick so badly?

Sasha could once again see the indecision wavering on her friend's face. She knew Anne was actually contemplating it. She whispered softly and seductively, "Just think of that dick inside of you. Think of it filling your mouth. Think of licking those balls. Think of it filling your pussy to the brim, fucking you hard, your soft wet walls clinging to it."

"No, I couldn't... Chris..." Anne protested feebly, never removing her eyes from the organ now just an inch from her lips.

Sasha continued to whisper seductively to Anne, "Oh, he might be mad at first, but then you show him a picture of that sexy hostess. Remember her?"

Anne nodded.

"Think of those sexy legs, those pouty lips, that beautiful pussy. You show him a picture of her with her legs spread wide, tell him that he can have that, and you think he would still be mad? Think how happy he would be to shove his cock between her lips. I bet she gives great head. She would suck the cum out of him in no time. Imagine him shoving his cock into her all the way. Imagine how wet and soft that hole is. All the while you are there, caressing him, cheering him on. You know he would take that offer in a second."

"No," Anne feebly replied, almost pleading.

Now the chef's cock actually pressed itself against her lips. It rubbed gently across them, coating them with his glistening precum, making them glossy. As if they had a will of their own, her lips parted and the tip of his dick slowly passed into her mouth. It held there for a few moments as Anne savored the feeling of it, still unsure that she could take things this far. The tip of his penis oozed precum into her salivating mouth. Without being able to stop it, her tongue darted forward and licked the tip of his dick. Then her jaw opened slowly wider, and he pushed more of his meat further into her mouth.

Wider and wider, deeper and deeper, her eyes closed, she took his dick into her mouth until he touched the back of her mouth and the entrance to her throat. Again, without being able to stop herself, she found her head moving back and forth as she began to suck his dick in earnest.

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