tagNonHumanThe Witch And The Demon

The Witch And The Demon


"Are you having second thoughts," He whispered.

Claris Jack shook her head slowly, swallowing the dry knot forming in her throat, hoping he wouldn't notice her nervousness. Her hand found the cool glass of peach vodka on a large chest, draining the contents quickly. She set the glass down. He chuckle echo from the shadows of the room.

"If you don't want to do this tell me," He spoke again. She watched him approached her from the shadows. His hulking silhouette almost made her shiver. The dimmed lights of nearby lamps reveal his eerie handsome face. His gleaming silvery-blue eyes filled with concern.

"I want to," she said mentally practice what Jalamira taught her, Be cool, be cool. Take control of the situation. Claris pushed away from the small wooden table, approaching the tall, dark haired demon. She reached her long slender fingers caressing the smooth silk of his cheek. The physical contact sent a sensual jolt through her system. She forgot about her nervousness, feeding off of his needs and his sexuality.

She felt his arms close around her. His sizzling heat scorching the air. She felt herself being drawn closer against his rising cock. She heard a growl deep in his throat. He brought his hot mouth on her neck, suckling her heated moist skin.

"You taste delicious," he whispered. She could hear the deepening in his voice. She brought her arms around his broad shoulders, clinging to the cool silky white shirt he wore.

His hand drifted down grabbing the lacy edge of her mini-dress. He inched the rough fabric up scratching her heated thighs. Her own emotions ran havoc over her senses. She had reined them in lest he suspect her true nature. She grasped when his hand gently cup her bare buttocks.

"No panties," he spoke in her ear, "nice," He gave her tender ass a squeeze. She let out a yelp. Jalamira never mention anything like this. She felt him twirl her around under the cushion edge of the bed hit the backs of her legs. Her dress continued to creep up her slender lithe form. He pulled it over her head in one fluid motion. She instantly covered her expose breast.

"You don't need to hide from me," He brought a hand over her bare stomach, gliding a heated trail to her breast. She sucked in a sharp breath.

Suddenly he stepped away. She looked at up at him questioning. Why did he stop? Inside her thigh throbbed, she found her hand creeping to her secret place.

"Lay down," He pushed her gently down on the cool silky quilt. She allowed him to lead her, her body drifting down. Her eyes still watched his face.

He stood above her, smirking. His face growing a vibrant scarlet from his arousal, " Go ahead touch it, let me see you fuck yourself," his own hands were busy undoing the rest of the buttons on his shirt.

She obeyed instantly. Her hands brushing through the soft curls of her snatch. She looked down her slender body to watch as well, fascinated by what she was doing. She always was curious about pleasuring herself. Even at times attempted it, but never to such a degree. She slipped a finger between her engorged lips. Surprising herself with the feeling, she closed her eyes drowning in the sensations. She almost forgot who was there with her, opening an eye. She froze at the sight of now nude bronze body, his large thick muscle rippled under her gaze. Her heartbeat increased.

Her eyes drifted to what his hands were doing. She shook visibly all over, "Wow," She whispered.

This time he laughed. He reached down grabbing her free hand wrapping it around his thick member, " Touch me, feel it," he growled.

She stroked around the thick base and feeling the hot skin over and over. It felt odd very different from her own. She stared at it in a trance, licking her dry lips.

"Taste me ," He whispered. His hand gently grabbed her chin forcing her to look up at his face, "Open your mouth , Claudia," He commanded.
She shouldn't be obeying him. Jalamira told her to take control of the situation, but this was getting out of hand, but she couldn't disobey. She couldn't stop herself from doing all that he commanded her to do without question. She wanted to please him. Make him happy. She opened her mouth stretching as wide as she could. His hands moved to back of her hand. He thrust his member forward, feeding her slowly. Instantly she wrapped her lips around the base. He grunted in approval bringing her head closer to his pelvis.

Claris didn't need any further encouragement. She eagerly scooted forward, her mouth savoring the saltiness and bitterness of his member's fleshy surface. His hold changed from gentle to rough. His hips thrust forward with more force. She felt him at the hitting the back of her throat.

"Fuck yourself," He commanded. She didn't exactly knew what he meant. However she remembered when he encouraged her early. She started plunging her finger in and out, feeling her bodily juices flowing more freely wetting the red silk comforter. She gave out a loud moan around his member. He howled loudly telling her how good it felt.

Suddenly she felt him grab her head bringing it up. He pushed her to lay back on the bed with his body. His eyes glowed crazy red now and elongated canines flashing. She placed her hands on both sides of his head bringing her head to kiss him. He seemed surprised but only for the moment. Then his mouth embraced hers. She felt him edge her legs apart. Then he thrust into her swiftly. Her body seize up at the assault. He stopped looking down at her.

"Are you okay?" he whispered \. His strained voice admonish at the feeling.

"It's okay," she breath quickly afraid that he would stop. She pumped her hips into his, rubbing his back.

He took his queue pushing into her, getting deeper every time. She grabbed at his buttocks encouraging. She felt her own arousal return raising her hips to met his thrust. He reached around her hugging her close. His lips move from her mouth to her neck. She screamed her pleasure, her body building and climbing, clawing for something. Somewhere in the back of her mind she smelled burning. His skin was like hot steel.

Claris lay for hours under the sleeping fire demon. The morning was upon her. She had to get moving. Her cousin and her sister will worry. She did not want a scene with them breaking in the Red Dragon after hours.

She tried to slide from underneath him, but that proved futile. His body weight down on her. It would be like moving dead weight. She thought about waking him, but she didn't want to have to deal with his questions.

"Well here it goes," She closed her eyes. Slowly her body transformed into smoke. Quickly she drifted away over to a nearby floor. Her body reform into solidity again. She quickly dressed making sure all evidence of her being there did not appear. She looked down longingly at his sleeping form then pressed a hand on her stomach. She will always have the fire demon with her.

She closed her eyes imagining her sister, Kayla, wild red hair with and even wilder personality. Then her mind drifted to her cousin, Jalamira, short dark hair with laughing amber eyes. Suddenly they stood before her, peering with suspicious eyes. She glanced around at their surroundings. The parking lot of the nightclub they arrived had been abandoned, except for a three cars.

Jalamira leaned against her cherry red convertible. Her arms cross over her chest. She smirked at her, "Had a good time," Kayla giggled beside her.

Claris narrowed her violet eyes, "Don't be crass, Jala, what are you two still doing here," She moved forward opening the door to the passenger side, "I thought we were going to meet at the beach."

"We weren't sure about that guy, heard some things in the club, after you left," Jalamira walked around the driver's side. Kayla nodded in agreement slipping into the back behind her. She pulled closed the door at the same time Claris had.

"He was a perfect gentleman," Claris pulled on her seatbelt. Her muscles still ached. She didn't want to draw any more observation from her family.

Jalamira started the car. She shifted the gears into reverse jamming on the gas. The sedan whirled around to face the entrance. She shifted it back into drive. They sped out of the parking lot. Claris clutched her seat while her sister hollered in joy, "Ja, slow down. This type of speed is illegal here,"

"Sorry," Jalamira muttered slowing the car down.

"Hey Ja," Kayla shouted from the back seat, " Tell Claris what we learned about her consort,"

"Oh he's real bad news," Jalamira gushed out. She place on her dark shades from a top her head, "He's actually the owner of that den of sin,"

"That doesn't make him bad," She said refusing to believe the hogwash gossip.

"They said he is the blood king," Kayla provided.

"What the hell does that mean," Claris snapped.

Jalamira shrugged, "Don't know, but anything with blood in it is never good,"

Claris grew sick of the conversation. Actually she was sick period. She could feel her body adjusting to the growing child inside her. A dizzying throb at the back of her skull and her stomach screamed for food, "I don't care what he is called or what he is...I will never see him again!" She bit out.

"Then our mission is successful," Jalamira inquired.

Kayla let out an excited yelp, clapping her hands, "I will be an aunt,"

Claris whispered softly, "It has to be secret until the council convenes again."

Jalamira resounded an agreement, "Yeah we want Valena to think she's won a little while longer."

"Let's hope this works," Claris leaned back in the seat. The coven council is due to meet in a week. Then they will choose the new blessed one. The one goddess Isis will grant unlimited power, too. Her name been thrown into the pot years ago by her father. He argued with the council that it was tradition for a Jack to be blessed. Her aunt before her went through the change and before her a great aunt. The only sacrifice is to produce a worthy male child to add to Isis army. She placed a hand over her stomach again extending her mind to the little boy who grew inside her.


Garrian Palestos jerked head from the soft pillow. He covered his eyes blocking out the piercing sunlight beaming through his room. He smiled reaching out his arm. A frown quickly formed on his lips. He turned his head to the empty space beside his bed. Where the hell was she? He sprung from the bed stalking around his apartments, opening the door of his bathroom. Finally he grabbed his desk phone dialing to the nightclub below.

"Hey boss," a bored deep voice spoke over the phone.

"Don't hey boss me," he growled, " Why didn't you stop her from leaving?"

"The blond with the body?" Drake questioned.

"Who else, Drake,"

"I didn't see her leave."

Of all the incompetent, "You let a slip of girl get the best of you," He shouted.

"Calm down, you know I will never let that happen," Drake quickly reassured him, "I was down here all morning. Didn't see a thing,"

Garrian slammed down the phone. He placed his fist on his hips looking around. The red silk sheets on his bed were rumpled. He saw telltale signs of burning along the edges. His dark brow furrow, could she have saw the edges? He tried to rein in his powers when he mated with a human. Unlike last night he never lost control of the situation. He cursed again. He had to find her. Erase her memory. His frown deepen. He thought about how he really liked this one. He had been drawn to her the moment they met. Throughout the night they talked with each other. He felt almost comfortable in her presence. Which did seemed a little odd, because he never allowed himself relax around anyone.

Inhaling he walked back over to his bathroom. The red and black tiled interior illuminated, taking up most of the bathroom was an oversize glass shower closet big enough for ten large men. Groaning he turned on the shower to steamy hot. Not flinching when the scolding water hit his skin. He thought about last night and the softest of her skin, her tightness hugging his dick. Her mouth. He ached to have her again. He looked down to see his cock standing at attention. He closed his hand around it, "Don't worry we'll have her again,"

Moments later after he had showered and dressed, Garrian stomped out of the private lift. Drake leaned over the shoulder of his younger brother, Claude. They glanced up. Their grim faces met him. He approached them stopping in front of them. He crossed his arms stabbing them with accusing eyes. His eyes moved between Drake and Claude, "What?"

"We were looking at the security tapes," Drake said. He stepped away from the security screen, "trying to find how she may have gotten out,"

"And?" Garrian asked expectantly.

"See for yourself," Drake pointed to the screen. It was the surveillance video of the parking lot. He saw a brand new cherry red Beemer parked in the corner. Two women leaned against the side. Both he recognized them from last night. They were with Claudia. The taller dark haired woman laughed at something the other had said. Her slender leather clad body languidly stretching over the edge of the hood. He had wanted to approach her first but Drake already drew her in conversation. The petite red hair one looked a little to close to jailbait for his taste.

"What happened between you two last night," He looked up from the screen.

Drake smiled then shrugged, "Not much, couldn't really do anything until you came back,"

He glanced back at the screen. A flash burst before the women. His lost lover appeared. His eyes widen. He backed away from the terminal. His head turned to his cousin, "Did you mess with the tape?"

"This is the real deal, cousin," Drake spoke solemnly slapping on the shoulder, "When I saw the tape I researched all the species who had teleportation abilities. I couldn't come up with any besides us,"

Garrian lowered himself into a nearby seat. His mind still tried to wrap around the possibility of a female demon. However they did not exist, so he quickly excuse that thought. If she'd been some bizarre entity, he could sense them. He was the blood king after all. He looked up at Drake , "Find them,"

Drake nod, "Claude remembers the names on the IDs, but he suspects the red haired one had to be fake,"

"We need to find out quick," He rose from his chair, "I have an investors meeting," He said gruffly, walking toward the door then turned, "Keep me posted on any developments."

Garrian slipped on his dark glasses once he exited the building. Already the Orlando streets filled with cars. He walked over to the parking lot going to the spot where she appeared. He caught traces of her scent. Gardenias and a light sprinkle of vanilla. He didn't recognize the scent of any particular manufacturer.

He straightened himself walking over to his own black miata. He slid into the baby soft seat closing the door. Then he slid his key into the ignition, relishing at the gentle hum of the engine. He put the car in reverse then back into drive speeding out of the lot. His mind still filled with her scent.

Chapter Two:

"I'd like to deposit three thousand," the familiar husky voice spoke beside him.

Drake turned his head toward the nearby teller and her customer. He stepped back from his preoccupied teller to look over the plastic division. His eyes widen at seeing the tall dark-haired female from the red dragon club two weeks ago. She had longer hair now and her clothes leaned more to a professional dowdy look instead of the dominatrix outfit she wore. However he recognized her. He knew her scent anywhere. What he needed now was her real name.

"Okay Ms. Castairs, here's your receipt," He heard the teller say. He watched through the sheer plastic divider as the teller handed her a thin white slip of paper. She gave the woman a slight smile putting the paper in her small black purse.

He quickly grabbed his own receipt then stepped out in front of the woman, "Fancy seeing you here," He smiled at her shocked expression.

"Oh..." She stepped back. Her amber eyes fixed on him. He saw her quickly regain her composure. She responded in cooler tones, "Drake- how have you been?" She moved closer. Her hips sway in the gray pencil skirt she wore.

"Wonderful," He looked around, "Want to get some coffee?" he asked casually.

She looked reluctant. He tried to make himself look a little desperate throwing a hopeful puppy dog look in for added dramatics. She smiled softly showing hits of pearly white teeth "I would be glad, too, but I can't waste much time. I have to be at work by ten,"

"Johnson's café is next door," he said, remembering the small mom and pop's café he passed.

"Let's go then,"

He held out his arm for her to take They left the bank together in silence. Once they were outside he spoke again, "You haven't came back to the club in a while,"

A small smile touched her lips, "I've been busy,"

"Yeah I know how work can get in the way," he chuckled, "There it is," He pointed to the corner café. They walked to the shop. He opened the door for her following her inside.

"Order whatever you want," Drake whispered to her, "I'll take care of it,"

"I really rather..." she started.
He held up a hand interrupting her, "Please ...it will do me a great pleasure."

"Okay," She ordered a small chai tea and a blueberry muffin. He chose a large cappuccino with chocolate and a chocolate muffin. He paid for it then they took their seats at a quiet spot in a dark corner. Not many people were inside the café a this time of morning. So they had the convenience of a more intimate setting.

"Janice is it," he threw out the false name she had given him.

She cleared her throat and leaned forward and whispered, "Why don't you call me Jalamira."

"Jalamira," He imitated her pronunciation. She said it with such an odd accent, he only manage to stumble over the sound, "That is a rather peculiar name. Where is it from?" He asked.

"Just a name," She said turning around looking over at the counter, "I think our order is ready," She started to rise.

"I'll get it," He rose quickly. She lowered back down in the chair.

Drake raced over to the counter almost afraid that she would change her mind about the coffee. He balanced their order on a provided tray, carefully walking back to their table. He placed their drink and muffin on the small table and sat down regarding her with a humorous look. She continued to have a nervous look about her, "It's really great running into you again," He spoke once more. He needed more information about her. Who was she? Why all the secrecy? He admitted to himself after all these months.

"Yeah...again just been really business with work and ...things," She sipped her drink.

He took a sip of his own drink then lean back. She wanted to play the game with him. So be it, "My cousin was really hung up over the way your friend left him that night,"

She lowered her dark lids looking down at her muffin, "He was,"

"Yeah been trying to find her everywhere," he started on his muffin, slowly peeling back the thick papery cup underneath, "He finally gave up,"

"Seems she have made quiet an impression," She chimed in. She took another sip of her drink, almost draining it this time.

"Like someone else I know," He gave her an exaggerated wink. She gave him a reluctant half-smile. What is wrong with her? This was not the cool, bold female from the other night. He would have sworn she was her twin, if he hadn't recognized her scent right off.

"Thank you," she said then quickly took a glance at her wristwatch.

"Anyway we could get those two together again," he spoke nonchalantly, "I know Garrian would be willing to take another go at it...maybe double date,"

"Claris really doesn't have that kind of time these days," she said.

His dark eyebrows snapped together, "I thought her name was Claudia?"

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