tagInterracial LoveThe Winter of Temptation Ch. 11

The Winter of Temptation Ch. 11


Author's note: I appreciate all the support, love, and patients you guys, show me. I just wanted to say thank you for sticking with me, through this journey with Samantha & Ian. This isn't the end of the story guys, so don't worry. I have plenty left in store for my favorite couple. Also, some may have not seen my update in my bio, but the reason it took me as long as it did with this chapter is because my grandma died, and I took it very hard, and so did my muse for a while. But I'm back now, and I got you guess a pretty hefty chapter. Any who I love you guys. Til next time.



December 17

Samantha packed the last bit of her accessories and placed it in her suit case. Lifting the oversized bag from the bed, she rolled it across the room. When she reached the door she sat her bag there, and picked up her large winter jacket, and beanie cap. Grabbing her purse from her dresser she then grabbed the suitcase and strolled out of the room, and down the stairs. Reaching the bottom, she went to the kitchen to find her dad.

"Morning daddy." She greeted kissing her father's cheek.

He turned around from the stove to kiss her cheek, and smile. "Morning baby girl." He perused her attire. "Where you headed this early in the morning baby?"

Samantha pursed her lips, taking her time with her reply. She hopped up onto the countertop, allowing her short limbs to dangle. Moving a strand of hair behind her ear she finally looked up to her dad.

"Um, Caroline and I are going on a little trip with the guys this weekend." She replied, rubbing her ear nervously.

She was very aware of the fact that her dad was not a big fan of Ian's. All the more reason why she was very hesitant and afraid of telling him, they had officially become an item. The day that he found out would be very stressful, she already knew. But there was absolutely no way to avoid it, especially with Ian's parents being in on the situation.

"Baby girl, what do you mean? Where y'all planning on going? Does your mom know about this?" He rattled off question after question.

"Yeah! Wait mom didn't tell you about the trip? I told her days ago."

His brows drew together, and Samantha found herself a target of his heated glare.

"No she hadn't told me anything."

Samantha jumped down from the counter. "Daddy, it's not a big deal. We're only going to be gone for the weekend."

Samantha wrapped her arms around his toned waist, placing her head against his heaving chest. "Daddy, I promise we will be okay."

"That's not my only concern, baby." He held her close, and exhaled deeply. "So when will you be back again?

Samantha stepped back, with a laugh. "I'll be back probably on Sunday."

"Bradley, sweetie have you seen my address book?" Belinda strolled into the kitchen.

"No, darling last time I saw your book, it was on the coffee table.

Bradley, turned back to the stove to finish the French toast, sausage, and eggs. He ushered them to take a seat at the kitchen islands, while he made their plates. Samantha took her plate, and sliced into her French toast. Taking a bite, she almost had a mini orgasm. Nothing was better than her father's French toast. She finished her French toast quickly, feeling more hungry than usual. Spooning a fork full of eggs, she brought it to her month. Immediately she felt a wave of nausea hit. Throwing the fork down, Samantha rushed out of her seat to the bathroom, down the hall. Barely making it to the toilet, before the contents she had just eaten came up as bile.

After a full minute of puking her brains out. Samantha came to her feet, and went to the sink to rinse her mouth out. "Ugh." She grimaced. Looking at her reflection, she couldn't help but think, 'what the hell,' worry, began to surface.

"No, oh no, calm down Samantha. You're overreacting. Breathe." 1, 2, 3...inhale. 1, 2, 3...exhale. "You just ate way too fast. That's all." Reaching under the sink she grabbed a spare toothbrush that she knew her mom kept in stock for guest, and brushed her teeth. Taking a moment to regain her composure. She gave herself a final once over before she walked back to the kitchen.

Belinda noticed her first, and gave her a concerned expression. "Baby, you feeling okay?" She placed the back of her palm, against her forehead. "You're not running a fever..." She stated looking her over.

"Ma, I'm okay. I think I just ate my food to fast." She plastered a smile on her face to dispel her mother's worry. "I promise I feel fine."

Turning to Caroline, she realized her friend was giving her the eye. "Morning, to you too babe." She stated, placing her bottom, in Caroline's lap.

"Good morning." She wrapped her arm around Samantha's waist. "You sure you feeling alright?"

Samantha nodded, ignoring the sly look Caroline still wore. "I feel fine. Just probably a little too excited."

Caroline smiled, as she continued to nibble on her sausage. "Yeah me too, I'm ready to see this place."

"You're gonna love it. You got everything packed, already?" Samantha eyed Caroline's plate, and felt her stomach wobble once more. Trying to play it off she took another strip of French toast, and nibbled.

"Yeah I finished earlier, I'm assuming the guys are gonna be here in a bit."

Samantha nodded. "I haven't called Ian yet. But I'm pretty sure he's going to want to get on the road, while they are still clear."

As if they were psychically connected, the doorbell rung, at that exact moment.

"I'll get it." Samantha stated, as she hopped off Caroline's lap, and rushed to the door.

Opening it Ian was standing there with a bouquet of white and lilac Candytufts. He handed her the flowers, and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

"Morning beautiful." He whispered next to her ear as he brought her into his arms for a hug.

"Morning Ian." She exhaled. He pulled back too soon for her, but she realized why once she saw Michael walk through the front door.

"Hey Sam."

"What's up?"

"Nothing." He replied, giving her a hug. "Mmmm...What smells soo delicious?"

"Hey, hey." Ian grunted, pulling Samantha from Michaels embrace.

Michael laughed. "Relax bro, I mean food. I smell food."

"You're such a fatty, Mike." Samantha laughed. "Follow me." She led them to the kitchen.

"Good morning you two." Belinda greeted. Bradley gave a curt nod, and Caroline smiled goofily.

"Y'all want breakfast?" Belinda asked.



They answered in unison.

Belinda fixed them both a plate and passed it to them. They began to eat in silence, when Bradley spoke up suddenly.

"Where'd you get those flowers, baby girl?"

Samantha paused, and looked to her dad, who quietly sipped on his coffee. She then looked at Ian, before returning her gaze to her father. "I...umm..."

"I bought those for her sir." Ian spoke up.

Bradley's steel gaze locked onto his. "What would cause you to do such a thing?"

Ian placed his fork on the plate, and leveled his gaze on her father. All was quiet as the two held a stare off, Samantha, as well as everyone else gaze darted back and forth between the two.

"Well, because I thought it would be nice. Plus they, are beautiful, just like her."

Bradley shifted from his lean against the counter as he placed the cup down. "Boy, what kinda g-"

"Ah, that was so sweet of you, Ian." Belinda, interrupted, coming to stand next to Bradley. "Don't you think so darling?" She rubbed his chest, beckoning him to calm down, and look at her.

Finally it worked and his tense body relaxed a fraction. He gazed down at his wife, and gave her a nod, silently letting her know he was once again calm. Yet Belinda stayed by his side, as Bradley grabbed his cup of coffee, and openly glared at Ian.

"So I think we should be heading out." Samantha stated, nervously. She was afraid to look her father's way, and the tension was definitely still present in the room.

"Alright sweetie, come over here and give your mama a hug before you head out."

Samantha got up, looking over at Ian, she could see he was a bit upset so she laid her hand on his. "Can you take my bags to the car?"

Ian smiled. "Of course, you'll be in my car." He got up. "Thanks for the breakfast." He stated before walking out of the room.

Alone with her parents, Samantha fiddled with her hair, and waited to hear it from her dad.

"Samantha Kailee Wilson, what in God's name is that boy up too?"

"Dad don't. I just want to enjoy the holidays, with my family and friends. Please, can we just no do this?"

"She's right, let it be Bradley." Belinda interrupted. "She's a grown woman, let her be."

Bradley looked at his wife, with shock. He wanted to disagree, but Belinda placed her finger over his lip. Looking at Samantha, she smiled. "Go ahead baby girl, be safe."

She kissed her mother's cheek, and hugged her tightly. She looked at her dad, not expecting him to open up his arms for her, yet he did. She sighed in relief, as she hugged him.

"I love you, baby girl."

"I know, daddy. I love you too."

Placing her thick jacket on, she waved, before going out the door.


They were an hour into their 2 hour 45 minute drive to Lanesborough, and Ian could barely keep his gaze away from Samantha. She was sitting quietly, bobbing her head to the radio as she gazed at the snowy scenery that passed by.

He grabbed her hand, causing her. To turn to him, still mouthing the words to her song. When he began to chuckle at her, she couldn't resist, she cocked her head to the side. "What's so funny?"

He turned back to the road, and saw her turn around in her seat to stare at him.

"Why did you, bring me these flowers." She fiddled with the ribbon on the bouquet. "You had to know my dad, would become suspicious. Then you challenge him!?"

Ian shrugged his shoulders. "What was I supposed to do? He asked a question Sammy, I supplied an answer."

"Ian..." She sighed. "You know what I mean."

Ian kept one hand on the wheel, while he moved the other one to her knee. "Listen, I'm sorry. But Samantha what could I have said? Your father will find out sooner or later."

Samantha looked away. "I know. It's just that he's going to be...so difficult."

They were in line at a toll. "Hey." He grabbed her chin. "It's okay. We will get through it." He kissed her lips, and moaned at the sweet taste of the cinnamon sugar still left from the French toast.

Behind them they heard a car honk, and they both laughed. Ian paid the toll and they continued on. The closer they drew near to their destination the more excited Samantha became, she began to inch up in her seat.

"I can't believe I finally get to go."

Ian chuckled. "If I had known you would get this excited I would have took you before now."

"So where are we staying?"

"Baby, it's a surprise. But just know that it's amazing." He said, enthusiastically.

She grinned and turned her attention back towards the window.

Her phone flashed, so she looked down to see it was a text from Caroline.

"Saw your little steamy lip lock. What was that all about!? Hmmm"

Samantha laughed out loud, and replied. "It was nothing."

"Liar. Lol I'm going to get all the dirty details."

"Yea sure. Ian said we're almost there. Aren't you excited?" She questioned to change the subject.

"Hell yeah I'm excited. Excited to finally get off my ass. It's numb."

Samantha couldn't help but laugh.

"Baby, all I hear is Blank spaces. Does your ringtone really have to be Taylor Swift?"

Samantha cut her eye at him. "You know I love Tay Tay, so why you playing?" She replied with sass.

He smirked and shook his head. He knew he had better shut up.


Before long they were pulling up into this wooded area. Where in the distance Samantha could clearly see the snow caped mountains up ahead. She gasped as they pulled up to this beautiful floor to ceiling windowed cabin. With its high beams, and beautiful rustic wood, she could tell it was of modern design. He pulled up and parked inside the two car garage, Michael pulled right along beside him. Cutting the engine, Ian looked over to her, and rubbed her cheek with a smile.

"We're here." He opened the car and got out. Michael meet him around the trunk, they got the luggage out. "The door is unlock babe. Head on inside, we're coming right behind you."

Samantha and Caroline rushed inside. Passing through the laundry room, they entered the living room and swooned. Caroline fell on to the huge sectional, dragging Samantha down with her.

"Oh, its sooo comfy."

Ian walked in carrying an arm full of luggage, one look at them, and he laughed. "Im going to put this up in our room. Be good." He winked at Samantha. "Bro, we're taking upstairs, ya'll got the room down here."

Ian disappeared upstairs, as Michael vanished somewhere in the back of the cabin. Samantha sat up and admire her surroundings once more.

"This is beautiful. I mean look at that view." She pointed towards the huge scenic windows, to the snowy Mountain beyond. "I'm in love."

"Good. That means I've done my job. You want to see our room?" Ian had appeared out of nowhere. She nervously wiped her clammy palms over her jeans, before taking the hand he offered.

Ian led her upstairs. On the top level they came upon a lounging area, complete with a huge flat screen and a beautiful love seat designed for a couple. There was a nice entertainment center that sat in the center of the room, and she became eager to relax in front of it.

"I can't wait to relax in front of that."

"I know what you mean, baby. Check out the fireplace in the corner." Ian pointed to the huge electric fireplace sitting off in the corner. He then grabbed her hand, and pulled her into the master bedroom. As they entered she grinned goofily, and pulled him down to her level. Allowing her to smash her lips into his firm ones. He drove his tongue into her sweet cavern, and captured the gasped that followed. With a ferrous growl, Ian lifted Samantha up off her feet, and backed her into the nearest wall. Feasting from her lips, like a man starved.

"Sammy." Ian moaned. Trying to regain composure, seizing the rapid hardness growing between them. Samantha could not answer him, for she couldn't get enough of his taste. Yet their passion was halted by the clearing if someone's throat.

"Guys! Have you no patience's." Caroline giggled. Michael stood at her side, wearing a grin as well.

Samantha blushed deeply, and pushed against Ian's chest. He dropped her legs, and backed away. Whirling around he gave the laughing pair a glaring eye. Before he could speak, he felt a small gentle hand push him aside.

"Damn it. You and your pop ups Carol." Samantha groaned.

"Oh gosh, Excuse me." She replied, laughing. "There's plenty of time for that you two little freaks."

Ian shook his head, and turned back to her. "Get comfortable, and relax. I'll be back shortly." He pecked her lips.

"Where you going?" She questioned.

"Just going to pick up our passes, when I return, I'm going to take you to pick up some gear. How's that sound?"

She stood on tip toes, bringing her closer to eye level. "That sounds awesome." Kissing him once more, she backed up, and watched him, as he left with Michael in tow.

"Ah you loveable slut." Caroline gushed. She walked over to the massive bed sitting in the center of the room. "I didn't know you were that eager."

Samantha rolled her eyes. "It wasn't like that. We just got a little carried away."

"Of course you did." She sighed. "This is a great place, though. Beautiful."

"I'm so happy you're here, to enjoy it with me." She kicked off her shoes, and flung her jacket over the back of a chair. "You like your room."

"Duh! It's amazing. Besides I get to share it with a hot guy."

"Are you nervous about sharing the same bed as Michael?"

Caroline giggled. "Why would I be? It's not like I've never lain with a man before."

Samantha removed her scarf from around her neck, and threw it into Caroline's face.

"Shut up." She fell into the chair, and threw her legs over the arms "Everyone can't be as bold, and carefree as you Ms. Thang."

"So you're saying you're nervous to sleep with Ian?" Caroline questioned.

Samantha flustered. "No way." She lied.

"You're such a bad liar." She picked. "It's totally obvious that you are Babe."

With a huff, Samantha threw her head back against the chair. "Well what am I supposed to do about it Carol?" She looked to her friend with question. "I've only ever done it once for goodness sake."

"Sweetie, do not overthink it. Just let things naturally happen." She flipped her hair flirtatiously. "You are a passionate ebony goddess, and you have that man wrapped around your finger. So work what your mama gave you, bae."

Samantha stared at her with a blank face. "Oh my god. I'm going to suck." She groaned.

Caroline laughed, and stood up. "You're not. Get up, let's find the kitchen." She pulled Samantha from the chair, and out the door.

Samantha took to the pantry, as Caroline went through the fridge. Samantha set her sights on a jar of Nutella. Suddenly she wanted it with a need so bad she didn't pause to grab a spoon. Opening the jar, she took the seal off and dipped her finger inside. She moaned as the sweetness hit her tongue, almost instantly curing the nagging crave she had acquired.

"Sam, why you so quiet? Do you see-"

Opening the partial door, Caroline caught Samantha red- handed with her had in the jar. "What in the hell?" She said through her laughter, not able to breathe, because all she saw was Samantha's hand, and mouth covered in Nutella. Her eyes were wide with guilt, and embarrassment.

"What!?" She sucked her finger, and shrugged. "I wanted some Nutella."

"Babe, there's a little invention called a spoon, ever heard of one." Caroline picked.

"Oh shut up. Don't make me feel worse than I alrea-"

"Samantha?" Where are you baby?" Ian called out. Before he suddenly, appeared behind Caroline, at the pantry door. He took one look at her, and bellowed.

"What's going on?" Michael asked entering the kitchen.

Samantha felt her blush start at her ears, before it rapidly spread. She closed the lid on the jar, and pushed past three of her favorite dummies. She went to the sink to wash off her hands, and mouth before searching for something to quench her thirst. She found bottled water, taking a swig she took to leaning against the counter, she noticed they were finishing up their laughter at her expense.

"Done?" Her voice was full of sarcasm. For some reason she couldn't stop the small pout that appeared on her face.

"I'm done, baby." He walked over to her. "Come here." He pulled her into his arms. With his index finger he coaxed her face up. "I missed you."

Samantha looked up at him, with skepticism. "Really?" He had been gone less than 15 minutes.

"Yes really." He smirked, placing his forehead against hers. "Did you miss me? Or did Nutella replace me?"

Samantha smacked her lips with a roll of her eyes, she pushed against him. "Whoa... Calm down baby."

Hugging her to him he turned his back against the counter, as he continued to hold her in his arm. "So, are you ready to go shopping?" He grinned, and she could see the crinkles at his eyes. "Isn't that like every woman's favorite word?" He teasingly rubbed his nose, against hers.

Samantha sighed. "Why can't I stay mad at you?" She locked eyes with his beautiful blue ones.

"Because you love me." He stated.

"I do." She replied immediately, with no hesitation. They gazed at each other for a long moment, neither looking away. Samantha stood on her tip toes, while pulling him down to her level. She pushed her lips into his, enjoying the feeling of his body pressed so close to her.

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