tagFirst TimeThe Window Ch. 01

The Window Ch. 01


Copyright: This story is a work of fiction. Please don't reproduce this text in whole or in parts without the explicit permission of the author.


And then she was gone; I heard her climb down. I sat there, in a limbo, for a long time. My cock shriveled and sticky; hung on top of my balls. I knew that something very profound had happened to me that afternoon. I knew that a million questions would come to me, why did Madhu do this? Why did I do this? Did I love her? Did she?

But I was too sated to even think about anything for the moment. My breathing was back to normal, though it was still deeper than usual. I knew I had to get up, the doors were open, and my parent would surely come up, when they found the breakfast and lunch untouched. I looked down, at my penis. It had gone where I had never gone before; it had seen from up close, what I had only glimpsed. Envious, I gave it a slight tap with my fingers. It rolled a bit, exposing a skin that was still slick with her and my juices. My fingers, with a mind of their own, slowly rubbed that slick spot. The slickness spread under the manipulation, and I could see it slowly dissolve into the skin – just like a face cream that I used when using my hands. I brought my fingers to my nose – her smell lingered still, a million times more desirable than any face cream.

I thought back, how it all started. It was the Window that led me into this wonderful and confusing world of love, maybe lust. And sex, there was definitely sex. I thought how it had all begun.

The year was 1988. A couple of years back, I had completed my schooling and was selected through very competitive exams to the computer engineering program, in one of the top engineering schools of the country. My parents lived in a large three storied house. The ground-floor (well it is called ground floor in India, while here, it is the first floor) was big, with a large veranda in front, and a backyard.

We were on the ground floor. We had rented out the second floor (well it is called first floor in India) to another family. As long as I could remember, they had been our tenant (the Gupta family), uncle, auntie and Madhu". On the top floor was a single room, and an attached bathroom. We had retained the third floor for ourselves. In fact, that was my room, whenever I was home. My bedroom was downstairs; however, this was my study room, occasional bedroom, and my domain. Well, anyway it was full of books on domain analysis, algorithms, C and other such study material. The way to this top floor was through a stairs. The stairs were at the back of the house, they went along the outer wall of the house at the back, up to the first floor stairwell, and then up to the top floor. There was another stairs at the front. But that led from the garage to Mr. Gupta's floor only.

In 1988, the society in India was not very permissive, no, not like today. We did not have any sex education or anything of that sort. We learnt about sex from the older boys in the neighborhood. Sometimes, they would let us take a peek at some magazine that they had got from god knows where; glossy, smudgy picture of a woman with large pink nipples, the page torn right between her legs. But I knew all about women (and man) from the line diagrams in my biology book. So, at 19, there I was a bit naïve, and a bit of a bookworm.

"I am going up to study," I said, as I climbed up the stairs to the top floor room. There I was, back to meet my parents. It was the spring break, of my 2nd year engineering. My mother was in the kitchen.

"Come down at lunch. I have made your favorite dish. And we have some people over for lunch. So be well-dressed, OK," my mother reminded me.

"OK mother," I said, climbing up the stairs, to go to my room.

The window was just where the stairs reached the first floor landing. I stopped involuntarily, at the landing. The window had wooden doors, with patterns of birds carved in the wood. The window was closed. It had been closed most of the past 3 years since Madhu left, after her marriage. I smiled to myself, remembering those days, when that room used to be Madhu's room, and she used to come up to the window and say ‘good night' to me before closing the windows. Somehow, I was not able to focus on my studies that day, I don't know why, my mind kept wandering back to the days when .... Oh well, I was hungry anyway and it was nearly noon. I decided to go down for lunch. I also remembered we had some guests over for lunch. I took a bath, changed and went down.

From the stairs, I could hear her voice. It was the same voice, the one I had heard 3 years back. I rushed down, taking two steps at a time. The rickety old stairs made a hell of a noise, as I jumped the last 3 steps and ran inside. And there sat Mr Gupta, his wife and .... Madhu! She was as beautiful as ever (.... when did I think of her as beautiful ??? never before..... but she was.....).

Madhu was perhaps older to me by about 5 years. My childhood had been spent playing with her. Being older to me, she had taken me under her wings, well, meaning, she used to boss me around, but was also extremely protective of me. We had grown up together, and 3 years back, when she got married, I was heart-broken. I didn't understand why, except that I wanted the world to end. Anyway, soon thereafter, I was accepted in the Computer Engineering program, I left my town to attend school. I also accepted that Madhu was now married, and gone, like most girls in the world.

And here she was, after 3 years.

"Krish!" she exclaimed. She stood up, left the table, and rushed over to me. I stood rooted, not knowing what to do next, but that decision was taken away from me, as she spread both her hands, and clasped me about my shoulders (... when did I grow so tall...)

"Krishna, you have grown so tall, look Aunty." ( she used to call my mother, aunty...) "3 years ago, he was crying with his head on my shoulders, and look now, I can only put my head on his shoulders," and saying that, she put both her arms around my neck, and put her head on my shoulders. I stood there, straight as a ramrod, my arms spread, not daring to clasp her. And then the moment was gone. My mother was laughing, aunty (her mother) was smiling, and Madhu took hold of my hands and led me to the table.

Well, during the conversations at the table, I learnt that she had come back to visit her parents. In fact, this was the first time after her marriage that she had come to visit her parents. She was different, somehow. She had the same smile, but I thought, her smile never reached her eyes. The same laughter, but when her laughter ended, her eyes didn't retain the sparkle as they used to.

"So, Madhu, how's married life? Why didn't you get your husband along?" I asked her.

"Oh, he wanted to come, but couldn't at the last moment. Had some work," She said. We had retired to my bedroom on the ground floor. Our parents were still at the dining table, talking.

"So, how is married life... come on tell me," I asked.

"Its OK, it's the same as it was here," she said.

"Cannot be," I said. "I am not there; I am here, so how can it be the same?"

She looked at me, and smiled, a sad/ happy smile, and suddenly reached up to pat my cheeks. She was wearing a sari... the traditional dress of most Indian women. She was half reclining on her side, and as she reached up, I saw a glimpse of her blouse ( a short bodice worn with the sari, it usually leaves the midriff bare) and a deep cleavage of her breasts...as the ends of the sari shifted with the movement of her hands. Suddenly uncomfortable, I looked up away, anywhere but at her, and regretted it instantly. I brought my vision back on her, but she had sat up, and had adjusted her sari. We talked, I don't know what and how long. Then it was time for them to go.

I followed them up the stairs, and after saying a hurried "see you later," I continued up the stairs to my room. That afternoon, I could not study at all. I kept thinking about how she had held me, her head on my shoulders; her special aroma, and the deep shadows of her cleavage. It was disturbing to say the least. Anyway, I kept staring at my books, and soon, it was dark outside. I don't know when the clock struck 9 pm, but I heard my mother calling me down for dinner. I went down, had my dinner, and decided that I better spend some serious time finishing my term paper. I told my mother, that I was going up, back to study, and would sleep upstairs.

As I went up the stairs, I saw that the window at the end of the flight of stairs. It was partly open. That was Madhu's room, it had always been Madhu's room, and as long as I remembered, We used to say, "Good Night" to each other through this window. As I reached the end of the stairs, without thinking, I stretched my hands to pull open the wooden doors of the window.... and I stopped.

Madhu was in the room, but she was getting ready to go to bed. She was wearing a loose nightie that reaches down to her ankles. There was nothing indecent about the nightie, except that Madhu was wearing it. That was the first time I had seen her in a nightie (she used to wear frocks to bed earlier). She was facing a mirror, and her back was towards the window. I could see her applying some face cream. I saw her get up. She went to the door of the room, and locked it. Then she hitched up her nightie, up to her waist, and brought her hands down again, and stepped over something... and then she picked up…. her panties! A deep red piece of flimsy nothing that she folded and put in a laundry basket. The she reached for the lights, and the next moment, her room was engulfed in darkness.

I stood rooted to the spot. That glimpse of her milk-white thighs, as she hitched up her nightie had my cock rock-hard in a flash. And then I heard a creek of her bed as she probably lay down on it. I was suddenly very aware of the rickety stairs. I was stuck at the landing. I didn't dare go up or down, I was sure the stairs would creak, and in the dead of the night that noise would be deafening. I stood there for an eternity. Finally, when I was sure that enough time had passed, I crept down slowly, abandoning all hopes of studying that night.

I slept late the next day. As I hovered between sleep and wakefulness, I imagined I heard my parents talking.... my mother was saying, "Mrs. Gupta is so worried about Madhu........xxxzzzzz..... three years since she has been married now......zzzzzzxxxxxzzzzz ..... No kids yet.... xxxxzzzzzxxxx.... Her in-laws have threatened....... xxxxxzzzzzz will not take her back....."

I was suddenly awake. I was not sure what I heard. But my parents heard me get up and asked me to have breakfast.

"You must have studied till late last nigh," my father commented, as he settled into his favorite armchair with the morning newspaper. After finishing breakfast, and morning ablutions, I decided to go to the library. As I was leaving, I heard a voice call me. "Krish" (Madhu used to call me that). Madhu was coming down the stairs at the front of their house. She was wearing a lovely white salwaar (an Indian ladies trouser, worn with a long shirt-like dress) and looking heavenly.

"Where are you off to?" she asked.

"Library," I said.

"OK, I wanted to go to the market too, and see what has changed in the last 3 years."

"Nothing has changed," I said, "Everything is the same."

We walked in silence for a while. Suddenly, she said, "No, everything is not the same. You have changed."

"How have I changed? I am still the same," I protested.

"Well, come on, I was speaking to Lali today, when I went on my morning walk... oh wait, see, earlier, you used to be ready at 6 am every day to go with me, but my first day after 3 years, and you weren't there!" she said.

I protested, wanting to say that I was studying till late, but she stopped me, and continued, "Anyway, as I was saying, I met Lali today morning."

Lali was a next-door girl. One of the many, in the colony. Giggly, precocious…. the usual. Anyway, I didn't have time for Lali, or any of the others. My engineering studies ensured that.

"So what did Lali say?" I asked.

"Well," continued Madhu, "We talked, and I can infer from all her talk that you have changed."

"What?" I exclaimed.

"Well, you have a girl-friend, for one. See, you are so grown up now, and you even have a girl friend," she said, with a smile.

"What did Lali say!" I nearly shouted. I had helped Lali a few times in the past, on a few math problems. Since my admissions to the engineering school, I had become the de-facto math and science problem solver for most of the neighborhood boys and girls, when I came home on vacations.... mostly girls. But girlfriend????

"Well, Lali told me how you two spend time together. I understand that you spend most of your free time with her. And in fact, she was complaining that...."

"Complaining!" I exclaimed.

"…..All you do is talk about math and physics problems," continued Madhu. "You haven't changed at least there, you are still a budhdhoo ( i.e. a fool said in a loving way )"

"So Lali claimed that I was her boyfriend. Wait... wait, let her come up to me with another of her problems, and I'll tell her who her boyfriend is!" I was pretty angry, I don't know why.

"OK, OK, Can't even tease you. Don't get angry, I knew right away that Lali was lying. But do you know, you are quiet a hero for the girls," said Madhu, with a twinkle....

"Hero, me???" I said. "But see, if I were a hero, I would get the girl I really want, isn't it."

"So whom do you want?" asked Madhu, "Kamala, or is it Lata, or maybe the new girl, Priya."

"No, none of them, I don't know who Priya is," I said.

"OK, so who?" she asked.

"Wouldn't tell you," I said.

"Wouldn't tell me?" she looked a bit hurt. "Why not? Anyone I know? Come on, I can help you make friends with her."

"She is already my best friend," I couldn't stop myself saying that, and I went red all over.

Madhu looked at me, perhaps she noticed my reddening ears, and smiled and said nothing. We went to the library and the market. We talked about everything, and anything. I don't remember what, but it was like before.... before she was married. We laughed a lot, her smiles and laughter reaching her eyes this time, I noticed. We came back, it was afternoon, and I went up to study.

That night, I purposefully lingered downstairs, after dinner. When it was about 9:30 pm, I told my mother that I was going up, and would probably sleep up in my room. I crept up the stairs, and yes, the window was open and I could see slivers of light coming out of the cracks.

I crept up the stairs, and came up to the partly open windows. I looked inside. The sight was breathtaking. Madhu was wearing a petticoat ( a thin skirt like dress, worn at the waist. A petticoat is usually worn below the sari). She was wearing a bra, and that's all. She was combing her hair at the dressing table. Her back was towards me, she was sitting on a chair. I could clearly see her reflections in the mirror. I felt a powerful stirring and that strange sensation between my legs. The bra that she was wearing was quiet deep at the front. In the mirror, I could see the bra-cups. Full, straining, I could make out an outline of an indentation at the tip of her bra-cup. I saw Madhu look at the window through the mirror, I froze. Could she see me? It was all dark outside, and I was well hidden in the dark. Suddenly, she seemed to come to some decision, and kept the comb down. She reached behind her, and unhooked her bra.

A groan escaped by throat involuntarily. The straps of her bra were loose and open now, the bra clinging on to her body, just at the tips of her breasts. The bra had come undone at the sides. I could see the beginning of the soft swell of her breasts below her armpit, before they vanished into the thin gossamer of her bra. She sat there, like a Venus, and then, slowly using her left hand, she hooked a finger to the front of the bra and pulled slowly.

I could see the curve of her breast emerge as the bra slipped out. The straps fell from her shoulders and suddenly, the bra cup fell off her body. I stopped breathing. Her large breasts were free, as they hung proudly. The tips swollen, like ripe and juicy grapes. Her nipples... I could see them from the side now, and also, a full view in the mirror. They were turned slightly up, surrounded by large circular areola. Her breasts were fair, like the rest of her back. Then, she stood up, and turned towards the window. Her perfect round breasts, with proud upturned nipples were right in front of my eyes. She pulled the string holding her petticoat at her waist, and the petticoat fell around her feet.

She was like a young goddess, slim waist flaring to rounded hips, rounded thigh, with taut skin, neither a mark nor a blemish. Her navel was small and sunken, on her flat stomach ... a perfect hour-glass shape, a houri from the heavens. And below her navel, a sudden expanse of manicured jet black hair, stopping just above the curve of her lower belly. And below those hairs, I could perhaps see a faint dark line camouflaged under the matte of the black hair that vanished between her thighs.

I looked up and got a shock of my life ... her eyes were looking at me, large dark eyes, above a sharp nose, and lips, that usually smiled a lot, but were without any expressions. A perfectly formed oval face framed by her dark cascading hair. A beauty in any language. She did not acknowledge me; perhaps she did not see me. She stood there for a moment, staring ... and an eternity passed. Then she sighed, picked up a nightie that was on the bed, and put it on and switched off the light. I don't remember how long I stood in the dark on the stair-landing. But somehow, I went down, back to my bed and slept like a log.

The next morning, my mother woke me up.

"Krishna, every night you say that you would sleep in your room, but every morning I find you here. Anyway, I am going to the temple with Mrs. Gupta. Stay at home, your father is also going. I have made breakfast for you and lunch too. Eat it when you are hungry."

"Why are you going to the temple so early," I grumbled, as I got up.

"Well, Mrs. Gupta is doing a special ceremony at the temple for Madhu, and we are all going there, you need not come."

"Is Madhu going too?" I asked suddenly interested.

"No," my mother said, "She is upstairs. Take care of her." I heard my parents, and Madhu's drive off. Suddenly excited, I went up the stairs, onto the small veranda that lead up to their house. Madhu was up, wearing the same nightly I saw her in last night (was she naked underneath???). She saw me, and came towards me. "Want some tea, I have made some." She was so nonchalant.

"Where did your and my parents go?" I asked.

"To the temple."

"Why", I persisted.

She looked at me, and then said crossly, "You wouldn't understand. Go and study".

That hurt me. What had I done? Anyway, Madhu had walked inside her bedroom (her bedroom had a door to this veranda too). I went up to study. I didn't understand what had I done to upset her. About an hour later, I heard sounds of steps coming up the stair. Madhu came, carrying a cup of tea, and some bread.

"Did you have your breakfast, I don't think so, here take this," she put the tray on my study table. I didn't look at her, but continued to sit on my chair, with my heads down. I stared at the page, which I had been staring at for the past 30 minutes. Suddenly, I felt her hands ruffle my hair, "Still angry with me?"

"No," I shook my head.

"So, what time did you go up to study last night," she asked. I was taken a-back by that question, and she saw the surprise in my eyes.

"I think I heard you go up at about 10 pm." she said, looking straight at me.

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