tagNovels and NovellasThe Widow Ch. 12

The Widow Ch. 12

byD.C. Roi©

Passion in James County XII: The Widow

Chapter Twelve

John and Gail lay in bed for a little longer. Finally, Gail got out of bed. "If I'm going to the mountains with you, I have to take a shower and get packed," she said. She headed for the bathroom, turned the shower on and got in.

Gail finished her shower, then John took a one while she got dressed and packed some things to take along to the mountains. She still was feeling overwhelmed by how fast things were moving. It seemed like so much had happened since John walked into the restaurant the night before, but she was thrilled that she'd be spending the next week with him.

When they were both ready, John carried her things out to his rented car and soon they were headed toward the mountains.

"What am I doing?" Gail thought as they rolled down the highway. "What...what is Greg going to think when I show up with his uncle? He...he and his aunt were very close. He'll probably hate me for being with John. Why did I do this? What was I thinking when I said I'd go to Greg's place with John, anyhow?"

John noticed that Gail had been quiet for some time. He reached out and took her hand. "What's the matter, Gail, are you nervous?" he asked. "You're so quiet."

Gail nodded. "Scared is a better word," she replied. "Are you sure Greg won't be upset when he finds out you brought me along? I mean, he probably doesn't even remember me, and he sure doesn't know about us. What's he going to say when I show up with you unannounced and uninvited?"

John squeezed her hand. "You were invited," he said, "By me. And don't worry, Greg and Abby are wonderful. Greg's been bugging me for a long time to find someone. He ought to be happy I'm taking his advice. Things will work out wonderfully. You'll see. We'll have a great time."

They just had to work out, Gail thought, they just had to. Holding John's hand, she laid her head back on the car seat and was soon lulled to sleep by the sounds of the car and the gentle motions it made as it rolled along.

"Hey, sleepyhead, you want some lunch?" John asked.

Gail awakened and looked over at his smiling face. "Ah, OK," she said.

He pulled off the highway and stopped in front of a diner. They walked in, found an empty booth, and sat down. A waitress came and took their order.

"What do you think Greg's going to say when he sees me?" Gail asked.

"Probably something like, 'Hi, Gail, I haven't seen you in a while,' or something like that," John teased.

Gail frowned. "John, I'm serious!" she said. "I mean, we did just renew our acquaintance last night and all..."

"Getting reacquainted sure was wonderful, wasn't it?" John said.

Gail felt herself blushing. "John, why can't you be serious?" she asked.

"Honey, you're getting yourself all worked up for no reason," he said. "What's the point in getting upset before you're sure there's anything to be upset about?" Believe me, once we get to the lake, I'm sure you'll find your worrying has all been for nothing."

"I sure hope you're right," Gail said.

They finished their lunch, and were soon back on the highway. Gail was again quiet, thinking. "So Greg's a police officer, just like you were, huh?" she asked.

"Yeah, I couldn't talk him out of it," John said. "He's got a pretty good deal, though. He's the only deputy working up in that area of the county, so he has a lot of freedom. I hear the new sheriff thinks pretty highly of him, too."

Despite his comment about trying to talk his nephew out of a law enforcement career, John's voice showed obvious pride in the fact that his nephew had adopted the same career he had chosen. Gail wasn't surprised. She knew Greg and John were close, and that Greg had been close to his Aunt Marion, too. What would he really think when his beloved uncle showed up with her? She continued to worry about what it was going to be like when they got to Greg's home. John seemed so sure things would be OK. Maybe her confusion was because she never, in her wildest dreams, imagined her life would take such a strange and exciting turn.

"We're almost there," John told her.

Gail looked up and saw that they were heading down a narrow blacktop road. After about a mile, John turned right, onto a dirt road. The road wended through some woods, then they came into an open area where a huge white building sat.

"That's the main lodge," John said. "Maybe, if Greg throws us out, we can stay there." He chuckled. "I'm just kidding."

They continued on the dirt road a little longer, passing a number of cabins, then John turned into the driveway of a large white two-story house. He pulled up in front of the house, stopped, and shut off the motor.

"Well," he said, "we're here."

"We are, aren't we?" Gail said. She swallowed hard. Now what?

They got out of the car, John got their bags out of the trunk, then he led Gail into the house.

Greg seemed surprised to see Gail with his uncle, but his look of surprise was quickly replaced by one of delight. He hugged his uncle, then he turned to Gail. "Hi, Gail," he said. "It's been a long time, nice to see you again." He turned back to his uncle. "You didn't tell me about this, Uncle John," he said.

"Is it a problem?" John asked.

"You know better than that, Uncle John," Greg said. "I think it's about time, don't you?" He turned back to Gail. "Welcome to our home, Gail. I can't think of anyone I'd rather see Uncle John with than you."

Gail felt herself blushing. She felt better. Maybe this would work out all right after all. If Greg's wife was as nice as John said she was, the next two weeks should be wonderful.

They walked into the living room and sat down. Gail was impressed by the beautiful view of the lake from the big picture window at the end of the living room.

"Where's Abby?" John asked.

"She's at work," Greg said, "She's working the three to eleven shift tonight."

Gail looked around. The house was lovely. It was neat, and furnished comfortably. She relaxed even more.

"You guys are probably tired from your drive," Greg said, "Come on, I'll show you your room." He led them upstairs and ushered them into a huge bedroom, the centerpiece of which was a king-sized four-poster bed.

Gail was surprised that such a huge room was the guest bedroom. Like the rest of the house, the room looked very comfortable.

"Greg, your house is lovely," Gail said.

"Thank you," Greg replied. "Look, Uncle John, while you're getting settled, I'll go down and put something together for dinner."

After John and Gail stowed their things, they went downstairs and ate dinner. After they finished the dishes, she, John, and Greg sat around talking about old times, and about how John and Gail had become reacquainted.

After a while, John yawned. "I don't know about you, Gail," he said, but I'm pooped. I think I'm going to bed. Greg, give Abby our apologies. Explain that your old uncle was too exhausted to stay up until she got home."

"Yeah, sure you're pooped," Greg said, giving his uncle a knowing smile that made Gail blush. "Go ahead, get your rest. Abby and I will see you at breakfast."

Gail accompanied John upstairs, feeling scared and excited. What now?

"Are you OK, honey?" John asked.

Gail gave him a weak smile. "I've never felt better," she told him.

John moved closer to her, his arms slid around her waist and she leaned against him. Contact with his body seemed to steady her. He bent and kissed her neck. She could feel his erection pressing against her middle and, immediately, felt excitement growing inside her. "John, should we...be doing this...here," she protested, "Greg's downstairs!"

"He put us in the same bedroom," John said, smiling. "He's a big boy. I think he knows what we're doing, don't you? Don't you want me?"

Gail's body pulsed with longing for him, and yet her mind was awhirl with confusing feelings. This was going entirely too fast.

John tugged her blouse out of her jeans, slid his hands up under it and cupped her breasts. At his request, she left off her bra when she got dressed that morning. His fingers found her erecting nipples and began caressing them. What little reluctance she had disappeared and she melted in his arms.

John felt her soften, picked her up in his arms, and carried her to the bed. Kneeling next to her, he bent and his lips and hers joined in a passionate kiss. As they kissed, he unbuttoned her blouse, baring her breasts.

The kiss ended and he moved his lips to her turgid nipples and began suckling them. It drove her wild. Her back arched, driving the firm fleshy tips deeper into his mouth, while her hands clasped his head.

John slid his hand down and opened her slacks, then moved his lips from her breasts and began to kiss his way down over her chest, which heaved, making the luscious pink-tipped globes rise and fall.

"Oh, John!" Gail moaned. She wanted him as badly as he wanted her, maybe even more.

He slid her jeans and panties down. Gail raised her hips to make his task easier, showing him how desperately she wanted him. He pushed her legs apart gently, then climbed upon the bed. When John slid on top of her, she realized he was naked and was surprised.. She had no idea when he'd taken his clothes off. "Oh, Goddddd!!!!" she murmured. "Ahhhhh!!!" she moaned when his erection struck her swollen labia, already moist with the effluent of need. Her hand grasped his swollen pole, guided it to her yearning opening, and tugged on it.

Slowly, in response to her urging, John slid into her, filling her, stretching her delightfully, sending a flood of warmth through her as his engorged cudgel invaded her. Her hips rose of the bed, beckoning, accepting the hot invader, and drawing him deeper into her.

"Oh God!" she cried, "Oh God!! Oh God!!!"

John rocked his hips, poking into her. "Yes!!! Yesssss!!!" His passionate murmurs echoed hers. Despite how wonderful their previous love-making had been, something made this one particularly intense for both of them.

"Ahhhhh!!! Ahhhhh!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!!!!" Gail cried. Her hips went into a series of thrusts and spasms, her body shaking when a violent orgasm ripped through her. "I'm there!!! Please!!! Please, John!!!! Take me!!! Oh, God, John!!! Take meeeeeee!!!!!!" she whimpered, trying desperately to tone down her cries of passion, not wanting Greg to hear. She lost the battle to remain silent. "I'm comminnnggg!!! Oh, God, darling, I'm commmminnnnngggg!!!! Oh, yes!!! Come!!! Come with meeeeeeeeee!!!!"

John's orgasm joined hers, his spasming penis filling her once more with his torrid fluid, bathing the walls of her vagina with warm wetness, driving her even wilder.

Eventually, their passion spent, they lay wrapped in each other's arms. Gail snuggled closer to John's warm, protective bulk.

"That was the best yet," she said softly.

"It was, wasn't it?" John agreed. He kissed her on the nose. "You know, my dear, I think it would be very easy to fall in love with you."

"I feel the same way about you," Gail whispered and pressed herself against him.

Wrapped tight in each other's arms, they fell asleep.

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