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The Wife of Satan



This is an erotic horror story and might not be suitable for everyone. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Thanks for reading! Friendly criticism is always welcome.



"Hey move it!" The sound of a car horn jerked Tom Kitchers attention to the green light in front of him. He stepped on the gas and slowly drove his black Tacoma forward. As soon as there was space a zombie driving a white lifted F-150 swerved around him and flashed the bird. Tom shook his head. He'd had to work late preparing spreadsheets to go in the month end reports. Even though it was a Saturday and he was supposed to be off, his boss at Jahvid Gren and Ellis LLP insisted on his staying . He checked the clock, almost seven. He brushed his tousled light brown hair out of his eyes as he drove towards Terria Mesa and home. Most of the homes along the Mesa were beautifully decorated for Halloween. With large blown up cats, fake graveyards, boiling cauldrons with smoke machines, spider webs, goblins and ghouls, the Mesa was one of the prime trick-or-treat zones in all of San Diego. His was one of the few houses that remained undecorated until the last minute.

Not wanting to get toilet papered, he'd stopped by the big Halloween warehouse and purchased a couple of decorations. Some sticky pumpkins, cat and bat shapes for the windows by the front door, a headstone that read "M. T. Tomb" and a couple plastic light-up pumpkins. Tom felt it was half an effort but something was better than nothing. He'd gotten some bulk bags of candy for the hordes of trick-or-treaters that would come by.

Tom lived in a quaint house in the northern corner of the dead end on Oren Ct and he was in no hurry. Evelyn would be home and angry about something. Their marriage of three years was slowly falling apart. They rarely had sex anymore and it always felt perfunctory. He highly suspected her of cheating on him. He cringed at the self pity that stabbed his heart when ever he thought about it. Between home and the stress at his job he was being torn apart.

As he pulled into the driveway he saw elderly Mrs. Hartog walking towards him on the side sidewalk. His window was rolled up and he waved congenially but she started rushing towards him with a smile on her face and he knew he'd have to talk to her. As she came hurrying up the grey poof of hair on hair head barely moved, even with a light autumn breeze. Her teeth looked very white against her too red lipstick. She kept her body in good shape and Tom couldn't see any pudge through her solid black track suit.

"Evening Mr. Kitcher." Mrs Hartog said as Tom rolled his window down.

"Good evening." Tom replied. He tried hard to look exhausted to hurry the conversation but he didn't have to try very hard. Deep dark pockets had formed under his eyes and his face held a sallow sheen from staring at a computer screen all day.

"How is everything? At the home I mean. I've been hearing a lot of... noises you know. Yelling. Coming from your house." She tilted her head and said "I live just over there Tom," she pointed across her body to the house on his left. " Look if things aren't alright just say something. I know it's none of my business what goes on between you and your wife but I just want the best for two young people, especially as attractive as yourselves. If you need to talk fell free to call me OK?"

"Well, when things are good they're really good and when they're bad they're really bad. Thanks for your concern Billye. I'll think of that." Tom felt dead as he said it but he desperately wanted to mean it. Mrs. Hartog looked sincere enough. She smiled back at him.

"Well, it's good to see that you finally got in the holiday spirit." She said looking in the cab at the decorations. " I'll see you around Tom. Don't be a stranger." And then she continue her walk down to the end of the cul de sac.

Tom sighed and pulled into the garage. As the garage door was grinding closed he saw Evelyn, silhouetted in the kitchen doorway, leaning against the frame with her legs and arms crossed. She didn't say anything as Tom got out of the car. He walked towards her holding his briefcase.

"Hey babe. I got some things for the yard." He leaned in to give her a kiss but she turned away and walked inside.

"There's some cold spaghetti on the table for you." Evelyn said flatly. Without another word she walked into the living room and turned on the TV.

Tom wanted to follow her into the kitchen but decided against it. He threw his spaghetti in the microwave and waited, listening to the sounds of the seasons commercials from the living room. Tom barely tasted the spaghetti as he sat in the kitchen. Finally he worked up the courage and walked out and stood in the living room.

Evelyn was gorgeous, that was one of the things that had originally drawn him to her. She was a few inches shorter than him at 5'9". She kept her body toned with yoga and regular jogging. She had the stereotypical sun-kissed blonde hair of Southern California and the fake breasts to match. Tom looked at her sitting on the couch. How had they fallen into such malaise? Sure he'd been working a lot but they used to have fun going out, hiking, surfing, trying new restaurants, meeting other couples, but gradually that had stopped. They'd had some intense arguments over the last year. She wanted a baby and Tom wanted to wait another year. He knew that she felt her clock ticking but he just didn't think he'd be a good father working so much. It was always the same arguments that they wound up yelling at each other. If the dishes weren't done it was because he didn't want a baby or she was pressuring him into having one.

"So you're going out tonight?" Tom asked. She brought her green eyes up to look at him for a moment.

"Yea. We're going to the Lamp Light." Her movement was slow and disinterested. The Lamp Lighter District in downtown San Diego was hosting a huge party covering several blocks and a lot of the bars and clubs were participating. Tom had told Evelyn weeks ago during one of their ritual screaming matches that he didn't feel like going out and so she'd made plans with out him. Now he regretted the whole thing but it felt too late to try to invite himself along.

Tom sucked in some air and looked around the room as though he could find something to talk about. "Look, I..." He started and Evelyn glanced back over waiting for him to say something. "Well, have fun tonight."

"Ok." Evelyn sighed and rested her cheek against her fist.

"What are you watching?"

"Nightmare on Elm St. Just until Eric and Jenny and them show up." She said without taking her eyes off the movie.

Tom sat down on the sofa chair and tried to watch the movie. He'd always detested horror movies.

"I need to start getting changed." Evelyn got up and walked into the back bedroom. Tom shut his eyes and breathed deeply. It seemed like whenever he tried she didn't want any part of it and whenever she tried he'd pushed her away. They just weren't on the same page anymore and it hurt. He watched Nightmare on Elm St for a while before getting bored and changing the channel. Faux News was running a special on razors in candy apples and teen sex parties that parents should be on the lookout for.

After an hour went by Tom got up and glanced down the hallway. The light was still on. "She's taking her sweet time getting ready" Tom thought "either that or she just doesn't want to be around me." He remembered the decorations in his car and went out to place them in the yard. The night was getting a little chilly.

He plopped himself back on the couch and his attention back the TV where some blonde anchors were talking about home protection plans. Tom turned up the volume.

"And remember to be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary tonight." The anchors laughed together. The one on the right stopped and took a more serious tone. "Due to the poor economy it's expected that home robberies will be up tonight so make sure that you have a security plan in place. If you're going downtown leave a light on so that potential robbers don't know you're not home." They cut to a shot of the police commissioner. His big brown mustache fit his round face and bald head rather nicely. "Tonight's especially difficult because you have a lot of people who come out because they think they can get away with things just because it's Halloween. We've got double the police force out tonight and 911 operators are standing by if you run into any trouble. We want to make sure that everyone has a safe and fun Halloween weekend."

Finally Evelyn walked down the hall and Tom's jaw practically hit the floor. Her tight body had squeezed into a "Wife of Satan" costume and Tom couldn't help but feel like she was digging him. Tom could feel himself begin to harden just looking at her. She looked scathingly sexy and Tom's eyes roamed all over her tan skin, soaking in as much as he could. Any other husband would've never allowed it thought Tom. A searing red bikini top barely contained her 34Cs. The red cups were held together by twisted black lace. Around her perfect neck she wore a small studded choker collar with a length of chain that extended almost down to her belly button and dangled in front of her smooth stomach tempting viewers to look lower. Tom's gaze drifted down and then back up to her face and he found his mouth whetting. Her lips were painted with a sanguine hue and she had dribbled fake blood on the corner of her mouth. Blood red horns sprouting up out of her blonde hair completed the effect. Tom stood up mesmerized by vision in front of him.

Her cell phone was pressed to her ear and Tom could hear the sound of a running car engine pull up into the driveway.

"Ok doll, I'll be right there!" she said as she rushed out the door to her friend's car. Tom followed her, he watched her tight ass bounce as she ran on red stilettos out the door. "I'm a fucking idiot." Tom thought. She looked back at Tom twisting her mouth into a sad smile and waved. Tom lifted his hand to wave back and she jumped in the car.

The night refused to bring sleep. His thoughts drifted back to his wife's outfit, and he kept asking himself if she was wearing her ring or not. He couldn't remember. He tossed and turned in his bed, falling in and out of sleep.

At 1:33AM he woke suddenly


His eyes stretched wide open and his skin prickled down his arms. BANG BANG. He lay still for a moment, trying to place the sound. Someone was in the living room. He got up and grabbed a baseball bat from his closet. Cautiously moving down the hallway, breathing heavily,his heart thudded powerfully in his chest. He thought about calling 911, but he was committed now.


Someone was in the house. He knew that. BANG BANG. Terror began spreading outward from his chest as he neared the living room, the pounding growing louder and louder. Just as he came to the corner of the hallway it stopped and Tom paused. The quiet gnawed on him, screaming in his ears. He strained to hear anything over the palm trees outside, softly howling in the wind.

After a few moments he reached his hand out into the darkness around the corner to flip the light switch. He squinted through the brightness but the living room lay empty. He knew he'd heard something. Maybe it had just been his heart. Maybe he was neurotic he thought. He'd been under a lot of stress at work lately, pushing 80 hour weeks.

His eyes flicked around the empty living room looking for any sign of life or for anything that could've caused a noise. He felt a movement behind him and spun around. But the darkened hallway held no robbers or costumed mad men.

He walked to the front door and opened it to the cold. A blast of freezing air blew into the room scattering some papers. Tom looked out at his small yard and down to street where the floodlight cast a glow, but he couldn't see anything moving other than the bushes and the trees. The howling of the wind was horrendously loud and Tom pushed the door shut. The temperature in the living room had dropped causing Tom to shiver, wrapping his arms around himself. He gripped the baseball bat securely in one hand tucking it under his arm.

He walked back to bed, convincing himself that he was just over stressed he began to drift from one dream to another. In one Tom dressed as Belial, a demon prince of hell, with a bloodied crown on his head. Evelyn matched him wearing the skimpy red costume she'd taken downtown. They danced in a club happily grinding into each other as the music blared. The bass pounded intensely gradually getting louder. But the louder the music became the further he felt Evelyn moving away. He kept trying to get closer to her but there were too many people pressing in. She was always right there in front of him but drifting. Behind her a tall man dressed in all black with a solid black mask danced. Evelyn looked Tom straight in the eye as she bent down and began grinding her scantily clad ass up to the mans crotch. She popped up, smiled and then leaned into the man placing her hands along his cheek and raising one leg up to the mans hips.

Tom tried calling out to her but she laughed at him and kissed the man. His mask moved and a dark tongue slithered out. Tom watched in horror as this man frenched out his wife right there in the crowded club. No one seemed to notice or care. Tom called out again and Evelyn turned to him and grinned, her lips were blackened and her tongue a wet shade of ebony. As she grinned the man in black went to work on her neck, chewing around her choker collar. The lips on his mask peeled back revealing a dark smile as the man grabbed her chain and held it up high, she arched her back for him and he placed one gnarled gloved hand on her breast and squeezed hard. A circle of partiers began to form. Tom frantically pushed and pulled, moving and moving, but no one would let him in.

The dark man fastened his wife's chain into a hook hanging from the ceiling and supported her back with a gloved hand as he leaned back and roared a laugh.Even the inside of his mouth was black. Tom yelled but he heard nothing over the deafening music. The man in black smiled. His prey tilted back and her red top lay rumpled on the floor, her breasts exposed for all to see. Her tanned skin marred by a smearing of smoke black. Her beautiful tits began to pulse black as the dark man worked them between his hands. The bass from the music was overwhelming and swelled with the crowed. Evelyn's nipples began to shine with a ruddy glow as she writhed with pleasure. Her nipples growing to bursting. The dark man released another chuckle. Everyone in the circle danced and began to grind harder into each other, and hands roamed freely across sweaty bodies. The smell of sex permeated the damp night club and Tom looked around to see women writhing in pleasure against each other their tits mashing together, their tongues wrapping around each other. Another women gripped two cocks that she furiously jerked off as another man ate her pussy from below.

The dark man looked up, his pitch black eyes burned a straight line through the orgy right to Tom. He watched as the dark man reached down and slid a hand underneath his wife's panties. Evelyn spasmed and her eyes rolled back as she tried to press herself harder into his hand. His hand was moving quickly and her red satin panties danced in rhythm with the dark mans fingers. Evelyn's mouth opened as she screamed a climax, her muscles clenching and releasing began to turn darker with her intense pleasure.

The song changed darker, sultry and heavier. Tom watched in horror as his wife's panties were roughly torn from between her legs; she smiled in total bliss exposing her blackened pussy for all to see. A cheer went up and a dark shape extended from between the mans legs. Evelyn let herself be lowered onto him as she accepted the huge dark cock with every pounding beat of the music. She wrapped her legs around the shadow in ecstasy caressing the dark mans sides as he fucked her and she moaned depraved nasty words.

Her legs blackened as her sloppy pussy slid up and down the mans dark pole. With every thrust she became darker and darker until only her blonde hair and the parts of her face the dark man's lips and tongue had left untouched remained.

The music sped up, swelling and dropping and the mans cock slammed in and out of Evelyn faster and faster until she began screaming wordlessly, pulling him deep inside her. The dark man reached out grabbing a fist full of hair and pulling hard turning it smoke black as Evelyn came. The black man grinned and pulled out of her as Evelyn gasped in dismay, her blackened form hung from the ceiling begging for more of his cock.

With a gloved hand he reached up and unhooked her from the ceiling. Evelyn collapsed to the floor. The dark man grinned and crooked his finger. His slave crawled to him on hands and knees across the sex soaked dance floor. She eagerly slurped his large cock into her mouth, panting with lust. Tom looked on as the crowd whooped and hollered half cheering the dark man and half from their own self consuming orgasms. She sucked his balls into her mouth and worked his cock with her hand before sliding her tongue back up the mans shaft to the tip sucking off a gathered puddle of black pre-cum. She raised her eyes to the dark demon and then in one smooth motion deep-throated him down to his balls. Tom never could've imagined his wife swallowing that much cock. She began gagging as the dark mans head tilted back in pleasure, he grabbed both sides of Evelyn face and began thrusting against it fucking her mouth. Releasing a great roar he finally came. It shot out so strongly that Evelyn gagged and couldn't' hold on. The mans cock burst from her throat still coming and shot dark streams of smoky liquid all over her face covering her and turning her completely dark.

"EVELYN!!!" Tom yelled again, but no one could hear him.

Tom woke drenched in a cold sweat. The number on his alarm clock burned red in the darkness. It was only 3:33. He sat up, shook his head to shake off the dream and turned on the reading lamp by his bed. Shadows jumped on the walls and Tom instantly shivered in the cold. He looked around intensely for signs of movement; he was going crazy. He blinked and tiny speckles appeared in front of his eyes. He rubbed them with his the heels of his palms. It took a few more blinks to clear them up.

CA-CHUNK. He heard a door close. Maybe Evelyn was home. He got up to see if she was home and turned the hall light on but there was no one there. He saw a shadowy figure move suddenly across the wall in the hallway and then vanish. He froze.

"Evelyn?" He called out? No answer. He walked into the living room and shivered. The living room was even colder than the bedroom. Out of the corner of his eye he saw movement and twisted quickly. His eyes began to focus and in the kitchen a face began to form out of the darkness. Pressed against the wall staring out at him. He felt his heart rate quicken. The face grinned growing stronger from Toms' horror. He kept his eyes wide, never blinking, afraid he would lose it.

"Who are you!?" Tom yelled loudly trying desperately to sound unafraid. Silence, no answer. Tom moved sideways towards the front door and the creature in the darkness matched his movement sliding along the wall towards the hallway, never breaking eye contact.

"Tom." It finally said. And then it disappeared in a flash. The word echoed in Tom's ears. He blinked his eyes rapidly for a moment and saw only spots. No faces. Looking all around him he took a few steps to the front door and turned the handle. He'd left it unlocked. The terror already felt now had some validity. He'd left it unlocked. The sensation sank in and he spun around and stared down the hallway. Still there was nothing. Nothing there. Tom had never believed in ghosts but the stress was taking a toll on him. And his nightmare hadn't helped things.

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