tagErotic CouplingsThe Wicked Witch's Wicked Ride

The Wicked Witch's Wicked Ride


Halloween, ahhhhhh finally, her favorite holiday of all. She slips into her costume, smoothing the black stockings over her long legs, rubbing the bare strip just above the wide band of lace. She sighs softly, ohhhhhhhh, this will be fun tonight. She slips the gossamer gown over her shoulders, adjusting her breasts, taking the time to knead the sensitive tips, making them jut forward, pressing at the soft black fabric. Her hips gyrate, letting the gown swish across her bare ass. The sparkling necklace drapes at the V to her breasts, she fingers it absent-mindedly as she studies her reflection in the mirror. She nods, thinking that she will pass as a witch, especially once she dons the pointed hat and carries the twisted and gnarled broomstick.

She tucks the invitation inside the tight bodice of her gown, no need for anything other than the skimpy costume tonight, and to be sure she'll go unrecognized, the black lacy mask with the hooked witch's nose attached. A corporate masquerade ball to celebrate the occasion. All of her co-workers and bosses will be in attendance, the playing field level without the suits separated from the working class tonight.

She smiles as she slides into the taxi, pulling the too short skirt higher on her thighs, peeking in the rearview to see the driver looking back at her, his eyes wide. She licks her lips, then parts her thighs, letting her bare nether lips give their version of a sideways smile. She can tell by the wide eyed stare and the gasp that the driver can see her shaved pussy lips quivering. Oh, what the hell, it is a 45 minute drive to the hotel where the dance will take place, she might as well enjoy the ride.

She puts her index finger to her lips and with a loud slurping sound sucks it into her mouth, noisily suckling before pulling it out and giving the driver the address. She waggles her wet digit at him, then lowers it to her gaping cunt. The juices already beginning to flow, she runs her finger alongside her swollen clit, leaning back in the seat, putting one foot on the back of each front seat, positioned dead centre in the rear seat...she masturbates frantically, rubbing harder and faster and with a groan, cums quickly, shivering ... rocking the car with the ferocity of her orgasm.

As she opens her eyes, she is staring directly into the open gaze of the driver, still sitting in her driveway, he has not put the car in reverse, he is mesmerized by the wicked witch in his back seat. She moans softly, then licks her wet finger, pulling her skirt ineffectively down over her trembling thighs. "Ohhhh, this just won't do," she grumbles, "I need a better seat." With that said, she climbs out of the backseat and slides onto the front bench seat, mere inches now from the driver, his breath thready as he watches.

She leans back against the door, pulling her skirt high, and spreads her legs wide, one foot on the headrest of his seat, the other tucked on the dash behind his meter. Her well lubed pussy glistening as the driver dares to look down. She slides her fingers down, rubbing at that swollen nub again, and with her free hand pulls the bodice of the sheer gown down to shelf her breasts, the nipples achingly tight, swollen. As he watches, she tweaks first one and then the other, moaning aloud, grimacing as she pinches them, pulls, stretches her nipples, her breasts lifting as she does and with a howl, the driver watches amazed, she cums again.

She leans back in the seat, her head thrown back against the window, she pants until she can once again speak, "Sorry about the mess on your seat, thank heavens for leather." her tinkling laugh fills the car, "But it's a long drive, maybe you can help me entertain myself. Can you drive with just one hand?"

The driver, coughs, choking on his own breath, as he stares at the masked witch, takes in her heaving breasts with pebbly nipples, lets his gaze wander back down to that quivering quim, and nods.

He eases the cab out onto the street, puts it in drive and slowly pulls away. He takes his right hand from the steering wheel and grabs her ankle, hauling her closer to him, until her ass is touching his hip. With a quick sideways glance, he smiles at her, his strong hand pushing down on the top of her mound, rubbing, making her clit dance in its hood. Her hands fly to her nipples, she pinches them hard, groaning as her back arches, hips lifting to grind at the heel of his hand. His two fingers stretch to peel her hood completely back from her pulsing nub, and then he pinches her, pinches her swollen clit as hard as hr imagines her fingers are tormenting those nipples.

His efforts rewarded with the sound of her dragging a ragged breath, shivering under his hand, her body bucking in the seat. He pulls his hand away quickly, as he pulls up to a stop light. Her hips still rocking, lifting up and down, her moans filling the car, so he puts the window down, letting a cool breeze waft through.

As the breeze blows through the car, carrying the fresh air in, it carries the sounds of her lust out, and draws the attention of the truck driver in the next lane, he leans out his window, watching her as she masturbates on the front seat of the cab. He sits stunned as the light turns green, and neither he nor the cab driver attempt to drive through the intersection. With a wink at the truck driver, the cabbie drops his hand to that raised up cunt and plunges two fingers in deep, watching her buck as she is lost in another orgasm, the mask slipping down, effectively cutting off her vision, similar to a blindfold...and both drivers are transfixed, staring without breathing.

Her passion carries out of the window, and to the blaring of car horns the cab driver pulls away, his fingers still buried, her cunt squeezing almost painfully on his soaked digits, the heel of his hand grinding on her mound, her fingers still plucking at her nipples. He pulls his hand free, dripping with her cum, and reaches to grab a breast, squeezing it in his strong hand, watching as the nipple, already swollen, elongates and throbs. His hand tightens and he hears her gurgled growl, feels the trembling of her body.

His own breath ragged, he pulls his damp fingers down into his crotch, freeing his aching cock. Turgid, it pushes out of his trousers, rearing its head, looking to be fed. He strokes his cock, the smell of sex permeating the air, and he smiles. He reaches back to rub her pussy, mauling her clitty between thumb and finger, tormenting, pinching her hard, and holding, he growls, "I will let go at the next red light."

The bumps in the road magnified as her clit dances, she lifts her head to stare at him, whimpering as the pain encompasses her, puts her orgasmic trek momentarily on hold. She sees his cock seemingly waving at her, her throat constricts at the thought of stretching her lips around his massive organ. She feels the car slowing and braces for the stop. Knowing the pain will intensify before it starts to ebb away. The car lurches to a stop finally, and in the next lane is the same truck driver, watching the sexy scene unfolding once again. She does not seem to be aware of him at all, and as the fingers release her clit, she pulls in a deep breath.

Before she can exhale he brings his open hand down hard on her pussy, her erect clit catching part of the slap and her breath explodes in a scream, a howl of primal urgency and pain. He can feel the juices pouring out of her, and making eye contact with the truck driver, he lets his hand spank her wide spread cunt, the slurping wet slaps rising on the air, joining her scream. He holds up four long thick fingers, waggles them at the truck and then plunges them quickly, all the way to the webbing of his thumb. Her walls protesting, her hips rising up to meet him, and once impaled her body bucks and starts to cum again.

He starts to fuck her hungry cunt, four long thick fingers driving deep and then pulling back, her walls closing as he retreats, then over and over, he forces them to stretch once more, accommodating his fingers. She shudders, her mouth wide as she attempts to scream, but no sound comes out, her body thrusting hard to his fingers, as the cabbie strokes his cock, unable to tear his eyes away from the hungry cunt as it devours his fingers.

The truck driver has a look of agony on his face, his hand is also at his cock, stroking...unable to stop watching, taking in the crooked mask, the hooked nose, the wide opened screamless lips and ohhhhhhh that pussy, lips kissing the hand that torments it. He jacks his cock, licking his lips...and once again, there is a barrage of horns blaring at the two vehicles as they sit through a green light. The two drivers make brief eye contact and as they reluctantly stop stroking their cocks, drive slowly through the intersection.

The cabbie throws a quick sideways glance at the wicked witch, sees a smile curving her lips, and speaks, "I am going to force my fist up into your tight cunt, and pound you until we reach our destination. I want to hear your screams my wicked little witch."

Her head tosses back and forth, denying him, her feet push as she tries to wriggle away, but one hand slides down to rub her clit, making her moan, her slit oozing around his fingers. He watches her body shuddering and knows that it is silent permission to continue.

He steers into a back parking lot, and parks under the lamp post. The interior of the car is bathed in soft light, her features sharper in shadow, that hooked nose casting an eerie shadow. He smiles as the truck pulls up behind him, and he waits, those four fingers still impaling her convulsing cunt.

He pushes the button that lowers the passenger window and grins at the other man as he leans in through the open window. She senses the stopped vehicle, feels the presence of another and with a yelp she struggles to move away.

She gasps her surprise as strong arms grab her wrists, pulling them up and over her head, the night air caresses her wet fingers. The cabbie starts that pistoning in and out of her with four fingers and she hears a deep voice asking, "Are you going to push that big hand of yours into her tight cunt?"

"Funny you should ask, I was just telling this wicked little witch that I plan to pound her sweet pussy with my fist, until we reach her destination." his voice strong, as he answers, he punctuates it with a driving of his fingers deep inside her, wriggling them over her gspot.

She answers with a low groan and a rising of her hips, the smell of her sex thick within the car. Unable to resist that groan, the truck driver lets of her wrists, wrenches the door open and grabs her wrists again, smiling as her head lolls back, her mask slipping, the hooked nose pointing up at him. He uses one strong hand to pin both her wrists and twists the mask, so it still covers her eyes, but the nose is moved out of the way. He then unzips his pants, fishing out his throbbing erection and runs it across her lips, the tip oozing precum.

Her loud moan fills the car, and her mouth opens, tongue snakes out to lick at his oozing slit, making him shudder, grip her wrists tighter, his other hand trailing over her chest, until his fingers seize a nipple. The two men lock gazes and with a nod, they attack her body simultaneously. The cabbie tucks his thumb and starts to push hard, feeling the resistance of her tight cunt, but offering no respite, he keeps pushing...the truck driver pinches her nipple, and pushes his thick 8 inch cock balls deep, feeling her aborted scream, her throat constricting on his cock as her air is cut off. The jerking of her body,as she writhes, impaled by the two men, her muscles dancing, painfully tight on hand and throbbing rod, they both push harder, until his fist is buried in her, her swollen pussy lips kissing his wrist.

Her body strains, hips lifting as the cabbie's fist starts to pummel her insides, his knuckles grinding on her gspot, the contortions of her body urging the men on. The truck driver starts to fuck her mouth, allowing her only small gasps of air before plunging in once again, tip to base, a non-stop plundering of her sweet witch's mouth. The thick drool gurgling wetly in her throat, it drips from her mouth, soaking his balls as they batter her nose.

With a strangled scream, cut off by the pounding of a cock, she cums, her body lifting clear off the seat, the wet splashing of her sweet girl cum forced from her cunt, squeezing out past the wrist that seals her entrance. At the apex of her orgasm, the truck driver releases her nipple, watches as it springs backwards, feels her twisting her wrists trying to get free...and then he starts to spank her breast, letting his fingers slap at that tortured nipple. As her body stills, the only movement the slight rise and fall of her chest as her mouth is force fucked, and the convulsing of her cunt as that fist continues to pound at her quivering quim.

With a tortured scream...she howls, both men withdrawing, the painful removal of his fist, stretching her wider before pulling all the way out, her cunt closes, convulsing on itself, and her lungs deplete and with a loud wet swallow, she fills them and screams again. Not giving her time to fully catch her breath, the truck driver pulls her from the car, and helps her to find her footing before propelling her to the hood of the cab.

She leans heavily on him, too weak to attempt to do anything but follow his lead. He spins her around, grabbing both wrists and pulls her to him, ducking under the hooked nose, he claims her lips, hard bruising kiss, he delves into her mouth with his tongue, searching out hers. The sound of the car door opening and closing, the cabbie arrives, tucking in close behind her, circling his arms around her, finding those hard pebbly nipples and starts to pinch and roll, making her quake and shiver.

The truck driver feels her shiver, swallows her moans, and as he leans back on the hood of the car, he drags her forward, feels her sopping pussy lips touching his cock...and with an upward thrust, he impales her completely, pulling her tight to him.

The cabbie reluctantly releases her nipples, and stands back for a moment...taking in the long pale back, swelling out to hips, then he tracks hes eyes over the swell of buttock and that perfect crack, he reaches forward and slides his finger down, until he finds her tiny pucker, feeling her shudder as he rolls over it. She parts her thighs wider, drawing her knees up, opening that forbidden door for his eyes to feast upon.

The truck driver remains buried balls deep in her clutching cunt, he moans into her mouth. The cabbie drops to his knees, leans in and inhales the heady scent of her ass, her sex and the surprisingly pleasant scent of cock. His tongue stabs forward, lapping at the tight pucker, feeling it pulsing under his tongue. She writhes on his tongue, the cock driving deeper, and when she relaxes that muscle just a bit, he pushes his tongue in, his eyes tearing up as it clamps down tight, squeezing his probing tongue.

He drools, letting it lube her ass, and drives a thumb in beside his tongue, pressing and wriggling, hearing her gasp, knowing that it is not just her ass muscle she is contracting as a low moan comes from the truck driver. She shudders and growls, his other hand snaking up between the two bodies, seeking her clit, and as he thumb and tongue fucks her ass, he tweaks her clit, feeling the vibrations of her body as she prepares to cum again.

He pushes deeper into her ass, his tongue can feel the throbbing of the cock in her cunt, and with a scream that rips through the night air, she cums, her entire body shaking uncontrollably, her muscles dancing painfully on his tongue. He pulls away and quickly stands...stroking his cock a few times, then bends his knees, spreads her cheeks and with her scream not yet dying on the breeze he drives his cock deep in her ass, catching her off guard as she spirals through her orgasm.

The tightness overwhelms him, and for the space of several breaths he can only lean his full body weight on her, impaling her, two cocks buried balls deep in the wicked witch's depths. The groans of the truck driver carry on the air, finally bringing the cabbie some strength, he starts to fuck her wicked ass, feels the truck drivers body moving under her, and with the carnal thrusting of the two bodies, her screams turn to lustful moans, making the very air around them drip with the sounds of sex.

Grunts and groans, moans and whimpers, the coupling of animals are less ferocious, three bodies in perfect synch, giving and taking pleasure from one another. As she cries out, her body contorting, her arms still held in place by the truck driver, the cabbie uses both hands to spank her ass cheeks, and with a symphony of sounds already in the air, he screams out his own climax. Three voices peal through the night air, a triple decker of bodies writhing in blissful ecstasy, in unison with each other, moving as one mass of flesh.

The sounds fade to soft moans, the shifting of bodies, flesh sliding on flesh. The cabbie extricates himself from the depths of the witch's quivering ass, and stands back, admiring his hand prints standing livid on her pale cheeks. The smile on his face, contentment in his eyes as he tucks his cock into his pants and zips up.

The truck driver eases forward, and she moves with him, the cabbie reaching to steady her as she wobbles on weak legs. She smiles and kisses the trucker as his cock slips from her trembling pussy. She smiles at him, her mask once more in place, her eyes bright in the lamplight. He reaches forward and grins, touching a finger to the crooked nose, and a robust laugh fills the air, "I must admit, I never thought spending time with a witch would be quite so pleasant, thank you." He takes her hand, turns it palm up and kisses her.

She pulls her dress down over her ass, covering her sopping pussy once again, adjusts the bodice, it covers her breasts but leaves little to the imagination as her nipples try to poke through the gossamer fabric. She turns to the cabbie and says, "OK, let's go, I have a dance to get to."

She climbs into the back seat, and leans back, sighing softly, still trembling as she thinks about the two men.

The trucker departs, and the cabbie soon finds his way back to the road and within minutes pulls up in front of the party. She pays him, tipping him and kissing him, she fairly floats up the stairs, her broom trailing in her hand, turns and blows a kiss just before disappearing inside.

The party is in full swing, she hands over her invitation and makes her way to the bar, scanning the crowd. She can't tell who anyone is.

She orders a drink and climbs onto a stool, her broom balanced between her thighs, and she smiles, a shiver running along her spine.

The trucker, not happy at having to leave his wicked witch, still kicking himself for not following the cab to its destination starts across the crowded floor, his Zorro mask in place. He stops dead in his tracks, starting at the gnarled broom, his eyes travelling up and over those thighs that so recently hugged his hips. He feels his cock stirring, and he drags his eyes up, seeing those familiar nipples, still trying to poke free of the dress. His strides purposeful, he advances on the unsuspecting witch, his eyes dancing with lust.

He grabs her broom, tosses it to the floor and jams his torso between her lovely thighs once more. He seizes the back of her head and brings her lips to his, kissing her, bruising her swollen lips even more..."My wicked, wicked witch, I must have you again, now, right here, or you can come quietly to my room, and this time, no sharing."

She gulps, nods, and falls into his arms.

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