The Witch and the Dragon Ch. 15


Alarm made Alluna gape at Rowie. "Three? What do you mean by three?"

She looked at Rowie's baby bump with a gulp before snapping her eyes back up to her face.

Rowie was about to take a bite out of the fruit, but paused. "Oh. Red knocked me up with two baby dragon's."

Alluna began to hyperventilate. "You mean they can plant more than one... baby inside us?"

Both girls stared at her wide-eyed.

Alluna turned away, striding rapidly to the glass wall with the view of outer space. "No. I don't want to do this. I don't want to have lot's of little babies squirming around inside of me." She shuddered in terror.

"Hey." Rowie's hand on her shoulder made her jump. "It's not so bad, Luna. It doesn't hurt. Honest. Look... feel mine."

Rowie placed Alluna's hands on her gently rounded bulge. There was a soft push against her hands, and then...

The image of a planet filled her mind, sky roiling with clouds the color of blood and ash, burnt, dead trees, with rotting limbs twisting up in supplication to the poisonous sky. The foul stench in the air makes her gag. Near the horizon stretches a vast sea, its churning depths frozen solid. Alluna sees a funnel, as wide as the eye can see... It yawns down into absolute black within the frozen ocean.

She sees her Master, cringing on the edge of the funnel and three winged males in the sky hovering over the abyss. Two have hair red as blood with dragon's wings the same color. The one in the middle has hair as white as driven snow, with wings that start out pure white in the center and graying out to pure black at the ends. The white-haired male looks like Devon, and he holds a flaming sword in his hands.

From the abyss rises a shadowed figure... in its arms a golden-haired Seraph... a reaper, with wings blacker than a starless night. The creature holding the unconscious death angel lifts its glowing eyes to look right at Alluna. It smiles.

"Lucifiere," Alluna shrieked.


Zak winced when Quinn pulled the clear needle from his arm.

"That should do it. It'll counteract the effects of the pheromones you..." doctor Quinn cleared his throat, a flush staining his pale cheeks as he ran his hand through his silver hair. "The pheromones you ingested from your female."

Zak felt himself bristle, and scowled at the doctor. "Explain counteract."

Doctor Quinn stood straighter, looking Zak right in his eyes. "You'll act more like a new dad and husband rather than a raging rutting beast, son."

Shame wasn't an emotion Zak felt comfortable with, but he knew the doctor was right.

Looking down to adjust the ties of his white drawstring pants, he winced at the memory of having fucked Alluna almost continually from the moment he'd carried her into his quarters. "Damn. Three days, huh?"

Devon, Remi, and Seth stood silent, watching him.

"I'm dying to give Luna a kiss," Remi suddenly said out of the blue.

Zak glared at him. "Kiss your own woman, jackass."

Remi sighed in relief, looking at Devon and Seth. "He's okay now, otherwise he would've ripped my head off."

Zak opened his mouth to toss Remi another choice name, but Anniel popping in wild-eyed startled all of them.

"Oh-m-god, have any of you seen the news?"

Devon put his hand on her shoulder. "Easy, sweetheart. What's going on?"

Anniel looked around the big lab room until she spotted a holo-monitor.

"Quick. Turn that thing on."

They all huddled around the sphere projected from the monitor.

"Please show report on enemy rogue Master Guardians," Anniel instructed the holo-monitor.

A pale female, obviously from Crystalian descent, appeared within the sphere.

"Arboria is declaring war on the Edenian solar system, stating that its rogue Master Guardians abducted the long lost princess, and sole heir to the Arborian King Lumar's throne." Zak's mouth dropped open. "The Arborian Master Guardians tried to negotiate the return of the princess and stated that the so-called Alpha Angels hypnotized a mob of spectators in the infamous club Haddasha and unleashed them onto the defenseless Arborian Master Guardians."

"Nice," Devon snorted. "We we can hypnotize the masses now."

Zak leaned in closer, eager to hear what other lies the media had to say about them. "The princess was forcibly removed from the Arborian Master Guardians custody by a fallen reaper, who not only threatened the Master Guardians, but also threatened the well-being of the Princess Alloon."

"What a crock of shit," Remi snapped.

"They didn't even get her name right," Seth seconded. "Alloon?"

Anniel shushed them. "That's not the worst part."

The Crystalian female continued in her droning voice. "The Edenian council has claimed they no longer have any jurisdiction over the rogue angels, that they have been accused and charged with high treason as well as apocalyptic crimes committed over three hundred years ago. Rumor has it that these rogue angels are most likely true fallen angels and a bounty has been placed on their heads of astronomical proportions."

"What the fuck?" Zak breathed out.

Again, Anniel shushed him.

"Skirmishes are already breaking out universally as all beings take sides on this issue. Many are followers of Zachariel Wilder, guitarist of Draconius Imorteus, and Rowie Enoray, also known as Midnight Rose from Angel of Retribution. Search has started to find the stolen Edenian space station, Alpha 7. These rogue Master Guardians are wanted... dead or alive. We sent our number one reporter to Seraphia to find out where their reapers stand with regards to this situation, and whether or not they will be joining in this hunt." The female turned to the side to another monitor. "Jablah?"

"I didn't finish seeing this part," Anniel admitted. "I doubt the reapers will step in to hunt us."

Devon sighed, shaking his head. "I'll go talk to Ama and Ash."

Anniel paled. "Ash? You mean Ashriel? Why would you talk to a fallen reaper?"

Devon frowned at Anniel. "Fallen? Ashriel isn't..." Devon's mouth dropped open, his eyes going back to the monitor. "Oh fuck."

The image had switched to a lizard man, wearing a long black coat with a hood. His muddy-green eyes looked wild and he stood in the midst of a crowd of shouting white-winged Seraphians. "Jablah reporting here. This is breaking news. My crew and I landed in the metropolis of Angeloria on Mount Chielos and have just learned that one of Seraphia's high priests is being outcast today. The high priest was the youngest ever to take his formal vows, replacing His Imminence, Gadriel, who, as you all know, was killed by the angel of destruction over three hundred years ago. That's right folks. I'm talking about Ashriel of Angelos."

Zak reacted automatically. His arms shot out to grip Anniel as she fainted away. Devon and Seth had also tried to grab her and they ended up all tangled together.

The others backed away, allowing Zak to lift and place her on one of the examining tables.

"What's wrong?" Seth asked nervously. "What happened to her?"

Zak patted her cheek, calling her name gently as doctor Quinn rummaged around in cabinets. Devon held her hand, stroking her arm as Remi stood by her feet, wringing his fingers. He looked really uptight.

Zak had the feeling Remi was at the root of this whole ugly situation.

"Damn-it, Rem," Zak swore softly with a shake of his head.

Devon's eyes narrowed and he looked from Zak to Remi. Remien cringed at Devon's look.

Quinn came back to them with another hypo, and put it to Anniel's arm.

"What's that for?" Devon asked.

"A mix of mine. It'll bring her around, but at the same time relax her so she won't murder anyone."

All eyes fell on Remien.

When Anniel began to whimper and stir in Zak's arms, he held her tighter, helping her to sit up. "Hey, sexy. Feeling better?"

She looked disorientated. "What...?" She looked around, brows furrowed until she saw the holo-monitor.

Zak looked too, and then gasped in horror when he saw two reapers holding out Ashriel's wings. Ashriel stood bound between two columns, his head bowed, fists clenched Two other reapers approached, said something to him and then walked around behind him. Ashriel tensed and then let out a piercing scream when they began to rip the feathers out of his wings. Blood spattered everywhere.

"Oh-my-god," Anniel screamed.

"Turn that damn thing off," Zak snapped holding her shaking sobbing form in his arms.

The sphere disappeared, but the memory of the sight of Ashriel all bloody and shaking in agony remained burned in his mind... in all of their collective minds.

"I don't understand," Anniel wailed. "I thought he was fallen. Why would he give me Liquid X if he...?"

Her eyes rose to Remi. Zak stiffened already guessing what had happened.

Remi's eyes welled up. "Annie, baby. I thought he'd come back here with us. I didn't know he'd go back to..."

"How could you?" she screamed making him wince.

"Easy, honey," Zak tried to soothe, but she wouldn't hear any of it.

She shook Zak off angrily and stalked to Remi who cringed back from her. "He tried to stop me. He kept flying and ramming himself into the stone walls. I didn't understand why he was hurting himself. I was so crazed with that damned drink you gave me, I took him by force. I took Ashriel's virginity, defiled him... and it's all your fault."

Remi fell to his knees. "Annie, I'm sorry. I just wanted you to be happy. You needed someone and he seemed perfect for you. He was captivated by you, I swear. All we have to do is go get him. Bring him home to Alpha 7. I'll help heal his wings, Annie."

"Did you not hear what I said?" she said in a shrill hysterical voice. "I raped that reaper. He was trying to fight off the effects of the Liquid X, he said no as I crawled over him, begged me to stop as I sank onto him." A shudder ran through her, as she pulled in a gasping breath. "He hates me now."

"No, Annie. He's attracted to you—"

Annie slapped Remi hard.

Remi cupped his cheek, staring up at her with tear-filled eyes. Zak knew that Remi felt no pain when slapped, only pleasure, but the red-haired weredragon showed nothing but pain in his eyes. Pain that grew with Anniel's next words.

"Don't ever link or speak to me again, Fyre. I wish I never had to see you again, but I've nowhere else to go."

Remi bit his lip as the first tears spilled down his face. "Annie, please," he whispered, his eyes begging.

Anniel disappeared, followed by Devon.

Seth looked at Zak, surprising him by not saying anything scathing to Remi. As a matter of fact, Seth looked... like he felt sorry for Remi.

Doc Quinn cleared his throat and excused himself, giving them some privacy.

"Hey, Rem," Zak placed his hand on Remi's mop of crimson hair. "Give her time. She'll come around."

Remi remained with his head downcast. One hand came up to flick a tear away in agitation.

Zak shook his head looking back up at Seth who was scratching his head.

"Yeah," Seth nodded. "We need to keep our heads right now... you know... with the situation of being the galaxy's most wanted. At least no one can blame you for that."

Zak shot Seth an exasperated look. Of all the lame things to say.

Seth only shrugged innocently.


A day cycle later:

Alluna clung to her Master.

He'd listened patiently as she related her visions of the demon planet and Lucifer, and then had soothed her fears, swearing he'd never let anything happen to her.

Afterwards Devon had called to him and they'd all had a meeting in the dining room.

That had been the day cycle before. Now she found herself in her Master's Viper, hurtling through space toward the League of Stars council station.

Devon headed the V formation, and pulling up the rear was their newest addition to the Alpha Angels. A reaper with a shock of blue hair called Natanael. The day before his hair had been hot pink. Unlike Ashriel, Natanael did not make Alluna nervous. He had an easy smile and a flirtatious demeanor.

She peered up at her Master. He did not seem too thrilled at Natanael's flirtatiousness and had actually growled when the reaper ruffled his feathers to gain Alluna's attention. The memory made her smile.

"Why are we going to see these people, M—I mean, Zak?"

He looked down at her. "You aren't seeing anyone. I'll be going before the L-O-S, to explain situation." He quirked one golden brow with a lopsided grin.

Alluna stared at the beguiling dimples that always formed on his cheeks when he smiled. "You'll tell them I'm yours?"

Zak's grin grew. "Yes, you're mine." His hand caressed her hip. "I want you to stay with the girls. They'll keep you safe until I come back to get you."

Alluna nodded, and then, on a whim, she sat up, straddling him in the Viper. Her fingers slid around the back of his neck beneath the thick braid that hung to his waist. She wished he'd leave his beautiful hair loose, but that did not deter her from slanting her mouth across his.

Alluna may have initiated the kiss, but Zak fisted her hair at the nape of her neck and devoured her lips, taking control. She felt the short tips of his fangs as their tongues twisted and danced together. Arching helplessly against him, she moaned.

He pulled her head back and slipped his fingers in the bodice of her long dress. She hissed with pleasure when he pinched her nipple.

"Pull the hem of your gown up," he rasped.

Alluna panted, obeying him. He'd forbidden her to wear undergarments, wanting easy access to her pussy whenever he chose. She pulled the deep purple gown to her waist, feeling the cool air in the Viper whisper against her drenched, swollen folds.

Zak reached down and teased her slit with his fingers.

"Who's your Master?"

"You are. You're my Master," Alluna moaned. "Oh, take me please, Master. I ache for you."

He only chuckled. "You ache?"

"Yes, Master. Please. I want you."

Zak grinned. "I've created a little monster." His head cocked to the side as his fingers slid in and out of her. The scent of her musk filled the small interior of the space pod, and the wet sounds his fingers made as he fucked her pussy sounded embarrassingly loud. "You'll let me do as I please?"

"Yes, Master. Anything, as long as you fuck me."

Zak eyes narrowed. "I will fuck you, Luna. Your every hole. Open my pants."

Alluna's heart pounded against her ribs as she fumbled with the opening of his black pants. He bent his knees, spreading his thighs wider to give her room and pulled his shirt off. For a moment, all she could do was gape at her beautiful Master. His chest was chiseled perfection, tapering down to a lean waist. He pulled his braid forward and pulled the tie off. She watched mesmerized when his fingers stroked through the woven strands to loosen it into a fall of pure gold that spilled almost to his lap.

Her mouth hung open. Stars above. The face of an angel and the body of a god.

"You're going to have to braid that back up when I'm done with you," he growled.

She couldn't do anything more than nod.

"Luna, I'm still waiting for you to pull my squished cock from inside these pants."

She jumped and carefully peeled back the fly to his pants. His erection was wedged tight within the fabric, but she managed to release it. Her eyes widened when it sprang free to point up.

"Suck me," he snarled, sending a jolt of lust down her spine straight to her quivering insides.

She knelt and then lay on her belly between his legs. A groan escaped her when she took his shaft into her mouth. The salt of his skin mixed with the tang of his precum notched her arousal higher. His scent, clean and crisp, had her taking a deep breath to pull it into her lungs. Again, she moaned. Alluna swirled her tongue over the meaty head before letting her lips slide lower. Master fisted her hair and began to pump his hips. Her nipples pebbled to points of aching desire, and her cunt swelled even more, letting out a gush of fluid. How would it feel if...?

The image of Remien caressing her ass as his cock prodded her entrance shocked her. She pushed the image from her mind, and concentrated on pleasuring her Master, afraid he'd grow angry if he knew what her naughty mind had conjured up.

Zak stiffened and suddenly pulled her up by her hair to look into her face.

"Say it," he grated.

Alluna panicked, her teeth nibbling her lower lip.

He leaned lower, his hair covering half his face as his nose almost touched hers. "Say. It."

"Please, Master...I-I don't know why I—"

"Tell me what you were thinking," he snarled.

Alluna closed her eyes in shame, tears already tracking down her cheeks. She took a deep breath and swallowed before opening them again to stare beseechingly into his fiery blue eyes. "I was wondering what it would feel like to have someone take me as I suck your cock, Master."

His eyes narrowed. "Who?"

Alluna panted. "R..." she bit her lip. "Remi, Master."

One side of his lip quirked. "Sucking my cock had you so horny, your pussy was aching, wasn't it?"

Alluna's lips quivered. "Yes, Master."

"It made you want something to fill it, didn't it?"

A sob escaped her lips. "Yes, Master. I didn't mean to think of Remi fucking me. It just happened."

"You've grown close to him. That closeness doesn't bother me, Alluna. I love that annoying son-of-a-bitch."

His eyes had grown soft, his fingers caressing her face lovingly. She sighed with relief, but gave a squeak of surprise when he gripped her face hard, his lip curling in anger.

"What does bother me, my little sub, is that you thought to hide your thoughts from me. When it comes to your body and your lust, I want to know your every feeling and thought. Do you understand me, Luna?"

"Y-yes, Master."

"Just for that, as punishment, your pussy will not get the satisfaction it craves now." Alluna gasped, gaping up at him. He squeezed her cheeks harder, making her open lips pucker like a fish. "I am not going to fill that hole. Now turn around and present your ass to me."

Her ass! Alluna whimpered. Was he going to spank her? At his deepening scowl, she scrambled around and got on her hands and knees between his spread legs. The sight of his booted feet caught her attention. She shuddered at the sheer size, gigantic like the rest of him. It made her feel so tiny and vulnerable.

He straightened his legs and moved back a bit. "Use your hands to spread your ass cheeks wide," he snapped.

Alluna blinked in confusion. Fear skittered down her spine. Was he going to beat the most sensitive part of her body?

He growled, making her lean down to support her upper body on her chest. She gripped her tense globes and she spread them as he'd commanded. Alluna closed her eyes and grit her teeth, expecting the worst.

His hands caressed down her spine, softly. "Alluna, why do you distrust and fear me?" Her eyes snapped open at the sound of the gentleness in his voice. "I would never hurt you. I love you."

A sob caught in her throat just before she sucked in a shocked breath when she felt his tongue lick up from her clit to her anal star.

Her cunt clenched in need when he held her hips and pulled her tighter against his face. She groaned, feeling sanity slip as he kissed her ass intimately. His hot tongue thrust repeatedly against the tight ring of muscles until longing had her loosening up enough to allow him to penetrate.

The dark pleasure she felt as he tongue fucked her ass had her panting and crying out.

His teeth nipped one cheek making her scream in surprise. He bit her again and then licked the hurt. His legs disappeared and then she felt the hard evidence of his erection pressing against her spit-slicked asshole.

Alluna couldn't believe he was actually going to fuck her there. She couldn't believe he put his tongue and mouth there either... but he did.

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