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The Wife


One of the great things about being married is that every wee while something will come along that will make you remember just how you came to fancy your wife in the first place.

Take our friend's 40th birthday party recently. In the run up to it the wife had done the usual drill of going around the shops trying to find that perfect outfit. And when that was done of course there was the make up. And the jewellery and the footwear....guys you know the routine well I'm sure.

On the day of the party I'd disappeared off to the football as usual, something that left us tight for time, and caused a bit of annoyance with the wife. So when I got back it was straight into the shower whilst the wife was getting sorted in the bedroom.

She'd had her hair done too when I was out at the game and when she walked into the living room all made up, she looked absolutely amazing and bang all those thoughts you have when you know you want someone came flooding back. If she had said the word I would have happily forgotten about party there and then and enjoyed a night on my own with her, but that was never going to happen.

The wife generally goes for substance over style. While some women will still go for heels and mini-skirts in the middle of winter despite freezing themselves to death the wife would simply not tolerate that at all. Far less the winter a British summer will see her wrapped up in a variety of padded coats and waterproofs looking more ready to tackle a walk to the North Pole than a day in the office.

Likewise she would much rather half an extra half hour in her bed each morning than get up early to put the war paint on, just for the benefit of some leering old men in work or on the bus.

What it does mean though is that you get so used to seeing that practical look that you can sometimes forget just how stunning she can look when does get dressed up to the nines.

"How do I look" she asked, as she threw her leather jacket on to the couch and paraded up and down the room before me resplendent in a silky cream blouse, over brown leggings with a pair of previously unseen brown over the knee boots. I didn't have to lie as I gushed my praise at how sexy she looked.

The click of her heels on the laminate flooring as she filled the obligatory little brown bag only added to my arousal, and as I stood cuddling her by the window as we waited the taxi my stiffening cock gently prodding back and forth into her arse left her in no doubt that my words of praise were indeed genuine.

She giggled at the notion of me getting a hard-on for her and jokingly scolded me for being a naughty boy, for getting all excited and reminding me how we all know what naughty boys get for getting too excited don't we? The question didn't need answering, and not just because the toot of a horn outside signified the arrival of the taxi.

The party itself was a riot. In the finest traditions of a working class social club the drinks were cheap, flowing ten to the dozen and most were soon ten sheets to the wind. Despite that and not being a particularly social type I retreated to a table at window at the back of the room whilst the wife got on with the important business of dancing the night away with a number of friends.

I always enjoy watching her from afar at parties and gatherings when she's all dolled up. I love seeing the impression she has on other people and it was clear she was turning some heads tonight with the gentlemen company in the hall as she danced away.

Two or three unknown guys had danced with her whilst she was up and she was clearly attracting some attention. I've never had any objections to that as the wife loves to dance and even when she's out on the town with her pals I trust her completely. She's told me loads of times how she's been chatted up and I must admit that I do get off on the fact I'm in a position dozens of other guys would like to be in I love the fact that can't help but tell every time she's out that despite having fun she can't wait to come to home to me at the end of the night.

After getting some more drinks in at the bar for us I noticed she'd disappeared from the dance floor. I presumed she'd just gone for a pee but a chap at the window next to my table caught my attention and there was the wife outside having a cigarette with a couple of her pals.

The wife doesn't smoke usually, only on vary rare occasions. Knowing it was something that was a bit of a turn on for me, she had smoked a couple of times at home in our role play, playing the naughty schoolgirl getting caught smoking and puffing on a fat cigar when playing my dominant boss. I loved it, but such occasions would be a very rare treat.

Other than that it was only on occasions such as these when she'd had relax having had a few drinks would she sometimes have a smoke with her pals. And there she stood with a big smile on her face winking at me as she took a draw and exhaled. She was teasing me and damn well knew it.

I'd already spent much of the night visualising fucking her in the outfit she was wearing and the addition of her fag in hand meant I was stiff as a board as she returned to the dance floor.

A change of pace in music back to some of her 70's favourite brought a quick glance in my direction and that was my cue to take to the floor.

My hands massaged those soft fleshy mounds on her rear as we danced as I took advantage of the now darkened room my once again stiff cock pressed into her midriff as we locked together and enjoyed a few slow smooches.

"Round the back in two minutes" she croaked as we broke off our kissing when the last of the current batch of slow songs finished, and the DJ whipped things up again for the youngsters in the hall.

I headed back to our table, finished off the rest of my Bud and began to make my way out through the now heaving dance floor. She was already there and waiting for me and when I was within touching distance the wife grabbed me close in a tight embrace and pushed her lips on to mine. Almost to the point I was pinned against the wall of the hall.

Breaking off momentarily she gazed lustily at me and said: "I cant wait to you fuck me so hard when we get home". Clearly she wasn't the only one on heat tonight and the wanton expression on her face made her desires clear.

Our lips re-locked and tongues continued to glaze each others mouths and faces with saliva. I hadn't had much experience prior to hooking up with the wife and when we'd kissed like this at the start of our relationship I'd found it awkward. It was ticklish and even gave me the shivers sometimes. These days though I was as much the driving force as her. I loved it. I loved covering her face and mouth in my drool, licking her, tasting her. The mixture of her lipstick, perfume and moisturiser from the outside and her hot wet saliva from her mouth was a tantalising mixture that was spread back and forth all over our faces.

We'd been out there for a good ten minutes kissing passionately. She broke off the embrace momentarily and said: "We'd better get back. The girls will be looking for me". "Yeah" I replied laughing and hauled her back into my clutches forcefully and moved to recommence our kissing. "Woooahh" she chirped as my once again stiff cock pushed straight into her tummy. "Have you still got that stiffy." She paused "I can't possibly let you go back in there without getting rid of that". She hunched herself down, felt for my zip and released my cock from my boxers into the cool summer air.

I wasn't blessed in the size department down there but it was sufficiently long when aroused for the good lady to do everything she wanted to do with it and she took it full in her mouth tickling my balls as me stared lovingly up at me.

My body tingled as the she worked my cock and brought me closer to coming. Wanking me furiously for a spell then returning to sucking my shaft and teasing the tip of my knob with her teeth.

"In my mouth I take it" she glanced up at me as she felt my knees begin to buckle and my legs quiver . "Oh yeah, oh yeah" I mustered as I put both my hands at the back of her head and began to fuck her mouth with increasing speed and force. This particular action the wife didn't especially enjoy so I kept it to the minimum. She knew however that I wasn't far away and it was only a matter of seconds before I exploded inside her mouth sending wave after wave of hot spunk down her throat.

"Got to be better than the buffet" I joked as the euphoria continued to wash over me. She frowned as she tried not to laugh my cock still stuck in her mouth having its pink and weary head sucked clean by beautiful wife.

Finally she released it from her willing mouth and it flopped down tired but satisfied as the wife scrambled to her feet.

I thanked her and told her how much I loved her as I always did after such fun, for pleasuring me and for being the wonderful wife that I adored so much.

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