tagGroup SexThe Wilde Side Ch. 02

The Wilde Side Ch. 02


Wade backed out of the dressing room slowly, never taking his eyes off of Eve or Dallas. He smiled and licked his moist, swollen lips as he let the curtain fall.

Dallas turned around again and faced Eve saying, "Well, it's what you want isn't it, baby? Hmmm? Tell me I'm wrong. Tell me now you don't want his nice, hard cock up your ass while you're riding me."

Eve watched his face and swooned a bit, was just about to speak when Dallas shook his head and placed his fingers against her lips, "Shhh. Don't say anything, Eve. Just do what I want for the rest of the night and we'll talk about all of it later, OK? Trust me."

Eve nodded her head as he pulled the front of her pants open again and dropped his hand back inside. He swished his fingers around the warm wetness of her cunt and pressed his middle finger on her clit. "Shhh, that's it. Stand still. Don't move. Just feel the hard, constant pressure, baby. Now, just feel me move...and...bend...it...from...side...to...side. Shhh," Dallas whispered into her ear as he firmly moved her clit back and forth. Eve rocked gently against his hand and her orgasm came in slow, voluminous waves that pulsated through her body and washed over his hand. Dallas was perfectly quiet and watched her intently, awestruck by her beauty and the intensity of her passion. Her warm cream covered his fingers again. He gently slid them from inside her and brought them up to her mouth, offering her her own sweet juices. Eve moaned softly and licked each finger clean.

"Come on, baby. Let's go see what toys we want to play with," Dallas said, a big grin lighting up his face.

"OK, Dallas. I submit. You're on. You pick out what you want and I'll do my best to completely turn you on," Eve said as she pulled herself together following Dallas out of the cubicle. They began to cruise the aisles looking for treasure that would appeal to both of them and would actualize their many joint fantasies. Eve hesitated a moment as she passed the dildo section again, making sure the one Wade had selected was indeed to her liking. As she looked closer, she realized the cock he'd chosen really was a patent-pending design and was made of a plastic-like material she'd never seen before.

The shape was realistic for sure; nothing cutting edge about that. However the rubber was completely life-like and looked exactly like real skin. There was a hole in the packaging, enabling the consumer to feel the dildo. She was absolutely amazed! And evidently, it had some sort of built in heating device that worked to keep it at normal body temperature too. So, it felt like real skin, it was the color of real skin and it was the temperature of real skin. She couldn't wait to strap it on.

Dallas watched Eve scrutinize the cock and got hard again. He loved how much she loved wearing a cock. He got so turned on by it because she got so turned on by it. And it suited her. She was this terribly arresting mixture of femininity and masculinity and he was completely captivated by her; under her spell. He'd been unaware of his attraction to, indeed need of, this sensuous mixing of blended genders. Now, after years of having sex with her, he couldn't imagine anything else. It felt so natural and complete to gently swap roles, power, genders and play; he felt transported and transformed by their erotic intimacy.

"Why don't you pick out a few of those?" Dallas suggested. "One that I'll like, one for Wade, one you'd wish was your own and, who knows, maybe one for anyone else who might be joining us."

Eve looked up and smiled, "Another good idea, baby. I guess you boys get the award for having all the good ideas today, huh."

As Eve started taking cocks off the wall, Dallas drifted over to the "restraints" section. He wanted to see what they had for blind folds. His hand was in mid-air when suddenly, "SMACK," an open, cupped palm landed hard against his wrist. "Whoa! What the fuck?" Dallas yelled as the weight of his body was moved back quickly up against the wall.

Wade's hot breath was on his cheek in no time, "Don't bother with any of that shit, man. I've got anything you could ever imagine already stashed in there." He planted his hand hard against Dallas' jaw and wrenched his face around to meet his own. "I've waited a long time for the likes of you two: as in pretty much forever. I've set up a whole zone for us; you'll want for nothing. Let's let her pick out the cocks though because it's so fucking hot to watch her over there and because we're going to personally benefit in the end." With that pun stated, Wade winked at Dallas licking his lips again.

Dallas was beginning to wonder just exactly what it was going to feel like with those lips locked down hard on his cock. On impulse, his hand shot forward and rubbed Wade's crotch. To his surprise, he could feel the rim of the head of Wade's dick, which felt unusually large, through his leather pants. His fingers ran along the outline and down the hard shaft ending at again, an unusually large sack of balls. "Hmmm. What's the expression?" Dallas chuckled. "You're all that and a bag of nuts."

Wade laughed out loud and slapped Dallas on the back. "I like you, Dallas. Yeah. This is gonna be good. Real good. Here, give me a hand with some of this stuff, would you?" With that, he handed Dallas two bottles of red wine and a corkscrew. He then strode over to Eve and gently placed his arm around her waist. "Dallas and I are going to start taking some stuff over. You take your time and we'll be right back, OK? Be thinking about what you might want to eat later; other than each other, that is," he laughed softly and squeezed her closer to him.

"You guys need my help?" Eve asked.

"No, we're good to go this round. We'll be back in a sec. You just stay focused on those cocks and we'll all be just fine," Wade joked.

Eve watched them both walk down the aisle toward a door at the back of the store. She literally shivered with delight as she stared at the pair of fine asses that were soon to be hers. To date, there was no ass that even compared to Dallas' and she'd fucked quite a few. This Wade guy was next in line though and she was hot at the thought! Turning her attention back to the special section of cocks that were custom designed for the clear harness, she began to feel her clit throb as she ran her hand along the available footage.

She and Dallas had really just started to live out their many fantasies. They'd spent years fucking each other with an extraordinary passion infused with imagination and intrigue. They were completely "wild" for each other and had been for as long as she could remember. But it had only been in the last few years that they had actually considered bringing their fantasies to life. They had filled each other's minds with the thought of other people, both men and women, for years; now they were actually about to go through with it!

"Wade thought you might need one of these," a voice whispered quite close to her. Eve turned and saw an extremely attractive, thirty-something, red haired, green eyed woman holding a shopping basket out to her.

"Oh, thanks," Eve said, a little startled by the intrusion into her fantasy world.

"No problem. Wade also said you might want me to help you decide since, if you want me, I'm available to join your afternoon party. My name is Bella," the woman said with a warm, wet smile slowly spreading across her lovely face. She stood about 6' tall, had very long legs and small, pert breasts. Her hair was long and wavy, accentuating her long torso. Eve found herself attempting to quell an immediate desire to run her hands through Bella's hair and feel the softness of her translucent skin.

"Hey Bella, I'm Eve. Sorry I just jumped like that. I was just totally lost in a daydream and sort of forgot where I was," Eve said. Her mind was racing as she spoke to Bella while placing the cocks of her choice in the basket. She was trying to work out whether or not she really wanted the additional company of this strange, new woman. Eve's high level of excitement had been directly related to the fact that she alone had both Wade and Dallas to herself. She wasn't so sure she was in the mood to share; at least not just yet anyway.

"Oh, that's OK. I kind of snuck up on you, I guess. Sorry. Boy, none of us have ever seen Wade Wilde act like he's acting today. He's usually pretty laid back and quiet; doesn't get too involved with the employees or the customers. He's here all the time, don't get me wrong. It's just that he's one of those super detached kind of guys who are really hard to read. But not now! No siree! He's like a kid in a candy store all of a sudden. Are you guys old friends of his or something?" Bella rambled on.

"Yeah, of sorts," Eve said smiling. She'd made up her mind. No Bella; not now. She talked too much and asked too many questions. Eve wanted the exclusive, quiet company of the two reserved and detached men that were waiting for her in "The Wilder Side." "Listen Bella, thanks a lot for your offer. I'm going to take a rain check for a while if you don't mind. I think we all need to catch up for old time's sake, if you get my drift. We've been waiting to see each other for a long time."

"Sure. Sure, I do. No problem, Eve. I'm here all night so you guys just call me on the intercom if you need anything; anything at all," Bella said sweetly as she backed away and began to straighten the display of ankle and wrist cuffs.

"Cool," Eve said as she quickly began to toss in a few sets of cuffs, three sets of nipple clamps and a rather large sized butt plug with what looked like a horse's tail on the other end. She'd always found those rather naughty and felt like today might be a rather naughty day in the end.

She giggled and turned to make her way to the back of the store. "Hey, baby," Dallas whispered into her ear as he wrapped his arms around her waist and ground his semi-hard dick against her wide, full ass. "What kind of treats did you find? How much fun is this, anyway? Carte blanche in probably one of the best sex shops in the country!"

"Oh, no you don't," Eve said as she moved the shopping basket out of sight. "This is full of surprises for later. So, what's it like? Are you guys all set up?"

"Yeah, you're going to love it, baby," Dallas replied. "Let's just say that you and 'ole Wade have a lot in common as far as design aesthetic goes. I had a hard-on the whole time we were over there imagining you." He leaned toward her and kissed her gently on her lips. "Do you feel like sushi tonight? I'm hungry, but not so much and I want something light, you know. I don't want to feel too stuffed."

"Mmm, sounds perfect. You want me to order? Do you know what Wade wants?" Eve asked as she grabbed the basket and began walking to the back door.

"Yeah, I do. I'll order for you? The usual plus a surprise or two?" Dallas asked with a smile. His eyes were twinkling; his excitement was palatable. "Here comes Wade now. He'll take you next door. I'll order the food and be over in a minute."

Eve stopped and turned to Dallas. She placed both hands on his flushed cheeks, brought his face in close to hers and looked deeply into his eyes. She was looking for clues; she'd seen plenty in them before and they often said more than any words he'd ever muttered. Now she saw bonafide excitement, a hard glint of sexual hunger and a healthy measure of fear; a combination that made him irresistibly attractive to her.

She opened her mouth and kissed him fully, her thick tongue rolling around over his tongue, her breath coming in short, quick gasps. Dallas moaned as Eve fucked his mouth with her tongue, her motions mimicking those which she so expertly used while rimming his asshole.

"God, don't stop baby. You make my cock so hard. It feels just like you're fucking my ass with your tongue," Dallas barked hoarsely, his hands covering each of her breasts and pulling on her already erect nipples.

"You two should have a sign tattooed to each of your foreheads - High Voltage - , man," murmured Wade who'd been standing no more than three feet away watching them. "Seriously, the sexual energy coming off of you guys is fucking amazing; addicting."

"Mmm," Eve sighed as she slowly pulled her tongue from Dallas' mouth and bit her bottom lip. "Ouch. Who do I follow?"

"Allow me," chimed in Wade, his arm bent, offering to be her escort next door. Eve stooped down for the basket, looped her arm through his and mouthed a wet, pouty kiss to Dallas as she departed. In one smooth and seamless gesture, Wade extended his other arm and opened the door for her entrance. He bowed slightly as she passed through before him into a darkened room. "Wait here just a sec," Wade said as she heard the soft thud of the door close behind her. "Here. Hold my hand and let me guide you the rest of the way."

Eve opened her hand and held it out from her side and felt it immediately covered by the soft, warmth of Wade's palm. "I love your hands," whispered Wade. "They are strong and powerful and exude a fierce energy." They walked down a dimly lit hallway and stopped in front of a large antique highly glossed painted door. "After you," stated Wade as he again opened the door before them and allowed her to pass through.

Eve stepped into a room resplendent with candlelight, the warmth an enveloping caress. A rich earthy amber scent wafted by and her ears responded to the soft, undulating beat of electronic music. She was at once rooted and transported; she felt at home and like an adventurer about to embark upon an untamed journey. She felt utterly relaxed and strangely disquieted; wholly feminine and completely masculine.

"Witnessing your response assures me of my success," whispered Wade. "No one other than I has ever been in this room before today. It has taken years to unfold. I was never in a hurry though. I always had a sense that it would be finished when you all arrived. My hunch was dead-on, again. Are you thirsty, Eve?"

"Mmm," murmured Eve as she began to slowly move through the thoroughly erotic space he'd created. "Yes, Wade. Please."

The room itself was not overly large; in fact it was rather cozy in dimension measuring about 25' x 30'. The floor was wood with a darkened stain and appeared to be ancient. Scattered upon it were hundreds of pillows, mattresses and daybeds in varying sizes and fabrics. A variety of textures and patterns abounded but the tone was consistent: warm and earthy. The walls were plaster and riddled with small alcoves and shelves. They were painted in faded deep tones and draped with swags of fabric and exotic hangings. The ceiling was extremely high and when Eve looked up, it soared above her, sparkling like the night sky. There was an ornate iron chandelier which hung from its center, laden with illuminated candles.

As Eve's eyes quieted from the visual stimulation of the room's decoration, they were able to begin to take in the vast collection and assortment of erotic art and sexual paraphernalia. The candles from the overhead chandelier cast a warm glow across the low-slung tabletops which were covered with bottles of oils and perfumes. Small pieces of sculpture crafted of metal and clay depicting nudes, couplings and auto-eroticism were everywhere.

Strewn atop the mattresses and daybeds were various pieces of costume hand-crafted in leather and chains. She noticed a particularly beautiful top which rested upon a silk pillow. Somewhat in a trance, she moved toward it and reached to touch it just as she heard Wade say, "Ahhh, I thought you would be drawn to that piece. Lovely, isn't it? And it should fit you perfectly, I believe. As I said earlier, your body type was precisely what I had in mind when I created these. Your glass?"

Eve turned then, accepting the glass, and smiled saying, "Dallas was right. He said I'd love this place; that it looked like something straight from my imagination. It's beautiful, Wade. Thank you for sharing it with us." She raised her glass and was about to toast to their good fortune, when Dallas entered the room.

"Ahhh, so she loves it! Just as I had predicted," he declared as he walked toward them. "Wait for me. I'd like to join you both!"

"Certainly," said Wade as he poured Dallas a glass of wine. "Now to us- to this day finally arriving. May it be blissful and never end."

They all smiled and nodded in unison, taking long pulls on the warm, full-bodied wine. "If you two are agreeable, I have a little something for each of us to swallow with our next sip?" Wade asked with raised eyebrows as looked intently at both Dallas and Eve. With that, he handed them each a small pill and raised his glass once more, "To our journey together. New discoveries!" Another swallow and Eve placed her glass on a nearby table as she lifted the chain and leather top.

"May I?" she asked coyly.

"Oh, please do!" Dallas and Wade exclaimed at exactly the same moment. They all laughed and began to feel a new sense of relaxation moving between them. Dallas took the top from Eve's hand as she began to slowly unbutton the blouse she was wearing. She looked back and forth from Wade to Dallas, her heavy breathing coming more quickly. She shrugged the blouse from her shoulders and stood before both men, her large, wide breasts fully exposed. Her nipples were visibly hardening as they watched. She licked the thumb and forefinger of each hand, slowly beginning to pinch and twist her tits.

"Ahhh," Eve quietly gasped as the bolt from tit to cunt and back again coursed through her body.

Wade opened a drawer in a small console and brought out a pair of nipple clamps. They were striking in their simplicity and elegance; two black rubber tipped clamps held together by a string of delicate freshwater pearls.

"And may I?" he asked quietly, his body leaning toward her, his craving palatable. Eve nodded and Wade handed one clamp to Dallas as they both moved in closer toward her. She could feel their hot, urgent breath wash over her breasts as they bent down and each took the fingers of her hands into their mouths. Eve groaned audibly as they sucked and pulled, their tongues darting down and between each finger.

Her knees almost gave way when they applied their clamps on her nipples. The pressure felt firm and hot, a sensation both repellent and deeply enticing. They both leaned in then and blanketed each nipple with their warm, wet mouths and sucked hard. Eve put a hand on back of each of their heads and pulled them in closer. "Oh fuck! That feels so good. Oh, God, yes. Shit. Harder, please. Both of you suck me harder. Now!" Eve cried out as they rolled her hard nipples between their teeth and bent them back and forth against the metal clamps. "Finger fuck me now, please. God, now!" Eve begged as they sucked harder.

Dallas and Wade in quiet choreography each placed a hand against Eve; Dallas took the front, Wade the back. Dallas quickly unzipped her pants and she stepped wider, placing her feet further apart to give them access to her hot, wanting holes. He rammed his thumb up inside her wet pussy, rocking his hand hard, back and forth against her. Wade spit on his hand, coating both his middle and forefinger, pressing them firmly against her tight asshole, waiting for her to relax and pull him in.

Dallas quickly pulled his thumb out and replaced it with three fingers that rode her G-spot vigorously. Just as he felt her start to take off, he knew that Wade's fingers were lost in her ass because she was bucking hard and starting to scream, "YES! Oh, yes. Fill me up. Fuck me. Both of you, please. Fill me full." As the hot sticky juice from her cunt filled his hand, Dallas could taste the thick, bitter liquid seep from Eve's breast.

"Oh yeah, baby," Dallas whispered. "You're giving both of us all of your sweet nectar. You're coming from your tits and your cunt. Open up your ass wider for him. Come from your ass too, baby."

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