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The Wish


She stood in front of him, only wearing a thong, her hands at her sides, eyes down. He slowly walked towards her, she reminded him of a frightened doe. He stopped in front of her, his hand slowly caressing her cheek, slowly trailing down her neck. She shivered, and he smiled.

"Look at me." He request quietly.

Slowly she raises her eyes, looking into his intense green ones. She slowly starts to relax, the tension that was in her slowly leaving. She moves almost imperceptibly, but he is watching her so intently that he can see her relaxing. The hands not quite so stiff, the stance not so rigid. It usually took her a few minutes to relax when she came to him.

"Put your hands up behind your neck, time for inspection."

She puts her hands behind her neck linking her fingers together. Looking straight ahead, her feet spread apart, she awaits his touch.

He again, gently touches her cheek, his hand trailing down to her neck, over her chest to her nipples. He grabs her nipples, twisting and pinching them. Pulling them harder She tries not to flinch but is unsuccessful. The next tug is softer. He puts one hand on her neck, the other hand trails down her stomach, to the front of her thong, where he cups her pussy with his hand, while gently rubbing his thumb on her clit. She moans softly, pushing her pussy against his hand. Looking into her eyes, he can see her desire, feel her wetness building between her legs. He smiles; knowing how much she will be giving as the night goes on.

He stepped back, and he could see her struggling with her desire. He moved to stand behind her, once again trailing his fingertips down her body. He gently pushes her forward so she is bent over. His hand rests on her ass for a moment, before he gently squeezes.

"Spread your legs wider."

She does as he request, feeling herself blush like she normally does. He pulls her cheeks apart, moving aside the material of the thong; he gently rubs her anus. She moans, as his hand slips down to her pussy.

"Stand up, and you can put your hands down." He instructs as he steps away from her. She can see him moving out of the corner of her eye, but doesn't dare look to see what he is doing. He places a chair in front of her, then lays a flogger across the seat.

"Give me your hands, with your wrist together"

She puts her arms out in front of her, and he binds her wrist together, not tight enough to cut off her circulation, but tight enough to where she can't move. He places a blindfold over her eyes, making sure she can't see.

"Is that comfortable?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Kneel down."

She kneels before him, wondering what he has planned for her tonight.

He strokes his hand down her hair, pulling it back as he gets to the end. His lips crush hers, making her whimper with the intensity.

"Now little one, like usual you have your two safe words available. Understood?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Tonight I plan to increase the intensity of our sceneing. Remember; if you need to stop you can safe word. I don't want you frightened."

"Yes, Sir." She whispers as her heart starts pounding and her palms get sweaty.

"Relax, don't get all tense again. Haven't I promised you that I won't permanently harm you?"

"Yes, Sir, you have."

"Now, I'm going to bend you over the table, your hands will be secured, but I will leave your feet free."

"All right Sir."

"Stand up and I'll assist you to the table."

She stands, and he gently guides her to the table.

"Bend forward, and put your arms up."

She bends at the waist, stretching her arms so that her torso is flat on the table. She hears the click of a clasp being closed. She moves her hips a little to get more comfortable. She can hear him moving around getting various things. She took some deep calming breaths, willing herself to relax. She jumped when he lightly smacked her ass with his hand.

"Now hold still." He tells her with a small laugh.

The suede flogger fell across her ass, making her jump once again. He started out with an uneven rhythm, letting her adjust to the flogger. He changed the rhythm, and intensity of his strokes, harder than he had ever done before. She let out a moan, but did not stop him. He moved the flogger down to the back of her thighs continuing in the same rhythm. She wiggled a little, and he moved the flogger to her back, hitting a little lighter this time.

After using he flogger for several minutes, he stopped and she whimpered and moaned restlessly.

"Don't worry, we are far from being done."

He changed the flogger for a crop, and gives her a solid crack on the ass. She moves her feet, but is unable to move away. He gives her several hard cracks with the crop. Soon, she is moaning in pleasure, as the need to cum becomes stronger. He can see that her thong is soaked.

He stops using the crop, and picks up a cane. After several hits with the cane, she is begging, but doesn't safeword. After several more hits, he realizes she has reached her limits and stops. He tosses the cane to the side, and walks toward her. He lightly smacks her ass making her moan again. He reaches between her legs, lightly touching her clit.

"Please Sir may I cum?" she begs over and over.

"Now." He commands in her ear.

Her body goes tense, then limp. He moves to quickly undo her hands, then grabs them to keep her from sinking to the floor.

"Easy now, I've got you."

She moves her head to the sound of his voice but doesn't say anything.

"Let's get this blindfold off."

When she looks up at him, she has tears in her eyes.

"You've done very good, little one." He pulls her close. " Turn around, let me make sure you're all right."

He checks to make sure he hasn't cut her open at all, then turns her back around pulling her into his arms. She lays her head against his chest, taking a deep breath then letting it out slowly.

"Sir, how may I please you tonight?" she asked in a soft voice.

"You already have." He kisses her forehead.

"Sir, I. " She trailed off, not sure she should voice her thoughts.


"I wish to suck your cock Sir." She says quietly.

"You may." He steps back and puts his hands at his sides.

She reaches out and undoes his belt buckle, trying to do it quickly.

"Slow down, I'm not going anywhere."

She finally gets the belt undone, and lowers his pants and underwear. Helping him out of them when she gets them to the floor. She takes his already swollen cock in her mouth, pulling it deep. She sucks and licks making him moan, and dig his hands into her hair pulling as she sucks.

"Stand up." He orders in a strangled voice.

As she stands, he turns her around, and pushes her shoulders to push her forward. He thrust his cock deep in her ass, resting for a moment then starts thrusting in and out. He quickly brings them both to the edge.

"Cum with me little one." he commands as his hot seed spills into her. She cries out as she orgasms.

He slowly pulls out of her, taking her hand and heading for the couch. He sinks onto the couch pulling her with him. She winces as she sits down.

"How are you feeling?" he asks as he puts his arm around her shoulders.

"I'm fine Sir, I may have trouble sitting tomorrow, but I'm fine."

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