tagLoving WivesThe Willing Cuckold Ch. 05

The Willing Cuckold Ch. 05

byMr Robert©

Lisa's girlfriend Frances was the liaison officer for a private hospitality company that organized functions for Government departments, Universities and such like, where visiting delegations were wined dined and provided with beautiful female company.

Lisa often helped Frances when she was busy or understaffed. Her job usually entailed organizing the escort girls making sure they mixed freely with the guests and that no visitor felt left out.

The escorts were from a high class agency and were hand picked by Frances not only for their looks but also for their ability to converse intellectually.

The girls could make their own arrangements for later but had to mix freely over the evening.

I remember vividly one autumn day when Lisa asked if I could also help at a small reception being held that evening for a delegation from a West African country.

A cocktail waiter had called in sick and as I had experience as a part time barman in my university days, could I possibly help out.

Frances had said that she would make it worth my while and she also said that she had a big surprise for me.

Would I help, well of course I would.

Lisa told me to dress in black trousers, white shirt and black bow tie.

We took a taxi to the reception which was being held as usual in a discreet hospitality suite in a private location.

When we arrived at our destination Frances asked Lisa to give the girls a little talk reminding them of their duties.

She then took me by the hand and walked me into the large reception room which for the moment was empty.

She ran through my duties which included making sure everyone got a drink, washing glasses, tidying up, filling dishes with nuts and crisps etc.

She then told me in a quite firm tone that under no circumstances was I to say that I was married to Lisa.

I must not speak to the girls unless they spoke to me.

I was flabbergasted and was about to say so when she put her fingers to my mouth and said "Just do as you are told."

At that moment Jason the head barman walked in and Lisa introduced us telling Jason that I would be helping him tonight.

I was soon busy preparing for our guests and before I knew it they were arriving en masse.

I served drinks and did everything that Jason asked.

The noise in the room increased as they downed glass after glass of the free booze.

I stood in a corner of the room and for the first time had a chance to survey the scene before me.

The visitors were all male and very black and the girls were being very friendly and laughing at all the jokes being told.

There must have been about twenty of them and their Director was very imposing as he held one small group enchanted as he regaled them with an amusing anecdote.

Later I saw him summon Frances to his side and watched as he pointed over to where Lisa was standing with another group.

Frances walked over to Lisa and spoke to her then taking her by the arm she ushered her over to the Director who welcomed her with a huge smile and kissed her hand.

It was then that Jason asked me to collect the empty glasses and wash them which took some time.

When I got back from the kitchen the first thing I noticed was that the Director had his arm around Lisa's waist and his hand was gently caressing the top of her thigh.

She did not seem to be perturbed so I got a tray of drinks and proceeded to go round all the groups as instructed.

When I got to the group including Lisa and the Director I did not make eye contact with anyone in case I lost the place.

I got back to my table to find that I had a load of glasses and dishes to take to the kitchen for washing. It was quite some time before I got back to my table.

I looked around and noticed that the Director and Lisa were sitting closely and alone.

Then I suddenly realized that he was summoning me over, I nearly tripped as I walked over and asked what I could do for him.

I couldn't believe my ears when he said "Get a bottle of Cognac and two brandy glasses and come with us."

I went over to Jason and told him and he laughed and said that he would have put a bet on the Director making out with the redhead.

He gave me a bottle of Martell and two glasses and told me there was a private room on the first floor where the Director could have privacy.

As I walked back towards Lisa and the Director they got up and walked in front of me his arm around her waist. My eyes were glued to his hand as I watched helplessly as he caressed and squeezed her bottom as they walked in front of me.

As they climbed the stairs I was mesmerised by way my wife's sexy hips swayed appealingly, reacting to the stimulation from the black mans attentions.

This cannot be happening I said to myself, I am walking behind a big black man who is groping my wife and taking her to a private room where he obviously intends to fuck her.

I felt completely helpless, unable to do anything because that would expose the fact that Lisa was my wife. What would everyone think of me.

When we got to the room he told me to put the drink on the coffee table beside a huge bed.

Ignoring me he took Lisa in his arms and kissed her before gently pushing her on to the bed. Not once did Lisa look my way, she completely ignored me.

He then put his hand on my back as we went towards the door, whispering he said "Be a good boy and ask Frances if she has a packet of condoms. Bring them to me as soon as you can."

With that he closed the door and I stood alone shaking in the hallway.

I almost ran down the stairs looking for Frances, I found her in a small office next to the front door.

"What the hell is going on, he's got my wife upstairs in a bedroom and has asked me to ask you for condoms, this is crazy."

"Calm down and control yourself you should be pleased for Lisa.

This is the surprise I promised you.

I thought you would understand and enjoy being present while Lisa has her first black man.

Now take this packet of condoms to him as he instructed you. Then come back here, I want to speak further with you."

With my eyes facing the floor I returned upstairs to the room where my beautiful wife was being seduced by the biggest black man I had ever seen.

I knocked nervously on the door and heard him shout "Come."

I opened the door and as I entered the room he came towards me and took the condoms I glanced beyond him and saw that Lisa was sitting on the bed in her underclothes. He had got her dress off already.

"OK you can go now." he said, pushing me back out of the room.

I returned down stairs to where Frances was waiting for me.

"Go and help Jason clear up everything and serve drinks to anyone still there then wash and tidy up. Then come back here as I want to speak with you."

About one agonizing hour later I finished my duties and returned to the little office where I found Frances sitting in an armchair.

"Stand in front of me." she said and I did as I was told.

"Closer!!" I moved closer until my knees touched hers.

The room was lit by a very weak desk light and it felt very intimate being so close to my wife's beautiful friend.

I nearly jumped as I felt her hand brush up and down the front of my trousers, she was staring at me as she slowly pulled the zip down and slipped her hand inside.

I was frozen to the spot, not a word was spoken as she worked her hand inside my silk boxer shorts and gently squeezed my throbbing little penis.

"You really do have a very small cock, I didn't believe Lisa when she told me you only had three inches, three inches at the most I would reckon, am I right."?

I couldn't speak, my mouth was dry and I could only nod my head, yes.

"Now you are going to stand still while I tell you what is happening upstairs.

His name is Anton and he is Director for International Trade.

I have been Anton's piece of white ass as he refers to it, for nearly a year. He asked me to find someone beautiful for him so I immediately thought of Lisa. I just knew he would love to seduce her and make her crave for his big black cock.

Did I tell you he has a ten inch monster as thick as my wrist.?

That's more than three times longer than your little cock and god knows how many times thicker.

Lisa will never be the same after tonight, but don't worry, she did say you were very good with your mouth and tongue so you will still have a role to play in her sex life."

All the time she kept rubbing my little hard on but as soon as she felt I was about to cum she would stop, starting to play with it again when she knew the crisis was over.

"Did you see anything when you delivered the condoms?"

"Lisa was on the bed without her dress she only had on her bra and panties and her nylons, she didn't look at me."

"That is how he likes his women, he loves fucking them in their silky underwear, he says that when they go home to their husbands they will be reeking of sweat and sexual juices.

"It's now more than an hour since you gave him the condoms so I think it is fair to assume that Lisa will have been well stretched by now.

I will tell you exactly how he has taken her.

After you left the room he would take delight in telling her that the waiter had been ogling her and probably had a hard on going down the stairs.

He would start by making Lisa kneel on the floor to kiss and suck his huge cock, telling her how good she was he would also keep taking it out of her mouth and rubbing it all over her face.

After about ten minutes of this they would both get on to the bed and he would start to prepare her for his big cock, licking her and sliding his fingers in and out of her juicy cunt.

He would most certainly tell her that she had a very tight little pussy but that he was about to turn it into a big juicy cunt that would always need a big black cock to satisfy it.

He will have given her a good deep shafting and I can assure you that your wife will have experienced multiple orgasms, which is something she will crave from now on."

As Frances was speaking the phone on her desk rang.

Answering it, I listened as she nodded her head several times then said "Right away sir, I'll get him to bring them to you now."

Turning to me she said "That was the Director, he wants you to bring him some more condoms and he says he has a job for you."

She handed me a handful of loose condoms and told me to deliver them to him now!!

My mind was racing, I was excited beyond words, Frances had cleverly put into my mind how pleased Lisa would be if I did as I was told and assisted with her seduction.

As I raced up the stairs I was breathless as I knocked on the bedroom door.

There was no command from within so I knocked again.

After a while I heard footsteps and the door was opened slightly, enough for me to see that Anton was naked and covered in perspiration.

I held out the condoms and he took them saying that the others all seemed to burst.

"I want you to do something for me, I want you to stand guard outside the door and make sure that I am not disturbed by any of my staff or anyone else. I should be finished in about half an hour, then I want you to take Mrs G. home safely in a taxi."

With that he tucked a twenty pound note into my shirt pocket and closed the door.

I spent the next hour trying to listen through the door but could only hear muffled sounds and the sustained banging of the headboard against the wall.

My mind was full of sexual scenes trying to imagine what he was doing to my poor wife hoping that he would not hurt her but at the same time I strangely wanted her to enjoy it.

I felt that my heart would burst it was aching so much and I remembered how I had felt that first time Lisa had sex with another man, that awful feeling of sweet torture.

I felt exhausted when after more than an hour the door opened and the Director appeared with Lisa.

She had obviously had too much to drink and was hanging on to him with an adoring look on her beautiful face.

Speaking to me he said.

"Now, take her home to her husband."

Then speaking to Lisa he said " that was one of the most wonderful evenings I have ever had here in the UK, thank you, I will phone you tomorrow, sleep well."

I half carried Lisa down the stairs as her legs could hardly support her, at the bottom we were met by Frances who quickly helped us outside and into the waiting taxi.

On the way home neither of us spoke for several minutes. I cuddled her closely suddenly realizing that she was weeping. "What's wrong darling did he hurt you?"

"Oh no, he was ever so gentle at least till I got used to it, no it's just that I didn't mean for you to get hurt. I didn't know this was going to happen.

Frances only told me when we arrived."

"Me too."

I held her close and kissed her tear stained cheeks. "I love you and your happiness and pleasure is all that I desire. Did you enjoy tonight?"

"Oh yes, once I knew that you were OK with it. He was incredible, so big in all departments and insatiable I just gave in to all my lustful desires it was a wonderful experience."

When we got home we went straight to bed and Lisa told me everything that happened, exactly like I had been told earlier by Frances.

I slid down the bed and kissed her beautiful body

all over, then pushed my face between her legs and slowly ran my nose along her slippery slit. She moved so that I could get my tongue in as deep as possible. As I lapped hungrily at her beautiful pussy I could taste and smell her well fucked cunt and very soon I was swallowing copious amounts of hot semen as she forced it out.

When she finally fell asleep I picked up her knickers and nylons and put them to my nose and inhaled the heady aroma of spunk, piss, perfume and perspiration.

I was intoxicated as before and would be forever more.

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