tagIncest/TabooThe Wild Night

The Wild Night


I remember the day that my life completely changed. I was your normal kid growing up and didn't cause much trouble. You could say that I was kind of a Momma's boy. My Mom spoiled me rotten and we were usually together most of the day.

My mom is beautiful. She is tall with light blonde hair, and my step dad went out and bought her a nice set of tits. Now she has double D cups. I mean they are real eye wranglers.

I still remember almost every detail of what happened that day.

I woke up and I had a hard on that could poke out eyes and I went into my morning routine of jacking off. I grabbed my cock and closed my eyes and started thinking about a couple different girls when something threw my concentration out the door.

I stopped moving and laid completely still and quiet. Then I heard it again. It was moaning and whimpering. I suddenly recognized the voice, It was my mom. I heard her talking to my step dad and I heard him say "Ughhhh, Ohhhh, Damn baby. Do you like that?" and Mom said "Dont be so loud. Your going to wake Jimmy up."

Now at this point I started to slide my hand up and down my cock imagining my Mom.

Then I heard my step dad say "Shit If he woke up and heard you he would probably just listen and jack off." Then I heard mom moan. "Hmmmm god yeah." Then dad said "MMMMMMM you would like that, wouldn't you, you dirty slut?"

Then there was a moment of silence and Mom said "MMMMMM yes master, I wish he was in here right now."

Our rooms were connected by a closet and I got up and moved to the closet and looked through the crack in the door.

I pushed my eye against the half inch crack so that I could see what was going on but so that they would not notice me.

As I focused in I saw my Dad between my Moms legs fucking her. I started to stroke myself as my Dad says "do you want your own son to slide his cock in your pussy, and make you scream you little slut?"

"god yes I wish he was fucking me right now while you watch me." she said.

Then Dad looked at Mom and said in a voice resembling mine, "Mommy? Can I fuck your hot pussy?"

"Yes baby, fuck mommy's hot pussy."

Then Dad started to really lay into her. They changed positions and now Mom was facing the closet. I couldn't see his cock sliding in her pussy very well but now I could see her expressions and it was driving me nuts.

Then Dad said "Why don't you go check on your baby boy and see if he might need anything?" Then he told her to Walk in my room in that tiny nightie and try to find a way to get me "up." Then she slid off of the bed and said "I'll just check on him and see if I could sneak a peek at him"

Then she slid on her almost see through nightie and walk towards her door. I panicked and flew onto my bed. My blanket was on the other side of my bed and I had nothing to cover up with so I just laid there completely naked and as still as I could as I closed my eyes as I heard the door open.

When my mom opened the door I heard her gasp as she looked at me naked on my bed. I had to force myself to keep my eyes closed, because I wanted to look at her body so bad.

I never really thought about my mom in a sexual manner until now and I wanted to just jump up and command her to do my bidding but I froze up instead.

Mom walked up t my bed and sat next to me. I heard her say "Look he's naked and ready for me."

Then Dad said lowly "Well whore, Do you really think you could handle all of that fat cock?" and she replied "well lets see, shall we?"

Then Mom moved in closer and ran her fingernail across the head of my cock. My cock twitched violently and hardened even more. Then Dad walked over to the bed and said "Now put my cock in your mouth while you play with your boys cock" she said "well he is over eight-teen so he's another man in this house now."

Then Dad told her to lean over and give his cock a good morning kiss. So she grabbed my hard cock and leaned in and kissed the head of my cock. I twitched involuntarily, forcing my cock against my own Mom's puckered lips, and letting a low, short moan out. Dad said "MMMMMMM I think he liked that honey. Why don't we try to make a little noise to wake him up?" Mom said ok and she dropped to her knees on the floor next to my bed and said "Put your big cock in my mouth so I can think of how good my little baby is going to taste."

Then Dad grabbed Moms head and slid his cock in her mouth. I heard a muffled groan as she took him in. I turned my head towards them and acted like I was still asleep. Then I cracked my eyes just enough that I could see what they were doing.

Mom was sucking him while he said "MMMMM.... Yeah... Show me how your going to suck him off." Now that drove mom nuts because she was moaning and getting louder. Then Dad said "Now whisper in his ear what you want to do to him."

My mom was my Dads puppet and Mom was loving it.

Then Mom leaned in by my head and said "Baby? Sugar... wake up so I can give you a surprise." Dad was rubbing her pussy and she moved so she was on all fours between my legs, spread out so dad had full access to her pussy.

Then she leaned her head down and slid her tongue up my cock from my balls to the tip of my cock. I couldn't help it and I moaned again but louder this time and pushed my hips up a little and Dad told her to wake me up with a surprise now, So she gently grabbed my cock and put the head in her mouth.

God this was amazing. My Dad was encouraging my mom as she slowly slid her lips farther around my shaft. I moaned again and Dad said "Yeah you slutty whore suck your own son's cock. You've been waiting to do this for a while so make him love it.

Then Dad said "Suck your baby while I fuck your hot, tight pussy" Then Dad put his cock to her pussy and pushed in. Then she started going down on my cock slowly. Then I slid my hands down by her head and wove my fingertips through her hair and gently clenched my fist.

Mom moaned when she realized I was waking up and started sucking me so good and then slid my cock out of her mouth and said "Good morning baby."

I slowly opened my eyes and looked at dad slowly pump my moms wet pussy. There was my own mother, on all fours with her tits slowly swinging to dads rythem, with my cock in her hand only a few inches away from her mouth.

"MMMMMMMMM...Momma that feels so good." Then Dad says "Do you like that?" and I nod yes and then he says "hhhmmmmmm... suck your babies cock you slutty tramp"

Then she opens wide and slides my dick in her mouth. "Oh my god momma, that feels so good. MMMMMM.....oh yeah, do you like it momma?" She lets my cock fall out of her mouth and says "I love sucking your big cock baby but your going to get a lot more than that."

Then Dad stops and pulls out of mom and says "I'm going to sit back and watch for a while so make my boy enjoy himself." Then Mom said "do you like that baby?" I tell her how much I loved it and then she says "Do you want your Dad to watch me fuck you?" I say yes and then she turns away from me and spreads her legs and says "HMMMMM...come fuck mommy and make me come all over your cock."

I get up and look at Dad for his approval and he nods and says "Make her scream for me." Then I slide in behind her and look at my moms pussy and she says "Please fuck mommy now. Ive wanted this for six years and I dont want to wait any more."

I took the head of my cock and rubbed it across her clit. She moaned and then I slid my cock along the whole length of her pussy until I got to her Hot, Wet pussy hole. Then I pressed the head of my cock in her. and she yells "OOOOOHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKK." Then I push in slowly until my cock finally disappears inside of my mother.

Dad moved so he had a better show and mom was going crazy. Telling me to fuck her and how good it felt. I almost came within the first thirty seconds but I forced It off. Dad says "Fuck your mom like the slutty whore she is." I look at him and say "HHmmmmm she's a whore huh? So does that mean that she will fuck and suck me anytime I want?" Mom looks back at me and says "I am a cheap, slutty whore and will do whatever you want me to, and I mean anything." I look at dad and ask "do you care If we share her from now on?" he said that I could do whatever I wanted with her, so I leaned over to her and whispered "Anytime I want you, you better come a running with bells on. I'm going to do so many dirty things to you and I may even recruit help from others."

"Hhhmmmm others too? I could be your slutty, prostitute mom."

I look at dad and say "Would you mind if I let some other guys fuck mom?"

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