tagIncest/TabooThe Will Ch. 02

The Will Ch. 02


The Will: Days Three and Four

Note from Slickman: Yes, the first two days were mostly teasing and touching and a few of you didn’t like that. But, this story goes for a whole week so relax and enjoy the build up. Make sure you are at least 18 and if you haven’t already done so go back and read “THE WILL”.

It was almost midnight when Tom heard a soft knocking on his door. He looked at the alarm clock on his night stand and slowly moved out of bed. He heard the sound of rain hitting on his patio. The door made a soft rubbing sound against the cold marble floor as it opened slowly enough for him to peek out.

“Tom it’s me.” Ann whispered. He opened the door and let her in.

“We shouldn’t be together.” He said while sticking his head out the door to look into the hallway. He closed the door behind her.

“I know. But, I have to talk to you.” She whispered.

“Out on the patio.” He said suspecting planted microphones in his room.

Ann walked out into the misty rain and stood shivering in her thin nightgown. The rain quickly soaked the white material enough to show the dark shadow of her nipples and the curves of her stomach. Tom closed the patio door and moved close to her.

“I’m afraid.” She whispered. Tom moved over and pulled her body to his.

“Of what? We are safe here.” He said trying to calm her down.

“I’m afraid of what’s happening to us.” She sobbed.

“Nothing is happening to us.”

“Yes. Things are happening to me and I’m sure to you as well. It’s only for a week but will we ever be the same again?”

“Sure we will. Think about what we can do with the money.” He pulled her damp body to his bare chest.

“Money? What about our marriage and our family?” She could feel his hard-on pressing against her stomach.

“We will be fine.” He said doubting his own words. “You better get back to your own room. Just five more days.” He said guiding her into the room and back out into the hallway.

Bill Patton watched as she left. Good. She didn’t eliminate herself. He laughed knowing he had put a microphone and camera on the balcony.

Everyone slept in late the next morning. The rain was still falling so whatever they were to do they had to do it indoors. Breakfast was in the main dining room and as they moved out of the room Bill handed them their next envelope.

“Go to your rooms and open the envelopes.” He said.

Ann move slowly to her room, sat on the bed and stared at the envelope almost ten minutes before she opened it.

“Remove your clothes and put on the terrycloth robe. Go downstairs to the spa and enter the woman’s dressing area. Follow the directions of the attendant.”

Naked again Ann sighed. She took a deep breath and did as the letter said. She met Carol on the way downstairs. Carol was also wearing a robe. Neither said a word as they walked side by side to the spa door.

“After you.” Carol said smiling.

“No please. You first.” Ann insisted.

As the two of them stood there afraid to go in first Jena walked between them and pushed open the door. “Coming in?”

Ann and Carol followed the young girl.

“So what do you think we are all doing here?” Carol asked. So far everything has been related to something sexual. Carol and the other two women wondered if they would be asked to have sex today with another woman or with each other.

“I guess we will find out shortly.” Jena grinned. So far the things she had been asked to do had been fun and enjoyable.

Suddenly the door opened and three black men, Frank, Benito and Savay moved into the room also wearing white robes.

“Good morning ladies.” Frank said smiling. “Please follow us to the next room.” The three men did a military type turn and walked single file into the room where they came from.

Jena led the way and fell in line behind Savay anxious to do whatever they wanted.

“Please choose a table, remove your robe and lie on your back.” Frank said smiling.

Jena quickly stripped off her robe showing everyone her gorgeous body. It was the first time Ann had seen her daughter in quite a while. Her breasts were so firm with zero sag. Ann hesitated as she watched Carol pull the robe off her shoulders.

“Come on Mom.” Jena said seeing her mother hesitate.

“In front of these men?” She said softly. She knew she had to do it but it didn’t make it any easier for her. However, Benito had already seen her naked in the shower the first night.

Ann blushed and turned facing away from the others as she released the tight belt on her robe and pulled it open. It fell at her feet while she turned and climbed up on the table.

“What are you going to do?” Ann asked Benito nervously.

“Don’t worry you will like it.” He smiled. Ann looked at the naked bodies of Jena on one side of her and Carol on the other. She closed her eyes and waited. She had never had a total body massage before.

“Before we start the massage we need to get rid of your pubic hair.” Frank said to all three naked women.

“What?” Ann asked while quickly sitting upward. “My pubic hair?”

“Yes. Don’t worry it will grow back if you don’t like it shaven.” The young man Savay said. He was standing at the foot of Jena’s table and was happy he would shave and massage the girl his own age.

“Please lift your hips so we can slide the towels underneath.” Frank said. He could see Ann’s thighs pressed tightly together to prevent anyone from seeing her vagina.

Tom waited until it was time for him to go downstairs only wearing his robe. His prick was already hard in anticipation of what today would bring. He kept remembering what his sister had said last night when she jerked him off. She wanted him to fuck her.

Tom moved into the men’s dressing area and saw Mark and Jesse standing in robes as well.

“Good morning men.” He said smiling. He noticed the tents in front of their robes as well. Mark and Jesse smiled. The door opened and three black women in robes came in. They told them to follow them into the next room.

“Please remove your robes and lie on your back on a table.” Sati said.

“What are you going to do?” Mark asked nervously fearing that the women were going to do something embarrassing to him in front of his son and brother-in-law.

“First we are to shave off your pubic hair and then give you a total body massage.” Sati said in a factual tone.

“You’re not shaving my pubic hair.” Mark said angrily. “And, what do you mean by “TOTAL”?”

“I think you better do as she says or you will forfeit your portion of the will.” Tom whispered into his brother-in-laws ear. “Of course if you don’t want to do it I’ll be happy to take your portion.”

Mark was visibly upset as the three men took off their robes still sporting erections. “On my back?”

“Yes sir. It’s much easier that way to shave the pubic hairs.” Sati said laughing.

“Unless you want them to shave your ass.” Tom joked while looking at Mark’s small erection. No wonder his sister was so horny. Tom thought. Even Sati had to laugh out loud at that one.

Mark glanced over at his son’s hard-on which beat his by at least three inches. Shit. He realized he was the smallest. He moved up on the table and looked over his stomach to see his prick pointing upward. Why was he so excited? He wondered.

“Please open your legs.” Frank directed to the ladies. He held a canister of shaving cream and a disposable razor as did Benito and Savay.

Savay’s eyes never left Jena’s blonde mound as the young girl’s thighs opened. Her pink slit was covered with delicate golden fuzz. “Please move down on the table so we can reach you.” Benito said while looking up between Ann’s thighs. He tried not to stare at the older woman’s dark pussy as she reluctantly opened her legs.

Carol was very excited showing this man her womanly secrets. She knew her pussy was dripping wet and her clit was very hard. She closed her eyes and felt Frank’s hand softly spread the shaving lotion on her full mound of hair. She moaned slightly when the large man’s fingers gently brushed against her clit peeking outward.

Savay was shy at first as he spread the lotion on Jena’s pussy. His fingers teased as they avoided touching her slit and the hard clit sticking upward wanting his touches. Jena’s hips moved to the side as Savay’s fingers moved close to her pussy. His fingers pushed against her un-violated gash.

Benito smiled seeing the woman’s dampness as his fingers opened the thick bush. The woman was shy but her body was giving herself away. He slowly used the razor to remove the forest of hair and watched as her bare slit glistened with excitement giving away the highly excited level she was at.

Tom tried not to think about what was happening to him and by whom. He closed his eyes as the black woman rubbed the shaving lotion on his lower stomach. His prick was pushing upward towards his face and he knew it was in the woman’s way. Before he could reach down to hold it out of the way the Sati’s fingers enclosed around it. “I hope you don’t mind.” She giggled. Actually Tom did not mind. Sati’s hand moved his prick right, then left, and up and down while he shaved him.

“Hey!” Mark said loudly as the black woman grabbed his small hard-on. He didn’t mind her touching him intimately but not in front of his son. He looked over at Jesse and realized it didn’t matter.

Jesse was happy a cute girl was touching him but knew he wouldn’t last long if she continued to gently squeeze it while she shaved around it. “You better stop.” He whispered to give her a warning.

“Or it may go POP!” Alana laughed at her rhyming reply. She didn’t want him to come just yet so she released her grip and shaved around it as best as she could.

“There.” Benito said to the woman as he removed the last piece of stubble. Ann moved up on her hands and looked over her stomach to see only pink skin above her unprotected pussy slit. She could easily see her hard clit poking its head up out of her damp valley and saw Benito’s eyes taking in all of her secrets now that the protective hair was removed.

“Cool.” Jena said seeing her bald pussy. She had seen a few girls in the school locker room with shaven pussies and was afraid to do it herself.

“I feel like a little girl again.” Carol laughed as she saw her bare lips.

“I wonder what the guys will say at the gym.” Tom asked out loud seeing his shaven stomach. Mark didn’t say a word. He wanted this to be over quickly.

“Please turn over onto your stomachs.” Sati said to the three men.

“Why?” Mark asked. He didn’t trust these women especially with his back turned.

“Just a body massage sir.” Utam answered. Mark turned and looked over his shoulder to see the thin woman pour some type of lotion into her palms. Mark jerked slightly when the woman’s cold fingers moved to the middle of his back. “Please relax sir.” She said feeling the tense muscles.

Tom closed his eyes feeling the woman’s fingers massage his tired body. Sati was a very good masseuse and soon had Tom totally relaxed except for his prick which was still hard under his stomach. Tom tensed slightly as he felt the woman’s fingers move over his buttocks. It felt strange having a woman touch him on his ass. Ann would never touch him down there.

“That feels good.” Jena whispered to Savay as the boy’s hands massaged and caressed her back. “Umm.” She moaned softly feeling the pleasure of the fingers as they moved down over her soft ass cheeks.

Ann tried not to show her pleasure as the man’s experienced fingers moved over her nakedness. She had never had a massage because she was afraid she would have to remove her clothing. Now it didn’t matter since she was bare-ass naked under this man’s control. Her thighs automatically opened when the fingers pushed down between them. She took a deep breath of air when one of the fingers went off course and pushed against her bare pussy lips.

Bill Patton watched the monitor closely as Jena’s legs opened wide enough for him to see her pink virgin slit under her baby smooth ass. He knew the men were supposed to accidentally touch their privates to see what reaction they would receive. He smiled as Savoy’s thin dark fingers moved slowly across Jena’s pink slit. The girl didn’t seem to mind at all.

Carol too was raising her ass to give Frank more room to touch her pussy. She had realized with her brother yesterday that if she wanted the money she would have to do whatever her father had planned for her so she might as well enjoy it.

Ann gasped when the man’s finger invaded her damp well. His finger tip up to the first knuckle moved easily inside her. She glanced to the table next to her to see Jena’s ass sticking upward with the black boy’s hand under her daughter’s ass. Ann closed her eyes and raised her ass.

Jesse felt the girl’s fingers brush against his balls and figured it was an accident. At least until it happened again and again. Soon Alana’s fingers gently cupped his balls in her small warm lotion-filled fingers. He looked next to him to see the same thing was happening to his Uncle Tom.

Mark tried to keep his thighs tightly together but the woman was too persistent. One of the woman’s hands opened his legs and the other reached up under to caress his balls. Mark turned sharply and looked at her. “Easy.”

“Oh I will be easy.” Utam giggled as she gently rolled his pink eggs in her palm.

“Please turn over onto your backs.” Benito said as he pulled his damp fingers from the woman’s pussy.

Jena smiled at Savay while the boy removed his robe. His chest was void of hair as was his abdomen. His long but narrow black penis jotted outward. Jena smiled.

“The massage on the front will be an oriental massage.” Frank announced as he placed his robe on the chair next to the table.

“What is an oriental massage?” Carol asked excitedly.

“We do not use our hands but we use our bodies.” Benito said as he lathered his naked body with the lotion.

“I don’t understand.” Jena said.

“Let me show you.” Savay replied as he moved his greased body up onto the top of Jena’s. His dark chest lined-up with Jena’s ivory cones which caused their nipples to press together. Savay smiled as he lowered his penis down until it pressed against her shaven stomach. He slid his body upward until the tip of his shaft moved between her creamy orbs and then moved his body down until the tip pressed against her virgin lips.

“Ohh. I like this.” Jena whispered as she slowly opened her legs. Maybe she would finally lose her virginity?

“Me too.” Savay replied. He knew he was not allowed to enter her.

Frank moved his stomach up Carol’s slim body until his long shaft slid between her breasts and the tip of his prick touched her neck. He smiled as he moved it up a little higher until the hard tip pressed against the woman’s lips. Carol’s eyes opened as she opened her mouth and licked the dark mushroom tip.

Benito tried the same thing with Ann but the woman kept her mouth tightly closed and even turned her head. But he knew the woman’s resistance was ebbing away. As he moved his body downward he shifted until his leg was now between the woman’s thighs. Ann’s eyes opened when Benito’s thigh pressed hard against her bald pussy.

“I’m not sure about this.” Mark exclaimed as the woman moved to climb up on top of him. He looked next to him to see the other woman’s body sliding up and down his son’s body. “Jesse. You don’t have to do this.”

“It’s just a massage Dad.” Jesse said looking over at the upset man. He felt the girl’s small tits pressing into his prick lying on his stomach.

“Fuck this.” Mark said as he stood up from the table. “I’m leaving.” He moved over and picked up his robe.

“If you leave the room you are disqualified.” Utam said. Mark looked at his brother-in-law who was smiling as the naked woman moved up and down his body. No fucking way you are getting my share. Mark thought as he moved back up on the table. Besides he could just close his eyes and pretend he was alone with the woman.

Utam wanted to show the man how much pleasure he could receive. She noticed the man still had a hard-on as she lowered her damp pussy down to his small but hard rod. She moved slowly up and down to give him the greatest pleasure. She heard a small moan from Mark’s throat and knew she had him. Utam reached up under her stomach and curled her hand around his prick. She slowly lowered her pussy until the tip of his penis was inside her warm hole. “OH PLEASE.” Mark begged wanting to sink the whole five inches inside. But, she would only allow the tip to enter. She squeezed her pussy walls as if she was sucking on the tip.

“OH SHIT!” Mark yelled as he felt his damn burst.

Ann was almost there when the man’s fingers moved down between their bodies to touch her pussy. “Ohh yes.” She moaned. She didn’t realize he was pushing the tip of his cock into her until he pulled it slowly out and then back in. But only the tip. He was fucking her with only the crown. She wanted more as she grabbed his ass and pulled. But he was too strong and knew the boss was watching. She climaxed as his fingers flicked against her clit and the huge crown sat at the gate to paradise.

Jena felt the boy’s fingers move over her clit and she pushed her own hand up under her his hard shaft. The two of them looked into each others eyes as she aimed his prick at her virgin hole. Savay was strong enough to prevent his tip from breaking through as he rubbed it up and down her pink slit. Their body movements brought each other to mutual explosions.

Carol never figured being with a strange man would be so exciting. As Frank rubbed his body over hers Carol moved her hands up to caress the man’s back and ass. He sucked on her nipple each time his head moved over her chest. It was Carol who aggressively pulled the man’s mouth down to her own. Her tongue quickly found his as their thighs rubbed against the other one’s crotch. Carol’s eyes opened wide when she felt the tip of his shaft move into her very tight hole. This was it. She thought. She was going to fuck someone other than her husband. Right now the will didn’t come to mind. She wanted it.

“Fuck me.” She whispered into his ear. Frank mustered up all the strength he had to not do as she asked. His held the tip inside as he fingered her clit. She came first. “Oh no, I want you inside.” She moaned as her body exploded.

Sati pushed her hot wet pussy onto Tom’s crown and quickly brought Tom off. He was not expecting her to allow even his tip inside. Sati slid off of him and grabbed a towel to clean him up.

The men all moved off the tables and headed for the showers. “If either of you tell what we did today I’ll kill you.” Mark said. Tom wanted to ask him what he thought the women were doing but decided against it. It would probably upset Mark to know a man was sticking the tip of his prick into his wife. It only upset Tom because he wanted to see it happening.

“The secret is safe here.” Tom laughed. “Me too.” Jesse grinned. When they returned to the dressing room they found another envelope on their robes.

“I thought we were finished for today?” Tom said as he opened this up.

“Enjoy your lunch wearing only your robes and then return to the men’s dressing room for additional instructions.”

He folded the envelope and put it in the robe’s pocket. “I guess the day is just starting.”

The men moved out of the dressing room at the same time the women exited from the woman’s dressing room.

“So, how was your morning?” Tom asked grinning.

“Probably the same as yours.” Carol replied to her brother. She glanced ahead to make sure the others were not looking back as she opened her robe to show him her smoothly shaven pussy mound. She winked and looked down at his robe wanting him to do the same.

Tom looked ahead as well as he opened his robe and flashed his sister.

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