tagNonHumanThe Witch and the Demon

The Witch and the Demon


They met in a bar earlier in the night, her looking a victim, him looking for a simple good time. She spotted him sitting in his corner booth, sipping his drink as his eyes darted around the bar at the various girls. She recognized the look in his eyes the moment she saw him. It was the look of a beast on the hunt, the glare of a creature seeking something very specific. She watched as his eyes followed the mercurial writhing of a girl dancing by the jukebox, some young thing in tight jeans probably unwinding after some college exam. No, this one wouldn't be lost to some nubile whore. She would claim this beast for her own. She downed her drink and ordered another from the bartender, adding to the order a second glass of whatever the gentleman in the corner booth was having. With a raised brow and a knowing smirk the bartender, an old friend of the woman's, filled the glasses and placed them beside her.

As the hunter's eyes remained locked on the student, he drained his rum and coke with practiced control. He was getting into acquisition mode. He found himself aware of everything connected to him and resorting to conscious action for the simplest movements. He had been in this state before. Whenever he hunted or focused, he came to a state of heightened awareness. This awareness made him perfectly mindful of the stranger's approach. He could smell the rum in one of the glasses. Clearly this one was meant for him. He kept his eyes on his prospective prey until at last the glass was placed beside him. A glance shot down to the full glass, then up to his empty one with the three slowly melting ice cubes, then back to the girl at the jukebox. Too late. She was dancing against some frat boy that would undoubtedly leave her unsatisfied and probably pregnant by morning. His prey snatched by an unwitting adversary, he decided to cut his losses and see what this woman with the drink wanted. He turned and motioned for the stranger to join him, setting down one glass to take up another.

If one thing could be said about the exchanges between the two in that corner booth that evening, it would be called a dance of minds and souls. His eyes bored into her as he took in the scent of the drink, enjoying the mingling of the ingredients while checking for anything mind-altering. Her smile and soothing voice worked to tear down his own defenses. They talked as they drank, never looking away from each other, always smiling. The words were simply a show. The real exchange was going on unspoken in their eyes. Names weren't needed. Jobs weren't needed. They both knew as soon as she sat down what would happen. As soon as the drinks were finished the invite back to her place was given and accepted. They paid the tabs and walked out together, into the night and into their mutual lust.

They stepped into her house a tangle of arms, legs, and lips. His hands held her close as her skirt was hiked up inch by inch. She wrapped one leg around him, grinding already against him as she held onto him with one hand and worked at opening his pants with the other. She managed to free his stiffened member just as he was able to lift her skirt to her waist, revealing her freshly shaved, tantalizingly moist slit. He could smell her arousal and feel the moisture as she teased his hardness, her hand working his shaft as she brought the head against her opening without letting it in. She moistened more at the sound of his frustrated growl, knowing he wanted in her. She admitted to herself, judging by the length and girth of his rod, that once she did let him into her wet flower it would be an overwhelming sensation. He wasn't enormous, therefore it wouldn't be too painful, but he was exactly big enough that he would make her feel full and pleased. She giggled as he growled louder biting into her neck and trying harder to force his way into her. Finally she squeezed his shaft and looked him in the eyes, holding his hardness against her slit.

"Do you want it," she asked, knowing perfectly well from the fire in his eyes that he was ready to take her as hard as possible and at any cost. He nodded slowly, entirely aware of the throbbing in his own shaft and the wetness awaiting him.

She smiled and released her hand, quickly latching onto his shoulder and moaning as he was driven into her, penetrating deep into her with every inch of his member, grunting at the unexpected tightness of her insides. Growling, he pulled himself back and thrust in again, pinning her against the wall as he lifted her legs around him. She moaned again as he impaled her on his hardness, relishing in the sensation of his meat filling her wet and eager hole. It took everything she had to remember she was here, pinned to this wall, allowing this lowly man into her body for a reason. She needed a victim, a puppet. As he thrust into her he guided her up and down the length of his shaft, panting as he violated her insides over and over. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself tight against him, riding his manhood with all her strength. The first step was to make him eager to release his seed inside her. She needed to tease and tempt him until his mind was too clouded to resist her will. She tightened her walls around his shaft, letting gravity and his thrusts drive him deep into her until the head of his member kissed her cervix. The sensation he caused was phenomenal. As she panted and moaned she fought to maintain her own mind against the overwhelming lust. Finally, after a barrage of lustful, intoxicating thrusts, she felt what she was after. His member was swelling up within her, pulsing against her insides and hardening even more. He was about to cum. She quickly reached down between them and squeezed his shaft again, ensuring not even a drop of seed would escape into her without her say-so. Gripping him tight, she slid herself down to her hand and sat still on his member, grinning wickedly as she looked into his eyes. She could see the desire behind them, the passion in his soul and the eagerness to leave his mark. Slowly she shook her head and climbed off, moaning under her breath as the amazing rod left her. Stepping behind him she wrapped her arms around his waist and explored with one hand while the other held tight, giggling in his ear as she stroked him slowly.

"You have to earn the right to shoot inside me," she whispered teasingly in his ear, stroking a bit faster. He moaned as she stroked him, knowing he wouldn't be able to fight for long. Her hands moved like silky constructs of pleasure, one moving along the length of his shaft as the other explored him, then rested below his rod, cupping and massaging his balls. His head lolled back as his moans grew louder, his hands reaching back and gripping her firm buttocks. Feeling herself moisten more at the feel of his hands and the simple desire for more of him, she stroked faster as he hardened and pulsed. She peered around him to watch her silky hands work, eager to see he load all over her palm and fingers.

"Do it," she said, "cum all over my hands." Her hot breath teased his neck as she spoke, her hands unrelenting. It didn't take long for her efforts to come to fruition. After only a few more strokes he groaned as his load released onto her waiting hands, coating them with hot, sticky seed. Smirking and wetter than ever, she stepped back and examined the fluid on her fingers. It was warm and tingled just a little. As he turned to regard her, she brought her hand to her mouth and licked some of the seed off her fingers, slowly cleaning her hand with her tongue for him to watch. She smiled up at him as she licked the last of the cum from her fingers, knowing she had him right where she wanted him. Next she would lead him to the bed and make him eat her out, then tie him to the headboard and ride him until she had everything she needed to control him for good. At least, that is what she thought would happen.

She approached him, reaching to take his hand and lead him to his fate. As soon as she was within reach, however, things changed. The weakened, limped man she was preparing to command was suddenly strong and fiery again. He grabbed hold of her wrist and pulled her against himself, turning her around so her rear was firmly against his member. Holding her tight he reached down with one hand and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the ground at her feet, revealing her unrestrained lower half. Growling in her ear, he reached between her legs and ran a finger along her wet slit, teasing her.

"Now its your turn," he said in a low voice by her ear. His finger found and slowly rubbed her sensitive button as he listened closely to her responses. His grip slowly loosened on her wrist as she stopped struggling and started giving in to the pleasure. He slipped his now free hand under her top and cupped her supple breast, squeezing and massaging as his other hand slips a finger into her wet opening, his thumb taking over the duty of rubbing her tender clit. Her moans as he worked her were like a fine wine to his ears. He massaged her breast deeper, slipping another finger into her. She moaned louder as he worked her, losing her battle to maintain composure and allowing her hands to explore and grip madly. One silky hand found itself atop his strong hand between her legs, holding it against her as she bucked instinctively against his movements. The other hand made its to the back of his head and laced its fingers through his hair, holding him to her as best she could. The sensations doubled as she felt him press against her from behind, his member stiffening again while pressing against her ass. Moaning, she found herself unable to speak as he returned the favor she had given him. Working her faster, he hooked his fingers, seeking and probing her g-spot at the same time as his thumb worked her clit, driving her into a frenzy of lust.

"Now you cum," he whispered into her ear before biting into her neck, pinching her nipple and working her faster. Her hips bucked wildly and without shame now as she spiraled toward orgasm. His grip, his breath, his words, all seemed to have some mind-numbing affect. Finally her eyes rolled back and she screamed her pleasure, releasing her honey as her orgasm rocked her body right at the moment that he pulled his hand away. Panting and blushing, she looked down to see the results of his attack. His hand was clean of her honey, which had instead covered her legs and squirted onto the floor. She could hear him chuckling behind her.

"Naughty girl," he said, looking over her shoulder at the puddle. Her face and chest burned red as she blushed at his words. Who was this man? How was he able to affect her like that? Taking her, making her cum without her permission, commanding her; it was all unacceptable. She would make him her puppet now and make him suffer for days before giving him another release. She stood a moment in her embarrassment as he took a towel from her kitchen and wiped his hand clean.

When he returned, once again perfectly erect and ready to violate her again, she was naked and ready for him. She lead him teasingly to the bedroom, swaying her hips wide. At one point she stopped short and let him bump into her. She reached back between her own legs and grabbed hold of his shaft, taking him by surprise as she bent forward and guided him into her. She moaned low as she felt him penetrate her, but she kept her mind this time. She rocked back and forth a few times, letting him rest his hands on her hips as her juices coated his cock. She had to admit, she loved the feel of him inside her. As he began to thrust into her she picked up the pace until she knew he would be well coated, then jerked forward to remove him from her. Before he had time to push it back in she grabbed his manhood again and forced into herself again, this time into the even tighter bud that was her ass, letting him feel the tightness of her rear. His grip tightened as he groaned, sparing no time in his efforts to take this hole as well. His manhood throbbed as he began thrusting into her tight ass, panting hard as they moved. Her moans grew loud and passionate as she straightened up, her hands exploring her own body as he took her. The thrusting grew harder and faster, his groans devolving into growls of sheer pleasure. She could feel every pulsing inch of him as he drilled into her. She worked in constant rhythm with his thrusts, pressing her ass back against him as he thrust deep. Moaning, she felt herself nearing another orgasm as he began to swell inside her. She knew she couldn't let him cum inside her yet. If she didn't have him bound to her bed when he seeded her the spell would never take. Panting and moaning, she let her own orgasm wash over her again, coating her legs with more of her honey as she felt him harden and pulse, nearing his own climax. She thrust back faster, waiting until the pivotal moment then pulling off and letting his seed shoot instead onto the small of her back. She had always loved the feel of a man's cum, and this was by far no exception. Again she felt the warmth of his seed and the odd tingle that came with this one.

Panting and red, she lead the way the rest of the distance to the bed, taking in the feel of her victim's cum on her back, seeping down over her buttocks. She opened the door with a flourish, revealing a beautiful canopied bed. Turning to face him, she saw the lust in his eyes. He wanted to have more, and he would. Reaching down to his member, she stroked him to full erection again, then pulled off his pants and fell to her knees. She took him into her mouth, tasting the first couple rounds of excitement on him and watching his face contort in more pleasure. His shirt came off with ease, revealing his stern musculature. As soon as she was sure he was ready to give in, she pulled away and bounded onto the bed. Arms and legs both spread, she invited him to come and do to her everything they both wanted him to do.

He needed no prompting. As soon as the words left her mouth he was on the bed and on top of her, forcing his hard member into her sweet slit again. Grunting as he began to thrust, he made every effort to listen to her moans, taking in the sight and sound of her ecstasy. In little time at all they were both thrusting hard and fast against each other, seeming to compete to be the first to cause climax.

"Please," she panted, "let me ride you." In a swift motion of thrust and roll, she was atop him, his hands firmly gripping her hips as he guided her along his shaft. Seemingly out of nowhere, a silk scarf was produced and tied around his wrists. She had to work fast. He felt amazing inside her and this meant if she didn't hurry she'd forget all about the spell. The scarf was tied to the headboard of the bed and the spell commenced. She had to get him to release inside her, then collect the fluid along with a hair and some sweat. She would then be able to recite the incantation and make him her willing slave. She unleashed her arsenal of passion, riding him as hard as she could, grinding her slit on his cock, her hands locking together over her head as she moaned and panted.

"I know what you're doing," the man growled. She stopped her attack and looked down at his face. There was a knowing, wicked grin and his eyes seemed to glow.

"So do I," she attempted, " I'm showing a man with an amazing cock the best night of his life." She tried to regain her prowess and began riding again, squeezing her walls tight around his shaft to try to make him cum faster.

"You want to control me," he growled, "you won't succeed." With renewed strength he snapped the material of the scarf in two and lunged forward, flipping her onto her back and thrusting deep. She moaned in a mix of pain and pleasure as she fell onto her back, followed by him driving his rod in until it penetrated into her womb. Holding himself deep inside her, his hardness pressing into the deepest reaches of her body, he growled low and leaned in close, his eyes aglow.

"What...what are you," she asked, both aroused and terrified. She feared for her life, but she could fight the sudden desire for more. The only thing more intoxicating than his actions before was him now. He had overcome her own powers and was overwhelming her with just the energy he was emitting. She felt certain she would be dead by morning, but she didn't care. She hated herself for it, but she had to have more.

"A demon," he whispered in her ear, "You want my seed, my hair and my sweat. I will fill you with so much seed you swell and have not room for anything else, but you will not have the components you need." With this last word he pulled back and thrust again, penetrating once again into her womb. Unable to speak anymore above the ecstasy, she moaned loud, hating herself for loving it all so much. His thrusts became harder and faster than before, his strong hands holding her down by her wrists, not allowing her to go anywhere he didn't want her. His growling grew louder and more arousing. She felt herself gushing around his cock as he violated her. Never before had she been on the receiving end of such control. She tried to hate it, but it was a drug to her now. She wanted him to fill her, to make her his vessel for every drop of his seed. As he took her deep and hard, she couldn't help begging for more.

"Please," she moaned, "please cum. I want your cum deep in my womb." Her face burned hot as the words came out. She didn't care if she got pregnant or if she died of dehydration. She wanted his seed within her more than she wanted anything else in life. Her pleas only lead to harder and harder thrusting as the Demon's member pulsed again and began swelling inside her once again. She prayed it wouldn't be long before he released.

"First you," he panted, clearly holding back a massive load, "cum for Master." Somehow his words words drove her over. She couldn't resist him any longer. She had to obey. Her body going red with blush, she screamed out in pleasure as yet another orgasm took her, coating the Demon's cock in her honey. Thrusting in deep, the Demon unleashed his own climax, pumping what felt like gallons of hot seed into her. The seed poured into her womb, hotter than the previous loads and tingling in a disturbing yet arousing way. Finally containing the seed she sought, the woman allowed herself to slowly begin drifting off to sleep.

She never made it to sleep, though. She found herself jostled awake as he lifted her onto his lap, moving her up and down his shaft again. His eyes glowed still, boring into her soul as he gazed at her. She tried to force herself off of him so she could sleep, but he only redoubled his movements, taking her again and again.

"Please," she begged, "I'm spent." She looked pleadingly into his glaring eyes, not wanting to admit that his mercilessness was only making her wetter.

"We're nowhere near done," he said, grinning wickedly as a jolt of energy seemed to erupt into her back from one of his fingers and she found herself wide awake and moving with him. She gripped his shoulders and began riding hard, finding herself thinking only of his pleasure. With each thrust he impaled her again, sloshing the cum already filling her womb around his manhood. His erection never wavered as he slammed into her, visibly enjoying the sight and sound of her giving her body over to him. Harder and harder she rode him, panting and moaning, begging for more. She followed his every command, crying out for his seed to shoot again into her.

"Say it," he commanded, "say it and I'll let you have more." He thrust harder, swelling again, knowing she was inches from another mind-numbing orgasm.

"Please, Master," she begged, blushing as the words flowed so readily from her mouth, "please give me more!" She moaned loud, trembling with her biggest orgasm yet. She tried to beg again as she knew he wanted, but she had lost her words and could only moan as he pounded into her more and more. She screamed in joy as his teeth sank into her shoulder and his seed blasted again into her womb, spilling out into her pussy. She panted in ecstasy as his newest load pumped into her. Finally he pulled out of her and stepped away to the kitchen for a drink, ordering her to stay put and keep ready for the next round. She lie on the bed, unable to move even if she'd wanted to, watching the perfect form of this creature she had brought into her home and into her womb. His manhood still stood perfectly erect, as if it was completely unfazed by all the loads it had already given her. The Demon stood before her fridge, choosing and downing a drink.

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