tagLoving WivesThe Wife Interrupts

The Wife Interrupts


When Jon's wife Amy came home, her friend Patrice was kneeling in the living room, blowing Jon.

"So how long has this been going on?" Amy asked.

"About five minutes," Jon said. He kept his hand on Patrice's head, letting her know she should keep her mouth on his cock, keep up her rhythm. Jon was standing in the middle of the living room, his suit pants and briefs down at his ankles.

"It's a good thing I vacuumed yesterday," Amy said, "otherwise she might get that cushion she's kneeling on dirty. Very considerate of you, by the way."

"Thanks. How was work today? You're home early."

"Well, it looks like I'm home just in time. She looks very cute giving you head like that."

Jon could sense Patrice's nervousness as she sucked. Her instincts were to get up and run away—she had just been caught cheating with her friend's husband. But, nerves and the pressure of Jon's hand kept her doing exactly what he wanted her to be doing.

Amy crossed over to Patrice, gently stroked her friend's hair. "It's okay, Patty," Amy reassured her. "I'm not angry at all. We have a fairly . . . nontraditional relationship, Jonathan and I. He's been fantasizing about you for months. If I knew he was going to get you today, I would have stayed out longer so he could have had you in private."

"That's very considerate of you, my dear," Jon said. He let Patrice off of his cock.

"You mean you don't mind?" Patrice asked the wife.

"Of course not. You guys have your fun. You don't mind if I watch, do you?"

"Uh, I guess not."

"Great," Amy said, sitting down on the couch. "Now, back to work, Patty."

Patrice resumed her blowjob. At first, she was a little self-conscious, and kept stealing looks at Amy. "Don't worry," Amy told her. "Just close your eyes and enjoy Jon's cock. Mmmm. It's good, isn't it?"

The seduction of Patrice had taken a few months of friendly lunches, gentle flirting at dinner parties, and one conspiratorial cocktail at the Mayflower Hotel's bar last night. She had no idea that Amy had been my willing and silent partner the whole way, reading every email Patrice and Jon exchanged, and sometimes writing the reply herself.

"God, Jon," Amy said, "Patrice look's really sexy giving you head. That long, thin body of hers. She may be very flat chested, but you can't tell while she works your cock."

Jon agreed. "I really like her body," he told his wife. "She has great legs. And she's so tall—she's even taller than I am."

"I can't wait for you to get her clothes off," Amy said.

Jon could only wonder how Patrice felt, sucking him while they talked about her. It wasn't stopping her any.

"So, Patrice, do you like my husband's cock?"

Patrice took him out of her mouth and blushed. "He's got a great cock."

"It must have taken a lot for you to get on your knees for him," Amy said.


"I hope it's worth it."

"Oh," Jon said, "I think she had some fun. We made out and I fingered her before she started blowing me."

Amy's face lit up. "Oh really? Right here on this couch?"

Patrice admitted it. "Can you believe it? This is so wild! Jon told me you guys had an open kind of marriage, but I thought he might just be saying that to get in my panties."

"It's the truth," Amy said. "And I love to watch Jon with another woman. You've got him so turned on. Look at how big his cock is!"

"And it feels great in my mouth!" Patrice said, resuming her bobbing back and forth.

It had been nearly a year since Patrice had been with a man, a simple fact which Jon and Amy played upon. Jon would fuck Amy from behind at night, and Amy would tell Jon about Patrice, would tease him about her. "Do you really want to fuck her, honey?" Amy would ask. "Do you want to suck on her little bitty A cup titties? Aren't you going to miss mama's big D cups? And she has no hips, either. She's so skinny you'll break her the first time you fuck her." Jon loved that saucy talk, and when Amy talked that way Jon would fuck his wife as if in a rage and come deep inside of her.

As Amy watched their fantasy come to life, she removed her pink suit jacket, and untucked her white button-down blouse. She slowly undid the buttons. Jon saw the plain black t-shirt bra his wife was wearing.

"A black bra under a white top? Is that appropriate?" Jon teased.

"Maybe I wanted to be noticed," Amy replied. She began to squeeze her large breasts, massaging them through the cups of her bra, tweaking her hardening nipples.

"Why are you home so early?" Jon asked, Patrice dutifully fellating him.

"You know that Nordatel project that's been taking all my time? I finally found a way to get off of it." Amy took off her blouse all the way and reached behind to undo the clasp of her bra.

"How did you manage that?"

"I went to see the senior partner on the case," Amy said, folding her bra neatly and setting it on the cushion beside her. She massaged the flesh of her breasts, kneading out the creases left by the straps and contours of her brassiere. "We had a little chit chat this afternoon."

Patrice looked over and saw her friend playing with her bare breasts. What had she gotten herself into?

"It turns out," Amy continued, "that his wife is pregnant again, and he's been a little—hard-up, shall we say? For the past two months. That's quite a lot of tension, as you might imagine. And worst of all—his wife never lets him suck on her boobs while she's pregnant. She says it doesn't feel right."

"So what did you do?" Jon inquired.

"Well," Amy said, undoing the zipper on her skirt and wiggling out of it, "I sat down on the soft leather couch in his office, told him to lock the door, and took off my top. He really liked what he saw. Then, I cradled his head in my arms, and let him suck on my nipples to his heart's content."

"That's so fuckin' hot!" Jon exclaimed.

"Mmmm . . . it was kind of hot. You know how much I like having my nipples sucked." Amy kept one hand pinching her left nipple and squeezing her left breast. The other snuck down between her thighs and rubbed her panty-clad pussy.

"You see, Patrice," Amy said. "It goes both ways, here. Jon gets to have his fun, and I get to have mine. Isn't that right, sweetie?"

"Oh yeah."

"Is she sucking you good, darling?"


"Are you going to come in her mouth?"

"Oh yeah."

"That's good."

Patrice knew she was naturally submissive, but it felt so good, being taken care of by this couple that she knew so well. "I thought I knew them well," Patrice thought to herself, "but I guess I never knew them so intimately before," laughing to herself at her pun. If Jon was going to come in her mouth, then she was going to take it. She had always thought that was kinda gross, not the kind of thing nice girls did, but then, what had being a nice girl ever gotten her? Aside from a lot of lonely nights and too few second dates?

Patrice had always looked up to Amy. Even though they were the same age, Amy had a charisma about her that always made her the leader when they would get together for coffee or dinner or with some other friends for a girl's night out. If Amy swallowed, then Patrice supposed, she would too. After all, Amy probably swallowed Jon's come hundreds of time. Now, it would be Patrice's turn.

Patrice reached up and cupped the cheeks of Jon's ass in her hands. His skin felt warm and smooth.

"She's really getting into this cocksucking," Amy commented.

"You're doing great, Patrice," Jon told her.

"It's only fair that you get this nice girl, Jon," Amy said. "Cause you know I didn't just stop at having my tits sucked today."

"I know you didn't. Second base doesn't let you come home early from work."

"But going all the way does."

"I'll bet."

"I kept my wedding ring on, Jon. But so did he. He pulled up my skirt and pulled my panties aside and put it in me. He fucked me on his couch. His secretary was just a few feet away."

"Did he pull up your skirt or did you do that?"

Amy blushed. "Okay, you caught me. I did that. I told him he should fuck me. And I pulled my panties aside and told him to fuck me in them. These panties, Jon. These black satin panties that I'm rubbing my clit through."

Patrice stole another glance to the side. Amy was rubbing herself, and she did look very sexy in those panties. Patrice felt she had wandered into some erotic film, the kind she would get from Netflix and hide lest her roommate see the explicit French film she had ordered.

"There's something I want to show you, Jon," Amy said. She pulled her panties to the left, uncovering herself. "He didn't wear anything."

Jon could see the fresh creampie there in his wife, the milky semen leaking out of her cunt. At the sight of it, his orgasm began.

As soon as Jon's come entered Patrice's mouth, she realized what Amy had just shown her husband. It was the same stuff that Patrice was now getting to taste. "Jizz. Spunk," she thought to herself. Amy had let one of her bosses come inside her at work, just like Patrice was letting Amy's husband come in her at home.

Jon grunted, delighting Amy. Amy watched as Patrice stayed with Jon's cock, sucking tightly and not spilling any. Jon's left hand held tight to Patrice's head, using her mouth like a cunt, spilling his seed in her hole.

Spent, Jon pulled away, his softening cock slipping from Patrice's lips. Amy signaled to him, and he reached for Patrice.

Patrice was focusing on swallowing the last of Jon's come, proud of herself at getting down every drop. Still on her knees, she felt the pressure of Jon's arms, and she allowed herself to go in the direction he was suggesting. As he led her, her body naturally crawled, staying low to the ground, staying on her knees. She was wearing a black skirt suit and black pantyhose; a run was beginning to show in the leg of her hose.

"That's good," Amy said. "Now, this is the price you have to pay for playing with my husband."

Jon helped lower Patrice's head to the spot, and Patrice, feeling only half-present in her own body, realized that she was just inches away from her friend's vagina, and getting closer. Amy wanted her to suck her freshly-fucked vagina! Her freshly-fucked and cummed-in vagina!

"Be good and clean me up like you did Jon," Amy said.

Patrice had never been with a girl before, save a few experimental kisses with a Canadian girl that year on her Fulbright in Belgium. She had certainly never been this close to another woman's pussy before, not to mention one that had been recently ejaculated in.

But as all these thoughts flashed through Patrice's brain, she extended her tongue, and lapped at the places where the most semen lay. The taste was similar to the come she had just drank, but subtly different as well. She noticed how her friend's vagina had that sharp scent of sperm, masking the musky scent of a woman's most private of places.

Amy, much as her husband had done, rested a hand on the back of Patrice's head and pulled her mouth close in to her cunt. After a few licks, Patrice detected a newer sensation across her lips and tongue. "Well," she thought to herself, "I guess this is what pussy tastes like."

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