tagMind ControlThe Witch Next Door Ch. 02

The Witch Next Door Ch. 02


Alice, the lovely dark haired witch, lounged luxuriously on the sofa in her living room, one arm stretched behind her head for support; her other hand was resting between her thighs, fingers lazily tracing the folds of her damp pussy while she watched her two living toys perform for her. It had been a month since she'd stolen the free will of her neighbors, Rebecca and Ty; in that time, she'd used her powers to alter them and better suit them to her needs. Rebecca, now Becky, had been the easiest. After all, she was the one who had so rudely stormed across the street and demanded the return of her husband, whom Alice was only going to borrow for a little while. The attitude had rubbed her the wrong way, and instead of letting her go on her way she'd erased large sections of the redhead's memory and reprogramming her to be the perfect, docile slave.

Becky no longer wore clothes, which suited Alice just fine. It was nice to watch the pale, busty woman bouncing around the house cleaning for her; she had also dramatically reduced the intelligence of her once smart neighbor, bringing her down to near bimbo levels. Becky couldn't read or write anymore. Hell, she could barely string together a coherent sentence that didn't involve some kind of giggle or allusion to sex. But, Alice didn't mind; she didn't exactly keep Becky around for the conversational skills. Whenever the slave started blathering on about something that roamed into her silly little mind, Alice would just redirect her mouth to better uses -- like licking her pussy. She'd pushed the knowledge into Becky's otherwise empty mind, along with how to cook, clean, and, of course, the best ways to finger her mistress.

She'd also made a few other changes to the woman. Alice's tits were nowhere near as large as Becky's, and the slave had quite the perky set as it was. Not feeling it was proper for servant to outdo her mistress like that, Alice had used her abilities to redefine the shape of her slave's breasts. Sure, they were still the same size. She wasn't so cruel as to take that away from her. But now, instead of standing out proudly in front of her, Becky's tits sagged heavily, with her constantly-erect nipples pointing straight down at the floor. Becky had whined when the change too place, but, as always, Alice simply told her to quit whining and eat her out -- which Becky had done with gusto, quickly forgetting what had upset her in the first place.

Ty, on the other hand, she had to leave more-or-less intact for a little longer. She'd erased his knowledge of Becky as his wife, and replaced it with a longing desire to live with Alice. This enabled him to go back to his house and quickly put it on the market for sale; when it sold two weeks later, he kept none of the money, of course. Every dime of it went into Alice's bank account, along with the profit of selling everything in the house that he could. What nobody would buy, like photo albums of he and Becky's marriage, he threw away at Alice's request. That's when he moved in to her house, like a proper slave.

She didn't undo his intelligence, not that it would matter. Under her spell, Ty no longer had the ability to speak. Alice felt that men, especially ones as attractive as the tall and muscly Ty, were to be seen, and not heard. So, without a whimper, he went silent -- and would stay so until she decided he needed to speak again. Much like his enslaved wife, Ty wasn't to wear clothing around the house. It simply wasn't fitting for a slave; it would also conceal the permanently erect cock of his. Thanks to her influence, the thing never went down, and provided her with amusement any time she wanted. Ty had been turned into a living sex doll, to fuck or play whenever she desired.

The first thing she had done when he moved in was bring the pair of slaves to her bedroom, where she had Becky undress her so that she could watch her husband fuck her mistress -- not that she had any knowledge of Ty being her husband any longer. She lay on the bed and let Ty slide his cock inside of her waiting, wet pussy, fucking her long and hard while Becky knelt on the floor playing with her drooping tits; the female slave was never to touch her pussy without permission -- even stupid Becky could remember that much. And when it was done, Ty fired shot after shot of cum into her cunt before pulling out; Becky was ordered to, first, lick his cock clean, and then to suck the cum from her mistress' pussy. Of course, Becky wound up with cum smeared all over her face. And, of course, Alice had taken several pictures of her grinning, idiot slave kneeling on the floor, smeared in cum. She contemplated sending them to the woman's family, just for further humiliation.

But, in the weeks following, Alice grew increasingly bored with her new toys. She'd used them in every which way imaginable around the house, but the thrill was quickly wearing off. So there she was at present, laying on the couch while idly fingering herself as she watched Becky on all fours being rather soundly fucked by Ty, her pendulous breasts swaying with each thrust. Since neither of them could cum without her permission, they had been at it for a couple of hours now, fucking away in an attempt to get to something she wouldn't allow to happen. Part of her felt bad for them, but the cruel dominant side didn't quite care.

It was with a sigh that she pulled her hand away from her cunt and rose from the couch, walking past the fucking slaves and wiping her fingers in Becky's hair as she passed. The pale, petite mistress moved over to the front window of her home, leaning idly against the frame and looking out into the neighborhood. That's when she saw the new family moving into the house that her slaves had sold only a couple weeks earlier. A large moving van was parked in the driveway, and movers were busy hauling the possessions inside; standing near the van, overseeing the work, were two women, what Alice presumed to be a mother and daughter. The mother looked to be in her mid-forties, and was still quite attractive by Alice's standards; she had blonde hair that was kept short, no longer than chin length, and a bright smile that was charming, even from this distance. She apparently had kept herself in shape, because Alice could tell that she was thin and well-toned. Alice also noticed that the woman had fairly small breasts, much like herself. And unlike her daughter.

The woman's daughter was, most likely, in her early twenties from the look of her. She shared her mother's blonde hair, though hers was long and worn in a loose ponytail at the back of her neck. Unlike her mother, however, this young woman had an enviable set of breasts. They were pushed into a tank top that was just a bit too small for her, causing an ample amount of cleavage to show; this drew lusty glances from the moving men, and looks of reproach from her mother.

Perhaps this would be the diversion she needed from her boring, dull life.

She glanced back over her shoulder and rolled her eyes to see the two slaves still fucking one another. With the flick of her wrist, Ty pulled out of Becky's drenched cunt and began to fire his cum up her back; his head tilted back, and his eyes shut as he silently expressed his orgasm. Becky, the mindless thing she was, began to giggle when she felt the first drops of the hot cum hit her skin. She, unlike Ty, had not been allowed to orgasm and was simply too stupid to realize it. With a smirk, Alice made another gesture and Ty quickly leaned down to greedily lick his own cum from Becky's back. She left the two of them to finish that up while she went to her bedroom and dressed for the evening.


It was nearing 8pm, and the moving vans had been gone for a couple of hours. Kaitlin had been busily unpacking boxes in her kitchen while Melissa, her daughter, had spent the entire time in her room, unpacking her own things. It was with some surprise that she heard a knock on her door. Wiping the sweat from her forehead with her sleeve, Kaitlin headed to the front of the house and cracked open the door. Standing on the other side was a petite, pale woman with dark hair wearing tight jeans and a light sweater. She didn't look like she could have been any older than her late twenties. She was carrying a bottle of wine in her hands, and smiling brightly when the door opened.

"Hello," Alice said politely, seeing the older blonde woman on the other side of the door. "I don't mean to disturb you, but I saw you moving in earlier and thought I would come to welcome you to the neighborhood." She held the bottle of wine out in front of her, as an offering.

Kaitlin returned the smile and opened the door further, so that she could take the proffered bottle. "Well, thank you! That's very sweet of you. And you're not disturbing me at all. In fact, I could gladly use a break from all of this unpacking. It's extremely dull, and we don't even have the TV service set up yet. Would you like to come in?"

With this, Alice nodded and stepped across the threshold. When she was inside, she offered her hand to the lady of the house. "Alice," She said, introducing herself.

"Kaitlin," The mother replied, shaking Alice's hand before closing the door before her.

Alice took a few steps into the living room, admiring the house. Ty and Becky had a lovely home before she'd forced them to sell it. "What brings you to the area?" Alice asked, looking back over her shoulder to Kaitlin, who was walking toward her.

"My daughter, actually. She just transferred colleges, and this house is pretty close to where she goes. She's only a semester away from graduating. My little girl, all grown up." Kaitlin replied with an exaggerated amount of emotion. Alice laughed lightly. Just then, Melissa came bounding down the stairs. She'd changed clothes from earlier, no longer sporting the jeans and tank top she'd worn when Alice saw them moving in; now, she was wearing a skirt that was far too short, nearly showing off her ass, and a thin sweater that hugged her large breasts and showed off her hard nipples. Apparently she didn't bother with a bra.

"Speak of the devil," Kaitlin said, looking to the stairwell; at first she was smiling, but at seeing what her daughter was wearing, that quickly devolved into a frown. "Melissa, honey, come meet our new neighbor, Alice."

Melissa paused only long enough at the bottom of the stairs to look over toward her mother and the guest before shrugging mildly. "I'd love to mom, but I'm heading out. John called; he's taking me to the club. So... you know... bye." She didn't wait before turning and walking toward the front door.

"Honey, we just moved in here! Can't you stay home for one single night? We haven't even put your bed together yet!" Kaitlin replied, exasperated. As far as Alice could determine, this wasn't exactly a new conflict between the two of them.

"Mom, it's boring here. No TV. No internet. No anything. I'm going out."

"And I say no." Kaitlin replied, crossing her arms over her chest. Melissa was not cowed, however; instead, the young blonde laughed and rolled her eyes.

"Okay mom, sure. Whatever. I'll see you tomorrow."

She reached for the door knob, but before she could turn it Alice spoke up. "Wait," She said, sending the full force of her will out into the room. Unlike Kaitlin's stern protest of her daughter's activity, this actually stopped the rebellious young college student. Both Melissa and her mother turned to look at Alice.

"You're being awfully rude, Melissa," Alice said, in a mock chiding way. "And your mother was just telling me how her baby girl was all grown up. But, from the way you're acting, you seem like more of a child than anything." While she was speaking, her fingers were moving rapidly in a predesigned pattern, weaving a spell that would alter the reality for these two women. Unlike the fun she'd had with Ty and Becky, this would be a much more slow-acting spell, and thus something she could watch unfold and savor. Very soon, these women's lives would begin to change. "You should listen to your mother. You could use this as a chance to bond with her, instead of running out with some boy."

Alice's words were beginning to sink in; Melissa pulled her hand away from the door, even though she wasn't entirely certain why. Moments ago she'd wanted nothing more than to blow out of this boring dump, but now she felt compelled to stick around. It was the strangest thing.

"I think you owe your mother an apology for acting so immature," Alice said, crossing her arms over her own chest.

Melissa gazed down to the floor, staring at her shoes like a scolded child. "Sorry, mom." The managed to murmur, toing the hardwood floor.

The apology brought a new smile to Kaitlin's lips, as she looked between her daughter and her neighbor. "Thank you, sweetheart. Why don't you go back upstairs and get some rest so we can spend the day unpacking tomorrow?" She suggested.

Normally, Melissa would have fought the notion of spending a day with her mother, let alone doing it and a chore at the same time. But she was feeling exceptionally docile, completely out of the blue, and found herself nodding in agreement. "Yes mom..." And, slowly, she started to walk away from the door and back up the stairs, to her bedroom. Once there, she changed from her clothes into a pair of pajama pants and a t-shirt that hugged her huge breasts, like almost every other shirt she wore. She hadn't been sleepy earlier, but after the suggestion, all she could do was think about bed.

This left Alice and Kaitlin alone in the living room.

"I don't know how you did it, but thank you," Kaitlin said to Alice, once her daughter was out of earshot. "I swear, sometimes that girl can be a handful."

Alice grinned brightly, and laughed softly. "I guess I just have a way with people. Maybe this will be a chance for the two of you to reconnect after all."


Melissa woke up early the next morning with the sun streaming through her window. She hadn't even bothered to hang her curtains, since she hadn't exactly planned on being home when the sun came up in the morning. She'd spend the night sleeping on the mattress on her floor, since the bed frame had yet to be assembled. She'd slept like a baby, curled under the nest of blankets she'd piled on the mattress before bedding down for the night. As comfortable as she was, Melissa hated to get out of bed. With a sigh, she pulled her thumb out of her mouth, which she had been comfortably sucking on in her sleep.

... And that made her blink in surprise. The college student looked down to her moist thumb with confusion. Since when had she started sucking her thumb? She'd given that up when she was a little girl. Strange.

Melissa threw back the covers and stretched, bringing her arms above her head and arching her back. That was when she noticed that her shirt felt a little loose, something that it certainly hadn't been last night. Practically all of her clothing fit her curves exactly, even the stuff she wore around the house. But here she was, stretching in her bed, and there was room in the front of her shirt. Even more mysteries. And it was too early in the morning to think about them. Certainly the shirt had just stretched out in her sleep or something like that.

She crawled out of the bed and started down the stairs. Her mother was already awake, and in the kitchen putting the rest of the things away. When Melissa came walking in there, Kaitlin looked to her in surprise.

"Well, you sure are up early!" Her mother said with a little laugh. "I don't think I've seen you at this hour in years."

"Yeah," Melissa answered, groggily. "I just woke up. I didn't think I could get any more sleep, I guess." She shrugged, shuffling over to the refrigerator; opening the door, she looked inside to what was available. Melissa passed over her normal selection of juice, opting instead for the gallon of milk they had just picked up yesterday afternoon; she wasn't quite sure why, but she had a strong craving for milk. A glass was poured, and she sat down at the table to sip at it.

"So, are you going to help me with the unpacking today?" Kaitlin asked her daughter, turning to lean against the counter and face her.

Melissa rolled her eyes and sighed. "Yeah mom, I guess so. It couldn't hurt."

The answer, even not the most enthusiastic, seemed to please Kaitlin, who started smiling and clasped her hands together in front of her. "Oh good! I'm so glad you had a change of mind. I have so much stuff in the living room to go through. I even found a bunch of your old stuff from when you were little."

For some reason, this prompted Melissa to perk up a bit; she wasn't sure why, but she wanted to go through those things. After she finished her milk, she and her mother went into the living room to sort through the things; they didn't make a terrible lot of progress, as the both of them stopped to reminisce about half of the things they found. Old boxes were broken down, and things were placed in new, plastic storage bins for safe keeping. Most of the things they went through had been Melissa's childhood toys, and seeing them brought up pangs of nostalgia. By the time the sun set, she'd kept a few things out; she assured her mother it was just for old time's sake, but she desperately wanted to have a couple of those things in her bedroom.

Around 9pm, Melissa shuffled into her bedroom with her childhood blanket and an old, forgotten stuffed animal tucked under her arm. Both were dropped onto the mattress so she could change for bed. She wasn't used to getting tired so early; since she'd turned 18, Melissa had definitely been a late night person, staying out until the wee hours of the morning and rarely seeing bed before the sun was already starting to crest. But here she was, on a Friday night, ready to go to sleep at a normal hour. She didn't quite understand it.

She shrugged out of the clothing she'd worn during the day, pulling her pajamas out of the dresser drawer. Standing there, nude, she glanced into the mirror, seeing something that wasn't quite right. She lifted her hands to her breasts, cupping the mounds in her palms. They looked smaller to her, and didn't feel quite as heavy; she bounced them in her palms a couple of times to test it, and sure enough, they didn't feel nearly right. She'd been a D cup for years, but here they were looking closer to a larger C.

Wanting to test again, she gently squeezed them. The gesture brought out a small whimper, as she didn't realize just how sensitive they were. This time, instead of squeezing, she began to gently trace her fingertips around the swells of her flesh, running slowly and smoothly on the underside, tracing up to her perky, hard nipples and running circles around the areolas. The sensation sent shivers of pleasure down her spine, and not entirely from the touching; there was a sense of the forbidden, a sense of exploration... like she was exploring her body for the first time. This registered in the back of her mind, as this certainly wasn't the first time she'd toyed with herself. There was something about this time, though, that made it seem different. Her pussy began to quickly moisten.

A hand slipped down from her breasts, fingers running between her thighs and over her shaven mound; her index finger rubbed slow circles on her clit, while her other hand mimed the motions on her nipples. Standing there in front of the mirror, she could see every motion she made; the way her jaw was open just slightly as she took in short, gasping breaths, the wide look in her eyes as she stared at herself masturbating, the raising of goosebumps along her full, firm breasts while she toyed. She was enrapt with watching herself. The fingers between her legs began to rub quicker, venturing further down so that they could slip inside of her waiting, wet hole. She was tighter than she remembered. It was a struggle to fit two fingers inside of her, but with a little work (and the help of how wet she was), she managed, moving them slowly in and out of herself.

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