tagInterracial LoveThe Winter of Temptation Ch. 02

The Winter of Temptation Ch. 02


Author's note: Thank you again for reading my story. I've read all the comments that you guys have left, and I've enjoyed hearing what you think. I want to say that I appreciate all the advice, and that one: I would describe in detail what Samantha looks like, and two: I've worked on other things in this chapter. So hopefully you guys will enjoy. Chapter 2 with no further ado The Winter of Temptation chapter: 2


Chapter 2

After he was gone, she stay rooted to the spot he left her. She didn't move until she heard the sound of keys being jiggle in the door. Only then did she hop up, and make a mad dash to her room. She had just made it safely inside when Kristie entered.

"Hey Sam are you sleep?" Kristie shouted from the living room.

Once Samantha had fixed her clothes and wiped away the tears that had slipped down her face unknowingly she walked out of the bedroom, and into the small kitchen to greet Kristie.

"Hey honey, I'm glad to finally see you back home. Did you enjoy your time with Calvin?" Kristie asked dramatically drawing out Calvin's name.

Samantha not trusting her voice yet nodded.

"I cannot tell you how many times Ian's arrogant self-absorbed ass has called." She pushed a fry from her fast food bag into her mouth. "He even called today, earlier. Did you check your messages?" Kristie questioned.

Samantha shook her head "No, I will later though." She reached into the food bag also. "How was class?" She asked shoving a fry into her mouth.

"Same oh same oh." Kristie said shrugging "I just met a new guy though, his name is Steven."

Samantha sat and listened to her friend talk about her new eye candy, smiling here and there. But secretly wanting to weep about what happened between her and Ian.


Back at his place he silently fought himself, and his conscience. "I shouldn't have done those things." He thought

Now every time the thought of Samantha ran through his head he saw the sight of her bountiful chocolate breast, and sopping wet pussy. How it looked for her juices to be coating her thick lips, as well as her intoxicating scent that she emitted. 'Damn,' he thought shaking his head violently. Her moans filled his head, and all he wanted to do was go back over to her apartment and fuck her brains out.

But the problem with that was: one she was his friend, so it wouldn't be a one night stand: and two he had no intentions on ever hurting her for any reason. He was stuck, he didn't know how to move forward.

'Fuck man.'

He laid down on his bed, and closed his eyes. Once again the sight of her beautiful baby face, framed by her ebony shoulder length curls flashed in his mind. Her eyes the color of Chestnuts gazed into his from under her long full lashes, as his hands went up to caress the smooth Mahogany skin of her cheek. While his eye's drifted down past her small button nose to her pouty alluring lips, parted slightly to reveal her perfect gleaming teeth in a smile.

So sweet and succulent he couldn't help, but bring his thumb over to caress their fullness; admiring the small jewels that adorn her bottom lip on both corners. Groaning he bit his bottom lip, and pulled her closer to his body, letting his hand rest on the curve of her hip, as her generous breast crushed against his chest. Her small 5'3 statue fit like a dream against his taller frame, as he cupped her jaw in his strong hands. His blue-green's met her Nut-brown's as he moved the distance to bring their lips together, but before they could connect they were interrupted.

The knocking on the door was like a dash of cold water, as he was forced to give up his incredible day dream. 'Of course it was a dream.'

Grimacing at the door he decided to ignore it, in hopes that they would get the hint, and go away.

"WHAT!?" He yelled, when they persistently kept knocking.

But instead of replying the person open the door, and barged in Maryssa Zamorano.

"Hello Ian, I told your friends that you were expecting me. So they went ahead and let me in." She said, sauntering over to his bed sexily in 4in heel. "I hope you don't mind." She questioned, as she reached the bed and propped her knee on the edge.

He sat up, and the hard on he had been sporting since he left Samantha's apartment was as hard as ever, grabbing Maryssa's attention at once.

"Ohhh. Someone's happy to see me. Very Happy." She cooed.

"Maryssa, it's really not a good time." He said irritated.

Crawling further on the bed, she focused her hungry sight directly on his dick. "Hmm, I think it's the perfect time Ian." She pulled at the sweat pants he lounged in, and his hard 8in's sprung out swiftly.

Her mouth latched on his bobbing dick with no hesitation, forcing a moan from deep within him to surface. "Mmmh." Came her answering moan, as she wrapped her hands around his shaft, gradually working more of his dick into her waiting mouth.

"Stop... Fuck Maryssa. Damn." He gritted trying to restrain himself.

Maryssa began to jerk her hand up and down his dick, simultaneously using her jaw muscles, and tongue to suck and caress the sensitive underside of his head.

Unconsciously he grabbed a fist full of her bottle blond hair, and thrust his dick further into her mouth, while holding her head tightly in his hands. She pushed against his hips, letting him know she couldn't breathe, and so he let go.

She came up gasping, letting a trail of saliva run from his dick to her mouth. Licking the head once more, she smiled around his cock as she jerked him fast, and waited for his explosion.

"Come on baby, give it to me."

Ian felt his balls tighten from her ministrations, and he thrust harder into her mouth. "You're going to swallow every bit." He grunted, and let go deep in her throat; she swallowed obediently.

"Mmmh." She moaned once more, as she licked droplets from her lips. "I hope you got more for me, baby." She whispered, removing her clothes. "You know I love this dick,"

"Maryssa, don't." Ian said, moving to get off the bed. "You're not what I want."

Yet Maryssa halted his actions by straddling his waist. "Oh no, Ian. You know that I'm your favorite, no matter what. So stop playing hard to get." She replied grinding on his hardening cock, reaching over to his night stand; she grabbed a condom.

Ripping it open she rolled it on his dick, and position herself over him before sinking down slowly. Ian watched as his tan dick disappeared inside her, before throwing his head back in pleasure. Samantha dominated his mind, and he found himself pounding Maryssa roughly. She yelped for more, as he flipped her over on her back.

"Samantha." He moaned. Squeezing his eyes closed tightly, he threw Maryssa's legs over his shoulder to get deeper inside her.

Lost in pleasure, Maryssa missed his slip up. As she clawed at his back; loving the pain & pleasure he caused her body.

"I'm so close, baby." She whimpered.

"You're not allowed to come yet." He stated next to her ear as he bent forward, continuing to thrust his hips in a steady rhythm. Her body quivered violently as she tried not to come, clenching his dick tightly.

"Please." She begged.

"Please what?" He asked.

He plunged into her, and held his cock still. "Answer me."

"Let me Cum!" She screamed, as she exploded on his dick.

Pulling his dick out, and spanked her ass hard. "I told you not to cum yet."

He flipped her over on to her knees, and spanked her ass repeatedly. "I hate when I'm not obeyed."

Grabbing her by the hair he pulled, and slammed back inside of her pussy at the same time. Taking his hand he rubbed the redden flesh of her ass, before striking her again. "Never disobey me again." He growled. Pushing her down onto the bed, he pounded in to her deep.

"I'm about to cum baby." He grunted.

Pulling out, he yanked off his condom; covering her back, and ass in cum. Spent, he fell out beside her on the bed, disposed the condom before pushing her away when she tried to get close.

Laughing to herself she got up, and started to get dressed. "You know I'm not Samantha right." She stopped to look over her shoulder. "She may be who you want, but you always have to remember one thing; we don't always get what we want. Until next time, babe."

"You're wrong, Maryssa. I always get what I want." He said as she walked out the door.

Getting up he headed towards the adjacent bathroom to take a much needed shower.


Two days later, Samantha walked up to Calvin's apartment building. Searched for his name on the buzzer, and let him know she was downstairs. Once she was buzzed in she took the stairs up to the 2nd floor, where she was greeted by a laid back Calvin. Dressed in a pair of well-worn jeans, a sexy black long sleeve v neck shirt, and a handsome smile that made the side of his honeyed eyes crinkle.

Taken aback Samantha gaped in awe over how unbelievably sexy this man could be without even trying. So much so she wasn't completely sure she could trust herself to be near him, without wanting to launch her ass in his lap. Mentally she gave herself a little shake, and returned his smile as he ushered her into his warm town loft. As she walked in she surveyed the place once more, still not able to believe how breath taken it was.

His place was very open and spacey, decorated in a simple beige and chocolate brown. The sitting area was in the middle of the entire room facing a giant TV mounted on the brick wall. As she handed Calvin her coat, she remembered how she was the first day she had come to his place. She felt like a fat kid eating cake, browsing through his movie collection and games. But what really made it special for her, was the day after when he wrapped his arm around her and watched her early morning cartoons.

'Who would have thought, we'd have so much in common.' She thought with a smile.

"Hey, what you smiling about?" Calvin asked, reminding her he was in the room.

"Nothing Cal, I was just thinking about the first time I came over here." She said, as she sat on his plush 'probably expensive' couch.

"Ah! You remembering how you squealed like a school girl when you noticed my TV, and collection." Taking a seat beside her, he sat straight up and cleared his throat. "Calving your place is so amazing!" he mimicked.

Punching his shoulder playfully she gave him a playful glare. "I Do Not, sound like that."

"Sorry gorgeous but I'm afraid you do." He said grinning.

"Why you-"She found herself being cut off, by Calvin attacking her with a barrage of playful taps and tickles.

Laughing uncontrollably she tried to gasp for air. "Calvin...Please." She giggled, and he laughed with her, before finally relenting enough for her to breathe. Once she calmed, she realized that Calvin was now silent and staring at her intently with a smile.

'Oh no.'

He leaned forward, and captured her lips in a soft kiss. At first she could only stare wide-eyed and non-respondent, but soon his skillful lips won her over. Causing her eyes to drift close, and her lips to move against his eagerly in acceptance. Calvin kept the kiss simple as he caressed her arm gently, deciding that he would let things flow however they may. Before things could get too heated Samantha pulled back, to stare up at him through lustful eyes. She could tell that Calvin wanted more from the look in his expressive eyes, but like a gentleman he slowly pulled back to sit next to her.

"Wow." He uttered, rubbing his full sexy lips.

Nervously Samantha pulled down her blouse, and giggled. "You took the words right out of my mouth."

He smiled sheepishly, and reached over to move a lock of her ebony curls out of her face. Sharing a mutually pleasant silence, they stared at one another for an additional moment. Samantha was the first to break their spark filled stare, after remembering the main reason she came over to his place.

"Cal, I'm starting to think I can really care about a guy like you. That's why I have to be honest with you, by telling you that the situation with me and Ian is very...Confusing." She looked at him sincerely. "Complicated."

"Do you two have something going on?" He asked.

Samantha shook her head. "No... I don't know, Calvin." She avoided his eyes, making up her mind to tell him a very watered down version of what happen between her and Ian. "The other day Ian came to my apartment and he flipped out on me before he kissed me. Thus turning everything upside down for me."

"Oh, I understand." He replied looking down at his clasped hands. "Your here to tell me you don't think we should see each other?"

Samantha hurriedly said no. "I'm not saying that Calvin, I enjoy spending time with you. I just wanted to be completely honest with you." She put her hand on his. "Ian has been my friend for a long time, cal. so I'm saying that he is in my life as my best friend. Just that, I want all of us to coexist somehow." She gazed at him hopefully. "Is that alright with you?"

Calvin gazed off to think about what she said, knowing that she probably wasn't telling him the complete story. Judging on the other day when he met Ian he knew that Ian was a possessive ego manic that clearly dubbed Samantha as being someone who he owned. But seeing how Samantha seemed to be so innocently clueless to this, Calvin couldn't hold anything against her. 'She came to me and was honest though, she didn't even have to be.' With that thought in mind, he turned to her and grabbed her chin and kissed her. "That's fine by me. Because I can see myself really caring about you as well."

She wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders, and hugged him close; basking in his warm intoxicating scent.


Within the days following the entire incident, neither reached out to each other. Samantha wanted to forget it ever happen, whereas Ian fought with himself on how he felt; and with what he was going to do. Everyone they knew questioned Ian about it, after seeing that they weren't together like they used to be. But Ian only told them that he didn't want to talk about it, so they shouldn't ask. On a Thursday night Ian lounged on the living room couch, engrossed with a game between him, and his friend Andy.

When Andy suddenly asked a burning question that had been eating at him for a while. "Dude do you have a thing for Samantha?"

Ian caught off guard visibly tensed, and turned to Andy; game forgotten. "Why do you want to know?" He asked defensively.

Shrugging Andy placed his remote asides, and lit up a cigarette. "It was just a question, bro. Michael and I both saw her and some dude at the mall, holding hands, kissing and shit." He turned the TV, and turned his attention to it. "Noticed she ain't been here in a while, so I thought we should tell you. That's all." He said in his thick country accent.

"Well that's her." Ian grunted, as he got up and stormed out the front door. The cold winter night air hit him hard, as it blew the tiny white flakes of snow swirling; chilling him quickly. Rushing to his car he got inside then cranked up the car, and reached into the backseat to grab a pullover he left in the car. Irritated, he slipped the pullover over his head, and pulled out his phone. Seeing that he had messages he scan through them, but dismissed them after seeing not a single one came from Samantha.

The urge to text her arose again but he had too much pride, he hated being the one that always reached out. "Damn It, Sammy!" He shouted, missing her presences and the sound of her voice. Feeling as if he needed a drink, he put the car in gear and drove to a bar that he frequented regularly.

Walking into the bar the bartender Kyle took one look at him, and knew that he needed to forget his worries. Without question he placed a bottle of beer on the bar in front of him as Ian took a seat. Looking at the bottle Ian shook his head. "Jack." He grumbled.

"Damn, that bad huh?" he scooted a glass full to Ian.

"Yes it's that fucking bad." He gulped down half the glass.

Kyle topped the glass off once more. "Need to talk about it?" Kyle asked, but after being ignored, he took the hint and walked off.

With nothing but liquor to keep him company Ian knew it would be inevitable for him to stop thinking about her. 'I shouldn't think about her this way. I should just let things go back to normal between us.'

"Fuck." He groaned.

'I have no clue how to turn these feelings off though. I'm terrified of losing her, but I know that if I continue to control, and treat her the way I have been she will still leave.'

"I should just talk to her, and be upfront. After all it's childish of both of us to just ignore each other, and waste time." He mumbled to himself. "I'm not going to put my pride over our friendship."

Feeling a brush against his arm he looked over his shoulder, to see a tall attractive red headed woman walking towards the restroom. She looked at him and winked before turning the corner out of sight. Dismissing her Ian turned back to his drink, to see a folded white slip of paper lying on the bar that had not been there before.

"The hell?" he wondered, picking the note up.

Note: Hey Handsome, I noticed your glumly look. Come to the bathroom, and I'll make sure to do the things she can't.

Throwing his head back he let out a much needed laugh, drawing attention to himself from onlookers. But Ian didn't care as he laughed at the absurdity of the woman, 'Mom was right, laughter is an instant vacation.' Continuing to sip from his drink, moments later he looked up at Kyle to see him nodded towards the bathrooms. Looking over his shoulder he saw the same woman barging out, glaring at him with shocking green eyes. Rushing past him she spit an insult to him before heading to the door.

"Yeah, nice to meet you too sweetheart." he chuckled.

But slowly that laughter died as he felt someone come up on him to his left, looking over he immediately grimaced.

"Hello, to you too Ian." Calvin said, taking the vacant seat next to Ian.

"Is there a reason why you chose to come to this bar out of all the bars in the city, and chose to take a seat next to me out of all the seats in this place?"

Calvin laughed as he listened to Ian blatantly make his dislike evident. "This is purely a coincidence I assure you. I just left Samantha's place, but while we're here we might as well chat." Ian's fist tighten, as he ignored him. "Look, obviously we got off on the wrong foot." Calvin said unfazed. "So if you are willing, I was thinking we could just chill and try to be friends for the sake of Samantha. I mean after all I am getting real close to her, and I'm sure she would appreciate our efforts."

Ian snapped his head towards Calvin. "Are you seriously serious?"

"Why wouldn't I be?" Calvin raised his hand, signaling Kyle to come over. "Look, Samantha wanted me to get along with you. She didn't tell me to come to you, but I know she would like it."

Kyle Appeared. "What can I get you?"

"Scotch & soda." Calvin replied, Kyle nodded and began to make the drink.

Ian sat in silence as he contemplated what Calvin had said to him. Ian knew that Calvin was really doing this to worm his way into Samantha's heart. Although he had made up his mind to go talk to her as a civilized adult, the thought of her going to this man in hopes of them becoming friends pissed him off.

Slamming the glass down, he lost his temper. "You know what? There's something about you that I can't as of yet put my finger on. But nonetheless, I know for a fact that you will not be with Sammy." He stood up, while Calvin remain seated.

"How do you assume this?" Calvin asked. "Last time I checked, she spent the week with me while you on the other hand sat and called her the entire time." Calvin smirked.

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