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The Wild One


Every guy has had that one girl, the Wild One. The one that you probably still thinking about while fucking your wife twenty years later. The girl that your old buddies say "I wonder what happened to her. Probably ended up in porn or something." Lacey was that girl for me.

We met as freshmen in college. She lived on the floor above me. I was first introduced to her by her roommate, Mary. Mary was a nice girl, relatively quiet, from a well-to-do family. She and I met before school even started, and dated quietly for a couple months before going our separate ways. She didn't want to be sexually active, so we rarely spent time in her room. I think she was afraid I would trick her into bed and take her virginity or something.

Mary's reluctance to engage in coitus was funny when one considered she was forced to live with Lacey. Lacey was also from a well-to-do family, not really rich, just comfortable. She drove a brand new SUV, which was rare for a college freshman, and did not seem wanting for money. She was also built like the proverbial brick shithouse. Eighteen year old girls weren't supposed to have these kinds of curves.

She was tall, 5'9" or 10, and filled her clothing in a way that made men turn their heads when she walked past. She flaunted it too. Tight t-shirts, short shorts and skirts, and sessions in the tanning bed all set off her golden blonde hair, blue eyes, big smile, and 36D's.

She always seemed to have a boyfriend, though none really lasted longer than a month, from what I saw. I never knew why, although the running joke was that she milked them dry, and had to replace them.

When Mary and I went our separate ways, I didn't lose touch with Lacey. We had the same major, and usually ended up in at least one class together a semester. We weren't friends that would sit together in class, but if we saw each other, a smile was exchanged.

After living off campus my sophomore year, I came back on campus for my junior year as a Dorm Advisor. That's the person who breaks up the parties, inspects the rooms for beer, and gives you your damage bills at the end of the year. As I was a fairly tall, well-built guy, I was given the task of policing "the Pit", as the Pittsburgh dormitory, was nicknamed. The building was full of coed, full of freshmen, and fully acknowledged as the worst dorm on campus.

As a DA, I had to be back to school a week early for training. It was strange moving in to an empty dorm. The smell of fresh paint covering BO haunts me to this day, actually.

DA's basically got a full size room to themselves, as well as a private bath. I had just finished unpacking and was under my desk hooking up my computer when I heard a knock at the door. The noise surprised me, and I banged my head hard on the underside of the desk. Rubbing the knot that was beginning to form, I opened the door to reveal Lacey, decked out in a royal blue polo and khaki shorts. None of the shirt's buttons were closed, showing a gap that if she bent over could be promising, and the shirt was tight over her generous tits. The shorts weren't Daisy Duke short, but they weren't exactly board shorts either, and seemed painted on. I'm sure she had shoes on, but my eyes never made it past those long, tan legs to see what they were.

"Hi Derek!" She always sounded perky, but with my head throbbing in pain, it was too much, and I winced a little.

"What's wrong?" She said, her tone switching from "Cheery Barbie" to "Concerned."

"When you knocked I hit my head. Don't worry about it. What are you doing here?"

"I'm your boss, silly."

I looked back at her, slightly confused. My look must have betrayed my thoughts, because Lacey spoke up again.

"I'm in charge of this dorm last year. I was a DA here last year, now I'm the DD, the Dorm Director."

Two D's, like your chest, I thought, but decided not to say it. Instead, I turned on the charm.

"But if you're watching me, who's watching you?" I asked, turning towards the room to make sure I didn't leave anything incriminating out.

"I don't need watching" she said, taking my breaking of eye contact as an invitation and flopped down on my bed.

"You didn't know I was your DD?" She asked, sitting back provocatively on her elbows.

I shook my head as an answer, taking a seat in my desk chair.

"Hmm, they must have forgotten to tell you. You wouldn't forget me, would you?"

Baby, I pictured you at least once a day all summer, I thought, reminiscing about my inability to get laid in my hometown over the break.

"No, of course not Lacey. How's Mary, by the way?"

"Dunno. We kind of lost touch." She said it with a certain level of disappointment, though I didn't know why.

"That's too bad" I said as one would.

"So, what are you up to now?"

"Just finishing my unpacking. Why?"

"Well, I wanted to loft my bed, and I need a big strong boy to do it."

"Uh-huh. Why are you lofting your bed? Our rooms are plenty big."

"Not big enough to fit my couch without it."

"You need a couch?"

"Uh-huh. Are you gonna help?" "Sure, I guess. Where's your room?"

I spent the rest of the day wrestling her bed-frame into submission, and then helping her carry the couch in from her SUV, which I don't remember being part of the original deal. When it was over, she offered to buy dinner, which consisted of Chinese food delivered to her room. I ended up staying there until bedtime, hoping for an invitation to stay even later, but ending up with only my right hand again.

Our sudden closeness didn't stop me from trying. After a week of training, I made my second attempt, asking her out to a 'formal dinner date,' one that involved reservations and suit jackets and heels and cologne. She accepted, I think as much from lack of choices as anything.

When I met Lacey at her room that night, she looked fantastic. Her blue eyes were set off by the navy blue dress she wore, one that curved down into her cleavage, showing off the even tan she had even in the depths of winter. She looked like someone you would see modeling on TV, not a girl that a loser like me would take out.

I still hadn't managed to acquire a car, so she drove to the nice hibachi place where I had made reservations. I had even offered the host a little extra for a 'private' table, an offer he made sure to collect as soon as Lacey was out of earshot.

Dinner was fantastic. We were both starving, so an appetizer, full meal, and half of dessert later, Lacey finally admitted she was happy I'd asked her out.

"You're so much nicer than most guys I date. You're... considerate."

I smiled, complimenting her, telling her she deserved the best. After seeing some of the meatheads she hung around with, I knew kind words weren't something she necessarily received. After a few more well timed compliments, I saw in her eyes that one of us wasn't sleeping in our bed that night.

After the drive back to the dorm, I led her to her room, which was on the first floor, several below mine. She silently unlocked her door and stepped in, leaving it open as she stepped in.

Taking the invitation, I stepped into her room, closing the door behind me. My coat was still on, and I turned to take if off, making myself comfortable.

I turned around to find I wasn't the only one doing so. Lacey's dress was unzipped, and as I watched, she shimmied out of it, showing me the undergarments she'd worn that night.

"I hope you don't mind" she said, not even looking up at me. "But dresses aren't normally my thing."

"N-no it's fine" I said, loosening my tie with a gulp.

The tall blonde stood up to face me, looking me in the eye as she reached behind her back and unhooked her strapless bra.

"You've been staring at them all night." She said matter-of-factly, as she undid the clasp, holding the bra in place with her other arm.

"Do you want to see them for real?" She asked, her voice a sweet yet sexy purr.

I nodded my response, my eyes locked on her tit-flesh.

She turned away from me, and dropped the bra.

"You're a tease" I responded with, putting a playful edge on my voice.

She giggled and nodded. I could see her fingers playing with what I thought was a nipple, but I was still frozen there, standing there just inside her door.

She bent over now, peeling down the pantyhose that until now had escaped my gaze, leaving her in just a baby-blue thong that clung to her ass.

"I hope you don't mind. I didn't think you'd be seeing them." She said, and I was pleased to hear I'd exceeded her expectations.

"Seeing what?" I responded, knowing the answer.

"My pantyhose, silly. You still haven't earned these boys." She turned to me, holding a breast in each hand, fingers covering the nipples, and jiggled.

My head almost popped off, but I blinked a couple times and it stayed in place.

"I must be awful close though. Would a backrub seal the deal?" I knew it was cliché, but my mind was gelatin, and that was all I could think of.

"It might. But you have to keep your hands to yourself." The last was said with a smile, and she sashayed over to her bed.

"Turn around so I can get comfortable," she said, still holding her massive mammaries in her hands.

I did as told, turning to face the door. After only a few seconds, I received an "Ok" and turned to find Lacey lying on her stomach in the bed, facing me. She was propped up on her elbows, which showed about as much cleavage as I'd been treated to all night.

I unbuttoned my shirt's cuffs and rolled them up, exposing my forearms. I moved behind her, running my finger through her long, blonde hair. Sitting on the bed next to her, I caressed her tan back, starting at her shoulders.

It was definitely the greatest backrub I've ever given, driven by a deep need to fully relax Lacey so that she would be amenable to further activities. I started at the shoulders, working out and down until I hit the top of her panties. From there, I went back to her neck, out each arm, and down her back again, this time doing each leg. By the time I was done, Lacey was cooing and purring along, and I thought I smelled a faint whiff of pussy in the room.

When I finally finished her second foot, I moved back up her body, intending to start on her shoulders. I didn't make it though, as she rolled over onto her back to face me.

"That was incredible," she said, tilting her head to one side, although my vision was immediately drawn to her newly exposed breasts, which I drank in with abandon.

"Do you rub other things that well?" She asked, one finger lazily playing with her right nipple.

I nodded, and she took my hand, pulling me down on top of her. We kissed for the first time, deeply, and soon her tongue entered my mouth, meeting my own in a slow rolling dance.

My hands were busy holding up my weight, but hers slipped to my shirt, unbuttoning it, exposing my bare chest underneath. I had been doing manual labor all summer, and was extremely well-cut at this point, something Lacey quickly pointed out, before leaning in to suck on my nipple.

Her tongue rolled around it a few times, before I put a finger under her chin and lifted it.

"My turn" I whispered, and dove into her chest, worshipping at her udders like a famished calf. I pinched, poked, prodded, licked, suckled, felt and plucked my way all over her perfectly formed bosom, until finally she pulled my chin back up.

"I guess you do" she said, and we kissed again deeply, tasting our own salty sweat on the other's tongue and lips. As we did, I shifted my body so that I was lying beside her, and my hand slipped down her body, to her thong.

I rubbed the edges at first, then dove deeper, intending to cup her quim with my hand. Instead, I found it soaking, and chuckled out "Enjoy the massage, did we?"

"I nearly came" she whispered back, and grabbed my hand, slamming it against her crotch, rubbing it all over, before finally leading it inside her cyan treasure hold.

At this point she released me, allowing my hand to explore on its own. I found her pussy shaven, always a big plus to me, but slightly stubbly. I rubbed it all over, feeling her sticky wetness, before finally settling down to split her pussy lips.

We were still kissing at this point, and as I finally touched her clit, she bit my lip, hard enough that blood was drawn. Realizing she was still close to orgasm, I wasted no time plunging my fingers in, my thumb clamped on her clit.

It took only a minute for her to cum, a small, soundless orgasm that was unrecognizable to anyone not with their hand pressed against her pussy. When she stopped convulsing, Lacey pulled my hand away, then reached down with both hands, removing her last stitch of closing, exposing the wet, sticky pussy that I had so far only felt.

"Now I'm naked, what about you?" I slipped off the bed and stood up, finishing unbuttoning my shirt and sliding it off. I didn't move fast enough for this flaxen goddess, and she grabbed my belt, yanking me to the edge of the bed, before removing my belt, pants, and boxers in one quick yank.

My cock, which had been rockhard since I crossed the threshold to her room, immediately sprang to attention, and was engulfed in Lacey's mouth. She suckled on me for only a moment, before coming up for air and looking me in the eye.

"Return the favor?" She said, still the cheery voice. I nodded, stepping out of my pants, and crawling onto the bed on top of her.

My cock draped in her face, and quickly returned to the warm, wet confines of Lacey's mouth. My mouth was at her other end, blowing lightly on her pussy as my fingers flicked her clit. When she twitched a couple times, I dove in, licking and sucking her pussy lips.

I won't lie and say she had the lips of a virgin. They weren't pornstar disgusting, but they weren't tight either, giving me a little something to chew on as I worked my fingers over her clit, making her cunt rise to meet me.

Despite her earlier orgasm, she came first, a warm wet spasm on my tongue and fingers. I propped myself up as she came down, my cock slipping from her lips for its own safety.

As she caught her breath, I turned around, and lowered myself back onto her, my cock resting against her thigh.

She smiled at me, pulled me in for a kiss, and whispered sweetly "Go ahead, put it in."

I propped up on one elbow to do so, my cock sliding easily into her cunt due to her multiple orgasms. As I buried myself inside her, she let loose a groan of satisfaction, wrapping her legs around me.

I went slowly at first, until she grabbed my ass, yanking me into her, speeding my pace. We fucked faster and harder than I'd ever fucked a girl, and she came at least twice more before I finally plastered her insides with cum, something she'd demanded seconds before her last orgasm hit.

Now at this point, Lacey was the fourth girl I'd had sex with. The first was a one time, mutual cherry popping, that resulted in me cumming on her belly. The second was a college girl home for the summer after my senior year of high school, who'd made me wear a condom every time, which I'd found restricting. The third girl I'd dated after breaking up with Mary, and who'd let me come in her once, something I'd enjoyed, though the joy was short-lived when she immediately went into the bathroom to clean out. After that, we went back to condoms, something I despised.

Therefore, when I pulled out of Lacey, and she reached down and fingered herself, bringing out a dollop of cum to taste, and laying there full of my cum, I was extremely happy. This was on top of the fact I'd just bedded the hottest girl in school, totally sober.

I did sleep in Lacey's room that night, thought she made me sneak out in the morning to 'keep up appearances.' This went on for about two weeks after our freshman residents arrived, before one of my charge's turned me in for having a girl in my room, something I had busted him for a week before.

Though Lacey joked about being my boss, our real boss was a professional staffer who quickly called me into her office about the incident. I refused to name the name of the girl, something Lacey deeply appreciated, and something that probably would have destroyed our budding relationship. The woman who fired me knew it had to be someone in the building though, as all entries and exits were logged.

I was fired for the violation, and had to move back off-campus. Luckily my roommate from freshman and sophomore years hadn't been able to fill my spot, and I moved back into my old room. Nico was a local, and had been able to hook us up with a very nice 3 bedroom house that we split. He was loaded, and actually convinced his parents to buy the house, which he then let me live in for half the rent I really should be paying. The catch was that I pretty much cleaned and maintained the place, but since my mother had forced me to do the same, it was a better deal than anywhere else.

I'd moved back in around the start of October, and now that Halloween was coming, Nico had decided to throw a big Halloween bash. Not wanting to clean up the house after it was trashed by a hundred drunk collegians, I tried to talk him out of it, but when he reminded me what coeds were like on Halloween, I relented.

That year Halloween was actually on a Saturday, so we planned our party on Friday, to beat the crowd. We went all out on decorations, stealing them from at least a dozen different houses to turn our place from a normal college crash pad to a fully haunted house.

Nico and I had both skipped classes on that Friday to decorate, aided by Nico's girlfriend Stacey. Like I said, Nico was local, and he and Stacey had dated since High School. She was a talented dancer, and had decided to go to college at some dance school in NYC. She came home often though, and I was never surprised to see her stumbling around our apartment in the morning in one of Nico's shirts, her cute little ass hanging out the back.

Stacey had always been determined to find me a nice girl, and though I resisted her setting me up with her and Nico's high school friends, she did come in handy when I needed to convince a girl I was a nice guy. She hadn't met Lacey yet, as this was her first visit to our humble abode since the semester started and I had captured that fine blonde specimen.

I was putting up black plastic in the hallway outside my room when I heard my cell phone ring. Picking it up, I saw a text from Lacey, wondering where I was. I checked the time, and realized I'd forgotten to mention my plan to not attend classes that day. In fact, I saw I should be joining her in my second class of the day. Sending her a message back that I was decorating, I put the phone in my pocket, I stepped back into the hallway.

It immediately buzzed again, and I was just opening it when Stacey walked past.

"Ooh, Is that Lacey?" She asked. Nosy girl. No wonder Nico never fooled around.

"Yes." I answered, hoping she would let it go, but knowing she wouldn't.

"Why isn't she here?" Stacey had arrived the night before, and hadn't met Lacey yet, to her obvious chagrin.

"She's in class." I finished my response of "You don't have to" to Lacey's message of "Do you want me to come over?" I hadn't even gotten the phone back into my pocket when Lacey replied "I'll take notes for you then!" Even in her texts, she was cheery.

I was just putting the "k" in "Ok" when Stacey snatched the phone from my hands.

Being a dancer, she was quick on her feet, and I had barely taken a step when Nico's door slammed shut in my face. Realizing that any arguing would be fruitless as Stacey always thought she knew what was best, I went back to putting the plastic up, determined to cover Nico's door before she came out.

Several minutes later, I was just measuring the piece to cover the door when it popped open and Stacey reappeared.

"She's on her way" Stacey said, eminently pleased at herself.

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