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The Winners


My wife Sandy was away on a course for a few days and wasn't due to return until Monday, which was just as well as the soccer team I was in were playing in a Cup Final match on Sunday. Okay it wasn't the Premier league just a local team. We had gone the whole season without losing a single match and had already won the league so it was a foregone conclusion that we were going to win and as the captain it was down to me to organise a celebration drink afterwards. As we didn't get much money for our efforts the celebration had to be done on the cheap so I decided to have it at my house. I spent quite a bit on drink and food and luckily because Sandy was away Anne had offered to get it all ready for our return.

Bt 4.45pm on Sunday we were as expected holding the Cup in our muddy hands and dancing with joy, and in the dressing room we had champagne, okay it wasn't champagne just a cheap bubbly but it's the thought that counts.

It was the longest we had ever spent in the dressing room, as we jumped around and sang bawdy songs to our hearts delight, eventually we had all showered, jumped into our cars and set of for my house.

When we arrived Anne was still hard at work, I had already told her that this was a men only gathering so I was surprised that she was still there. The guys grabbed themselves a beer each and plonked themselves down on any available seat or space, I never realised there were so many, with the players, the coaches, the physios, the manager and including me there were twenty of us.

Anne being the only woman was enjoying the attention she was getting, I was just hoping she would leave soon. This wasn't a place for a woman especially as I knew from previous experiences that Anne could be quite a slut when she wanted to be, but even I couldn't imagine her letting twenty guys fuck her silly.

"So darlin' are you the evenings entertainment?" asked George.

"What sort of entertainment are you looking for?" replied Anne seductively.

"Well a striptease sounds pretty good to me," added Ron.

Anne's gaze wandered to the ceiling, she was thinking and that was a bad bad thing.

"How about you let me be your entertainment, I've nothing else to do," she said.

"Yea get 'em off darlin', show us yer tits," yelled Mick.

This was certainly going pear shaped in more ways than one, Anne's husband would kill me if he found out about this, then again maybe Anne was just winding them all up.

"Here's the deal guys, we'll have a game, if I win I select two of you who will give each other a BJ, if I lose then anyone who wants me can have me, whose game?" she said to a very silent room.

The silence seemed to go on forever until George said, "tell us what the game is first and then we'll decide if we want to play."

"Nothing difficult, it's just a word association game, for instance, if I say gold then the next person says a word associated with gold such as ring. Anyone who hesitates or says a word that the others don't think is associated with it are out, also you can't use the same word twice. It's that easy, and the last person left wins."

"Could you leave us a minute please Anne," I asked to give me a chance to dissuade the guys.

Anne walked out the room and up the stairs to the bathroom, once she was out of earshot I tried in vain to talk them out of this silly game, but to no avail, all of them were up for it.

On Anne's return the game commenced, and after twenty minutes twelve of us had already been knocked out including me.

George said, plankton and by the time it got round to Anne she had to associate a word with Octopus and she said testicles.

Ron burst out laughing, "I think you meant tentacles, a Freudian slip I think, and that means you lose Anne, so how many of us can have you?"

"If anyone doesn't want to have their way with me I suggest they retire to the garden, in other words all twenty of you can have their way with me."

The garden remained empty as Anne moved to the centre of the room and did a twirl that made her skirt rise up enough for us all to notice she had no underwear on, the brief glimpse of her bush had got everyone's attention. She unbuttoned her skirt letting it fall to the floor everyone's eyes were popping out of there sockets at the delightful view.

"So guys, is this what you want, you want my pussy, you want to fuck this little hole of mine," said Anne as she slipped one of her fingers into her hole and played with herself.

She removed her finger and looked at it before slipping it into her mouth and sucking her own juices, this was making the guys mad with desire for her.

Button by button she undid her blouse revealing a wonderful pair of tits begging to be released from the restraining bra, and very quickly they were released and they were a sight to behold. She tweaked her nipples until they stood hard and proud and managed to take one of her nipples into her mouth.

"Right guys now its up to you lot to decide who gets me first," said Anne as she laid on the floor and opened her legs wide ready for the onslaught that was to come.

There was a short discussion but Daniel took the initiative while others were debating and whipped all his clothes off and dived between Anne's legs. There was no messing with Daniel his cock hit the spot first time and he was soon pumping away between Anne's legs. While he was fucking Anne all the other guys thought it would be a good idea to get undressed ready to give her one as soon as Daniel had finished. Daniel didn't last long obviously the scene before him was too much and he couldn't control himself. One after the other they took Anne who was having orgasm after orgasm as each cock exploded within her. As the last guy finished fucking her Anne didn't move the sixty-minute fucking had taken its toll, she was exhausted.

"Well I don't know about you lot but I fancy seconds," said Daniel who had now fully recovered.

"I wouldn't bother," said George, you could fit a marrow in her cunt now, it needs to recover," he continued as he laughed.

"Did I mention her cunt, did I, you okay if we do your ass now Ann?" said Daniel not waiting for a reply as he turned Anne over and with the same aplomb slipped his cock into her ass and once again started fucking her.

One after the other the guys took turns fucking Anne up the ass, her orgasms were not as regular as before the constant pummelling of her body was taking its toll.

When the last guy had deposited his load inside her she rolled over and said, "thanks guys that was the longest and the most brilliant I have ever been fucked.

"Well I think its disgusting, Anne I am shocked at you, you've got cum running out of you and making a bloody mess on my carpet and letting all these guys fuck you, its so wrong," said Sandy who suddenly appeared in the room.

"I thought you weren't back until Monday," said John looking rather sheepish.

"So I see," replied Sandy, so this is what you get up to when I'm away," she continued.

Anne made no attempt to hide her modesty as she said to Sandy, "how would you like to lick all this cum out of me, its full of vitamins you know.

"You're kidding right," Sandy replied with a hint of anger.

I walked over to Sandy and took her into the kitchen and spoke a few words with her, she swore at me and then walked back into the living room. She knelt between Anne's legs and for the first time in her life she began licking a woman's cunt, Anne loved it, she was squirming as Sandy's attention brought her once more to an explosive orgasm. Sandy sat up, she had done the deed and cleaned Anne up, Sandy now had cum all around her mouth which she licked clean with her tongue.

"I think Sandy should give Anne a fisting, really finish her off, there's plenty of slack in her pussy now," said the perverted Ron.

"Oh yes, fist me Sandy, see how much I can take, I really want you to," pleaded Anne.

The guys in unison started chanting, fist Anne, fist Anne, fist Anne, Sandy didn't think she had a choice in the matter so she spread Anne's juices over her hand and wrist and began sliding it into Anne's pussy. Anne let out a loud groan as Sandy's arm want in past the wrist and continued going further in, she must have taken all of eight inches, before she asked Sandy to stop and to start pumping her pussy. Anne let out an almighty yell as her best orgasm yet started between her legs and shot through her body until it hit her brain.

By this time all the guys' cocks were rock hard once more and David said, "do we get to fuck Sandy now?"

"No way guys, what do you think I am a slut like Anne, if you want a fuck, fuck her again."

Anne looked towards Sandy and suggested that they give all the guys a blow job, at first Sandy objected until Anne pointed out that she had probably swallowed most of the guys cum already when she licked her out.

Between them they gave all the guys a blowjob, both of their faces had cum running down their chins as they completed the final ones.

The guys left shortly after that, but Anne was curious as to what John had said to make Sandy change her mind, but John wasn't telling.

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