The Widow Parsons

byCharles Petersunn©

"I mean, of course," Dorothy added, turning to her neighbor, "if she is need of some help around the house." Her eyes briefly trailed across the full round breasts of her neighbor. She hadn't really noticed before that Betty's dress was rather tight in the bodice. She turned back to Chris. "I don't want you pestering her."

"Oh please, Dorothy, don't worry about that," Betty reassured her. "He is so helpful. He's such a big strapping young man."

Dorothy wouldn't describe her son that way. She studied Betty's big round boobs out of the corner of her eye.

Betty added, "Did you know that when I used to babysit for him, he used to try to peek under my skirt?"

"Mrs. Parsons!" Christopher complained.

"Well, you did!" Betty charged.

"Christopher!" Dorothy admonished her son.

"It was alright, Dorothy. He didn't know better. I don't think he even knew what was there."

"Mrs. Parsons, please."

Betty smiled at her son's discomfort. She did have to admit, "He doesn't have a lot of experience with girls, Dorothy." She wondered if her son even noticed Betty's boobs. He was such a naïve and innocent boy.

"Mother," Chris quietly complained. Why do women like to tease men so? He so, so wished and hoped that his mother would not bring up the troubles he used to have with wet dreams.

Betty though changed the subject, sort of, to ask, "Christopher, you said you still have your comic book collection?"


"Yes, yes he does, Betty," Dorothy answered for him.

"I do remember," Betty recalled, "how you so much enjoyed reading your comics to me."

Christopher rolled his eyes.

Dorothy giggled. She did recall that as well. "Would you like to show Mrs. Parsons your collection, Christopher?"


"Oh, I think that would be just wonderful," Betty replied, before Chris could assert his objection any stronger.

"Here, Christopher," Dorothy said, handing him the plate of cookies. "You can take these up to your room."

"Yes, mother," Chris replied, taking the tray in his hands. He had no problem finding some excuse to be alone with Mrs. Parsons, and he could not think of a better place than his bedroom, but he didn't particularly enjoy being teased about his collection, especially in front of Mrs. Parsons. He did though head to his bedroom.

Betty followed along behind him, a little smile on her face. This did so remind her of her babysitting.

Her smile grew larger as they headed up the stairs to his bedroom, Chris in front, her behind, her eyes on the young man's behind.

"You do have a cute little butt, Christopher."

Chris rolled his eyes. No boy likes to be told that his butt is cute, let alone that it's little, although he did like the idea that Mrs. Parsons liked it.

"Wait a second," Betty suggested, midway up the stairs.

Chris wondered why. Perhaps it was to admire his butt? Maybe he should stick it out for her? But, that did seem awfully weird.

Betty though reached around his body to take hold of the zipper to his pants.

"Mrs. Parsons!"

"Shhhhh," Betty admonished him. "I just want to see how much he missed me. I certainly missed him."

Once she had his zipper down she reached in and deftly extracted his penis through the flap in his briefs.

Chris was not entirely erect, but it was enough to please Betty. "Oh my, he's already getting so excited." She stepped in closer, pressing her big soft boobs against his butt as she softly stroked him with her fingers. "But, of course, it could just be that you're all excited about your comics. Do you get a stiffy when you read your comics, Christopher?"

"No!" He replied, with some annoyance. However, the fact was that he would at times get a hard-on while reading a Wonder Woman comic. Mrs. Parsons though didn't need to know about that.

"Don't be mad," Betty replied, feeling his penis stiffening within her hand. "I'm just teasing you."

She was certainly doing that.

Chris did want to make one point clear. "I don't read comics that much anymore, you know. I'm no longer a kid."

"Well, I certainly know that, Christopher," she whispered. "You're so big now," she observed stroking his dick to become just that.

She added, "I bet you do have some, well, more adult material in your room. Perhaps you could show me those instead?" She began to undo his belt and pants.

Answering that was a bit tricky. He did indeed have a few magazines. Much of his pornography he got on-line, but he did like the classics. Any comic book collector will also collect a few magazines as well. It might be kind of nice to show them to Mrs. Parsons, perhaps give her a few ideas. But, what boy is really comfortable showing an older woman his pornography collection? Wouldn't she think that he was a bit childish, if not perverse? Of course, that might depend on which magazine he showed her. He could show her his 1950's Playboys. They were worth quite a bit.

As he was considering the pros and cons Betty quickly finished undoing his pants and then quickly pulled them down to his ankles. She would have pulled his underwear down as well, if not for his stiffened dick sticking out the flap, providing a bit of obstruction.

"Mrs. Parsons!" Chris again objected. He glanced back over his shoulder, and not just to make eye contact with her, but to see if perhaps his mother might be standing at the bottom of the stairs.

Betty patted him reassuringly on his bottom. "Don't you worry your pretty little bottom. We'll hear your mother if she is coming down the hall." But, she added, "Perhaps though you better scamper up these stairs before she does come." She gave him a few more playful pats to encourage him.

Chris did try to make good time getting up the rest of the stairs, but it wasn't that easy, his pants tangled around his ankles, holding a tray of cookies, and Mrs. Parsons continuing to give him little spanks on his butt. Frankly, he felt it was lucky he didn't drop the cookies, let alone fall back down the stairs.

Betty didn't provide much of any help. She just felt he made such a cute sight. It was perhaps a bit of sweet revenge for the times he had tried to peek up her skirt and through her window, but she was also just having some playful, innocent fun with the boy. She did though eventually suggest, "Here, let me help steady you," as she reached around him to again grasp hold of his erection.

It wasn't much help but at least now Chris didn't mind the awkwardness of his steps. A feminine hand on one's cock solves many problems. In fact, perhaps it was helpful as he now took his time, being extra careful not to spill the cookies, and, most importantly, not really wanting to give her any reason to let go of his dick. She was clearly doing more than just holding onto it. Her fingers were also fondly fondling his shaft and knob.

He did wonder though, through the thick cloud of sexual heat, what they would do if they heard his mother coming down the hallway. He would have to quickly discard the tray to get his pants back up. Perhaps Mrs. Parsons could do that for him, but he sorely doubted that he should entrust that responsibility to her.

He did though eventually reach the top step, and Betty then finally let go of his cock.

It was then considerably easier to make his way from that point to his bedroom, although he did still feel rather silly doing so with his pants down, holding onto the tray, his stiff dick sticking out before him. Not too many waiters serve customers this way.

Once he entered his bedroom he quickly discarded the tray of cookies onto his desk by the door. He hesitated though in pulling his pants back up. He didn't want to put his cock away, but he shouldn't step out of the pants. That would not only be presumptuous but also rather risky with his mother in the house.

"Oh my," Betty exclaimed, "this room has changed quite a bit, hasn't it." That was indeed true. The army men, the toy cars, the BB gun, and much of all of the rest of the clutter she recalled was now gone, replaced with a new clutter of chess men, electronic equipment, CDs and DVDs.

The bed was the same, but the cowboy bedspread was gone.

On the other hand, there were still piles and piles of comic books.

"Goodness, you do have a lot of comics."

"Well, you know, they are a good investment."

"Oh yes, I'm sure," she diplomatically agreed, her hand reaching out to absentmindedly fondle his erection as she surveyed the room. "Where are the really valuable ones?"

"They're in that chest. I keep it locked."

"Oooooh, let me see those!" She clenched his dick hard, emphasizing her interest.

"Oh, I don't know." She didn't really want to see them, did she?

She turned to him, looking deep into his eyes as she fondled and caressed his dick. "Oh please, Christopher, you'll let me see them, won't you?"

Frankly, as long as she continued to fondle his cock, he would even show her his ant farm. "Okay, okay," he relented.

"And," she suggested, "you really should get out of those pants and underpants, don't you think?"

It was a suggestion that any boy would normally embrace, but he did glance back at the door, wondering if it was really worth the risk.

"It will be fine, sweetie," Betty reassured him. "We'll keep them close by. You'll have plenty of time to get them back on if we hear anything. I'll even go out to the stairs to delay her."

That was a good idea and, besides, he felt so dorky having his pants around his ankles, his dick poking out through his briefs. He stripped them off, carefully laid his pants on the bed where he could get to them quickly, and stuffed his briefs into a desk drawer, where he also retrieved the key to the chest.

Betty watched with amusement as the boy moved about the room, his stiff penis bobbing and waving with every step and turn. Young men became so terribly excited. He probably could maintain his erection while doing homework, or housework. She imagined having him over to do that, requiring that he keep his erection going as he dusted, vacuumed, and cleaned.

Chris opened the lock, raised the top of the chest, and waved his hand at the stash of comics hidden safely inside.

Betty couldn't really tell the difference between the valuable ones and the cheap ones. They all kind of looked the same to her, but she had something else on her mind.

As she rummaged through the chest she suggested, "Oh, I bet I know where you hide your dirty picture books and magazines."

Chris' eyes widened with concern. "No, no, I really don't have anything like that!"

Betty smiled at him as she shifted a stack of comics aside to force a hand deep down toward the bottom of the chest. "Now, Christopher, no young man doesn't have some kind of dirty naughty stuff."

That wasn't entirely reassuring. "Please, Mrs. Parsons. I don't think..." He didn't know how to finish the sentence.

She bent over the chest and dug down through the thick stack of comics until she got to the very bottom, her own bottom waving and wagging in the air, her thin soft summer skirt drifting up her thighs, to just below her panties.

Chris wondered if he might just suddenly toss her skirt over her back and gave her some "playful" spanks on the butt. She was clearly deserving.

"Bingo!" Betty exclaimed with victory, pulling out a magazine.

Chris grimaced with embarrassment. No boy likes a woman discovering his porn. He wondered if perhaps he should find a better place to hide it. Mrs. Parsons went right to it. Perhaps his mother knows where he hides it as well.

"Oh my," Betty exclaimed, as she studied its contents. It was called, "Juggs," with nurses, teachers, secretaries, and businesswomen, all with big exposed breasts.

Betty turned to Chris, and smiled, "Well, I guess I know what you like."

Chris considered pointing out that it was really just fortuitous. He had lots of other types of magazines, as well as even more variation on his computer. But, that wasn't likely to make him sound any better. His dick was finally beginning to wilt.

"Have you masturbated to these pictures of large bosoms?"

Chris' dick didn't know quite where to go. The question was obviously yes but also terribly humiliating, yet even the memory of recently having done so, his eyes now fixed on Mrs. Parsons' ample bosoms, was pulling him back in the other direction.

"You know, you've never actually seen my breasts, have you, Christopher."

He quickly replied, "No, no I haven't." He actually had, when she was on her backyard deck and through her bedroom window. But, it was probably best not to admit to that.

"Well," she added, "perhaps you have at some point, peeking through my windows."

He didn't say anything. He didn't really want to lie to her, nor did he want to tell the truth.

She said softly, as she held the magazine open to a picture of a secretary opening up her blouse, revealing two big round boobs encased in a light green lacy brassiere. "Would you like to see them now?"

The blood flow switched direction in midstream, now traveling back into his cock. He nodded his head.

Betty smiled at the young man, her sparkling eyes remaining fixed on his as she dropped the magazine to the floor, slipped the thin spaghetti straps off her shoulders, and then let the colorfully flowered dress slide down her body, falling gently to the floor. She was wearing an equally colorfully flowered bra and panty set.

Chris' dick strained to be released from its skin, stretching as thick and long as it could, as his eyes feasted on Mrs. Parsons' so very sexy lingerie. He wished his computer was on, that way he could be surreptitiously filming this.

Mrs. Parsons' boobs were just so big and round. They were certainly not as big as basketballs, but they did most definitely convey that impression, standing so proudly out from her chest: big round basketballs tightly encased in a yellow cotton, speckled with light blue stripes and violet lace.

Betty asked, "Would you like to masturbate to real live ones?"

Chris nodded, reaching down to grasp and stroke his dick. He wondered if she might even let him cum on them. She had said the other day that he could do that if he wanted to. Maybe he should remind her of that.

Betty pulled the brassiere's straps off each shoulder and then reached back for the clasp, causing her to thrust her breasts out even further.

Chris wondered if she was doing that to get him to take hold of them, like she was presenting them to him.

As soon as the strap was unhooked the cups fell from her breasts, her boobs busting out, the brassiere falling to the floor to join her dress.

Chris licked his lips and said, softly, "They're beautiful, Mrs. Parsons."

They were no longer perfectly round, but they did still have a very wonderful shape, sloping down just a bit to the left and right, and then filling out in a more orbed shaped at the end, like two big giant mountain slopes with dangerously pointy tips poking out right at the edge.

Chris had to wonder why he so much liked big boobs. Why would their size make them so much more appealing, so much more erotic? Perhaps they were the epitome of womanliness, of motherliness. He didn't know. He just knew that they made him so, so fucking horny. He stroked more vigorously on his dick.

For a moment Betty watched the young man beating off to her naked, exposed breasts. A woman does always enjoy a man enjoying the sight of her body. It was just so terribly flattering. She considered masturbating as well, letting him see her do it as she watched his fist slide up and down his swollen, yearning dick. But, she now had a different plan, a better plan.

Betty asked the young man, "Would you like to fuck a woman with big tits, Christopher?"

Chris' mouth went dry. "Yes, ma'am," he again immediately replied.

Betty bent over, her breasts swinging from her body, filling out even further. Now they really did look like milk bags. Chris so much wanted to grab hold of them, to milk them, but he knew it was best to be patient. His time would come.

Keeping her eyes fixed on his, Betty slipped her fingers into her panties and pulled them off her bottom, down her thighs, and then let gravity to take them to the floor. She turned around and placed her hands on the bed, the one she used to tuck him in as a boy, and was now bent over, presenting her naked ass and moist cunt to him.

She looked over her shoulder and asked, "Would you like to mount your babysitter from behind?"

Chris once again glanced at his bedroom door, which was wide open. He had left it open so that they would be able to hear his mother. Clearly Mrs. Parsons was no longer going to be able to slow his mother down as she made her way up the stairs, but he didn't really feel there was much of a risk of his mom interrupting them, or at least right now the urge, the desire, overwhelmed any sense of risk and danger.

He stepped forward, up to Mrs. Parsons' upraised bottom and crudely displayed cunt. A woman looks so fucking obscene, so animalistically servile, presenting her cunt from behind, bent over, waiting to be mounted.

Betty lowered her butt a bit to make it easier for Chris to make entry, albeit as well arching her back, wantonly presenting her cunt, moisture glistening on her thick wavy feminine lips.

It had been quite some time since she last felt a cock pressing up into her cunt. Her pussy tingled with anticipation. Perhaps it was wrong that it would be the cock of a neighbor boy; well, not truly a boy, as Christopher was an eighteen year-old man, but certainly much younger than her, and a young man she had once babysat, in this very room, reading a story to him on this very bed.

Actually, all of that made it all the more appealing, and titillating. She rested her face on the bedcover, a little smile creasing her lives. Her bottom quivered and squirmed. She wanted that young stiff cock so very, very bad.

Chris' heart raced with excitement as he carefully positioned his dick at her hole, recalling her lesson as to its precise location. Her cunt felt so soft, so warm, so wet. The scent of her steaming cunt drifting up to his nose: the smell of her lust, her salacious heat.

He leaned over the woman's back and shoved his hips forward, driving his dick up inside. "Mrs. Parsons," he gasped, as he felt his knob being tightly squeezed, embraced, by the woman's snug squishy cunt flesh.

"Mmmmmm," Betty whimpered, and met his shove with a thrust of her own, rising off the bed as her butt pressed back against him.

Chris' cock slid down in deeper as he bent further over Mrs. Parsons to reach around her body to grasp those big soft, pliant boobs in his hands. He began to hump her like an animal, squeezing her fleshy breasts as his stiff, hard cock plunged in and out of her tight womanly cunt.

"Oh yes," Betty gasped, "fuck me, Chrissy, my little man, fuck me so hard!"

She could call him whatever she wanted. She could call him a girly boy and he wouldn't mind, not as long as her butt squirmed and wriggled beneath him, her cunt grasping, clutching his cock, milking his cock as he milked her humongous fleshy bags. Christopher never felt more like a true man.

Betty whimpered and moaned with lust. The young man felt like a crazed puppy on her, fucking a girl for the very first time with such an untamed, juvenile chaotic wildness, and she loved it, trying to meet his unbridled passion with her own wom`anly exuberance for young male cock.

"Show me," she gasped, "show me, Chrissy what a man you are. Make me squirm and whimper like a little girl."

Chris let go of her boobs to take hold of her hips as he thrust more rapidly, more vigorously, more forcibly. The room was filled with the sound of his abdomen slapping hard against her fleshy butt, which jiggled and shivered with his slamming thrusts.

Her large fleshy boobs were swinging wildly beneath her, smacking against one another, as if applauding his obscene humping.

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