tagLoving WivesThe Willing Cuckold Ch. 03

The Willing Cuckold Ch. 03

byMr Robert©

Surprisingly the next week flew by and by the Friday I was quite proud of my progress as Lisa's "headman," even though I was frustrated at not being allowed to make love to her.

John had been phoning Lisa every day giving advice and keeping his control over her.

I got home early from work late Friday afternoon just as Lisa was hanging up the phone.

"That was John," she said, "I've got to get you to do something special for him tonight."


"He wants you to shave me, down there, she indicated looking downwards, he says to make sure it's as soft as a baby's bottom and you are not to be tempted to be first to sample it as that will be his pleasure."

I had always fantasized about Lisa having a shaved pussy and now it would come true but only because her well endowed lover had requested it, and he was making sure I knew that he would be the first to enjoy it.

My heart ached, not for the first time, but I knew that I would do as he said because that was what Lisa wanted.

Later my hands were shaking as I applied the shaving foam to my wife's curly mound. I was terrified that I would cut her but within twenty minutes Lisa's pussy was as bald and smooth as a billiard ball.

It looked so fragile and vulnerable and beautiful.

She lovingly pulled my head to her centre of passion and I couldn't help kissing and rubbing my cheeks and lips all over her soft newly shorn pussy.

I desperately wanted to make love to Lisa that night but she said that we must keep to the rules set by John.

Lisa fell asleep in my arms as I wondered what was in store for her the next day.

John flew in on the morning flight and would be returning home the following day, Sunday, catching the late afternoon plane.

His taxi pulled up outside our house at midday and Lisa gave me a quick kiss before rushing out to join him.

I watched the taxi disappear down the road as I recalled Lisa's last words before she left.

"My darling, I want to thank you for being so good to me and I don't want you worrying about me. I will be home late tomorrow afternoon. Wish me luck."

Shaking with excitement I sat down remembering how only thirty minutes ago I had helped Lisa to dress for her lover, silky knickers, nylon stockings, high heels, a shocking pink nylon under slip, short black skirt and white nylon blouse. I could still smell her heady perfume as if she was still in the room.

I had been unable to resist stroking her pussy, her hairless pussy, through the silky fabric of her sexy knickers knowing that another man would be first to take his pleasure between those wonderful thighs.

The rest of the day was spent working around the house trying not to think of what she and John were doing.

That of course was impossible and my imagination ran riot as I thought of all the ways he would be making love to my darling wife.

I kept telling myself that it was just lust and that it was me that Lisa really loved.

After all it was me who had encouraged her to try sex with another man. I should be hoping that he was giving her what she wanted and needed.

When I finally went to bed I was exhausted and luckily fell asleep within minutes.

The alarm woke me at 8am and the first thing that crossed my mind was that Lisa would be coming home later that day.

It was now 5pm, I was watching at the window hoping to see Lisa's taxi when the phone rang. It was Lisa to explain that she was back in the hotel after seeing John off at the airport and how would I like to drive over there as the room had been paid for till the following morning. "Let's have dinner and spend the night here so that I can show you how much I love you and how much I appreciate having such a wonderful and understanding husband."

"Oh my God, that sounds wonderful, give me ten minutes to grab an overnight bag and I will be with you around six thirty, I love you darling."

After parking the car I entered the foyer of the hotel suddenly realizing that I didn't know the room number or what name it was registered under.

As I tried to think what to do I saw Lisa walking towards me, God she looked so sexy, "Hi darling, right on time, let's take the elevator up to our room where we can relax a little before dinner."

Entering the room my imagination took over, I visualized Lisa and John thrashing about naked on the bed. It was then that I was aware that the bed had been used very recently as the sheets were all rumpled with several damp spots clearly visible.

Lisa saw my reaction and took my hand saying that she thought that I would like to see it as it was and that she wanted me to make love to her now in this bed where only a couple of hours ago she had been fucked by John.

"I've booked a table for 8pm in the restaurant so that gives us just nice time for a little play before showering and dressing for dinner."

"Now, get your clothes off and lie down on the bed so that I can tease and pleasure you."

I quickly did as I was told and climbed on to the bed, immediately I was aware of the cool damp spots beneath my body which reminded me that they were the result of their very recent sexual activity.

Lisa had put on some sexy music and again treated me to a strip tease as she slowly danced around the bed. As she cleverly removed her outer clothing I was soon gazing at her beautiful body clad only in stockings, suspenders, high heels and pair of gossamer thin knickers through which I could see the glistening lips of her hairless pussy.

To say I was excited would be an understatement as Lisa was quick to notice my throbbing little hard-on.

"My, my, someone likes what they see, would you like me to sit on your face?"

"Oh, yyesss please, I just want to serve you and do what ever you want."

As she straddled my head I gazed up at the slippery slightly gaping lips of her pussy through her knickers, then the feeling of intense wet heat as she settled down over my mouth and nose and wiggled her bottom smothering me in the process.

I could only last about a minute of this as I could not breathe. I had to push her off so that she rolled over on to her back. We both started laughing at the same time we were so happy. I quickly pulled a pillow under her bottom propping her up so that I could really get at her pussy. Removing her knickers I proceeded to worship, kissing and licking her for at least half an hour giving her several intense orgasms in the process.

Breathing heavily I got up on my knees and positioned myself ready to insert my aching little cock into Lisa's hot slippery pussy.

"No," Lisa said, "Not till after dinner, I want you to look forward to this as your final reward for being so good to me."

Our meal was delicious and we were soon back in our room where Lisa took me on a trip to paradise.

She teased me as she recounted all the sexy details of what John had done to her and how much she had enjoyed being fucked by his big throbbing cock.

She told me that John had wanted her to stop having sexual intercourse with me for as long as she was in a relationship with him. She refused to agree to that saying she felt that it would be cruel and that she loved me too much to treat me in that way.

The next fifteen years were the most exciting times of our lives with many wonderful adventures.

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