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The Wife's Little Game


We had been married for eighteen months after knowing each other for three years. I was twenty eight and Debbie my wife twenty six. By most people’s standards around here we are quiet and sedate and some would say naïve and boring. They would be wrong – because we have a secret. It’s a secret that is shared with certain other neighbours though they don’t know that I know. Confused? I’ll explain.

It started one day when I came home from work and as we ate and talked Debbie told me about her day.

“I went across the road for a coffee today – the man who lives a little further down the road who has a nice garden.”

Thinking it was good she had finally made a friend as we had only lived there a couple of months I said good and asked what his wife was like.

“He doesn’t have a wife,” she replied, “He’s been divorced a while.”

“Right,” I said wondering about this, “So was it just you and he?”

“Well yes!” answered my wife looking perplexed.

She didn’t understand why I might be a little alarmed – maybe that’s why some people think we are naïve. I didn’t enlighten her and asked how she had got to know him.

“I admired his garden a while ago when I walked to the store and we got chatting. I have talked to him several times so he asked me round for coffee.”

Well I didn’t question her further or make any comment but I started to get pictures and thoughts in my head. Was the man just friendly or would he look at my wife in a sexual way? Surely he couldn’t fail to notice her well rounded and firm breasts and she did wear her skirts a little too short sometimes.

For the next two days it preyed on my mind and I found to my surprise I began to get an erection when I wondered if she could be tempted by this man. The thought of her in the house alone with him caused me to have weird feelings. Although I felt jealous that she may have grown to like him too much and scared she might let him make a pass at her, at the same time it turned me on in a funny way. My heart pounded with fear but also excitement at the same time.

On the third evening I asked her the obvious question.

“Have you been across the road for a coffee again?” I said trying my best to sound chilled out and casual.

“Oh yes!” she answered,” I have been yesterday too!”

My stomach turned with anxiety, “You never mentioned it!”

“Well, I didn’t think I needed to – I told you I go to Roy’s for an hour when I can.”

To avoid a row and chew over what she had said I kept quiet. Surely she wouldn’t tell me she went on a regular basis if she had something to hide - by bedtime though I had to talk about it. We lay in bed and I lay facing her while she had her back to me.

“I bet this Roy is a bit of a flirt with you sometimes isn’t he?” I asked in what I thought was a light hearted way.

“Not really,” she said quietly laughing softly. “Sometimes he compliments me – on how I look.”

My heart thumped – there it was again – jealousy and excitement mixed together. My penis immediately went very hard and I had to move away from her slightly to avoid her noticing.

“What do you mean – what does he say?” I asked nervously.

“Well he say’s I look good if he likes my clothes – he thinks I have a nice figure.”

Pictures came into my mind and I pressed for more information.

“What do you both talk about?”

She mentioned several everyday topics and I was becoming bored and impatient.

“He must flirt with you more than you say – being alone with you. Do you sit next to him or across from him?”

“Why on earth are you asking me that?” she demanded loudly but grinning as she spoke.

There was an embarrassing silence then she told me – her voice had lowered and I wondered whether she could read my thoughts.

“Mostly I sit across from him – sometimes next to him. Like when he showed me his photograph album – it was on his knee between us.”

The picture came into my head and I imagined how close they must have been.

“That skirt that you had on when I came home – did you wear that to go for a coffee?”

“Yes,” she answered after another little pause – then she added, “Why?”

I didn’t want an argument because she wouldn’t have told me anything else so kept my voice light and cheerful.

“Oh I just wondered! I bet he can’t keep his eyes off your legs in that short thing.”

She turned toward me and kissed me, “Are you jealous?”

She laughed and moved against my cock – I could sense her surprise on how hard it was. She made a noise and putting her hand down under the covers she guided it to her pussy. I was certainly happy to fuck her but she hadn’t answered me.

“So what’s your answer then?” I demanded as she wriggled her hips.

I could feel her breath on my cheek then she whispered in my ear.

“Yes – if you must know he does try to see up my skirt – and I see how he looks at my breasts. He has been married after all and he’s just like most other men. Quite a few men look at me like that actually.”

As I fucked her I answered her, “Yes – but this one you’re alone with – you know he has sexual thoughts about you and you don’t mind.”

Neither of us knew whether that was a statement or a question so I asked.

“Does it excite you when men look at you like that?”

“Yes,” she answered, “Why shouldn’t it?”

I was lost for words and the effect it had on me was tremendous. I fucked her like there was no tomorrow and she responded in the best way. It was probably one of the best fucks we had ever had – like - made the top of the charts! Number one!

We eventually dozed off but it wasn’t long before I had recovered and those images appeared once again. I saw her sitting there showing herself off in the man’s house and my dick rose and arousal grew. It was as though she was waiting, ready for another fuck as she put her arms round me and kissed my neck. This wasn’t something that normally happened. Then, unexpectedly she spoke to me again.

“You’re not mad are you – because I go to Roy’s for a coffee?”

I wasn’t sure to be honest, my feelings were a little mixed up but I said not.

“Not if you are honest with me - I’m a bit scared you’ll do something behind my back.”

I never said just what but later her answer would give me lots to think about.

“I promise I won’t – and I’ll tell you if you ask me – what we talk about. I’ll tell you everything.”

I couldn’t resist asking her the next question.

“Everything – even when I ask you if he has been looking up your skirt? Or what top you had on?”

“I’ll tell you everything – I like going I admit that – but I wouldn’t run off with him or anything.”

Then she added to her admission and spoke quietly and slowly knowing it could be explosive!

“I do enjoy the way he admires me – it makes me feel good. Don’t stop me going – I won’t tell you any lies – I promise!”

“Do you sometimes wear really short skirts especially for him – or low cut tops?” I was becoming quite turned on by now.

She answered thoughtfully as though such a thing had never occurred to her but wished it had, “No – I’ve never done that.”

Somehow the conversation came to an end and was replaced by simple and straightforward sexual intercourse – though it was the images in my mind that made this all the more enjoyable. Something too was going on in Debbie’s thoughts as she was far more passionate and intense than usual – perhaps it was thoughts of what she might do with the neighbour.

She seemed to have gotten into a habit of visiting this guy’s house for a coffee about twice a week – either morning or afternoon. If the weather was nice she said they sat in his garden so for some reason that didn’t seem to worry or affect me – it was when she said they sat in the house – that being alone with him. He was a presentable guy from what I had seen and I figured he must have normal urges so the temptation would be there to make a pass at my wife.

It was after a couple of weeks of me finding out about her visiting and asking her about it – usually in bed – when she put a certain question to me that left me stunned.

“Would you be annoyed if I told you I had dressed to please Roy – to tease him a little?”

I caught my breath and tried to keep calm, “Why – is that what you have been doing?”

“Well – you are always asking me what I wore – you seem more interested in that than knowing what we talked about sometimes.”

She turned to face me and lay looking into my eyes – then she asked me, “You get aroused thinking about me in Roy’s house don’t you? You like to think I flash my legs a bit for him.”

I felt quite bashful and was scared to answer at first wondering if it was wise to admit she was right.

“I suppose I do in a way – it’s hearing you almost admit to me things that – well – sexy things. Yeah – I wonder what you do in his house and if he makes a pass at you – and whether you try to teased him.”

“So does it turn you on – thinking about me being naughty – not as though I have?”

She gave me lots of little kisses on my lips and cheek then let her tongue tickle my neck.

I decided to tell her the truth and confess my “kink”

“Yes – it does sometimes – I sometimes imagine what you might get up to. What would you do if he did make a pass at you?”

Now the ball was in her court and I would be able to tell if she lied or held back – would she be as honest?

“I’m not sure,” - she was stalling – then she said, “I suppose if he tried to kiss me I would be tempted to let him. If he just lunged at me in a clumsy fashion then it would turn me off! If I teased him purposely then came home and told you would you be mad – or would it excite you?”

As she asked the question her hand went under the covers to my cock – and she found it very hard.

“I think you have your answer!” I told her in a loud whisper.

She became very passionate indeed and was all over me – the admission had certainly turned her on! Many pictures ran through my mind as we kissed and she pulled on my foreskin then I just simply came out with it.

“Why don’t you do it – next time you go round?”

She never answered at first then she whispered, “Are you sure about it?”

The implication of what we were about to agree on was to both us quite mind boggling – and it was very clear indeed how much we were aroused!

We never actually mentioned it again for a day or two. That night we had gone on to enjoy amazingly satisfying sex enhanced by our thoughts of doing something that was quite daring. The following morning we seemed to have both needed time to think and chew over the things we had said and admitted. As each day passed the feelings of excitement grew stronger and each evening when I asked if she’d seen the neighbour Roy that day my spirits deflated a little when she told me no. Then one evening her answer was a yes – she had told me she had been shopping. Unusually she said she would model the clothes for me – to see what I thought of them.

In the room she walked wearing a skirt much shorted than ones she normally wore – slightly flared. Her top was of silky material, a wrap around one that just covered her breasts leaving one hell of a view of her cleavage.

She paraded about in front of me and added casually that she had bought a new bra that lifted her breasts high to give her shape but was flimsy enough not to look untidy under the semi see through top. Her skirt, she said, being slightly flared tended to blow up in the breeze and show quite a bit of leg if she bent down or sat carelessly. When she demonstrated saying how careful she would have to be stocking tops followed by bare white flesh came into view.

“So what do you think – do you like my outfit?” she inquired.

I nodded and muttered a yes then she offered the information that nearly made me fall off my chair,

“Roy liked it – he kept telling me how sexy I looked.”

I was dumbfounded, “You went to his house dressed like that?”

For the rest of the evening I was unsettled – and a little aroused too. By ten thirty she asked if I was OK and I grabbed her and held her close.

“It’s just that I feel a bit nervous about what you told me – going to Roy’s dressed like that – it’s not exactly normal day wear is it – not for you. It sounds like you got him going if he told you that you look sexy.”

She calmed me down and stroked my head then said, “Shall we go to bed – and I’ll tell you what happened?”

I lay in bed having many thoughts while she showered then when she slipped in beside me wearing a slinky nightdress I could tell she was in the mood for sex.

“I decided to try your suggestion,” she said in a low husky voice, “You said why didn’t I tease Roy and try to turn him on – so I have.”

I began to breathe heavily and she gently told me to stay calm as she sexily kissed and caressed me – then her hand went to find my cock as though to check if it was hard – it was.

“I bought those clothes especially for that purpose – to turn him on.”

Remembering the view I had seen earlier of her stocking tops and bare thighs then the little white triangle of panties made me catch my breath.

“You mean you were willing to let him see right between your legs – those panties don’t cover much?” I gasped.

“Yes,” she said seductively, “I’ve been thinking about it for a long time – and when there are only we two in the house it makes me feel daring and excited.”

“So – you did turn him on – how much did you show?”

I sounded nervous and almost frantic but she just kept calmly kissing and stroking me. She put her mouth to my ear and whispered her story slowly for maximum effect.

“When I went into his house and he told me to take off my coat and sit down his eyeball’s nearly popped out. I have seen him look at me in a sexual way more times than I admitted to you. He does make lots of comments about my body and sometimes we do talk about sex quite a bit.

I didn’t tell you the whole truth before – he is much older than me at fifty three but he doesn’t mind admitting he has lewd thoughts about me. He always jokes that I should give him a treat and dress in something sexy for him. He keeps telling me that I should have some excitement while my husband is at work. I never knew just how serious to take him – if it was just bluff and a bit of fun.”

“So has he ever made a pass at you then?” I asked demandingly – my heart was now thumping hard wondering if she had already betrayed me.

“Once – well – a couple of times to be honest – but only to give me a peck and a little squeeze. A few times I have let him keep his arm around my waist while he talks to me and he gives me lots of little kisses on my cheek. Just once did he suddenly kiss me on the lips – but it was only a short one.”

My mind spun at this revelation, “So you didn’t stop him or complain?”

“No,” she said simply.

“I take it then that things have gone a little further after he saw you this morning?” I asked slowly and calmly.

“Yes,” she answered, “A bit more happened today.”

She cuddled up to me and slowly stroked my cock letting the head touch her skin at its most sensitive spot.

“I teased him terribly sitting across from him and letting my knees accidentally fall open or swinging one leg quite wide. We talked normally about things and drank our coffee but I could tell his mind was on other matters.”

Her voice always changed and became more husky when she was about to say something that she thought would excite me more.

“I leaned over the arm of the chair sideways to pick up a magazine from the floor and it made my skirt ride up showing most of my bottom.”

Again a picture and memory of the sight of her bare flesh above her stocking tops and those very flimsy panties flashed up in my minds eye and I made it very obvious that I was aroused.

“He did nothing but when it was time to go and I stood up he grabbed hold of me – not hard or violently but he was so turned on. I could feel his cock pressing against me.”

“What did he do?” I demanded urgently.

“He kissed me really passionately on the lips and – I hope you don’t get mad when I tell you this – he slipped his hand inside my top – he touched my tits.”

My breathing was erratic and her movements on my cock were more measured and purposeful – her voice dropped even lower to a barely audible whisper.

“I let him play with my nipples for a while – while he kissed me. He had his hands inside my bra - tweaking my tits!”

“What else did he do?” I stammered.

“Nothing – I gently stopped him then and reminded him I was a married woman. But I did let him kiss me again before I left.”

She played with my cock and responded to my kisses and seemed pleased that I hadn’t gone ballistic. I was silent for a while but there was no pretending how turned on her revelations had caused me to be. It was a few minutes before either of us spoke and she put forward a proposition.

“It really does make you excited doesn’t it – me telling you how naughty I have been?”

I saw no point in denying the fact but still felt embarrassed hearing myself admit it, “Yes – I don’t know why but it does.”

“What about if I do it more often – then we can both get pleasure from talking about it? When I’m alone with him something takes over – I get an urge to be sexy. It ‘s knowing that we are safe away from prying eyes and no one else will get to know – I wouldn’t dare do that anywhere else – let my skirt ride up. I even wear a coat over my sexy clothes to walk to his house because I don’t want to be seen in the street wearing such revealing garments. But when I’m in his house – I get turned on – but I have been too scared to let it go much further.

If you enjoy it when I tell you about me making him excited – and I like to do it – why don’t we agree for me to do more – if it turns us both on?”

Now my heart was really racing, “How far would you go?” I asked in measured tones.

“I’m not sure – I didn’t object when he touched my bare nipples – I’m not sure.”

“Were you turned on when you felt his hands under your bra?”

“Yeah!” she breathed.

“Would you have objected if he had put your hand on his cock?”

The thought of this really got me panting.

“Probably not!” she whispered, “There’s one way to find out though isn’t there – if I let him kiss me like that again?”

Nothing else was said and we fucked passionately and hard for a long time. It was later when the urge is satisfied and people tend to return to rational thought that just before we slept she asked me again.

“What do you think – shall we try a little adventure – why don’t we both admit just how much the thought turns us on. If it excites us both why not be honest about it – use it to increase our pleasure?”

I was stunned by her cold reasoning and unexpected train of thought – but I found myself answering in the affirmative – even though the thought scared and disturbed me! To my added surprise, in the cold light of the morning she asked for confirmation of my “commitment” to her unusual proposal. Once again with nerves tingling I nodded and uttered a very apprehensive “yes.”

Tingling nerves was an apt description of my feelings for the entire day. Luckily my work allowed me to isolate myself while I tried to get my head round things. It occurred to me that if I spent several days like this waiting for her to tell me she had misbehaved that I would be quite out of my head and a basket case. I didn’t have to wait so long though – only until that very same evening.

This time there was no, “Wait until we go to bed and I’ll tell you a sexy story,” sort of attitude. This time it was her grabbing hold of me before we had even eaten and making it clear she was very aroused. In what was almost a comical way I asked her to keep things on hold until I had had dinner and settled down for the evening though settled was certainly not how I was feeling. I was scared of what she was about to tell me but under it all was a strange sense of arousal. I kept repeating to myself that my wife was about to tell me how she had been unfaithful with another man and how she had behaved like a slut – and it was with the intention of giving us both pleasure – how weird was that?

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