tagRomanceThe Wintry Cabin Ch. 04

The Wintry Cabin Ch. 04


I sit back on my feet at look down at your body. Your legs are spread, and your chest rises up and down as you breathe heavily. One of your hands is gently cupping your breast and rubbing and squeezing the nipple. Your other hand rests on your tummy. Your eyes are looking up and into mine, waiting for me, wanting me. I reach out and gently caress your legs through your pants, rubbing along your thighs. I slowly work my way up to the waist line and gently pull it down. I lean down and leave small kisses along your pelvis as your waist line lowers. I move my kisses to the side and follow along your right inner thigh, avoiding your pussy. I keep kissing and pulling down, until I get to your knee, and then I just finish pulling them off and toss them aside. I caress your right leg and slowly kiss my way back up, occasionally biting and nipping at your skin. I can feel your body react a little more in some areas. I try to make a mental note of the extra tender spots along your inner thigh. I keep kissing until I get right between your legs.

I pause for a moment and look at your body. You've closed your eyes and rested your head on the floor now. Both of your hands are on your chest, slowly playing with your nipples, keeping them hard, but not over doing it. I crawl up your body and give you a long, lingering, seductive kiss. Your lips respond, and I gently lift your head up to pull them against mine. When I lower your head back down at the end of the kiss, it rests softly on one of the throw pillows I grabbed from the couch. You smile at me, and I smile back. I kiss my way down your neck, along the valley between your breasts, across your tummy, and down between your legs. I slip my arms under your thighs and gently hold your hips while my fingers tenderly touch and caress your skin. I lean in and slowly lick your lips from bottom to top. I can feel and hear your sigh. I had almost forgotten how long you've been put on hold to take care of my needs first. I'm not going to let your time go to waste.

I start licking all over your pussy on the outside slowly. I clean up the glistening wetness that's been covering it for probably most of the night. I use my tongue to open you up a little and run it along your insides. I turn my head to the side a little and lick along the inside of one of your lips. I gently take it in my mouth and suck on it a little before letting it slip out. I turn my head back and start licking deeper inside of you. Not trying to push my tongue too deep, just licking up your wetness as I come to it. Mmmmmm, I love how you taste. I slide my tongue into you deeper and flick the tip of it a little as deep as I can get it. I feel your hips rise up a little. I look up at you while my tongue plays; your mouth is open as you keep breathing deeply, almost panting. Your eyes are still closed. I return my focus to between your legs as I lick my way up to your clit and give it a few small licks to tease it a little first. I can feel your hips lift off the ground to try to seek out my tongue almost immediately. I hold your hips down to the ground with my arms and continue with small, teasing licks.

I kiss your clit and then softly suck on it some. I can hear your little whimpers as I gently suck. I slip my right arm out, but keep my left in place to hold you still some. Your hips still squirm, and you're grinding your butt into the ground, but for the most part, you're staying in place. I slip my index and middle fingers into your pussy slowly. First I just push them in along the bottom, and then I slide them back out. I do this a few more times, in and back out completely; after about the 5th or 6th time, I'm getting all of my two fingers inside of you. I suck a little harder on your clit and give it a few quick licks inbetween the sucks. Your head is tilted back, and your back arches upward some. I start adding a twisting motion to my 2 fingers as I push and pull them in and out of you. I can feel your warm juices covering my fingers as they get slicker and slicker. I let go of your clit and kiss the skin just above your pussy a few times while I keep moving my fingers. I pull them out and rub the tips of them in a small circle over your clit, wetting it completely.

I move my mouth back down and slowly lick your juices off your clit. I lick my two fingers off as well before sliding them back into you and re-wetting them. I flick your clit a little bit hard with my tongue as my two fingers start pushing in and out quicker. I don't twist them as much, and I just focus on letting them slide in and out. Your pussy lips slightly try to grip my fingers as they come out, not wanting them to leave. I hear your whimpers getting louder and your breathing getting quicker. I pull my two fingers out and replace them with my tongue, filling your pussy with it, teasing all over your inner walls with it, licking all over your insides. I move my two wet fingers up and reach toward your head. You're in your own little world when my finger tips lightly touch your lips. You lick your tongue out to lick up the drop that I left on your lower lip. Then you grab my wrist and take my two fingers into your mouth and start sucking and licking them. You take your time to clean my two fingers. I start curling my tongue upward and start to drag the tip of my tongue over your g-spot, along the top. You moan with my two fingers still in your mouth and suck on them harder.

I keep licking until I've found exactly where your nerve center is. I twirl the tip of my tongue on this spot some, and then I pull it out of you. I give your clit a quick lick and then gently grasp it with my teeth, flicking the top with the tip of my tongue. I pull my two fingers from your mouth. Your lips grip them with a lingering suck as they leave you. I trail my two fingers back down your body, leaving a line of saliva from your mouth all the way back down to your pussy. I slip my two fingers back into you and add my ring finger as a third. I start using my full arm to push my fingers in out and of you, making sure to rub my index finger along your g-spot as I pull them in and out. Your back arches more, and I can hear your breathing becoming more laborous. I suck harder on your clit and occasionally give it a quick, lingering bite, not to hurt it, but just enough to leave a sting that lasts until the next bite. I pay attention to your breathing, and your moans until I hear those quick pants and then you holding your breath for a moment. Right at the moment I sense that you're just on the verge of cumming, I bite your clit a little harder than all the times before, and it causes you to let it go. You start having an intense orgasm. I keep up my fingering, pushing in and out with more force, making sure I go all the way in until my knuckles are at your lips. I hold the bite for longer than normal as the first wave of the orgasm hits you. Then I just give your sensitive clit a long, hard suck to ride out until your orgasm ends. After the few seconds of it have passed, your hands grip my head tightly and hold my face against you as your hips spasm, and your body is wracked with pleasure. I keep up everything I'm doing until the lasts of the little jerks and motions of your body slow. I slow my fingers down and reduce to just 2 fingers as they slowly glide in and out of you. I tenderly lick your clit as your grip on my head loosens. Your moans have calmed down to less intense sighs as your body comes down from its high. Your hands rub and caress the top of my head.

I wait until your breathing slows some more, and then i pull my fingers out. I lick and suck my ring finger clean of your cum, savoring the taste in my mouth. I move up your body and hold my self over you some. Your eyes open up when you feel me above you. I hold my two fingers, still covered in your cum above you and slowly lower them. You open your mouth and stick out your tongue to lick the tips of them before sucking on them and taking them completely in your mouth. You hold my wrist and enjoy the taste for a little. After a few moments of sucking and your tongue licking over every inch of my fingers, you pull my hand away from you, sucking my fingers clean with a tight-lipped seal. You look right at me and grab my head, pulling my mouth toward you, and we share a long kiss. Our tongues dance together and play with the lingering flavors of your cum, trading it back and forth. I slide my left hand up to gently cup and caress your cheek while my other hand, once wet with your cum, moves down and gently rests on your waist. We keep kissing as we both share a low moan together at the same time.

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