tagLoving WivesThe Wife's Little Game Ch. 03

The Wife's Little Game Ch. 03


My wife told me that she had to walk very slowly past Roy’s house twice because he didn’t seem to want to notice her at first. She went to the store and as she came back she lingered in front of his gate pretending to be adjusting her bags. Giving up hope of an invite for coffee she made her way home thinking he must be very annoyed at her for the way she entertained his guests. Perhaps he was jealous but she had told him not to get attached to her.

“I had been home about fifteen minutes when the phone rang,” she told me. “It was Roy – he asked in a very terse tone if I wanted to come round to his house. He sounded a bit odd and I wasn’t sure if I should – but well – I did.

The men were still there and no one actually said much so I began to feel a little uncomfortable. I was about to ask Roy why he had bothered to ask me for a coffee in the first place if he was not in a favourable mood. Being in the presence of the men again strangely enough didn’t worry me –the older one still had a smirk on his face and the other one still stared lewdly at me.

After a while he seemed more relaxed and now my mind kept going back to yesterday’s events. Roy didn’t sit still but kept finding it necessary to do little chores that took him out of the room. I wondered if he was trying o leave me alone with the men but what reason would he have. The men said they had been packing their cases as it was time for them to leave so everyone was busy about the house walking from room to room.

I was asked if I minded making us all a coffee as I was the only one not busy. That’s when things happened – as I stood in the kitchen making the drink the older man came from behind and put his hand on my tits. He turned me round to face him and thinking no one else was there I let him kiss me and grope my breasts. He whispered to me to put my hand on his cock – and I did. I slowly rubbed his bulge as he kissed me and played with my breasts. It was only for about half a minute but it was long enough to convince Roy I was happy to oblige his friend. He had been watching from the doorway and I opened my eyes to see him looking straight at us.

He looked a bit shocked then he said, “I wasn’t sure when they told me what happened yesterday – but I see now it’s true. I just want you to know that I didn’t tell them you might be willing to give favours – I didn’t break our promise.”

Poor Roy – I didn’t know if he was scared I might be annoyed if his friends had been making up stories and blame him or whether he was upset that their claim was true and my favours weren’t exclusive to him. Now I knew why he seemed in a funny mood – his friends had told him everything and figured he was getting some of the same.

The men both laughed quietly in a smug “I told you so” sort of way.

I realised that I still had my hand on the big man’s bulge and took it away. Roy told me that I didn’t belong to him so carry on doing what I was doing. There was an edge in his voice and he was trying to come to terms with the revelation.

Well we eventually sat in the lounge and Roy suddenly came to me and kissed me openly. He said that if I had come again so willingly and quickly that all the things his friends had told him about what had happened yesterday must be true. We all knew that if I was prepared to visit again the morning after then – well – it didn’t need spelling out.

The conversation was a bit stinted and awkward but there was a sexually charged atmosphere – they all knew how willing I was to be very “friendly” with them. The younger of Roy’s guests rose to go into the kitchen and asked aloud if I would follow him in – help him refill the coffees. Everybody knew that wasn’t the real reason of course – when he had put down the cups he put his arm around me and began to kiss me and feel my tits.

Well it didn’t take long – for me to be as aroused as he was I mean. I let him unfasten my top – the wrap around one and he had easy access to my breasts. The others remained in the other room silent – as though they were just listening. The thought went through my head that they would be waiting to take a turn with me – I became really excited! I finished up sitting on a chair with the guy stood in front of me and I sucked him off – and let him “cum” in my mouth.

When I looked up the others had then started to wander into the kitchen. They saw me sat with sperm on my chin and still holding the cock. My tits were still hanging out and for a moment they just gazed at me. All sorts of things happened in the next hour – they started by getting me to bend over the table and I let them peel my panties off. I was fucked from behind and then they just played with my body and generally groped and felt me. I sucked their cocks and rubbed them and let them rub the sperm into my skin.

After a while they decided to take me upstairs and when they felt recharged they tried other things – like making me suck a cock while another was in my pussy. They wanted me to let them put a cock into my arse but I told them I had never done that before and wasn’t ready to try. It didn’t stop one putting his finger into me when my bottom was bucking into the air while I sat on top of his friend fucking him.

I’m afraid it does make me very aroused – having men treat me like a whore and a slut. The dirtier it was the more I liked it – even the fatter older one who panted for breath over me and sweated while I sucked his cock. When they took turns to fuck me doggy style I felt a real dirty woman offering my bottom up into the air for them. I almost wished I had been willing to try anal sex.”

My wife seemed to drift into deep thought as she brought her tale to an end. Simply put – we fucked hard and long – that night and for many others after. The men had long gone and she would still occasionally visit Roy – but somehow the thrill had subdued – we had both become too used to it. It was rather like having your favourite meal every day – it becomes boring and looses its appeal. We still recalled her exploits when we fucked but it was clear that both of us were tiring of her game.

One night she confessed to me how stale her visits to Roy had become. Sometimes he took her to his bed and it was just like a boring married couple doing it. Even the regular blow jobs she gave him while sat in his kitchen had lost there exciting spontaneity. Surprisingly, having my wife tell me she had been fucked by Roy yet again no longer had much effect on me either – I was so used to hearing it.

In the same conversation she mentioned the new neighbours – and in particular their son – a strapping twenty year old. Now this made me a little jealous – this wasn’t a lonely middle aged man who she would never run off with – it was a young stud! She went out of her way to run into him and he was beginning to notice her more she told me. She confessed that she was actively pursuing him hoping some opportunity would present itself.

Over the next few weeks all this built up while Roy drifted more into the background. Once at a party I caught her on the patio in the dark being kissed by the stud. His mates were with him and they put it down to a housewife having too much to drink and not realising how far she was going. I stood there and thought – if they only knew that my wife would probably be willing to take them all on and do far more than just let them kiss her then what would their reaction be?

Seeing those studs with bulges at the front of their pants excited me thinking what they would do to my wife. After that I gently encouraged Debbie to try her luck – maybe she would be able to ask him into the house when I wasn’t around. But things took a different turn and she made a very significant error that ultimately led to our present situation.

One night I was out and Debbie, sat alone, let here thoughts drift to the young man. She swore he was home alone - his parents gone out for the evening. She thought a couple of his friends might me with him but now she was brave enough to take a chance on that and hope they would take the hint and leave if she got the reaction she hoped. She would go across to his house – find an excuse – dressed to attract attention.

The plan was more to undress than dress – she would be ready for bed – wearing see-through short nightie under a loosely tied robe – then find she needed a light bulb. That was her reason for going two doors down the road – to ask if he had one and hope he would invite her in and she would show just a little too much and get him interested. He would want this sexy young wife to stay awhile and she would become very careless with her robe falling open. It all sounded easy – because if his mates didn’t take the hint and go – she would accept the offer to stay anyway!

“It seemed straight forward really,” she told me several days later, “If his friends stayed maybe he would take me upstairs for sex. Or there was the chance that if I wanted him to fuck me that I might also have to accommodate his friends – I was going to give it a try. He knew how I had liked the way he kissed me and I had done enough in the last few weeks to make it clear I was prepared to play around.

I got it very wrong though – I don’t know how I managed it but I could have died. His father answered the door – it was he in the house with his friends. There was I stood with my robe on looking dumb and tongue tied!”

The vision was almost comical, “So what did you do?” I asked.

“I could only think to say the words I had planned to – explain about the light bulb and say my husband was out and did they have a spare one I could use. It sounded unconvincing and corny now but I couldn’t just run away – I had to have a reason for being there. When he invited me in I expected his wife to be there and cringed at the thought of her seeing me dressed like that but when he showed me into the sitting room their were three other men present. It was the dad who was staying in with his buddies.

I felt conspicuous – all their eyes were fixed on me – they smiled and introduced themselves but their eyes undressed me and had more wicked thoughts. The boy’s dad, Jim he’s called – asked me to sit down while he went and found a light bulb for me. I was committed now and when I sat down it was like I was on display – I was really aware how short my robe was and that I hadn’t much on underneath.

Jim came back into the room and said it would take him a while to dig out the spares. He suggested someone offered me a drink and before I could tell him not to worry and forget the bulb he quickly disappeared again. One man got me a drink and I chose to have a short one then I would be able to finish it quickly. I chose to have a scotch but when it came it was a very large one – very strong even though I had said plenty of water.

I could see the men were enjoying my being there – they hadn’t expected this. I felt safe really because they all seemed nice. They were around mid fifties to early sixty and all made polite conversation asking where I lived and what my husband did for a job.

I don’t know how long I was sat there – probably not very long - but I became more relaxed and started to notice how there eyes kept drifting down my body. I saw that my robe had come a little looser and one half below my belt had slipped open a little. Most of my bare thighs were visible anyway but now they could see just that bit more – not all the way but enough to keep them interested. The top half had billowed out and as my nightdress was very low cut they had quite a show.

I let them enjoy their selves making sure I stayed just barely covered up. One man in particular looked at me knowingly as we all chatted. Then when Jim eventually came back into the room with the light bulb I thanked him and was about to gulp my drink and leave. I was quickly told not to rush – take my time to finish the drink. Jim now seemed to notice how everyone was taking in the sight of my body and sat to do the same. He reassured me that I needn’t rush then the other man spoke.

“In fact – let me refill your glass for you - stay a little longer. It’s not every day we get to chat to a pretty young wife.”

Jim and the others quickly backed him up and I said I wasn’t sure – not being properly dressed. When I asked Jim about his family coming back it all seemed to take on a naughtier atmosphere.

“What about your wife – or son – if they come home to find me sat here dressed like this?”

“Don’t worry – no one will be home for ages yet – what about you – your husband?”

I told them it was OK – it wouldn’t be a problem. It was like we had all just agreed to do something wicked and secret.

Jim asked, “So would you like your glass refilled then?”

I answered yes if he was sure his wife wouldn’t return.

We sat talking and it felt sexier than it ever did at Roy’s because I was already undressed. They kept trying to get an eyeful but it was always just out of sight. The alcohol began to take effect and their confidence grew. I kept getting little comments on how nice I looked and they openly admired my bare legs and said what well shaped thighs and calves I had.

“For a moment you know,” the one who seemed leader, Peter, said, “When you first walked into the room we wondered whether you were naked under that robe.”

I giggled and said I could see why – it was short – then I described my little nightdress to them. They were beginning to get aroused and shuffled around a lot in their seats. Suddenly they noticed my glass was empty and they looked disappointed because now I would have to leave.

As though hoping for a miracle I was asked, “I don’t suppose you would like another?”

You could have heard a pin drop while they waited for my answer.

“I’m going to be getting giddy and tipsy with all this drink – you might take advantage of me!” I joked but the thought interested them. “I’m still nervous that your wife will come home – otherwise I would stay for another drink with you.”

I knew this should tell them something – and now all reassured me it wouldn’t happen. They couldn’t believe their luck that this half dressed sexy housewife was willing to stay in their company – knowing full well it was obvious how they had been admiring my body and hoping I would get careless. Now another man, Steven, became confident enough to make witty but saucy comments.

“Well we might take advantage of you,” he joked. “We might be getting past our prime but we still function!”

Looking at them in turn I told them I had noticed!

Another few minutes passed and we chatted away laughing and joking – the alcohol was loosening tongues.

“You know,” said Peter, “It occurs to me that your nightdress must be really small if we can’t even see it under your robe – because that is certainly short!”

The others gave a little laugh, “Steady!” said one, “If we get carried away we will frighten her off. She’ll run out shocked and screaming into the street!”

“I don’t think so,” I told them smiling. “Maybe you would get too excited though and have heart attacks!”

They laughed and one said he would be willing to risk it - but then they all agreed that I wouldn’t dare – but the thought was stimulating. Steven actually asked me if I was sure I wasn’t offended having them ogling me like they were. The others gave him a hard look as though he had been too direct in admitting how much they were looking in a sexual way and given me the chance to say this was enough.

I smiled and told them in a very soft voice that it was fine – I didn’t mind at all – then I stretched a leg out. I said it was nice to be admired but it was very naughty of me to be here with them with hardly any clothes on. The fact I had pointed it out in such a way and the tone of voice I used made them aroused and they fidgeted around.

“You really are good to look at,” said the forth man who was called David.

He had been fairly quiet up until now but he looked the most lustful of the bunch.

“I’m glad you all enjoy doing it,” I answered.

I smiled and took a sip of my drink – the others stayed silent and Jim nodded his head in agreement. Nothing was said at all for a long minute and I sipped my drink again. Then, without looking at anyone I slowly and deliberately let my free hand move to the belt of my robe. I could hear the sharp intake of breath from them as they wondered what I was about to do. I pulled the end that released the knot – and let the two halves fall open. As if that wasn’t exciting and daring enough for them I made them gasp even more as I parted the robe even more to show them my little see-through and very short nightdress.

The men just breathed heavily and sat silent. Now they could see almost everything – the top was very low and as it was so flimsy anyway my tits appeared to be quite bare.

“There – now you have a better view – shall I cover up again chance someone comes or would you like me to stay as I am for you?”

They couldn’t believe they had a choice – and all asked for me to stay as I was!

Now we’ll see if your hearts can take it – hope it meets with your expectations – my body I mean.”

They said it did and I laughed and said, “There’s no point trying to cover my panties – my nightdress isn’t long enough to cover them.”

The attention I had drawn to my pussy made at least one of them groan. My panties were little lacy things - just a thong really – hardy a triangle of material at the front.

“I think the drink is having an effect!” I told them, “I need to pee.”

Jim made a garbled noise and tried to direct me to the bathroom. To their further excitement I stood up and let the robe slip totally from my shoulders. Now I stood before them with an almost completely see through and very short garment that left hardy anything to the imagination.

I went to the bathroom and I have to admit that I was disappointed to find no one had followed me. Time was passing now and I would have to leave soon – so I decided to move things along. When I went back to the living room instead of sitting I stood in the middle of the room talking to them and giving them a really good view.

“Are we still OK for time,” I asked Jim, “or should I cover up now?”

“No – it’s no problem,” he said in a monotone voice his eyes nearly popping out.

“I didn’t realise just how skimpy these panties are,” I said lying. “My bottom isn’t covered at all.”

I turned my arse to them and showed my bare cheeks – any material had long since disappeared up my crack.

“I’m showing you all far too much – I told you the drink would get the better of me!”

I pretended to be getting tipsy and twirled around to display myself to them. My shoulder strap fell off and as it travelled down my arm my breast was uncovered.

“Oh well – you’ve all been waiting for that to happen.”

Their jaws dropped open and they swallowed hard when I sat down and didn’t even attempt to cover myself. Also I sat with my legs wide apart and they all stared because after visiting the bathroom a very damp patch was visible in my crotch.

“Oh dear – I wet myself!” I said.

It took a while for someone to build up enough courage during which meantime no one spoke.

Then Steven took a deep breath and asked, “Would you mind if any of us came over and gave you a little kiss.”

There was no more time to waste - now I sounded more sober.

“I will have to be going shortly – but if you’re all sure we won’t get interrupted or discovered – then if the door is locked – I will let you come and sit with me – let you touch.”

“Do you mean – all of us?” asked Jim not believing my words.

I answered him by looking straight at him and pulling the other strap from my shoulder. Now both my breasts were uncovered and naked for them to play with.

There was confusion and mumbling as one went to make sure the door was locked while another just fussed and shook with nerves. David did something useful – he refilled the glasses. He was actually the first to take his turn and sat by me after I had been asked to sit on the couch so there was more room. He felt and squeezed my tits tweaking my nipples and then sucked on them. He weighed my tits in his palms and run his fingers roughly over them making me moan. I decided the more I moaned the more excited they would be – and I was right.

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