The Winifred Chronicles Ch. 04


"Maybe gravity would help. Stand up."

I stood at the edge of the bed. Ruthie hung on my neck and pulled herself against me. As she slid down, I positioned my cock so that I'd reenter her. I felt my cock against her cervix. But that's as far as I was going. She was still tense, trying too hard. As she rubbed against me, the buttons on her blouse scratched my belly. "Can you take your blouse off, please?"


"Hey, that's not necessary," complained Stanley.

"It is if you want me to continue. I'm only going to check out Ruthie's cleavage, to get me excited. Her buttons are rough."

"Oh, okay, but that's as far as-"

"We're trying to make a baby here," shouted Ruthie.

Her frustration was showing, and so was her cleavage, which had deepened since last time due to bigger tits. I had to make Ruthie more relaxed. Last time it was warm water and a sudden thrust that broke through.

I noticed that Stanley had opened his zipper, his cock in his hand. Our mating got him so excited, he had to touch himself. Ruthie's back was to her husband. "You know, your husband is a real stand-up guy."

"You're just saying that because he's allowing me to have sex with you."

"No, really, look!" I turned us so she could see Stanley's average sized penis poking out of his pants. "See, Stanley is standing up."

Ruthie snickered. I chuckled back. She giggled a little louder, which provoked me to laugh. Pretty soon, we were both laughing out loud.

"What is it?" Stanley covered his erection with both hands. "Are you two laughing at me?"

Ruthie's muscles had relaxed. That was my opportunity. I pulled her down hard on my cock. Ruthie gasped. The head of my penis passed through her cervix. I was in, the tight grip holding my cock captive.

"Oh God, you did it!" Ruthie kissed me with pent-up passion.

"Hey, no kissing. This is supposed to be just sex."

Ruthie took a break from saliva swapping. "Oh it is." Ruthie swayed side to side, then pressed her groin down to force me deeper. "The hottest sex I've had in a long time. Long and hard."

The massage of the tip of my penis by Ruthie's cervix was outstanding. "I'm really close."

"Good, finish already," said Stanley.

I rubbed Ruthie's ass. "I need something more, something to tip me over."

"Did you say tits?" Ruthie reached behind to undo her bra hook. With her hands occupied, I held her weight.

"No, I said no breasts." Stanley stuck his finger on his glasses and jammed them up his nose. "You don't need to see Ruthie's breasts to-"

"Yes, he does." Ruthie had already tossed the bra over her shoulder.

I appreciated Ruthie's willingness. "I need to see them and suck them and-" I stopped describing and started showing.

Ruthie moaned and writhed against me. "I think I'm ready. Are you ready?"

I pulled away, my teeth scraping a nipple. "Yes, very close."

"We're in the wrong position. All of your sperm will leak out, just like in the shower." Ruthie slipped me her tongue.

She tasted so good, her saliva carbonated. "Good idea. We wouldn't want all this effort to go to waste." I walked up to the bed and slowly lowered us without decoupling.

Ruthie laid, legs wrapped around the backs of my thighs. "I don't know how long I can keep this up. You have to finish me now."

"Now? Right now?" I asked. Her cervix clamped down on the sensitive spot on my cock, just below the head. "But only if you cum too." I was about to blast, but I could still be a gentleman.

"Oh God. Oh God. Make me a baby. Make meeeee-"

I thrust in and out, short strokes, never leaving her womb. If I slipped out, I'd probably wouldn't get back in. I felt her fingertips barely stroke my balls. I pressed forward and splurged hard up into her. "Aggggggh."

Ruthie screamed, "Yessssss."

My balls weren't finished. I thrust again and again, draining my scrotum.

I let my cock stay inside her, plugging her so my sperm had the best chance of hitting one of her fertile eggs. I kept her pelvis tilted as well.

"Is that it? Did you finish?" Stanley stood, his pecker at attention.

"Yes." I'd just cuckolded the young man and felt terrible about it. "I have an idea. Why don't you take my place, and keep Ruthie from losing any ejaculate."

Ruthie smiled at me and nodded to her husband. He threw off his clothes to match his wife's nakedness. He got beside me on the bed.. As I pulled back, I tipped Ruthie's hips so her vagina opening faced the ceiling. Stanley got into position and stuck his prick into his wife. She cooed, as if she was enjoying his average sized dick. In my mind, she was faking.

I scooted off to the master bathroom to wash off my sticky penis and get dressed, confident that I'd delivered a belated wedding present to the young couple. I wondered whatever happened to Sally and the rest of Annie's friends. The possibility of reunions with them stirred my penis.

I decided to leave the happy couple alone, so I bopped downstairs. I tuned the cable box to the Playboy channel. A special, "Where Are They Now?" had just started. The subject: the whereabouts of former supermodels. In the introduction, they flashed pictures of the models they'd researched. And that's when I saw her face, the face from the corridor outside Underwuud Photography. I knew Elizabeth was beautiful, but a supermodel? The narrator said her full name was Elizabeth Harden. My Elizabeth, the one whose husband would pay if I got her pregnant. Evidently she'd given up modeling and married Unger Abel and was an executive in his corporation, focusing on the work of the Abel International Foundation, which funded health initiatives in needy countries. Good for him, I thought. And good for her.

Ruthie and Stanley came downstairs. "We just wanted to say thank you."

"Are you sure you should be standing up so soon?" The possibility that Stanley would let us make it a double-header crossed my mind. His arm firmly around Ruthie's waist told me he wouldn't allow it. I muted the show and met them in the foyer.

"It was nice to see you," I said. See her? I'd impregnated her.

"Same here. I'll let you know how it turns out."

"I think you've just changed our lives." Stanley extended a hand and I shook it.

"Bye, Mr. Marcus." Ruthie pulled away from her husband, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me, tongue and all.

"Ruthie, stop it." Stanley was pissed. He must have thought we were finished.

"I was just thanking him." Ruthie let her hand drag down my chest as she stepped away.

Stanley grunted.

I let them out and went back to the Playboy special. Had I just started a new phase in my sex life, getting women pregnant? Elizabeth would be the second, assuming she'd ask me. And assuming I'd just succeeded with Ruthie. Did I want to go around, making women pregnant? And intentionally? I'd been lucky for so long. Maybe Lore was right about my Lucky Peter.

Dinner the next evening was going to be very interesting.

* * * * * * * * *

### An Original H M Tale ###

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