tagLoving WivesThe Wife Watching Game

The Wife Watching Game


Chapter 1 -- The Bar

Mike took a drink of his beer and scanned the crowded bar, his gaze going from person to person until he saw a blonde sitting across the room. There were too many people between them to get a good look, but he thought he recognized her. He pushed his way through the crowd, only stopping when he was about 10 feet away. Her back was to him, so he couldn't see her face. But she looked like she had a nice body. She was petite and wore a white blouse and black skirt. She wasn't too tall, maybe 5'3" or so, but she had long shapely legs, and her high heels made her look taller. Her blonde hair looked soft and lush, ending a few inches past her shoulders. She was surrounded by a bunch of guys, and no wonder, especially if her front was anywhere near as good as her back.

The blonde seemed to be paying most of her attention to a tall guy. He was ruggedly handsome with a dark complexion. He looked Greek. He was fairly broad shouldered, with thickly muscled arms. Mike chuckled to himself. Chicks were so predictable, going after the tall-dark-and-handsome types.

Mike sensed that the couple had just met, although it was an easy guess since the bar had the reputation of being a meat market. The Greek placed his hand on the blonde's back, and she seemed to tense. It was pretty clear that the blonde wasn't entirely comfortable with the Greek's forwardness. Still, she didn't push him away, and the Greek inched his hand downward. Mike watched as the Greek's hand slowly moved down the blonde's back. She seemed to stiffen when his hand moved from her blouse to her skirt, but still she didn't pull away. The Greek's fingers slowly caressed the curve of the blonde's behind. Finally the blonde took a half step back. This didn't dislodge the Greek's hand from her ass, but it at least caused him to stop fondling her. Before he could start groping her again, the blonde motioned at a just vacated bar stool. Almost reluctantly, the Greek pulled his hands away and grabbed the stool. The blonde sat on the stool. As she did her skirt rode high up her thigh. "God she's got great legs," Mike thought.

Then the blonde glanced in his direction, and Mike finally saw her face. His breath caught in his throat. The blonde was his wife!

Their eyes locked, and Mike saw recognition, and something else, in Jen's -- his wife's -- eyes. Anxiousness? Jen's lips parted, as though she was about to say something to him. But before she could, Mike took a few steps back. Jen seemed to scan the crowd, but Mike disappeared behind a group of business men. Mike pushed his way to the other side of the bar. He was actually closer to Jen and the Greek than before, but hidden in the crowd.

Mike could see his wife's face. Jen was still flirting with the Greek, but she didn't look entirely comfortable. Mike's heart lurched when he saw the Greek place his hand on her knee. Jen's face flushed, but she didn't push him away. The Greek took her inaction as permission to explore further, edging his hand higher up her leg. He was getting perilously close to the edge of her skirt. She forced a smile and moved her hands over his, stopping his movement. But still she didn't push him away. The Greek continued to smile. He leaned closer and whispered something in her ear. As he did, he wrapped his other arm around her waist. Mike couldn't see, but he assumed the Greek's hand was again caressing his wife's behind.

The tall man's face was so close to Jen's that their cheeks were almost touching. Maybe they were touching. The man adjusted and suddenly his lips had moved from her ear to her neck. He was kissing his wife's neck! Jen's breathing became labored, and Mike wasn't surprised. Her neck was one of her most sensitive erogenous zones. This guy really knew how to seduce women! Mike had no sooner thought this that the Greek's hand began again to edge up her leg. The Greek was trying to get under her skirt! Mike looked around. The Greek's seduction of his wife had caught the attention of a bunch of guys. Maybe the Greek's friends? They were all smiling and whispering to each other, probably marveling at how easy Jen appeared to be. Jen was still flirting with the Greek, although it appeared forced. She wasn't explicitly acknowledging the Greek's hands on her body. But her face was flushed and her breathing labored.

Jen was holding her legs tightly together. Mike saw the Greek grasp her thigh and urge her legs apart. "What was he going to do, finger her in front of everyone?" Mike thought. Mike looked at the smiling crowd again. They seemed to be silently encouraging their friend on. But alarm had registered on Jen's face. She looked scared.

Reluctantly, Mike pushed through the crowd. "Jen, there you are!" he said loudly.

The Greek looked at Mike belligerently. "Who the hell are you?"

"I'm her husband," Mike said angrily. Mike looked at the Greek's hands on Jen's body, pretending to see them for the first time. "Get the fuck away from my wife!"

The Greek slowly pulled his hands away. He looked at Jen. "I thought you said your husband had to work late."

Before Jen could respond, Mike shouted, "Bullshit, she didn't say that! Now get away from her!"

The bouncer had heard the shouting and quickly got between Mike and the Greek. "What's going on here?"

"This asshole is pawing over my wife!"

"She came on to me! She wants it!"

The bouncer held Mike and the Greek apart. He looked at Jen. "Is this guy your husband?"

"Yes," Jen said weakly. Just like the guys around them, the bouncer knew the Greek was telling the truth. Jen had willingly let the Greek fondle and kiss her.

"I think you two had better leave," the bouncer said to Mike and Jen.

Anger showed on Mike's face, but he didn't say anything. He took Jen's hand and quickly lead her out of the bar.

"Fucking slut," they heard people say as they pushed through the crowd. "Fucking tease."


"What took you so long?" Jen asked later as they lay in bed, their bodies sweaty from passionate lovemaking.

"I wanted to watch. See what'd happen. You were so good tonight!"

"Mike, you let it go on too long. You almost got into a fight!"

Mike didn't answer. He wished it could have gone on longer ...

Jen seemed to read his mind, and her tone softened. "So --- did I really put on a good show tonight?"

Mike pulled his wife towards him. "You were incredible! I can't tell you how sexy it looked, with his hands on you, exploring you." He kissed his wife, and then whispered wickedly into her ear, "I was hoping you'd open your legs, let him touch you under your skirt."

Jen pushed away, pretending to be angry. "That almost happened, he was pulling my legs apart."

Mike knew she wasn't really angry. "I was hoping you'd let him finger you."

Jen's eyes grew wide. "What? In front of everyone?" she said incredulously.

"You could've let him lead you to a dark corner."

"Yeah right," Jen said with mock scorn.

"Come on, admit it, this guy turned you on."

Jen didn't answer directly. "Well -- remember the rule. A little fondling is allowed, but only over my clothes."

Mike smiled mischievously. "Maybe we need to change the rules."

Jen pushed away again. This time she was serious. "No, Mike. Remember, this Game has limits."

Mike continued to slyly smile. "You can't tell me you don't get excited when we play the Game."

"Yes, it's exciting," Jen said, a bit frustrated. "But a little fondling and kissing is as far as I'm willing to go. I'm not going to bed with a stranger, and I know you really don't want me to do that, no matter what you say."

"Okay, okay," Mike said quickly, not wanting to ruin the moment. Then he moved on top of his wife, his cock hard again. "You were so good tonight," he said, lowering his lips to hers.

Chapter 2 -- Neighborhood Party

Mike poured himself another scotch, silently hoping the party would end early. He enjoyed these neighborhood parties. But he had wanted to go to a bar with Jen and play the Game tonight. Those plans were dashed when their friends, Rick and Claire, called earlier and invited them over.

Mike looked across the crowded room. His wife Jen was talking to Rick. It didn't surprise him that Rick's wife, Claire, walked away when Jen approached. Mike was pretty sure Claire hated Jen.

Jen and Claire were by far the best looking wives in their social group. In appearance they were almost opposites, like Betty and Veronica. Jen was a blonde beauty, slim and petite, with long shapely legs. Claire was a brunette, taller and curvier. Claire's legs weren't bad -- especially with the high stiletto heels she always wore -- but Jen's were better.

Both were pretty, but Jen was prettier. And, even at 32, Jen still looked so youthful that she was almost always carded.

The years hadn't been so kind to Claire. Even though she was the same age as Jen, her face was already starting to look tired. While still attractive, Claire looked like she was 32, while Jen still looked like a co-ed.

Claire did have one thing over Jen. Or, more accurately, two things. Claire had huge breasts, and she always displayed them in tight tops and low necklines. Jen's breasts, while perfectly shaped, were much smaller. She was probably only a 34B cup.

Mike smiled as he saw Claire scowl at Jen. It always amazed him how catty women could be. The fact that Rick always paid so much attention to Jen didn't help things.

Mike mingled and, before he knew it, an hour had passed. The crowd had thinned. He went looking for Jen. "Maybe we can cut out and go to the bar," he thought. Mike turned a corner and almost ran into Jen. She was talking to her best friend, Laura. Their backs were to him, and they hadn't noticed him. Mike was about to say something and then froze. What had Laura just said? He stepped back into the shadows, and listened.

"Jen, stop drooling," Sue said as she playfully nudged Jen's side.

"What? I'm not drooling."

Sue laughed. "Well, you're definitely staring." Mike peaked around the corner to see what they were talking about. Both girls were staring at Rick, who was talking to a couple of their neighbors. "But he's definitely worth staring at," she added almost dreamily. "Claire is so lucky. She gets to go to bed with him every night."

"I don't think Claire likes me."

"I don't blame her. I'd be mad too if you flirted with my husband as much as you flirt with Rick."

Jen looked shocked. "I don't flirt with Rick!"

"Oh, come off it, you've had a crush on Rick since you met him."

"Laura, you're crazy. I'm married. I don't have crushes on other men."

Laura looked unconvinced. "Even gorgeous guys like Rick? Come on, admit it, you're hot for him."

Jen scowled at her friend, but she finally smiled. "Well, he is Adonis-like."

Laura smiled back. "You know what else?" she asked conspiratorially. "He's hung like a horse!"

Jen looked wide-eyed at her friend. "How do you know?"

"Claire told me. She brags about it. Oh, she's so lucky. Gorgeous AND huge."

Jen paused. Her eyes trailed down to his crotch. "He does seem to -- fill out his pants pretty well."

Laura laughed again. "Oh, like this is the first time you've looked?"

Jen blushed with embarrassment, and then laughed too. "Well, maybe not the first time." The friends laughed again.

Mike was surprised by these revelations. He never guessed his wife was sexually attracted to any of their friends. He started thinking about how they might be able to include Rick in their Game. That night, as Mike made love to Jen, he silently fantasized about Rick savagely fucking his beautiful wife.

Chapter 3 -- Another Bar

Jen took another sip of her Appletini, fidgeting on the bar stool. Playing the Game always made her so nervous. Mike didn't understand how hard it was to sit alone in a bar, and make herself available to the advances of a bunch of horny guys. True, it was an ego boost to be the center of attention of so many handsome guys. But allowing strange men to touch her, sometimes even kiss her -- yes, it was exciting. But ... well, she never thought she'd be doing this after 10 years of marriage and 2 kids.

But here she was, sexily dressed, pretending like she wanted to be picked up. She and Mike had started the Game a few months ago, to help their sex life that had cooled after so many years of marriage. She remembered how terrified she had been the first time, and how she had almost jumped out of her heels when that guy touched her knee. But it was worth it because the sex she had with Mike that evening was the best they had had in a long time.

They started slow, playing the Game every month or two. But Mike enjoyed it so much he wanted to play more often. Now they played almost every weekend, except weekends like last, when they had to go to a neighborhood party.

Remembering the party made her think of Rick, and immediately she felt a familiar tingle between her legs. Then she felt guilty. "I'm married, I can't think that way about another man," she thought. But then she remembered her current situation, and inwardly laughed. "Here I am, trying to get strange guys to make passes at me, and I'm worried about being attracted to one of my husband's friends."

With a start, Jen suddenly realized that the guys she flirted with when they played the Game always looked like Rick. Tall, ruggedly handsome, dark hair and complexion. Athletic, and well built. She guilty realized that these guys didn't look at all like her husband Mike. She worried whether Mike had noticed this. But, again, she realized that was an odd thing to worry about given her current situation.

She surreptitiously glanced around the bar. She didn't see Mike. He was good at disappearing in the crowd. She noticed a lot of guys looking at her. They had that familiar longing, hungry look. Butterflies flew through her stomach. She felt like a piece of meat about to be eaten. But it excited her too.

Mike was pressuring her to go further in the Game. So far she hadn't let any guy get passed first base, and barely that. Just a little kissing and light petting. The last time was the farthest she had ever gone, letting the guy touch her legs. But Mike seemed to want her to do more. She remembered their conversation earlier that evening. She was putting on her bra when Mike said, "Why don't you go braless tonight?"


"You heard me," Mike said grinning. "It'll be fun."

"Fun for you, maybe," Jen said skeptically.

Mike came up to his wife and kissed her neck. He was still grinning mischievously. "Oh, come on. It'll be exciting. Most girls go braless when they're out clubbing."

"Most girls?" Jen asked skeptically. "How would you know?"

Mike's grin widened. "It says it right here," he said as he held up the current issue of Maxim.

Jen scowled. She pulled the magazine from her husband and threw it at him. "I'm not going braless."

"Oh come on! Look, you can wear this blouse." Mike pulled a blouse from her closet. It wasn't as filmy as the one she had picked out to wear. "No one'll be able to tell you don't have a bra on."

"No one except the guy trying to pick me up," she said defiantly.

Mike smiled again. "Well, that's the whole point, isn't it?" Mike reached under his wife's short skirt. "See, you like this idea. You're getting wet."

In the end, Jen relented and agreed to go braless. She still couldn't believe she had agreed. She hadn't gone out without a bra since .... well, she couldn't remember the last time.

A number of guys approached and asked Jen to dance, or buy her a drink, but she politely declined. She wasn't attracted to any of them. She finished her Appletini and the bartender immediately appeared with another one. Jen reached into her purse, but a man put his hand over hers. "I'll get that," he said as he handed a twenty to the bartender. Jen looked over and saw a tall, handsome man smiling at her. His black turtleneck accentuated his dark complexion, and also hugged his well developed chest. Tall, dark and handsome. "Another Rick," she thought to herself.

Jen realized she was staring and blushed. Then she realized his eyes were running up and down her body, and she flushed an even brighter red. The man held out his hand. "I'm Keith," he said, smiling. Jen took his hand. "I'm Jen. Thanks for the drink."

"Sure," Keith said, his eyes still roaming over her body. He seemed to like what he saw. "So, are you here with someone?"

"No ... um ... I'm here alone."

Keith smiled. "Good." He was openly running his eyes over her, undressing her with his eyes. His forwardness was unnerving Jen. But it was also turning her on. She felt her nipples hardening. "God, he can probably see them through my blouse," she thought.

A slow song began. Keith held out his hand again. "This is my favorite song. Would you like to dance?"

Jen smile nervously and nodded. She gulped the rest of her drink, and slid off the stool. Keith led her to the crowded dance floor, and then wrapped her arms around her. They slowly danced to the music. Jen was beginning to relax, the strong drinks calming her nerves. She was actually beginning to enjoy herself. Keith's muscular arms around her felt good.

One slow song followed another, and Jen felt Keith begin to caress her back. His fingers seemed to linger over the area where her bra strap would normally be. "He can feel I'm not wearing a bra," she thought. Jen almost shuddered at how naughty she was acting, braless and alone in a bar full of horny guys. In a silent confirmation of her thoughts, Keith pulled her tighter, pushing his crotch against her tummy. Jen almost jumped when he did this, but Keith continued to hold her. He was hard, and he felt big. Despite herself, Jen was getting turned on. The drinks were also making her a bit lightheaded. Keith led her across the dance floor, the pair swaying to the music, Keith's hard-on pressing into her.

Finally the music changed to a fast song, and Jen seemed to awaken from a daze. She was a bit disoriented. Somehow Keith had maneuvered her into a dark corner of the bar. She could hear voices all around them, but she couldn't see anyone.

"Thanks for the dance, but I should be going."

"Come on baby, stay awhile," Keith said. He leaned over and covered Jen's lips with his. He swiftly worked his tongue into Jen's mouth. Jen tried to push away, but Keith held her tightly. Jen didn't want to make a scene ... and she knew Mike was probably watching ... so she relaxed and allowed Keith to kiss her. Soon Jen was returning Keith's kisses, tentatively caressing his tongue with hers. Soon she was extending her tongue into Keith's mouth, exploring him.

Their passionate French kissing seemed to drive Keith wild. He abruptly pushed Jen against the wall. With his tongue still deep in her throat, he took her arms and raised them above her head. With her passion building Jen didn't resist. Keith held her hands with one of his hands. Then, before Jen could react, Keith lowered his other hand and began fondling her breasts.

Jen's body tensed with Keith's hand on her breasts. No one but her husband had touched here so intimately for over 10 years. She tried to pull away, but Keith held her firmly. "Come on, baby, you know you like this," he said before kissing her again. Jen thought fleetingly of her husband Mike. Jen allowed her body to relax, knowing that being kissed and fondled this way was probably exciting her husband.

Keith released Jen's hands when he felt her relax. He continued to fondle her tits with one hand. With his other he brought Jen's hand to his crotch. "Feel what you've done to me baby." With a start Jen felt Keith's hard-on, but she didn't try to pull away. Her inhibitions were melting away. Keith had gotten her so hot, and she felt so naughty. "Mike would want me to rub Keith," she said silently to herself.

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