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The Wild Wife


She was 32 attractive & every bit fuckable. Her age had made her body ripe for sex. She had a body to die for - her big firm round tits seemed to defy gravity, her ass was firm & round, her curves & her long slender legs all of it held promise. But above all it was her nature she was a lusty lady with an unquenchable thirst for sex. This was Anita married to Rony.

Rony was an average guy, with average looks, average income & above all average sex drive. Anita was a teacher. She could teach not only children but also men a thing or two about sex.

Anita always wanted more from life, marriage & Rony. Four years of marriage & she knew she wasn't happy. The urge for more & better sex had begun to lure Anita. Their combined income also was not sufficient to cater to her taste & needs. The whistles, lewd remarks from ogling men had strengthened her belief in how good she looked.

The principal of the school she worked in had made many advances at her. He openly ogled at her, stared at her & fondle at whatever opportunity was presented. But he wasn't alone in his lust for Anita. The watchman & liftman of the building took their chances which life presented them without making it obvious. The occasional opportunities of pressing themselves against her or carrying her bag to her home were never let by. Not to be left behind were neighbours, family friends, Rony's colleague & boss all of whom took liberties in touching & rubbing themselves against Anita.

With every single day she was getting frustrated. It was Friday afternoon she was returning home when suddenly she was halted by a Mercedes which came to abrupt stop in front of her. 'Sameer' also known as Sam - Rony's boss came out. He was also the youngest VP of the company at 27 years & was strikingly handsome man. Like others he too wondered of how lucky Rony is to be able to sleep daily with a goddess called Anita. He offered her lift to her home & she accepted.

Driving was difficult for Sam he could not take his eyes of her beautiful face & lush sinful body. Sam had decided he would bed Anita at whatever cost the moment he set his eyes on her. She had teased him when once they danced together. She had let him feel her breast, tickled his bulge & then withdrew from dance as if nothing happened. His thoughts were broken when she said "That's it. Thank you".

She got out of the car then bend down showing her ample breast & then said "Would you like to come up for a cup of tea?". He accepted & soon they were drinking tea.

Sam decided it was time to make his move "Rony is due for promotion you know"

"Really" she said

"May be you could help" Sam said

She smiled. Sam moved closer to her pusher her on the couch & kissed her.

He was about to execute his dream of having this woman when suddenly she stopped & got up.

"This is going to cost you money" she said

"How much" he uttered in his husky voice

"Fifty thousand & you can have me for three weeks same day, same time" Anita said

He nodded & then grabbed her trying to undo her top.

She pushed him "No money, No Play"

Sam was taken aback by this demand. None the less he got up to leave when on impulse he told her "Come with me". They drove in his car to nearest ATM. As soon as he gave money to her in his car he slid his hand in her blouse & squeezed her breast.

Anita was taken back at this behaviour but could do nothing the deal had been made. He squeezed her all the way to her home. As soon as they entered he tore her clothes & latched himself on her.

"Suck my cock" he ordered after cuddling, kissing & gaping at her for some time.

Anita took his long prick erect in her mouth. She started sucking it soon, he came in her mouth.

"You are a great cock sucking whore" he said with some satisfaction.

He then proceeded to her already wet pussy. Roughly pushing her legs apart he sank his mighty prick into her with a strong push. He was amazed at the tightness of her cunt. Her wailing excited him and he started ramming his cock in and out of her cunt. Alas! he came too soon for Anita. He looked at his watch & remembered he had a meeting to attend. He quickly dressed much to Anita's dismay & bid his goodbye by kissing her pussy. She was left as frustrated & angry at the quick fuck session that happened. She wondered "Why do I always make such mistakes?"

To be continued...

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