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The Wife's Teen Patient


The Patient

Kathy leaned over and whispered quietly to her workmate and good friend, Beth. “I’m gonna go check on Jason, you know, see how he’s getting along since I’ve been on break.”

“Yeah, sure you are,” Beth teasingly replied. “You just wanna go tease that poor boy some more. Why don’t you just do him? He’s a hottie after all; makes me wet every time he smiles at me. By the way: Allen…the kid in the bed next to him…he was released this morning, so poor little Jason is in that big room all alone. I sure hope he isn’t prone to nightmares.”

Kathy smirked, “Oh, ha ha. He’s not a baby; he’s 18. I’m sure what he dreams about aren’t monsters! And you are so right; he is a little hottie. We haven’t had a cute one like him since that Kevin a few weeks back. And, if I recall correctly, you and Amy were the ones who first teased and then “did” him. All I did was suck him off once. I never got the chance to fuck him like you two did!”

Beth glanced at the clock and noticed that it was already 10PM. “Okay, okay. Go check on him, but get your ass back here in thirty minutes. Lt Col Bailey will be down to check on the desk and ward before going home for the night. After she leaves, you can have all the time you want teasing and flirting with your new little boy…provided it stays slow around here.”

Kathy muttered a quick thanks to her understanding friend and quickly made her way to Jason Douglass’ room. Pausing just outside the door, she tugged down the zipper of her white nurse’s dress just enough to reveal the upper swell of her firm tits and a hint of her lacy, ice blue push-up bra.

“Hey, sexy,” she smiled in way of greeting the teenaged boy propped up in his hospital bed. “How yah doing? Did you miss me the last few days?”

A huge smile lit up Jason’s face as he recognized my gorgeous wife entering his hospital room.

“Heck, Yes, Nurse Z. I sure did! I was hoping you’d be back tonight. Look. I’ve got all most all of my strength back. Doctor Lerit said I’d probably be out of here in three or four more days, now that my physical therapy is going so well.”

Jason was in the hospital for Guillen-Barre Syndrome, an autoimmune disorder, that affected the protein coating surrounding the nerves and left the afflicted almost paralyzed. After almost two weeks in the hospital, and several plasmaphereses treatments, Jason had almost fully recovered from his illness.

“Hey, I told you to call me Kathy, not Nurse Z anymore,” my sweet wife replied. “And I know you’re doing much better. During our shift changeover, Amy told me that you were flirting with her all day. And here I thought I was your special girlfriend!”

Noticing her cute pout, Jason quickly moved to reassure the older nurse, “I was just playin’--you know a little bored and having some fun. She’s not nearly as pretty or as s-s-sexy as you are, Kathy! I was just teasing.”

Kathy responded with a laugh, “Silly boy. I’d think something was really wrong with you if you didn’t flirt with Amy. She’s really hot isn’t she? I’ll bet she’s your type; all blonde and cute like she is.”

“Just like you, Kathy.” Jason responded earnestly. “You’re blonde and cute too. Much cuter than Nurse Amy!”

“You’re just saying that,” Kathy replied as she moved closer to the boy’s bed. “I bet you like Dawn the best of all because her tits are so big, don’t you? Enough about that! I’m supposed to take your blood pressure, again; so let’s see how you’re doing!” Leaning over to attach the cuff to the teen’s upper arm, Kathy made sure gave him a clear view down her partially unzipped uniform top to the upper swells of her plump tits.

Kathy’s use of the word “tits” coupled with the cock-hardening view she presented Jason, caused the 18-year-old’s pulse to race and totally ruin any chance Kathy had of getting an accurate blood pressure reading.

“Oh my!” She exclaimed as she saw Jason’s eyes lock onto the junction between her jutting tits. “I think I’m messing up your blood pressure here Jason. I think you have something else on your mind other than my medical duties. You like my bra? I wore it especially for you since blue is your favorite color.”

Leaning over further still, Kathy gently kissed the young boy’s cheek and forehead as she teased him about her choice of lingerie. “Mmmmm, yes,” she whispered as she looked down his body to the tent formed by his suddenly erect cock. “I think you definitely have something else on your mind.”

A small sighing sigh escaped Jason’s suddenly dry mouth as my wife smiled teasingly at him. “Looks like you really are happy to see me back at work, Jason. Would you like to see just a little bit more?”

Jason nodded eagerly as Kathy slowly reached her hand to the zipper on her white nurse’s dress and pulled gently on the tab. One, two, three, inches down, and her tit-packed bra was soon on full display for Jason’s devouring eyes.

“Like that? You like seeing my tits in my tiny little bra, Honey? Do they look nice to you? Nice and big?”

Unable to respond, Jason merely nodded enthusiastically and licked his dry lips as Kathy teased him with her perfectly shaped tits.

“This is one of my favorite bras, Jason,” she whisperingly informed him as she moved her hand to the front of the lacy material. “You know why? Because it pushes my boobs together and makes then look bigger. Like they are on display. It also snaps in the front and guys seem to like that better than the kind that unfasten from the back.”

As she matter-of-factly educated Jason on the intricacies of her sexy bra, Kathy deftly unsnapped the fastener between her firm tits and her bra popped open.

Jason groaned deep in his throat as the pale light from the lamp by his bedside reveled Kathy’s full, firm tits to the boy’s greedy eyes. Looking pleadingly at Kathy, his eyes asked the question his mouth was too dry to utter.

“You wanna feel them, Baby? Is that what you want?” Kathy asked mischievously. “You wanna feel my tits? You wanna feel how soft and smooth they are?”

Without waiting for an answer, Kathy took hold of one of Jason’s trembling hands and placed it gently on one of her firm, warm tits.

“Go ahead, Baby,” she encouraged. “Go ahead and squeeze it a little. You can squeeze it and play with it all you want. I like when guys play with my tits; it makes me feel good all over! I like when the squeeze them and suck them and tease them!”

Kathy’s firm tit felt warm and soft to Jason has he rubbed it gently with his hand. As his hand passed over her nipple, Jason heard Kathy groan deep in her throat with unadulterated pleasure.

“Mmmmm, yes, Honey!” Rub it over my nipple like that! Rub your hand over my nipple. Move your hand in little circles on my tit. Make my nipple get hard for you. Use your other hand, too! Play with both my big boobs for me!”

Kathy moaned and panted quietly as Jason eagerly fondled and stroked her tits. His hands excitedly explored every inch of Kathy’s swollen titmeat as she softly mewled from pleasure and desire. Kathy’s tits felt hot in the turned-on teen’s moist hands and he played with them like newfound toys.

“Mmmmm,” my wife moaned as Jason’s firm hands gently caressed her big hot titties. “That feels so good, Jason. You’ve done this before! I can tell! You know how to make a girl’s titties feel good, so I can tell you done this a few times before!”

“Y-y-yes I have.” Jason finally managed to croak. “I’ve had sex with a few girls from school before!”

“Oh you have, have you?” Kathy impishly questioned, now in full teasing mode. “What did you do with them Jason? Did you play with their tits like you’re playing with mine? Did you let them suck on your cock? Did you lick their pretty little pussies? Do you get to fuck them? Did you fuck them in their little pussies or their tight little asses?”

Hearing a gorgeous adult woman using filthy words while he had his hands full of her tits was almost too much for Jason. Drawing his legs up, he let out a low whimpering groan as he pulled gently on both of Kathy’s hot throbbing nipples.

“Mmmm, that’s nice, Honey!” Kathy moaned quietly. “Pull on my nipples like that! Go ahead and pinch them some. You don’t have to be gentle with them; I like when guys are rough with my tits. It’s hotter to me that way. Go on and tug and twist on them all you want, Baby!”

Jason let out a whimper as he digested Kathy’s wicked words. His cock twitched excitedly under the thin sheet and blanket as he, more assuredly, began mauled Kathy’s perfect tits. Grasping her hard pink nipples between his forefingers and thumbs, he tugged and twisted then, using them as miniature knobs to control Kathy’s swollen titties. Pulling and pinching, he forced Kathy’s tits up and down, and then in small circles, bobbling them eagerly. His breathing became more ragged as he delighted in the rougher tit-play.

Knowing that the young boy was already overexcited from just playing with her tits, Kathy backed away for a second.

“I can’t stay long Jason. The supervisory nurse will be coming by the ward desk in fifteen minutes or so. We have to give her a patient and ward status update before she goes home for the night, but after she’s gone I’m anticipating a slow night, so, if, you’d like, I can come back and see you. Would you like that?”

Jason nodded affirmatively and drew his breath in sharply as Kathy slowly and gradually pulled the bedcovers all the way down his lean teenaged body until his hard cock came into view. Glancing down, Kathy noticed that Jason’s cock was throbbing erratically and was already leaking pre-cum; his flat stomach sported a huge sticky, shiny spot caused by his oozing cock-head. She was delighted at the length and girth of the teenager’s throbbing cock as she watched it bounce off his stomach with each pulse.

“Mmmm, nice cock, Jason,” Kathy teased the gasping boy. “It’s pretty big for a young man your age; I bet you’ve torn some pussy up with that thing! I bet the girl’s at school can’t get enough of it! Hope you don’t mind if I touch it a little!”

Slowly and carefully, not wanting to make the overly aroused boy cum too soon, Kathy reached down and wrapped her hand around Jason’s twitching cock. “It’s pretty thick too, Baby,” she murmured hotly to the squirming teen. “It’s so hard! Feels like a tube of iron wrapped in hot rubber!

Using deliberate, gentle motions, Kathy leisurely jacked on the hard cock in her left hand. “I can feel it throbbing, Jason! I can feel your big hard cock throbbing in my hand! Mmmmm! And look! It’s leaking all over my hand, your pretty cock is already leaking your stuff all over my hand. I think that means it likes me!”

For a good two minutes, Kathy smiled broadly at Jason as she expertly jacked the young boy’s thick cock in her hot little hand. Back and forth, she pumped his hard prick with long, torturously slow strokes as Jason squirmed and groaned in ecstasy. Jason didn’t know where to look: at Kathy’s flashing gray-blue eyes twinkling with desire, her firm, plump tits bobbling in rhythm to her cock-jacking, or her soft little hand pumping on his aching fuckstick. His eyes darted back and forth as he continually moaned his appreciation for Kathy’s slow, pumping hand job.

“Ohhh look at that!” Kathy whimpered longingly as Jason shuddered and a particularly big glob of pre-cum oozed from his purple cock-head. “That looks so good I hope you don’t mind…”

And with that, she leaned over and lightly licked away the glob of hot gooey precum still sitting atop Jason’s swollen prick.

“Ohhh God!” The helpless teen moaned as his body jerked suddenly and his cocked pulsed angrily. “Oh my God!”

Glancing up at him, Kathy knew that Jason would not be able to withstand the tongue-lashing she was prepared to give his spunk-leaking cock. “It’s okay, Honey,” she reassured him as she released his cock from her pumping hand and let it throb powerfully against his belly. “You don’t have to hold back. Just let me lick it for a little bit.”

Leaning over his prone body, bent from the waist with her tits swaying gently, Kathy swished her hot saucy tongue up and down Jason’s throbbing cockmeat as his cock twitched erratically against his belly. Jason writhed uncontrollably on the bed, and his eyes rolled back in his head as he relished in the tongue lapping his meaty dick was receiving from my cum-hungry wife. Kathy’s gifted little tongue licked over Jason’s sensitive cock head for long seconds, tracing hot wet circles on the prick tip as the boy’s cock leaked a continuous supply of gooey pre-cum for her to lap up.

Flattening her tongue, Kathy pushed his pulsating cock back and forth along his stomach, making it buck and jerk fitfully. Every so often, Jason’s spit covered fuckmeat would unexpectedly pulse and spring high into the air for a beat or two before thumping back down against his abdomen. Each time it happened, Kathy was sure she was about to receive a face full of hot, sticky sperm, but she was surprised and delighted at Jason’s ability to hold off from coming in her pretty face.

As she licked at his hard prick, Kathy kept up a torrent of filthy talk that both delighted and tormented the overeager teen.

“That’s it, Jason. Let me get it all wet for you. Let Kathy lick your pretty cock and make it all hard. I like the way it bucks into the air like that; shows me that I’m a good little dick-licker, and I like being the best! You like the way your naughty nurse licks your big hard dick, Baby? Are you almost ready to cum all over my face, Jason? You wanna cover my pretty face with your stuff, Honey?””

As Kathy continued licking and lapping at Jason’s slick, fat cock tube, she suddenly realized the teen’s hands were tightly gripping the covers and his body had grown stiff as a board. His breathing was loud and rasping; Kathy knew he was about to cum! Glancing up at him, Kathy took his cock gently between her index and middle fingers and lifted it off his belly. Jason’s cock was so hard, it resisted Kathy’s efforts to raise it, and Kathy could feel it straining and struggling to pull free of her light grip and slam back against the teen’s stomach. Holding it gently between her fingers, Kathy felt the hard cock pulse with every single beat of Jason’s racing heart.

The twin taboos of sucking off a teenager’s cock while at work in the hospital aroused Kathy greatly and she reached down with her other hand to rub her thoroughly drenched pussy through her sticky thong panties. Her body shuddered and her tummy rippled as she harshly mauled her own little clit in wanton lust. Rubbing her clit served only to make her want to suck cock and, with her hand still sawing away at her little button, she turned her full attention to the boy’s bobbing prick.

Holding his cock nearly straight up, Kathy licked at her swollen lips and gently lowered her hot sweet mouth onto the dark purple head of Jason’s extremely swollen cock. Jason’s body lurched into the air and a tortured groan emanated from deep within his throat as he felt Kathy’s hot sucking mouth encase the mushroom shaped head of his twitching boner.

“Agggghhhhhhhh! Kathy!” He bellowed helplessly.

Before Kathy could even apply suction, Jason’s thick cock recoiled mightily in her lightly grasping fingers and belched a huge wad of sticky cum into her superbly sucking mouth. Kathy’s cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk’s as Jason’s bucking cock blasted her hot mouth with creamy ball batter. Clamping down on just the head of his twitching dick, Kathy let the ecstatic teen empty his aching nuts into her hotly sucking mouth as her pussy leaked oily girl-cum down the inside of her thigh high encased legs. She moaned deeply as she felt Jason’s twitching cock pump her mouth full of hot tangy teenaged jizz.

“Mmmmphhhhh! Mmmmphhhhh! Cuminmymouth! Mmmm mmmm! Shootitinmymouth!” Kathy whimpered greedily as she sucked enthusiastically on the teen’s wildly squirting boner.

Jason shook and shuddered as his cock finally stopped spewing its sizzling cream load into my hot wife’s wet mouth.

“Oh, God! Oh, God! Kathy! Oh my God! I’ve never cum like that before! It felt like my balls were actually exploding!”

Lifting her mouth off the teen’s still hard prick, Kathy made a point of showing him that her mouth was full of his sticky sperm. Smiling wickedly at him, she swallowed deeply, letting the hot salty jizz burn a blazing trail down her greedy throat and into her stomach.

“Mmmmm!” She moaned happily satisfied. “That’s the way Jason! That’s the way to feed a cocksucker some hot cum! I love eating cum, Baby. I just love it!”

“Oh fuck!” Jason whimpered, “You swallowed it! You ate it all! You ate all of my cum!”

Kissing him on the check, Kathy sighed in response, “I sure did, Baby. I swallowed all of your hot cum and it tasted so good! I really do love eating cum, especially when there is as much as you just gave me! Did you like seeing me swallow it? Don’t the girls at school swallow your hot cum? Some boys like to shoot it all over my face instead of seeing me swallow it. Maybe next time we can do that if you’d like. It doesn’t matter to me; I like it both ways.”

As she spoke, Kathy refastened her bra and zipped up the top of her white jumper. “I have to get going, Baby. I have to get back to the desk before my boss shows up. If you’d like, I can still come back later?”

Lying on his back in sheer bliss, his still-hard cock shiny and sticky with a combination of sperm and saliva, Jason nodded eagerly. “I’ll stay awake all night until you get back!”

Leaving the spent teen’s room, Kathy hurried back to the desk and to a waiting Beth.

“Ten minutes to spare,” Beth informed her. “I trust you had a good time ‘checking up’ on Jason?”

“Hell yeah!” Kathy replied as she took Beth’s hand. “He was so fucking horny already. All I had to do was show him my tits and let him play with them a bit. Then I licked his pretty cock some; I just got the head of it into my mouth and he blew his load. Eating that little cutie’s cum got me all wet! Feel this!”

Compliantly, Beth let Kathy steer her hand under Kathy’s white uniform jumper and onto her wet thongs.

“Mmmmm!” Beth murmured, “Looks like he got you all hot and wet alright!! You are such a dirty little slut! Wish we had time before Bailey got here, I’d suck that pretty little pussy dry for you! You wanna go see if we can find an empty office after she leaves?”

“Mmmmm, I’d love that, Honey! You know how much I like when you eat my pussy. Tonight though, I’m gonna fuck Jason’s brains out! Maybe you should stop by the house after our shift. We could wake Troy up and treat him to a hot nasty show!”

Beth readily agreed to Kathy’s suggestion. “Anything you want, Baby. By the time you’ve finished playing with Jason and told me all about it, I’ll be ready for a good time myself. I’ll eat your cummy pussy while Troy prongs me up the ass again!””

Just then, the head nurse, Lt Col Bailey arrived to receive the ward status report before departing for the evening. Lt Col Bailey was well liked; a good boss and supervisor, and Kathy and Beth were two of her favorites. Their report to her went smoothly and the Colonel bid the two nurses good night and hurried home to her own husband and kids.

After Bailey’s departure, Kathy and Beth checked on the patients in their section of the Peds ward, dispensing medicine and taking vitals as needed. It was a little after 1 AM when they got back to the desk, finished, for the time being, with their checks.

“Okay little Miss Hot Pants,” Beth laughed. “Why don’t you go visit your friend for awhile? I can handle the next set of checks and I can cover for you if anyone comes up to the ward. Just make sure you don’t holler too loud this time, and I want to hear details young lady! I want to know everything you do with him!”

Kathy smiled broadly and gave her best friend a quick kiss on the lips. “Thanks, Bethy. I’ll make sure to take good notes!”

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