tagLoving WivesThe Wife At The Nude Beach

The Wife At The Nude Beach


After months of preparation and a nine hour flight, we had finally arrived in Spain. We woke up the next morning to gorgeous sunshine. Kim was first up and put on a sexy bikini that could barely contain her large breasts. Kim always looks so sexy when she goes to the beach. I woke up and threw on a pair of boxers so we could head out to the beach and get the vacation started early.

We arrived to a stunning white sand beach that was encircled by huge cliffs in the background. The sound of the big waves hitting the beach was amazing. All of a sudden, a lady walked by and I noticed she was completely naked as in starkers. She had a shaved pussy and spectacular breasts. It was then that I realized we had arrived at a nude section of the beach.

We put out our towels and proceeded to lay down and soak up some sun. Kim unhooked her bra and let her 34D cup tits out of the suit. She undid the stings of her bathing suit bottoms and now she was completely naked for the world to see. Her freshly shaven pussy was a revelation to me but I must admit it was a sight for sore eyes. Kim pulled out the suntan lotion and started to lube up her entire body especially since some parts had never seen the sun ever. Watching her rub her breasts was something I never get tired of.

I was sitting on my towel feeling kind of foolish wearing a bathing suit when everyone around me was naked. So I stood up and pulled down my suit and let my penis feel the fresh ocean air. I have always been a bit self conscious about the size of my penis, particularly its girth or lack thereof. As I was slightly nervous being naked on a beach for my first time, my penis was barley showing - just a small head and no shaft visible to the naked eye.

Kim suggested we go for a walk along the beach and I reluctantly agreed. The sun felt so amazing beating down on my body and the sight of nude women everywhere so an added bonus. As we walked by other couples, it was pretty apparent that they were checking us out as we strolled by. I always imagined that a nude beach would be made up of old naked fat people but I could not have been more wrong. There were hot looking gorgeous women and men all over the beach.

As we were walking, I spotted a hot looking couple approaching us. She had long blonde hair and perfect breasts and a nicely trimmed pussy. he was about 6'2" very fit and had the longest soft thick penis I think I have ever seen on a man. Kim had noticed them too as she whispered into my ear, "did you get a look at that couple. OMG, he has a yummy cock".

They stopped to talk to us and I noticed his wife glancing down to check out my man package. I could see that she had a look of amazement on her face. I must admit I felt terribly inadequate standing next to him - the size difference was like night and day. Turns out they were from Arizona and were really a nice couple. As we were talking, I would glance at her lovely tits and wish I was sucking on those perfect nipples. A few times I caught Kim looking at his penis and you could tell that she was a bit flushed for sure. Her normally soft nipples were now fully erect. I only could imagine that her pussy was starting to get a bit wet from all the staring.

They came back to our towels and we offered them a drink of water. Rob was standing there with the sun at his back and his unusually large penis hanging down his leg. Kim was busy chatting and got up and tripped and Robe caught her. As he caught her, his penis hit her ass accidentally. I could tell that she could feel it hit her ass by the look of amazement on her face. He too could tell as you could tell some blood started to flow into his penis as it thickened and got longer. His wife noticed and she reached down to grab his penis. As she did that I thought Kim was going to wet herself on the spot. I knew right then that they would be friends for life.....

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