tagNovels and NovellasThe Widow Ch. 06

The Widow Ch. 06

byD.C. Roi©

Passion in James County XII

The Widow

By D.C. Roi

Chapter six

Joanne decided it might be best if she didn't to tell Fran she'd seduced Larry Brewster. At least not right away. She was feeling a little guilty about what she'd done, and was afraid her friend would be upset with her. Fran got home very late and was exhausted, so they didn't talk much. And, to Joanne's relief, Fran went to bed without suggesting that they make love. For the first time in several days, Joanne wound up sleeping alone in the guest bedroom and she didn't mind.

Fran had to leave early again the next morning, so she and Joanne had very little chance for conversation then.

"I'm sorry, Joanne," Fran said as she rushed for the door. "Things have been really crazy at work. Maybe things will settle down today. I feel as if I'm ignoring you."

"That's OK," Joanne said. "I'm doing fine. I really don't expect you to entertain me every minute I'm here."

"I know," Fran said, "but I hoped I'd get time to at least find you a date."

Joanne felt her face grow warm. "Don't worry about that," she said. "I really enjoyed myself yesterday." "I just may have solved the dating problem on my own," she thought.

Despite her misgivings about having slept with the young man the day before, when Larry Brewster arrived later that morning, Joanne hauled him off to her bedroom the minute he walked into the house. They tore each other's clothes off and fell into bed. She knelt next to the young man's hips, slid her hands over his body, grabbed his already-hard cock, and heard him groan with delight. With one hand she stroked the young man's throbbing organ while she used the other to roll his balls.

Larry groaned with delight and arched his back, pushing his hips up off the bed.

"You like that, do you, Larry?" Joanne whispered. She enjoyed turning him on so much! "I love how big your cock gets when it's hard," she murmured, her eyes glazed with lust. She his swollen member a gentle squeeze.

"Joanne, oh, Godddd!!!!" Larry groaned. His hips twisted and turned. "Godddd!!"

Joanne bent and took his cock in her mouth.

"Ahhhhhhh!!!!" Larry moaned. Ecstasy surged through him when Joanne's mouth began to do wonderful things to him. Wave after wave of delight swept over him and his fingers clawed at the covers. He felt his insides begin to churn. He was going to come! "Gahhhhhhhhh!" he groaned, "Joanne! I...I'm gonna come! That feels too good!"

Joanne heard the young man's plaintive exhortation, but she was having so much fun sucking his cock, she decided to let him come in her mouth again, just like she had the day before.

Larry realized her response to his warning was to intensify her attentions. Desperately, he struggled to keep himself under control, but it seemed the harder he tried, the less control he had! "Gahhhhhhhhh!!!!!" he moaned. He couldn't hold back any longer! With powerful spasms of his loins, he erupted into her mouth.

Joanne felt her young lover's cock pulsing and knew he was going to come soon. Then he was coming, discharging gobs of hot, sticky cream into her mouth! A shudder raced through her and, just as she had the day before, she experienced a small, delightful orgasm! She had no idea giving men blowjobs could be so wonderful!

Joanne licked and sucked the young man's cock until it softened, then she let it slide from her mouth. Tingling with the sweetness of having given Larry incredible delight, her face shiny and wet with his come, she stretched out on the bed next to him and kissed him.

Larry kissed her back, tasting himself on her mouth. "What about you?" he asked. "What you did was fantastic! But what about you?"

"Believe it or not, my darling, I came, too," Joanne said softly. "When you did." It unsettled her that when she was with him, she was totally out of control, but it did make for some wonderful discoveries. Like the fact that she could come from sucking him.

Larry looked surprised. "You did?" he asked. "I didn't know that could, you know, happen."

"That never happened to me before yesterday," Joanne said and kissed him again. "Being with you is one wonderful new experience after another."

"Yeah, I guess it is!" Larry said. He kissed her and they snuggled into each other's arms.

"Joanne, can...can I ask you something?" Larry ventured.

"Certainly," Joanne replied.

"Are...are you married?" he asked.

Joanne shook her head. "I'm a widow," she said. "My husband died two years ago."

"I...I'm sorry," the young man replied. "I...I didn't know. I..."

Joanne caressed his face with her hand. "Don't apologize, Larry, there's no way you could have known," she whispered. "Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure," Larry replied.

Joanne had to know. "How old are you?" she asked.

"I...I'm twenty four," he said. "How old are you? How long were you married?"

Joanne laughed. "It's considered bad etiquette to ask a woman her age," she replied.

"I...I'm sorry," the young man said, reddening. "I..."

Joanne was touched by his discomfiture. "Larry, I was just teasing," she said. "I'm thirty-eight. I was married for twenty years."

"No way!" Larry replied, looking surprised. "You can't be thirty-eight!"

"I am," Joanne replied. "How old did you think I was?"

Larry blushed and shrugged. "I...I don't know," he replied. "I...I guess I would have said maybe you were thirty at the oldest."

"Larry, you're so sweet," Joanne said. She kissed him.

"You sure don't look like you're thirty-eight," he said. "You're beautiful! I think you're the most beautiful woman I've ever known!"

It was Joanne's turn to blush. "I...I'm flattered you...you think so Larry," she stammered. "But...but you don't have to say that, you know."

"It's true! You are beautiful!" the young man insisted. "You're gorgeous!"

"You are really sweet," Joanne replied and kissed him.

"You said your husband died two years ago?" he said. "What happened?"

"He had lung cancer," Joanne replied. "Ernie was a smoker, a heavy smoker, and even though he tried, he never could manage to quit. It eventually caught up with him."

"God, I'm sorry," Larry said. "That had to be really hard for you."

Joanne nodded and felt her eyes filling. "It was hard," she replied softly. "It still is, sometimes. But I'm managing." She looked at the young man, who lay on his back next to her. The expression on his face that told her there was something else he wanted to ask. "Is something bothering you, Larry?" she asked.

"I...I've been wondering ever since yesterday why..." Larry stammered. He got even redder. "I...don't understand why..."

Joanne understood what he was wondering about. "You're wondering why we wound up making love, is that it?" she asked.

Larry nodded. "Yeah," he said.

"To be honest with you," Joanne said, "I'm not sure I know the answer. I've been asking myself the same question ever since it happened and I...I'm not sure what the answer is. Yesterday, when I first saw you, you sort of reminded me of...of my husband, and..."

"I...I did?" the young man said. "Really?"

Joanne nodded. "Yes," she said. "You're built like he was. And, from what I've been able to tell, your personality is sort of like his, too, I think. You're shy and gentle and he was, too."

"You really miss him, don't you?" the young man said.

"I miss him terribly sometimes," Joanne said. "But I recently realized I need to get on with my life. Yesterday, being around you brought back so many memories. Then, when I went upstairs and found you..." She stopped, unsure exactly what to say.

"I'm sorry about that," Larry said. "I...I..."

"Believe me," Joanne said, "you have nothing whatever to be sorry for. I'm not sorry about what happened, are you?"

Larry smiled at her. "No way!" he said.

"I'm glad," Joanne said. "Now, young man, I have some things I need to do today," she said. She sat up, reached for her robe, and slipped into it. "And I think, maybe, you ought to finish up your chores, too, so Fran doesn't wonder what we've been doing." She got out of bed. "Of course, because of you..." She grinned at the young man, "I have to take a bath. I'm all sticky."

She started for the door, then stopped and turned. "I left some stuff on the kitchen table for lunch, if you want it."

"Thanks," Larry said.

Joanne turned and headed for the bathroom.

Larry was hungry, so he got up, dressed, went to the kitchen and ate. He was just finishing his sandwich when Joanne walked into the kitchen wearing a man-tailored pink blouse and slacks.

"I'll go out and finish doing the yard," Larry said.

"OK," Joanne replied.

Larry got up and went outside. He raked leaves out of the flower beds and trucked them across the road, into the woods, just as he'd done the day before. He had finished and was walking toward the garage to put the rake away when Joanne came out of the house.

"You all done, Larry?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm finished," Larry replied. He stepped inside the garage and hung the rake on the wall.

Joanne followed him into the garage. She'd been thinking about their earlier conversation while he was working. "Do...do you really think I'm that beautiful?" she asked.

Larry nodded. "Yeah, I do. Like I said, I think you're the prettiest woman I ever knew," he said.

"Oh, Larry, that's so sweet!" Joanne said. Then she began to cry. "I...I...you can't imagine how wonderful it is to have someone say something that nice."

Larry wasn't exactly sure why she was crying, and didn't know what else to do, so he took Joanne in his arms and held her as she cried. Her tears soaked his T-shirt, but he didn't care. He didn't want Joanne to be sad.

When Joanne's tears finally abated, she leaned back in his arms and looked into his eyes. "I'm really glad I met you," she said softly. "You're a wonderful young man."

"It's OK," Larry said. "I...I'm really glad I met you, too."

Joanne leaned forward and their lips met. The kiss was followed by another, then yet another, each one more passionate than the last. Her arms locked around the young man and her tongue lashed inside his mouth.

Larry tightened his embrace. While their fervent kisses continued, he tugged Joanne's blouse out of her slacks and slid his hands up her bare back. He was startled, but pleased, to discover she wasn't wearing a bra.

Joanne, passion sweeping through her, groaned into Larry's mouth and thrust her pelvis against him. She could feel his growing hard-on pressing against her belly.

Overwhelmed by lust, the couple tore at each other's clothes. Larry found himself sucking Joanne's nipples while she clutched at him, groaning. That they were doing this in Fran's garage, where there was a danger of discovery, was the farthest thing from their minds as they grappled at each other's bodies.

Larry slid his hand inside Joanne's slacks, between her trembling legs and cupped his hand over her vagina, which was sopping wet with the fluids of excitement.

"Ohhhhh!!! Godddd!!! Larry!!!!" Joanne groaned, writhing her pelvis against his hand. "Godddd!!! Oh, Goddddddddd!!!"

Larry wanted desperately to make love, but wasn't sure how to do it. Making love on the floor of the garage was impossible, but they were almost naked and there were men working at one of the neighboring cabins, so there was no way to get to the house without getting dressed.

Frantically, he looked around. There was a workbench behind them. It might be just the right height! Larry swept the surface of the workbench clear with his arm, then he lifted Joanne onto it and learned it was just the right height.

With trembling hands, he stripped off Joanne's slacks and panties, then he stepped between her legs and took her in his arms again. Once more their lips melded.

Joanne, as wild with need as they young man was, slid her hand between them and took hold of Larry's erection. She began caressing it, massaging the juices oozing from the tip into the shaft. Finally she released it and leaned back on outstretched arms. "Larry, take me!! Now!!!" she cried. She was so turned on, so wild with need, she didn't care where they were. She wanted him in her!

Larry plunged into Joanne and felt shivers of joy race up his back. This was the wildest thing he'd ever done! He slammed against her, sliding her back and forth on the workbench, which creaked in protest.

Joanne, who was experiencing passion equalling Larry's, pulled him against her, glorying in the feelings his swollen, plunging rod evoked.

"Larrreeeeeeeeee!!! Oh, Goddddddddd!!! Yesssssss!!!! Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" she whimpered. When her orgasm tore through her, she shuddered violently. "Uhhhhhh!!! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!"

"Uuuuunnnnnnnggggghhhhhhh!!!! Oh, Jesus!!! Oh, Jesussssssssss!!!" Larry groaned when his cream gushed from him.

Spent, the couple clung to each other while their bodies calmed.

"My God, Larry!" Joanne whispered, her arms were around the young man and her face was buried against his bare chest. "I...I don't believe we did what we just did, do you? That was incredible!"

"It sure was!" Larry agreed breathlessly.

"I've never experienced anything like what happens when I'm around you! The minute we touch, I go crazy!" Joanne said softly.

"I know," Larry agreed. He, too, was a bit unnerved by the powerful forces of lust that had overwhelmed them.

"Larry, are you OK?" Joanne asked, "You're shaking."

"I...it's just that...what we did...was so...so wild, you know?" Larry replied.

"I know exactly what you mean," Joanne said. "I find it a little frightening, too." She kissed him softly. "I think it's time for you to let me down. We better get dressed before someone catches us."

They put their clothes back on and started walking back to the house. Joanne slipped her hand in Larry's hand as they walked. "I can't get over what's been happening between us, and how intense it is," she said, "Maybe I...we shouldn't be doing this."

Larry squeezed her hand. "What are you talking about? Why shouldn't we?" he asked. "We're both adults. I love what's been happening and I think you do, too."

They went in the house. "I know, Larry," Joanne said, "I...I do love what's happened between us, but...I sometimes think I...I worry about...about the...the difference in our...our ages. You're a handsome young man. You shouldn't be wasting your time with an old woman like me."

Larry pulled Joanne into his arms and kissed the tip of her nose. "I don't think you're old," he said and squeezed her bottom tenderly. "I think you're beautiful, remember?"

Joanne hugged him and kissed his chin. "You're so sweet!" she said. She stepped out of his embrace. "But don't you ever think the difference in our ages makes a difference? I'm fifteen years older than you are."

Larry shook his head. "All I know is that you're gorgeous and I really like being with you," he said. "I want to hang around you as long you'll let me to hang around."

Joanne hugged him. "Oh, Larry, if that's what you want, you're liable to be hanging around me for a long time," she told him.

Larry looked at the clock. "I...I have to get going," he said. "I have to get to work. You going to be OK?"

"I'll be fine," Joanne said. "I really will."

"I...I can't come over tomorrow," Larry said. "I've got to work."

"Oh," Joanne said, disappointed. "When...when will I see you again?"

"Are you doing anything the day after tomorrow?" Larry asked.

"No," Joanne said.

The young man grinned. "Well, don't make any plans, then," he said. He gave her a kiss. "I really do have to get going."

Larry got up and got dressed. Joanne, wearing a robe, walked him to the door and they shared a deep, fond kiss before the young man left the house.

Larry walked toward his car, thinking about Joanne's comment on the difference in their ages. He couldn't see why they couldn't have a relationship. After all, wasn't she the most beautiful woman he knew? Didn't they care about each other? He shrugged. One thing was certain. Unless she told him to get lost, he wasn't going to stop seeing her. He got in his car, started the engine, and headed home.

After Larry left, Joanne cleared up the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. The intensity and speed with which her relationship with the young man was developing disturbed her. "This is going entirely too fast," she thought. "I...I can't be falling for Larry, can I? I mean, he just told me he was going to work and I don't even know what he does for a living. Am I being a foolish old woman, letting myself think that I could possibly have a chance with happiness with someone like him?"

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