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The Wind of Change


Note: This short story is a little different to usual things that I write about but it still contains themes of dominance that may not be to everyone's taste.

By way of background I should tell you that Jane and I have remained lifelong friends ever since we were seated next to one another in school. She has been married for some years and a continent divides us but we still keep in touch regularly.

Earlier this year I had an opportunity to spend a couple of days alone with her whilst her husband was at a conference during which time we did have to resort to her storm shelter.

During that enforced confinement she told that she envied me. She confided that she was happy but she described her marriage as "routinely comfortable". I suggested to her that one way to live out her fantasies might be to put them into writing.

She professed to have no writing ability, which is not strictly true, but it prompted me to confess to her that I do write.

She immediately wanted to read something I had written and her excitement when she did so was almost overwhelming. She was a little angry that I had never told her before but, after that, she outlined her own special fantasy.

Darling Jane, this is the result. As we discussed, it is written from the husband's point of view; it is embellished but I hope I have done it justice. You must let me know if you do decide to let him read it and, if all else fails, my other offer will always be open to you...

The Wind of Change

Chapter One

It started with the first hurricane warning of the season. Our neighbour, Vanessa, had lost her husband less than six months previously and inviting her to join us seemed only natural.

Our storm shelter, which doubled as a den, was well appointed and with our daughter away at university we had a spare cot.

In truth, Martin's death had brought me up with a jolt. At just thirty-nine he was two years younger than me and a lot fitter. You just do not expect a guy like that to succumb to a major coronary.

Vanessa took it better than we all feared and, if anything, she seemed to come out of it with a renewed confidence. She was a woman who, in her late thirties, could still turn heads in the street and I noticed how even the younger guys were intrigued by her.

She arrived around nine, armed with a bottle of wine, and my wife, Jane, joked that it was like a pyjama party. All three of us were sporting tee shirts and jogging pants but I could not help but notice that Vanessa had eschewed a bra. As we sat drinking and laughing my eyes flitted to her chest with a guilty frequency.

She was not quite as well endowed as Jane but her breasts seemed amazingly firm and her nipples had an arousing uplift. By contrast she was just a little heavy in the rear but, to my mind, that just made her even more attractive. When she tucked up her legs onto the sofa I felt a familiar stirring.

The plain fact was that, after twenty years of marriage, things were still good between Jane and I but there had been occasions recently when I had struggled to come up to the mark.

After an hour or so the wind began to get up and we retired to bed. We had a double and Vanessa had the single which was afforded some privacy but the simple expedient of pulling across a hospital style curtain.

Normally we would kiss goodnight and settle ourselves but tonight, for the first time in a long while, I prolonged it and kept our mouths gently pressed together. I sensed her surprise and the more so when I worked my hand under her shirt to find its way to her breast.

She froze for a second or two, no doubt conscious of Vanessa just feet away, but I could already feel her nipple responding to my fingertips. Seizing the initiative I began to tug her shirt up over her head even though I could see her mouthing the word 'No!'

Ignoring her entreaty I took her engorged nipple between my lips and, at the same time, I pushed my hand down inside her track bottoms.

I closed my fingers around the familiar contours of her sex and, to my surprise, I found that she was already becoming aroused.

At that point she put both hands on my shoulders and held me still before she put a finger to her lips and silently shushed me. In the ensuing stillness we could both hear Vanessa's shallow, undisturbed, breathing.

Conspiratorially, she eased herself out of her track bottoms and I needed no encouragement to do the same. Within seconds we were both naked and I reapplied myself to her breasts.

Of late I had needed some encouragement to prime myself but now I spontaneously developed a fierce erection. Jane would have been appalled if she had known that I was, at that moment, fantasising about Vanessa but it was undeniably the case.

With indecent haste I eased myself between her legs and, even though I could tell that she was not entirely ready, I pressed home.

Her hand found my hip signalling me to slow down but I felt a selfish need. Worryingly, I had, once or twice recently, wilted before I had even managed to come but there was no danger of that now.

Jane seemed to resign herself as she closed her eyes and lay back allowing me to pound at her with unaccustomed vigour.

In something less than a minute I felt myself on the brink but then my heart quite literally skipped a beat. I felt the pressure of a hand at the small of my back and then I felt my balls being cupped.

There was no doubting who it was and I frantically looked down at Jane who, with her eyes closed, seemed totally oblivious.

I remained tensed, rooted deep inside, whilst a knowing fingertip teased my perineum.

It was as though a switch had been thrown. I instantly came off the boil but my erection showed no signs of abating. In fact, the idea of Vanessa having hold of me in this way only served to pump me up even further.

After a few seconds her finger slipped away and, almost instinctively, I began to work my hips once more but this time my eagerness was tempered by the warm presence at my back. Vanessa leaned her weight into me dictating a slower pace which drew a dreamy smile of appreciation from Jane.

The urge to look back over my shoulder was almost irresistible but I did not want to break the spell. I could feel that she was naked and the conjured image had me almost breathless.

In reaction, I began to thrust more purposefully but when, a moment or two later, I felt that there was no turning back she intervened again finding the magic spot that held me in check.

Over the next ten minutes or so she must have performed the trick at least half a dozen times and, in terms of personal performance, I was well into uncharted territory.

Jane's eyes remained tightly closed and I strongly suspected that she was living a fantasy of her own but this time the lover of her imagination was far from a disappointment. For the first time in a long time I saw the slightly anguished expression on her face that heralded the onset of her climax.

Feeling triumphant, I began my own race towards the finish line only to be thwarted at the very last. Vanessa stemmed my flow but, at the same time, pressed against me so that I was deep inside as Jane tried to stifle an exultant cry.

She worked herself against me almost painfully as she rode out the waves of pleasure and only when she was completely sated did Vanessa finally relent. She eased back a little enabling me to pick up a slow, purposeful, rhythm.

Jane's astonished look was priceless but her eyes remained resolutely closed as if she feared it was all a dream from which she might suddenly awaken. To my surprise she seemed to find fresh reserves of energy and she began to work with me.

In all our years of marriage it had not occurred to me that she might be capable of so swift a recovery but, there again, I had never put her in a position to demonstrate.

I was fired with a fevered lust that I had not felt since I was a teenager and, with Jane's encouragement, I began to rut with a joyful abandon.

This time Vanessa did not interfere except that, as Jane reached the zenith for a second time, she gently squeezed my sac whilst her thumb teased in a way that I did not wish to contemplate.

The result was a glorious ejaculation that seemed never ending before leaving me totally drained but, even now, my erection did not entirely abate.

Jane looked blissful as she tried to catch her breath and I felt a feeling of excitement tinged with trepidation knowing that, at any moment, she was going to become aware of Vanessa's presence.

With that thought Vanessa placed a hand at my hip and I understood that she wanted me to withdraw. As I did so she took hold of my wilting manhood and drew it back through my legs.

The pressure was insistent, almost painful, but she was doing something astonishing with her fingers. I moved down the bed a little to ease the discomfort but, at the same time, I could feel myself responding to her ministrations.

Within just a few seconds she had coaxed me almost to a state of arousal and I found myself wondering how and where she had garnered this knowledge.

I found myself hovering above Jane's distended sex. It had been a day or two since she had last shaved and the almost indiscernible blonde pinpoints, now slightly damp, caught the subdued light whilst her normally discrete labia lay open in lazy recovery.

To be honest, I am not a fan of oral sex. I perform, reluctantly, from time to time because I know that Jane enjoys it and, in truth, it is the one way recently that she has been assured of an orgasm.

My thoughts turned to ushering Vanessa away altogether before things got out of control but her magical fingers were finding life where none deserved to be whilst, with her free hand, she began to massage the back of my neck.

I had not realized how tense I had become but she eased the tightness to such an extent that I could barely hold my head up. Almost before I was aware I had lolled until my mouth was almost touching Jane's heated sex.

She felt the warmth of my breath and became very still as if she could hardly dare to believe.

I had never done this after making love and I had no wish to start but, just then, Vanessa pulled back on my manhood making me gasp and my mouth was immediately filled with the taste of Jane's wetness.

I tried to pull away but Vanessa's hand at the back of my head kept me in place and something extraordinary was happening down below. I was fully erect once more and her fingers were kneading me with a subtle rippling rhythm.

To my astonishment I realized that I was on the brink of a second climax and I found myself panting for breath much to Jane's delight. She was inspired to do something that she had not done before as slipped her legs over my shoulders and locked her ankles behind my neck.

I thought that I was going to be suffocated and my instinct was to struggle but Vanessa's touch held out the promise of sensations beyond my experience.

All I could do was to try and make Jane relax and, to this end, I reluctantly began to use my tongue. I felt, rather than heard, a deep seated groan of appreciation as I broached the liquid furnace that her sex had become.

For a second or two my stomach felt uneasy but the comingled pool was not quite as bad as I feared. As she grew more excited it was quickly overwhelmed by the more familiar taste of her arousal.

Vanessa seemed attuned to my body in some uncanny way. She was alternately stroking and squeezing and my tongue felt slaved to her touch. Each time she applied a commanding pressure I gasped and found a deeper lodgement.

Jane was in seventh heaven as she clawed the bedclothes in increasing ecstasy. Her body writhed with the effort needed to reach summit for a third time and then my mouth was flooded with her climax.

At the same moment Vanessa held me firmly and, with a final flourish with the pad of her thumb, I felt myself exploding into empty air. It felt as if she was draining me of my life force and, by the time I had begun to recover, she had slipped away behind the curtain.

Chapter Two

The following morning Jane could not keep the smile from her face and it became obvious that she was anxious for Vanessa to leave.

Vanessa, by contrast, acted as though nothing untoward had happened and, like me, she wanted to check out the storm damage. It turned out that our neighbourhood had got off relatively lightly. Some buildings had suffered minor structural damage and a couple of trees had been uprooted.

Unfortunately, one of those trees was a large oak which had shaded the garden of Vanessa's home for generations. It now lay sadly canted against the side of the house which was surrounded with hazard tape.

Vanessa set off to find someone who could let her know when she would be allowed back in and, having assessed that all was well at home, I checked with family members and other neighbours to see if any assistance was needed.

By early evening Vanessa had been given permission to collect some personal belongings but the building was still deemed unsafe for the time being not least because a second storm, albeit of lesser magnitude, was brewing.

It was only natural that we should offer her a second night's accommodation but I was surprised when Jane began preparing the den. The coming storm had not even necessitated a formal warning and would certainly have not been sufficient to drive us to the basement in the normal course of events.

Only slowly did it occur to me that she must have thought that my performance the previous night might have been spurred by the knowledge that Vanessa had been sleeping just feet away. I wondered how she would have reacted if she only knew the full truth of the matter.

As we sat drinking wine and watching television I felt strangely discomfited but at the same time extremely aroused. Once again I was wearing a tee shirt and jogging pants but the girls had opted for pyjama suits and Vanessa's pale gray satin affair was leaving little to the imagination.

In the half light I kept on taking surreptitious glances. She looked totally relaxed and at ease with herself and I was trying to think who she reminded me of when I was the victim of a quirk of fate.

The film about to start on TV was '300'. Jane and I had watched it before with its comic book re-enactment of the Battle of Thermopylae. I did not think that she had enjoyed it and was about to switch channels when she told Vanessa that she had to watch just to see Gerard Butler in the lead role.

Jane very rarely commented on the physical merits of screen actors but, on this occasion, her enthusiasm would have shamed a teenager. Vanessa said that she was happy to watch it and raised an appreciative eyebrow when King Leonidas appeared on the screen.

The strange thing was that the actress that I had been trying to call to mind, for her resemblance to Vanessa, was playing the Queen to Gerard Butler's King. She had obviously appeared in other things but the coincidence was almost spooky.

When the film was over we said our goodnights to Vanessa and, unusually, Jane stripped off before slipping between the sheets. I always slept naked but it had been a long time since I had last undressed to reveal such a fierce erection.

Jane almost licked her lips but I felt guilty knowing that some part of me was hoping for a repeat of the previous night's performance.

The look of lust on her face was something I had not seen for years. I was not fooling myself, I knew that I was not the only man on her mind at that moment, but I was prompted to be daring.

She was surprised when I shimmied up the bed and pinned her arms with my knees offering up my erection to her mouth.

She was not averse to going down on me, in fact on some occasions in the past she had been almost too enthusiastic, but it had to be on her terms. I always had to be on my back so that she could retain control and I was never allowed to finish in her mouth. She insisted that I signalled my climax and then she would finish me with her hand.

Now I was asking her to trust me. I bundled another pillow beneath her head to make her more comfortable and then, after a momentary hesitation, she allowed me in.

I leaned over and took my weight on my arms so that I could look down into her eyes but otherwise I did not move. Denied the use of her hands she used her tongue and lips to great effect and I had to stifle a groan. I could see that she was enjoying the pleasure she brought but I could also sense her uneasiness.

I was so desperate to come but equally I knew that I could not force myself on her. With an effort of will I prepared to withdraw when her eyes suddenly widened. I guessed that she feared that I had gone beyond the point of no return but then her eyes rolled upwards almost disappearing.

Her body stiffened and then relaxed once more. When she finally managed to look at me again there was a questioning look of sheer disbelief on her face but her pupils were so dilated that her blues eyes looked almost black.

She began to suck with renewed vigour and it was only the sudden presence of her knees pressing into my back that alerted me.

I have never fainted, but I came close at moment as I looked back over my shoulder.

Vanessa was kneeling on the bed, serenely naked, with her hand covering Jane's sex. She gave me a knowing smile but she had the look of a surgeon as her fingers probed somewhere deep inside.

Whatever she was doing was driving Jane to a paroxysm. She was whimpering whilst at the same time she took me deeper that she had ever managed before. I could hold back no longer until, that is, Vanessa cradled my sac.

She applied a distinct pressure which held me teetering at the edge and I could not decide whether Jane was imploring me to come or was begging for her own release.

Finally Jane had to set me free as she gasped for breath but, as she did so Vanessa snaked her arm around to take hold of my still rampant erection. She pulled gently and I understood she wanted me to move aside.

I did so a little awkwardly but the shocked look on Jane's face was a picture as she was finally able to confirm what she had already surmised.

Vanessa now had us both poised to explode but her primary focus appeared to be Jane. She was holding me firmly as I stood to the side of the bed but I could see the muscles of her wrist rippling as she appeared to single out a particular spot that was threatening to drive my wife crazy.

Jane whispered the single word "Please..." as if her life depended on it and that was Vanessa's cue to release me altogether.

I thought that my incredulity could be stretched no further but Vanessa was about to disabuse me.

In single fluid movement she adjusted her position and now knelt astride Jane's head facing me at the foot of the bed.

She held herself with the assurance of someone who was perfectly in control and she looked truly beautiful. Her nipples stood proudly engorged betraying her own arousal and I noted the perfect vee of dark hair that delineated her sex.

My erection strained in salute but my fear now was that things would turn ugly. Jane does not have a lesbian bone in her body and had, in the past, expressed her distaste.

Vanessa had badly misjudged but she seemed unperturbed. She still had her hand on Jane's sex but she now used two fingers to gently keep her open whilst a third coaxed her exposed clitoris.

I had never thought in terms of size but Vanessa had brought the delicate bud to a degree of prominence that was a revelation to me. Jane was breathing raggedly and her body was tensed.

Vanessa gauged the moment and then settled herself more fully so that Jane's face all but disappeared. The sight was such that I thought that I would spontaneously erupt. My heart was hammering in my chest but, somehow, time seemed frozen.

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