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The Wicked Witch


This is my first contest submission. Hope you enjoy!


My mother and I had always enjoyed holidays - especially Halloween and Christmas. We were very close and enjoyed all the preparation and festivities that went along with them. I think part of it arose out of the bonding together and the make-believe that was tied into the loss of my father to cancer when I was 10. The celebration and fantastic nature was both fun and a way to push away reality. It had been 8 years since my dad died and we had gotten over the sadness though we still missed him, but we still really enjoyed the holidays.

This year Halloween was coming up fast and we hadn't yet prepared the yard and porch nor had we gotten our costumes. I had started college that fall, but the school was only an hour away. I lived on campus, but had come home the previous weekend to spend "Halloween week" with Mom and commuted to school.

"We're leaving it pretty late this year, honey," my mother said when I got home on Saturday "Halloween is next Friday - coming up fast!"

"I know, Mom," I replied. "Let's spend some time this weekend setting up the yard and porch. And we can figure out costumes too."

My mother thought for a moment then replied, "Honey, let me choose the costumes this year, OK?"

This was unusual, but I was OK with it and said sure. That weekend, we worked hard in the yard, cleaning up the usual fall debris, digging out the old plants and so on. It was unseasonably warm and I took off my shirt in the afternoon.

"My goodness!" my mother commented as she regarded me, "You certainly have filled out this past year young man! Look at you, a real hunk!"

It was true, up till that year I had grown up a relatively slim teenager, 5'10" and about 160 pounds. But between soccer and swimming teams and the associated weight training I had put on another 25-30 pounds and was looking pretty buff. I gave her a flex and she theatrically felt my bicep. She oohed and ahhed while I laughed, but there was an unexpected frisson as she touched my arm and gently rubbed it. I looked quickly at her and was struck again at how young and, dammit, sexy hot she looked! But I didn't think much about it until later.

However, a pensive then impish look crossed my mother's face and she said "Ah, now I know what your costume will be… and I think mine as well."

"OK, what then?" I inquired.

"Oh, no no. It's going to be a surprise!" she rejoined and I had to be content with that.

We fixed up the yard and the porch with the initial decorations, we always waited till Halloween itself to put up the final touches. The rest of the week went by quickly as I had a lot on my plate and so did my mom. The one odd element that week was that our greetings became a little warmer, the hugs a little longer, our kisses a little more lingering. Nothing outlandish, but I noticed and I think she did too.

It made me recall the frisson when she felt my bicep. Once again, I noticed how attractive my mother was. Not something I noticed all the time, just now and again. After all, she was my mom. And my friends might comment how hot she was - which got them pretty solid punches in shoulder and commands to shut up about my mom. Still, she was about 5'5", maybe 120 pounds with a really nice figure that she worked hard to keep up with running and visits to the gym. We had never been body conscious, but then we never paraded around in the nude either. Still, I had seen her in her nightie many times, which did little to disguise her figure. I had also seen her in bra and panties and had even once inadvertently come into her room when she was completely naked, so I knew how good she looked without clothes. But I had never really thought about her sexually … until now. Now these odd thoughts crept into my mind and I had thrust them away consciously. But a couple of times after a hug and a lingering kiss I was aware that I had a partial or even full erection. For my mother, OMG. If she noticed, she didn't say anything, but I did see her smile to herself a couple of times.

Then the big day came, Halloween! We both got home early from school and work and quickly put the finishing touches on the porch (hanging spiders, etc.) and checked that the eerie sounds from tape machine were ready and the candy in the bowl and coins for UNICEF.

Then it was time for the costumes! I was very curious about what she might have chosen. She had had given me no hints, but had smiled devilishly whenever I asked about them.

"Jeff, honey, here is what I chose for us. You are going to be in the Incredible Hulk and I am going to to be the Wicked Witch! Here is your costume. Please go try it on while I go up and put on my costume. Meet me back down here and we'll put on your makeup in the kitchen."

She handed me a plastic shopping bag and turned and ran up the stairs. I stared after her thinking The Incredible Hulk? Really? But once again I found myself admiring her ass and finely muscled legs as she trotted up the stairs OK, I could go with the flow, but what kind of costume did the Incredible Hulk consist of? I glanced in the bag and saw a white shirt, blue jeans and some bottles of makeup. Pretty simple costume. Oh well, simple is often best, I thought to myself and walked up the stairs to my room.

I stripped to my boxers then pulled out the jeans. They turned out to be a pair of my old blue jeans, faded and worn, with fraying holes. They were also a bit tight since I had filled out since I last wore them, but not uncomfortably so. The shirt, however, was an old dress shirt of mine and definitely too small! I struggled to get it on but while I could barely get my arms in the sleeves, there was no way it would button up. Shrugging, I realized that was it for the costume. The Incredible Hulk never wears shoes - I guess they explode off his feet when he transforms from Dr. Bannister, eh? Chuckling to myself, I made my way down to the kitchen.

It was now about 5 o'clock and I though Mom better hurry up because the youngest kids would get there soon. As I thought this I heard a rustle behind me and turned to see Mom enter the kitchen. I think my jaw hit my chest as I saw her costume! Wicked Witch indeed! A very naughty, wicked witch, I thought. It was like the Wicked Witch from Victoria's Secret or Frederick's of Hollywood.

She had on a black blouse with a very deeply plunging neckline which revealed a very sexy cleavage. The blouse was itself gauzily transparent, revealing a sexy, half-cup black bra visible through the gauze. I thought I could even make out the shape of her areolae through the bra! Around her hips was wrapped a similarly gauzy long, black skirt that reached down to the tops of some black boots that reached halfway up her calves. Clipped around her throat was a floaty black cape and topping it was a classic black witch hat.

There was a long silence while I drank in this vision. My face felt hot and I could feel my cock stirring in the tight pants.

"I guess you like it, eh?" grinned my mother.

"Uh, yes, it's ... hot! I hope the moms and dads don't freak out."

"Oh, I think it will be OK - fortunately it's pretty dark out there when I open the door. The costume is more for you then them. Now, let's get your costume fixed up. First, let's fix that shirt."

For me, I thought?

She walked over towards me and as she did I was mesmerized by her outfit, the way her breasts swayed as she walked, the light streaming from behind her silhouetting her legs right up to her crotch. My mouth felt dry and I couldn't say anything.

"We need to get those sleeves torn up as though those big arms just swelled right out of that shirt." she said. As she said this her glance dropped down as though checking out another swelling lower down and I blushed. She grinned evilly at me then reached out and grabbed the left sleeve of my shirt. She pulled hard on the two sides of the sleeve and with a loud ripping sound it tore up to the elbow.

"Perfect!" she exclaimed and grabbed the other sleeve and yanked. This one proved more resistant and refused to rip. "Grrr," she growled and stepped closer to get more leverage. As she did her left breast was pressed against my naked chest and, as she strained to tear the fabric it rubbed up and down across my chest. It felt wonderful. Then the fabric tore with a long ripping sound all the way up to mid-bicep. As it did, Mom stepped back and halted, breathing deeply from the effort. This caused her breasts to heave against the gauzy fabric, thrusting out her nipples, especially the left one which had rubbed against my chest. They were clearly erect, the stiff points making little peaks out the fabric. I couldn't help but stare.

"Well, that looks better doesn't it?" she said as she caught her breath. It wasn't clear to me whether she meant my shirt or her tits. Her tits certainly looked better to me. She saw the direction of my gaze and glanced down. When she looked up she had that evil, sexy smile again and her gaze dropped to my crotch again and her grin broadened.

"Well," she finally said still smiling "Let's work on those jeans. First off, you have to lose those boxers. The Incredible Hulk doesn't wear boxers."

I just stared at her, uncertain what to do.

"Come on, honey, it's getting late, get 'em off!"

"Right here?" I asked, uncertain, "Right in the kitchen?"

"Yes, right here. I've seen you naked before. If you're too shy to show me that big package, turn around and I'll try not to stare at your ass, or at least not too much!"

It was obvious she wasn't going to take no for an answer. Part of me did want to show her "my big package", which was definitely "big" at the moment. The larger part of me, though, was too shy to whip my hard-on out in front of my mother so I turned around and unfastened the snaps and tugged the jeans down. Because they WERE tight it tugged my boxers down with it and they ended up at my knees. I was rather embarrassed and did a little dance to get out of both the jeans and the boxers, ending up kicking the boxers away.

"Oo-ooh, shake it baby!" called my mother, laughing. "Great buns, nice ass!"

And then I thought I heard her say sotto voce "And that's a nice big cock too!"

What? I thought, she can't see my cock - which was thrusting straight up to the ceiling. But then I realized I was standing in front of our big fridge, which has a glass panel on the right and I looked into the glass and found myself looking right into my mother's eyes! Mortified but also a little proud that my mom admired my body, I quickly pulled the jeans up my legs and hopped a little as I yanked the jeans all the way up. Then I struggled for a minute trying to get the zip up and fastened without getting my throbbing cock caught in the zip.

"Having trouble getting them closed over that 'bulge'?" she asked, sweetly.

"I'm OK now." I replied.

"Ok, I need to fix the bottoms of your jeans". Then she knelt down with big pair of what I realized were pinking shears and proceeded to cut off the bottoms of each leg a little below the knee. As she did so I was treated to a titillating view down her blouse, her beautiful breasts swaying gently as she worked. She glanced up at me and grinned. "Enjoying the view, big fella?"

"Uh, yes".

"So I see", she said, looking directly at my huge erection which was right in front of her face. Then to my astonishment, she leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on it. Then she rose to her feet.

"OK. That's done." my mother replied, "Let's put on the makeup."

She then rummaged in the bag and came up with the bottles of makeup I had seen earlier.

"Take off your shirt." she ordered. "We don't want to get green on it."

I slowly peeled off my shirt as my mother opened the bottle of green goo and poured some on her hand.

"Close your eyes." she commanded and I did so. She stepped close to me and I could smell the faint scent of her soap. And I felt he breasts brush my chest, which didn't reduce by erection by any means. She then reached up to my face and slowly rubbed it over my face - cheeks, forehead and nose and neck. It smelled odd but wasn't otherwise unpleasant.

"You OK, honey?" Mom asked.

"Sure, not the world's most pleasant odor but I am OK".

"You can open your eyes now, sweetie." I did so and found myself staring into her smiling, dark green eyes. She kissed me lingeringly on the lips, her breasts brushing my bare chest.

"You're looking very hulky already, honey. Now raise up and extend your arms."

I did so as she then took some more and she carefully did first my left arm then my right. "Now, don't move." she ordered. "It dries quickly but you don't want to smear it."

Then she began rubbing it over my shoulders and then down my chest. This was getting better and felt more than a little sensual - more than sensual to be honest and I started to get more turned on. I felt like Mom was feeling the same way as she seemed to be enjoying spreading the cream across my skin. She slowly spread the green ooze across my chest, rubbing it into my chest hair with a giggle. Then she slowly spread it across my pecs and my nipples rubbing them slowly and sensually, all the while staring into my eyes. Then she gently squeezed the nipples. I hadn't thought of my nipples as erogenous zones up to then, but it seemed to send bolts of energy directly down to my throbbing cock and I moaned in response.

"Feels good, doesn't it honey? I'm liking it too."

She then moved lower, spreading the green across my abs, wrapping it around to my back and down to the top of my jeans. Then to my surprise - as though this could get more surprising still - she delicately reached for the snap on my jeans and unsnapped them, pulling them down just a little.

"We don't want pink skin showing at your waist, do we?"

"Uh, no, I, uh, guess not" I mumbled. There I was standing with my arms held up, my jeans gaping open, my cock throbbing and my mom was rubbing green goo into my skin right near my cock!

She proceeded to delicately run her fingers within the waistband of my jeans, spreading the green makeup very delicately. She started at the side and worked her way in, converging on the zipper where my bulging cock made its considerable presence known. As she arrived at ground zero she leaned forward slightly and looked down. I did too and saw that the mushroom-shaped head of my cock was clearly visible, a pearl of precum pooled at the tip.

"Well!" she exclaimed. "What's this? We seemed to have another zone of swelling!" She raised her eyes up to me and giggled. "Seems like he better be camouflaged too - just in case he pops out at some point!". She giggled again and then delicately poured a few drops on her fingers then reached in to my jeans and spread the goo across the tip of my penis, mixing the green makeup with my precum. I groaned and my knees literally shook. I thought I might come right then, but she slowly withdrew her fingers and delicately closed up my jeans.

"I think we need to put him away for now, don't you think? The little kids will be here soon."

"Um, yes, er um" I mumbled.

Then as if on cue, Ding-Dong! went our bell. Mom turned to go and said "Hold that pose a couple more minutes, sweetie." Then she paused, turned back to me and leaned into to kiss me. But this was not just a soft kiss, she really leaned into it and her mouth opened and our tongues swirled together. "Mmm, very nice" she whispered then hurried to the door where I heard her open it and start talking like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz "Oh, what do we have here my pretties? Oh, a little goblin and a man from space! Oh my!"

After a minute I heard the door close and she reentered the kitchen. She came up to me and said "I almost forgot - we haven't done your feet! Quick, sit down in the chair and stick your feet out"

I did as she directed and she once again knelt in front of me and proceeded to rub the goo onto both feet and up my calves. It was again very sensual and I saw her gaze was mainly on my crotch. I was treated to another view of her swaying tits.

"There! All done!" she proclaimed. "Now just sit there for a couple of minutes."

Then Ding-Dong! again went the bell followed by squeals. "Ah, duty calls again." She leant forward and gave me another deep french kiss and as she leaned forward between my outstretch legs, she put her hand right on my crotch. This time, my hands were dry and I brought them up and cupped her ass and gave it a squeeze. "Oh my" she moaned. Then she turned and hurried to the door where I heard her greeting the next group.

Another minute passed and she came back. She reached down and rubbed my feet, giving me another cock-stretching view of her tits barely constrained in the bra and said "There all done! You're ready for prime time!" As if on cue, the door bell went Ding-Dong! "Your turn Hulkie!"

I stood and wrapped my arm around her and gave her another deep kiss then went to the door, belatedly realizing that my cock was still displaying itself very prominently. I tried to pull the shirt forward but it didn't cover much. I scooped up the bowl and held it in front of me as I opened the door. I growled "What have we here?" as I held the bowl in front of me. What we had was two little gremlins and a little fairy. I bent down and allowed them to each select a couple of wrapped candies from the bowl. Then they turned and scampered down the path to the sidewalk where their parents waited. I started to close the door but heard more voices coming closer. At the same time, I felt my mother behind me, her breasts against my back, then her hand caressing my ass then sliding under to squeeze my balls!

I am not sure what I said, but some sort of surprised sound came from me and the two ghosts on the sidewalk backed up a step. "It's OK" I growled, "No eat children tonight. Instead, have candy!" I said this in a deep voice though as I thought that might be appropriate for the Incredible Hulk, though I don't think he ever said anything in the comics. The ghosts took some candy and trotted back towards the street. I turned and closed the door and mom was right there. She took the bowl from me, put it on the table and then put her arms around my neck and kissed me. I once again grabbed that luscious ass and gently caressed it, pulling her pussy against my cock. She moaned into my mouth.

I paused for a moment and said "Oh God, mom, you feel so good, but you're being so wicked!"

"You ain't seen nothing yet, baby!" And she pulled me back to her mouth. I ran my hands up her sides and slid them between us, cupping her full, firm tits in my hands. I could feel her hard nipples on my palms, then I brushed each nipple with my thumb. She moaned again and then Ding-Dong! went the bell. With a small moan of frustration, she pulled from my arms and turned to open the door.

The next 30 minutes were very busy as a stream of toddlers and then older, 8-10 year-olds came knocking on the door. Our town is very friendly and open so a lot of parents like to take their kids around. But the town strongly discourages anyone over 12 from trick or treating, encouraging them to party at home. Also, their is an 8 PM limit on trick or treating. It was now about 7 and the costumed kids kept coming. I began to wonder if we would have enough candy. And, worse, aside from a couple of squeezes and a quick kiss or two, Mom and I hadn't had an opportunity to kiss or fondle.

Then, the stream paused for a couple of minutes and we met in the kitchen. We kissed like teenagers - which I was, of course. But I was getting so hot. We groped each other squeezing stroking. I fondled her tits then finally slipped my hand inside her blouse and under her bra. Her tit felt amazing, so firm, so hot, so smooth. She groaned and stroked my cock as I played with her nipple. Then I felt her fingers on my jeans and they popped opened her fingers stroked my cock. Again, my knees went weak and I trembled and groaned.

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