tagLesbian SexThe Witch of Hidden Valley

The Witch of Hidden Valley


It was well known in Hidden Valley, California, that the owner of a certain New-Age bookstore was also a witch.

There were witches in Hidden Valley, of course. Everyone knew about the annual Halloween rites up at Lake Daniels, but Madama Shelikova seemed to be something else. The Wicca Coven did not like her, although they liked her store. Her magic was older; more mysterious; less powerful, they insisted.

Madama Shelikova came from someplace deep in the Ukraine. She had traveled the world, searching for powerful herbs and forgotten lore. She had been to Ireland, Yemen, Australia, Alaska, Mali, Scandinavia, Egypt, Peru, Fiji and Turkmenistan. Some people occasionally asked her why she would settle in an ordinary Southern California suburb like Hidden Valley. She would grin and answer that Hidden Valley had been a special place for centuries. She would scoff and disdain the Wiccas for misunderstanding the true power of the little dell. Then she would smile warmly again and praise everyone who chose to live there for possessing magic they used even when they didn't understand it.

Despite her years of travel, Madama Shelikova was a strikingly handsome woman. She was tall and full figured. Her long black hair hung down her back. When she worked behind the counter at the little shop on Grande Street, she wore a low-cut, black dress embossed in silver with ancient symbols around the waist. When her neighbors saw her at the grocery store, she wore sweaters and pants but kept her hair covered by a traditional Russian shawl. When the City Council tried to shut her down for witchcraft, she wore colorful Ukrainian dresses to the meetings.

Protests outside her shop went on for a few weeks after that. A local minister had tried his best to work the community into an anti-pagan fervor, but there were better things to worry about—like the potential closing of the aircraft factory outside of town—and the minister eventually found a new focus for his attention when a high school biology teacher admitted that not only did he teach evolution, but he was gay, and he voted for Democrats.

Patti Hillbrand knew very well that Madama Shelikova claimed to be a witch. She was eager to talk to somebody with powers over men and beasts and nature. But it only became a real issue when her friend, Melinda Black told her just how powerful Madama Shelikova's magic could be.

"You remember Bobby Sims?" Melinda said, leaning over the table outside the Grande Street Coffee Shop on that perfect autumn Southern California day.

"Sure. What a cutie."

"You remember how crazy he went for me our senior year at Hidden Valley High?"

"Oh my God! He went nuts!"

"You know how that happened?"

"You mean besides a certain thin blouse?"

They laughed.

"I had Madama Shelikova put a spell on him," Melinda admitted.

Patti felt her heart leap. She was stunned. The torrid affair between Melinda and Bobby was one of the hottest pieces of gossip to ever tear through the school in all of its 75-year history. One day, Melinda had worn a thin white blouse to school—just thin enough to show her hard nipples poking through. Bobby's jaw fell to the floor. The cutest, but shyest, boy in school nearly pounced on her. He worshiped her all year long. They made-out constantly. The following year, he had lost all interest in her, as suddenly as he had become infatuated. Conventional wisdom had been that the two had nothing in common besides raging hormones, but now Patti was seeing the affair differently.

"Did the spell wear off?" Patti asked. "Is that why you two broke up?"

"Yup. That, and the fact that he was a moron and a jerk and there were so many cute guys at Polaris College."

They burst into another round of giggling that was only quenched when they took sips from their lattes.

"The key," Marcia continued. "Is to go to Madama Shelikova before Halloween. That's when her spells really do their work."

"I know she says she's psychic, but give me a break."

"I'm serious! She says she that on Halloween, the spirits who guide her are drunk with power, or some shit like that."

They glanced across the street at the little New-Age bookstore. Patti could use a good love potion, she thought to herself.

Madama Shelikova crouched over a shelf, a stack of books in her hand. She carefully placed the books in their proper place—not alphabetical, but rather a system based on her own belief that each book had a customer and each customer would find a book.

It had been a slow day. Some incense sales earlier, but nothing much. She had not sold a book since before lunch. Well, it was a good time to get caught up on stocking the shelves.

She turned her head at the gentle sound of the bells tied to the door. Patti Hillbrand walked it. She gave Patti the mysterious smile she reserved for new customers.

"Welcome, Ms. Hillbrand," she said.

Patti nodded.

Madama Shelikova had seen Patti around before, at public meetings and around town. Madama Shelikova made it a point to know everyone in town, just so she could give a mysteriously disarming greeting if they should ever visit her shop.

Patti found herself blushing at the unexpectedly familiar welcome.

"Um, thanks," she said.

"Are you looking for a book today?"

"Sure, I guess. I just wanted to stop in, you know?"

Madama Shelikova gave a light laugh.

"What are you interested in?" the shop-owner asked, setting down her stack.

"Witchcraft. Spells. That sort of thing."

Madama Shelikova nodded.

"I know the book for you. It is right here, waiting for you."

She led Patti to a shelf of books flanked by wrought iron candelabras. She looked into Patti's eyes, reached out her hand and pulled off a book, offering it to Patti. Patti blinked and looked down at the book.

Spells for Lovers

"Oh, my," she said. "What's it about?"

"It's a nice book with lots of ideas to improve your sex life. Some of the ideas are very practical, like how to talk to your lover in bed; massage strokes to relax him; how to caress his sex; and a nice chapter on making love to yourself. Through all of this, there are more unusual ideas, however. Recipes for teas to brew for him; incense to burn to create certain effects. There are certain herbs and spices that you can boil for the aroma. It smells nice, but if you say certain incantations over the pot as well, they can be very powerful."

Patti's face was red and blushing. Her heart was pounding.

"How powerful?" Patti asked.

"One spell will keep your man vital and strong the whole night through. Another will bring him to release quickly, again and again. There are spells you can apply to yourself, as well. If you want to feel sexy and ready for love, or if you want energy to last the night or if you want deep and powerful orgasms that bring the heavens down upon your mind. This is what you are looking for?"

"Oh, wow. Yeah, that's a lot of it! Neat."

Patti took the book and flipped through it. The drawings in the book were explicit and exotic. She was starting to feel slightly aroused, standing next to the sexy and mysterious shop-owner, talking about sex.

"You wanted something else, though?"

"You are psychic, aren't you?"

"Yes, darling. Just a little. I have more knowledge than gift, however. It is easier to be born with power than to gain it through years of learning, but I think this way is more satisfying. Come sit with me at the table and tell me what is on your mind."

Patti and Madama Shelikova sat down at a card table near the cash register. Patti clutched the book tightly for a moment, then realized how silly that was and set it on the table. She took a deep breath.

"There's this guy," she began.

"Yes, of course there is!"

They laughed together, then Madama Shelikova nodded for her to continue.

"I think he's great, but I don't know if he really likes me."

"You are thinking that perhaps he just needs a little push?"

"Something like that. We haven't actually met in person, yet. He lives in Arizona. We've been chatting on the internet."

"I see. You want him to fall desperately for you, as you have fallen for him."


"This is more difficult than it might seem. It is very easy to cast simple spells on the people you see around you. People you meet everyday. To affect people far away is harder. It requires a much more powerful spell than I can simply provide for you."

"What can I do, then?"

"I will tell you what to do," said Madama Shelikova. "It will be more expensive, however, and we will have to wait a few days."

"How much?"

"One hundred dollars."

"Whoa, that's a lot. What's your spell do?"

"I will make your love for each other blossom into a lifetime of happiness together."

"Okay, I can see how that would be nice."

They smiled at each other.

"There is much that you must do, however, to prepare," Madama Shelikova told her customer.

"What's that?"

"I need you to be here on Halloween night, at eleven o'clock. Bring me some of the letters you have written to each other. Do you have a photograph of him?"

Patti blushed again.

"Yes. I have a picture."

"What sort of picture is it?"

"He's naked."

Patti let loose a volley of nervous laughter. Madama Shelikova smiled knowingly.

"Good. Naked pictures work much better with this. Tell me. Do you have a picture of yourself, naked?"


"You must get one. Bring me both pictures, and your e-mails to each other. I will need a good bottle of red wine. You will need to wear a pretty dress and some black, lace panties. Do you like to masturbate, dear?"

"Yeah, sure, I guess."

"Please refrain from doing so for the next week, until Halloween. Do not let yourself orgasm. This is very important. I wish to call upon your sexual power and direct it through the spirit world to your love."


Patti was having second thoughts about the deal as she paid for her book. What kind of spell was this, anyway?

Throughout the next week, she constantly thought about backing down. She rarely thought about herself going through with it. Even so, she managed to keep from masturbating—no easy task for her—and she was able to get a photo of herself, nude.

When Halloween came, she was still sure that she would back down. She stayed at home that night, handing out candy to the kids who knocked on her door. However, she noted to herself, she was doing it while wearing at very pretty black dress and very sexy black lace panties.

Eleven o'clock arrived and, with a deep breath to steel herself, Patti grabbed the wine, hopped in her car and drove downtown. The bookstore had closed, but through the window, Patti could see Madama Shelikova working at the little table.

Patti knocked on the door. Madama Shelikova looked up and gave her the smallest of smiles before moving to the door to let her in. Patti was a little shocked that the witch wore only a red, thin, silk robe. Her large breasts strained against the fabric. Patti could make out her nipples clearly. Madama Shelikova held a candle up to the window and gave a big grin when she recognized Patti's face. She unlocked the door and let Patti in, locking it again behind her.

"Did you bring the money?" the witch asked.

"Here you go," Patti said, handing her a $100 bill. "I hope this works."

"Don't worry about it darling. My spells never fail. Give me the wine. Yes, very good selection. This will work fine. Now, did you bring the rest?"

Patti opened her purse and pulled out a folded stack of papers and two photographs and handed them to Madama Shelikova.

The witch quickly read the e-mail correspondence between Patti, and her would-be lover, Dan. The tone of the letters was tame, but she could easily sense the romantic tension between the two. She glanced at the photo of Dan. He stood in a shower stall with his back to the camera. A stream of soap ran from a sponge between his shoulders down along the crack of his ass. His face was turned toward the camera. Madama Shelikova chuckled at the outrageous photo. She turned her attention to Patti's nude picture. She reclined on her couch, with her legs together and her eyes closed. Her breasts were rosy and flushed and her nipples were obviously hard. Just a hint of her bush showed between her legs.

"Did you take this picture yourself?"

"No. A friend of mine did it," Patti answered, blushing. She remembered how embarrassed she had been when she had asked Melinda to photograph her in the nude with her digital camera and print the result. Melinda had thought it was great fun and positioned her friend in many poses, from subtle to lewd. In the end, Patti chose the most tasteful picture to use in her spell.

"And the panties?" Madama Shelikova asked, raising her eyes to meet Patti's. "Are they black lace?"


"Show them to me. Lift your skirt."

Patti nervously lifted the front of her skirt to her waist, letting the witch see her panties. Madama Shelikova nodded.

"This way, darling," she said, taking Patti by the hand and leading her through a door in the back of the shop. They walked through a crowded storeroom, then through another door and into a bizarre chamber.

It was nearly the size of the store. There were no windows. The only light came from the candles that seemed to grow out of the walls like ivy. A large bookshelf lined the back wall. One side wall had a long table against it. Patti thought the collection of vials and liquids at one end of the table looked like a high school chemistry set. A gas stove was wedged into the corner. A small kettle simmered on one burner.

The other wall sent a chill down Patti's back.

A green, five-pointed star was painted onto the black brick. Patti looked closely at it and saw that each side of the star was a branch of ivy. Looking again, she saw a snake wrapped around each branch. As she stepped towards it, she noticed the four rings at the corners with the black chains dangling from them. What was she doing?

"Um, maybe…" She started.

"Do not worry about a thing, darling," Madama Shelikova said, placing a finger to Patti's lips. She flashed a warm smile to her customer. "This is a potion of love, not pain. We will have no need of these."

She gestured to a rack of gothic daggers and leather whips. Patti gulped. Madama Shelikova laughed lightly.

"But," she continued, "The spirits in this rite are somewhat dangerous. On Halloween, they become very powerful. If you are not restrained, you could be hurt by them."


"For your own protection."

Madama Shelikova led Patti to the chains and put her back to the wall. She stood close to Patti, letting her breasts graze Patti's.

"Relax," she said, with a gentle smile. "Take off your dress."

She reached around and unzipped Patti's dress before she could protest, letting it fall to the floor. Patti reached out to grab the witch, but Madama Shelikova quickly seized her wrists and locked them in the chains. She clamped her ankles in the other chains, then pulled them all tight, leaving Patty spread-eagled, against the wall, clad only in her black, lace panties.

"Now wait just a minute," Patti protested. "You didn't say anything about chaining me to a wall, or whipping me or anything like that."

"The chains are for your protection, dear. And I already promised not to whip you. Now stay still while I prepare the potion."

Madama Shelikova turned her back on Patti and walked casually to the table. She opened the bottle of wine and poured two glasses. She walked to the storage room and returned carrying a pair of music stands. She set these near Patti, placing the photos together, side-by-side on one, and the e-mails on the other. She stood before Patti for a moment, admiring her lovely body. Then, she unfastened her robe and let it fall to the floor next to Patti's dress.

Patti's eyes widened. Madama Shelikova had a stunning figure. It was full and dark. Her thick nipples topped her soft, firm breasts. She wore only a black, lace thong that looked remarkably like Patti's panties, but was even more daring. She let Patti stare for a moment, then turned slowly away, returning to the glasses on the table. Patti heard her mumble strange words over them before she picked them up and carried them to her chained customer.

"Sip it slowly," she said, holding a glass to Patti's lips. They drank together from the wine until it was half gone. She returned the wine to the table, pouring the remainder from the glasses into the bubbling pot.

"Now, darling," she said, returning to Patti and standing uncomfortably close to her. "I am going to begin chanting, while you read your e-mails silently. I learned this spell while living in a cave in Norway. It is very old, very powerful magic. It is also very dangerous, and if the spirits are angered, we could be injured. You must do exactly as I say."

Patti nodded, still unsure of the situation, but willing to give it a try. She glanced down at the e-mail collection spread before her and began to read, mouthing the words as she went. Madama Shelikova chanted:

"Jeg kaller på åndene av kjærlighet, Ånderadlyder min kommando, Jeg kaller på åndene av kjærlighet."

It was a simple chant, but the words sounded like a beautiful suite of music from her lips. Patti began to feel somewhat enchanted. The text of her correspondence with Dan brought the memory of her infatuation boiling to the surface.

Suddenly, she felt a hand stroking her cheek. She stopped reading and glanced at Madama Shelikova. The witch did not interrupt her chanting; only nodded back at the pages. Patti continued reading the story of her friendship and subtle courtship with Dan, now also starting to enjoy the gentle caresses of her face.

Madama Shelikova stroked Patti's temples; ran her fingers over her neck; between her breasts; over her stomach. She caressed the woman gently as she chanted the words of command. Patti began to get a little turned on. She was not sure she wanted to be aroused, but the witch's light touch and the thought that Dan would soon be in love with her were irresistible.

Madama Shelikova heard the subtle change in Patti's breathing and smiled to herself. She leaned close, allowing her body to gently graze Patti. She gave Patti a soft caress with her entire body. Patti sighed.

"Now, darling," the witch whispered. "Look closely at the photographs. Imagine them clearly in your mind. Stare at them. Imagine yourself and your man making love. Make love to him in your mind."

"Oh my."

"Do not talk. Just imagine him."

Madama Shelikova let her thigh rest softly between Patti's legs, against her panties. She ran her hands up and down Patti's sides, grazing her breasts.

"Imagine him now, naked and wet. He has just stepped from the shower. He is yours. He is in love with you. Can you see him? He is ready for you. His member is firm. Give your body to him in your mind. He is already your love. The spell will conquer him."

"Yes," Patti hissed, imagining all those things.

Patti felt the witch's hands stroking her breasts and let the sensation add to her fantasy. She pictured his hands caressing her, teasing her nipples. It was easy to do. She knew that Dan loved her. She wanted the spell to work.

"Good, darling," whispered Madama Shelikova, as she squeezed Patti's nipples. "Let yourself go, now. There is a secret ingredient in this potion. Yes, you know what it is, don't you? Your most powerful essence. Imagine your love kissing you, touching you. Let your essence flow. I can feel it starting, now. Just let it flow like that. Mmmm. Saften av hennes skjede er kilden av kraft. I can smell you. This will be a powerful potion, darling."

Madama Shelikova felt Patti start to subtly hump against her thigh. She rewarded the girl's passion by pressing her leg firmly against her mound. Patti moaned loudly. The witch kissed her ear, pressing her nipples against Patti's. She licked her earlobe softly, feeling the chained woman shiver. She kissed Patti, then let her tongue drag across the soft lips, ending with a gentle lick of the tip of her nose.

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