tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Witches of Ravenrook 03

The Witches of Ravenrook 03


My thanks to PF for his editing handiwork

*Imagine a life without Love; no Hate, Pride, or Passion*

(There is a great deal of violence in this tale but I promise it will make sense before we are done. The 'hero' is no Conan the Barbarian -- normally. Slapping girls and woman is very abnormal but I hope understanding will come)

"Hey Sally," I caught Sally exiting my final class for the day 'Applied Statistical Theory'.

"Hello Richard," she gave me a pained smile. I caught several of the other students hovering close around -- uncomfortably close.

"What, beyond my kicking the asses of all your pretty little friends and torpedoing their social order, is wrong?" I inquired. Again she came back with a pained smile.

"I'm trying to remember the way we were," she trembled. Old habits die hard and I found myself taking her hand into my own even though it had no immediate effect.

"Listen, if you are trying to get out from under the thumbs of those six, let me know and I'll do what I can," I told her. She squeezed my hand but looked passed me at one of the boys close by.

The guy licked his lips and I knew what that meant.

"Back off," I warned him then spread my warning gaze to the other seven guys and two girls.

"Don't be greedy Bro," The guy sneered. Yes, no one on this campus saw shit or he and the rest would know the real pain that was threatening to come their way.

"I'm not your Bro, last warning before I hurt you -- last chance," I snarled and pushed him slightly back. He rewarded my gentle attempt with a snappy jab with his right and a sneer.

'Oh, he knows how to box' I mused. I imagined that if he was fighting a human being who cared it would suck to be me. As it was, I had nearly exhausted my pittance of human compassion for the day.

I had him by the neck before he could blink, raised him up with that one hand then slammed him back first into the slate floor. His current inability to breath, the concussion I had just given him and his helplessness at my feet all warred across this smuck's face.

"The rest of you scatter," I growled to the rest of the party. The dust was already settling on the scene when I released the jackass and rejoined Sally.

"Sorry about that," I muttered then, "you knew all those people, didn't you?" Her hand quaked, she gulped and nodded.

"They are my four o'clock orgy -- most of them anyway," she stammered. "Most of them -- some were new."

"Why didn't you go with them?" I asked.

"I'm trying to be more like I was," she seemed flustered. "I haven't touched myself, or let someone touch me for...three hours." We both knew how pathetic that sounded, but such was the way of the Witches.

"Can you stay with me a while?" she begged. "I have a study group then dinner."

"I need to make sure your pals haven't crucified Regina," I told her, "but I'll come by at dinner."

"Thanks," Sally squeezed my hand then pushed her body tight against me. "I'll stay strong but...maybe we could do something after dinner -- walk the gardens -- you used to like doing that with me."

"I'd be more than happy to," and why wouldn't I? She was hot, willing and our sex rocked back in the day. The only problem was that I wasn't some romantic fourteen year old anymore and I'd have to be blind, deaf and dumb to not see that as a trap. Maybe once I'd won against whatever they were tossing my way I could score some victory booty with her.

Why you don't leave the grounds

"You said 'yes'?" Regina stated scornfully.

"I know it is a trap, you know it is a trap," I countered. "We discern their plan then just figure a way to counter them and administer another sharp lesson." Regina looked around the cafeteria before settling her gaze on the corner the Witches ruled.

"Let's go to our sanctuary and talk this through," Regina said as she stood up and took her ornate tray to the designated drop off point. I quickly followed along and made sure the whole evil witch coterie knew Regina and I were still tight.

Sally intercepted us as we walked, "Can you pick me up at the statue at seven?" She asked me.

"Sure," I responded to Sally in my smoothest voice. By the way she trembled I even believed she had been devoted in her efforts to avoid sexual stimulation and her sin of lust. We slipped by Sally and made our way to our room.

"Someone tried to enter our room," Regina cautioned me, "they did not succeed."

"One of the twins?" I worried.

"Ha," she laughed; "if one or one duo tried it they would have shredded my defenses," Regina chortled. "Keep in mind that if I got toe-to-toe one of those wenches I'm probably toast -- any set of twins and I'm dead. If all six fall on me I won't last a minute of their dedicated attention."

"How come I am still alive?" I was coming to hate asking that.

"I don't have the answer to that because you are clearly a free-willed living sentient being yet you are steeped in dark, deadly magic," she shook her head.

"I'm a walking dead man," I summed it up.

"Yes," Regina mocked me, "you have grasped the obvious." I leaned in and licked her nose because it was either that childish play or I was going to give her a truly demonic wedgie.

"Thanks," Regina rubbed her nose dry, "so you are going on your date tonight?"

"Of course, that is how we figure out their next move," I assured Regina.

"Their next move is to kill you, Idiot," Regina rolled her eyes. "More specifically, they want to lure you off of the school grounds so they can annihilate you."

"Why do they want me to lure me off the grounds?" I questioned.

"Oh -- right...you can't see anything magical," Regina sighed, "I mean you can't see the threads of the web of magic. They are constrained on the school grounds because of the old enchantments that Camilla Ravenrook created. If they unleash their full power on campus they unravel all those old wards and protections -- including the ones over their tombs."

"I thought they'd be all for destroying their graves on this island," I postulated. Regina shook her head again.

"You are an utter novice," Regina reminded herself about me. "They were bound here with sacred relics in a cavern somewhere on this island. If they destroy the protections, the cavern could collapse, burying those items. They can't dig up those relics -- only a white witch or a human can and I don't see any earth-moving equipment anywhere around here."

"As long as the items exist they can be re-imprisoned," I reasoned.

"Precisely," Regina smiled at me then hugged me. She patted my hardening cock for good measure. "Right on time because I know what we can do to even-out the odds."

"I'm not sure I like the look in your eyes," I worried.

"Neither you or I can beat them alone but together I think I know how we can," Regina looked terribly clever and even a bit brilliant. "I need a bit of your life -- um -- essence."

"You want to drain my soul?" I stepped back.

"Oh no," she laughed. "I need something a bit more primal and since I don't know how long we will be separated, I need your -- um -- deposit to last a while."

"Huh?" I wondered what the hell she was getting -- then it hit me. "You want me to ejaculate in you -- you want my sperm?"

"Oh, not in my pussy, you silly man," she was truly amused at my distress. "I need to keep it in my mouth. My pussy would simply absorb your power too quickly. As long as I don't swallow your cum down my throat, I can have it last for hours -- oh, but I won't be able to speak."

"I am not even going to go into how wrong that is because the whole past twenty-four hours has clearly removed my psyche's ability to relate to reality as I knew it," I nodded in disbelief. "I'm just going sit on my bed, close my eyes and pray you give a passable blowjob. I'm not going to worry about how many years of therapy this is going to cost me later in life."

"If it is any consolation, we are most likely going to die soon but if we don't, the Laws of Magic dictate we don't tell the world at large what we can do."

"The Laws of Magic can blow me," I joked. "I didn't sign up for any of this."

"Neither does your average werewolf but here you both are," she pointed out.

"Whatever," I groaned. "Listen Regina, I know you can't be ready for this. I'll blow Sally off and the Twins can prance around the scenery until they get bored and come home."

"What are you babbling about?" Regina settled between my legs and looked up at me. "Richard last night was a shock because I damn near died, but I think I'm strong enough to get past this and -- blow you, so to speak."

Regina stared to stroke me to full arousal. After one lick over the spongy helmet she hesitated.

"Richard, I want you to know that I hope you make it out of this alive and not just because this entails my own survival. It has been a lifetime since I've felt that way about anyone, please believe me," she vowed. "Stay alive and I'll find you."

"Thanks," I was both worried and confused by that confession. Her engulfing the top of my penis didn't end my ability to think, though it was proving to be more and more difficult. Reading between the lines Regina was telling me she'd visited death long before she came to the island. At the same time she was telling me my best clue for me to stay alive in case something bad caught up with her -- find the real Ravenrook heir -- Shelby Ravenrook -- is probably the one 'Good Girl' on campus and my best hope to stay alive.

About a minute into the process, Regina let my cock pop out to lean back slightly.

"Aren't you ready to cum yet?" she cross-examined me.

"You don't give many blowjobs do you?" I quizzed her.

"You are my first -- happy now?" she responded snidely.

"How about you show me your breasts and let me play with them while you suck me off?" I suggested.

"Wouldn't you rather be fondling Sally's," Regina continued to be one mouthy bitch.

"No Regina. I'm here with you because while you clearly dangerous and deranged, I like you and we share a leaky little rowboat in the face of a Northeasterly headwind," I reminded her.

"I'm going out with Sally only because she's leading me into a deathtrap created by the beings who have been consistently trying to kill me or kill my patience," I added. Regina agreed in the best possible way -- she unbuttoned her blouse, opened her bra and went back to her best imitation of fellatio. In five minutes, my body was kind enough to surrender its bounty and flooded her mouth with semen.

I stood and drew Regina up as well. I fixed my cock inside my underwear then zipped up my slacks. I was quick enough in the routine I was able to help her button up her shirt after she affixed her bra. By the way her cheeks moved, Regina's tongue was taking a pleasurable taste sample of the cum she had earned.

"Do you like the taste of my seed?" I teased. She looked mildly annoyed but became frantic when I made to tickle her. Perhaps the act of taking a male sexual organ into her wasn't (yet) on her top ten list of favorite things to do, or maybe she didn't want to spew all my hard work over my chest. I stopped advancing and she steadied herself.

Any attempt at conversation was pointless; besides as I readied to go out on my date, Regina busied herself with drawing lines in black and white chalk on the floor and walls. As she did so I could sense a link being created between us. I had a sensation that I could tell if she was alive and okay as long as she kept a portion of me insider her. It was another freaky-weird abnormality to tack on to the truckload I'd been gifted with today.

I could tell Sally was glad to see me the moment I arrived near the female upperclassmen common area in the Library. In fact, she looked ready to crawl out of her over-stuffed seat and take a bite out of any of the people moving about the room.

"Hey Richard," Georgia Norman called out warmly. Sally's ravenous gaze fell upon me and she was on me like a covetous Playboy Playmate.

"Hey Richard, let's go," Sally grabbed my left elbow and bicep, trying to drag me immediately.

"In a second," I warned Sally. "Hi Georgia; I hope you are staying safe," I greeted one of the few students to have remembered me from a year ago and actually been helpful.

"Are you and Sally together again; are you going out on a date?" Georgia inquired cautiously.

"Yes we are and we should be leaving now," Sally growled at Georgia insistently.

"We are going to walk the gardens and then Sally promises we'll leave the grounds for something special," I grinned.

"Bernadette?" Georgia seemed to shrink from Sally's furiously lustful glare. Bernadotte was the 'public' name of Regina Ravenrook.

"She's taken precautions," I pledged to Georgia as I lead Sally away before she began stripping in front of everyone, which she might have done before anyhow considering her overriding lustful madness. Sally settled for clinging tightly to me.

"I am going to do so many wonderful things to you," Sally purred into my ear.

By the strumming of her heartstrings, I felt her capacity to hold back the impulses to rape me on the spot barely kept at bay. Before we got outside we pressed tightly together embracing multiple times. Her mental confusion let me work a little mischief unnoticed. Once we were outside at the entrance of the sculpted gardens, I broke us up, retaining a hold her hand.

"Let's just a walk and talk for a while," I requested with an insistent, dark undercurrent in my voice. Sally jerked as if I'd shocked her with an electric current, calmed herself, lowered her head and nodded. "What have you been going through while I went away?" I asked.

"Many things I've been ashamed of," Sally moped.

"Do you think you can get out from under the influence of the Twins?" I pressed her.

"It isn't that simple," Sally looked up at me with soulful eyes. "I want things now -- important things," she gulped. "It would be like living life without sight, or hearing."

"But you don't look happy," I countered.

"Oh," she giggled, "you don't understand. I see what people lust after and how I can please them, even if they are ignorant of their desires."

"What do I want?" I inquired.

"I -- I don't know," she shivered. "Your eyes are cold and pitiless -- inhuman."

"Why did you go out with me then?" I pushed.

"You are strong and...you can protect me from others who want to hurt me," she confessed partially. She was leading me into a trap were I expected to die. "Some want to take by pain and force what I would freely give."

"You never shied away from a little bit of pain Sally," I coaxed her along, "so we are talking about more than simply pinching and nibbling."

"Sometimes they want to kill me, Richard," she moaned. "No one will save me and sooner or later I'll seek out so much sensation I won't be able to defend myself. Can you defend me, Richard?"

"I can't if I'm dead," I taunted Sally. She looked down at the ground as we walked a little farther. "When did you start losing control and why haven't you tried to break free?"

"We have more power and freedom to do what we want," Sally promised.

"Yeah, like leading your former boyfriend out to be murdered?" I stated deadpan.

"Are you getting anything out of me dying, except making them happy -- not happy with you because I know they don't care for any of you -- but with themselves?" I mocked her. "How is that for freedom and power? You are afraid of them, face it."

"It isn't like that; we have a relationship," she started a decent job of pretending to cry.

Sally turned away in feigned-shame over her tears and rummaged through her pockets and purse.

"Looking for your phone?" I asked ruthlessly. "Oh, you seem to have seven text messages," I scrolled over her personal missives.

"Give that back!" Sally nearly screamed as she snatched up the phone but I failed to comply.

"Bring him," I quoted from her phone, "bring him now", "where are you?", "stop whatever you are doing -- BRING HIM NOW!", "Stop humping him, you cow, and bring him now," "You will pay for this unless he appears before us in ten minutes!"

"Oh God, they are going to kill me," Sally whimpered. "I am so dead." I tossed her the phone and sneered. "There is your freedom and power Sally." I shook my head. "You are afraid they are going to torture and /or kill you. Tell them I'm coming and warn them I'm going to skip their brand-spanking new little asses across the water like they are new bright shiny quarters."

Sally looked mortified so I retrieved her phone, sent off two messages -- the first one claiming I'd tied up and sat on Sally -- and the one concerning their 'brand-spanking new little asses'. I showed Sally each text so she knew I was taking the heat for pissing off the prissy little bitches before turning the phone over.

"Get back inside Sally," I directed. "Once I finish teaching these bitches another lesson I'll have to decide on whether I want to see you again -- I have one too many charity cases on my plate as it is. Now where are they waiting for me?"

"The Great Cleft," Sally murmured, still in shock.

The Cleft was one huge (12 foot tall) rock that was cleft in a 'V'. There were four other large boulders around and it was deep in the forest toward town. It actually was a pretty well-thought out place to murder someone. If I hadn't been the target of said crime I would have been willing to congratulate them on the choice.

The Fight

The cocky me wanted to jump like the Hulk into their midst and bellowed my challenge. The part of me with a functioning brain suggested I try and sneak up on them instead. Stunningly, I got pretty close before I encountered them and it was highly embarrassing. It didn't start with us launching diatribes about what we were here for -- them to kill me and me for non-virgin virgin pussy...not really.

Anyway this one foot tall little snit appeared racing along the forest floor, slashed at my calf and was gone before I could react. Fuck! That hurt. He had a pal coming at me from the front and three much larger cohorts moving through the dark underbrush. I took three more of these painful slashes before two things happened -- I realized I was being poisoned and I couldn't grab them with my hands.

Through the underbrush arrived two oily black wolves and a fuggly looking dwarf who morphed into some nine-foot tall poster-child for steroid abuse -- oddly enough, I think his breed is called a Spriggan. First, I had some gnats to squash. I drove my knife-like hands into the soil before reaching out with my 'darkness' sense (which I had no clue that I had or how it worked).

My sense of touch reached out for several feet around me and when the quick little fucks came within my radius, I snatched them up along a six foot column of earth and slammed the two into one with the result being something similar to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that had been out three weeks too long -- oh God, I had just directly murdered two sentient beings.

Three things occurred to me along with that thought; male ballet dancers shouldn't play rugby, my sinus cavity was being pressed into my brain by uber-dwarf and the two wolves were trying to remove an arm a piece. I vowed that if I got a chance at a second grand melee in this lifetime I would maintain my focus and concentration.

The dwarf/giant released my skull but only so his second fist could pummel me harder. I felt like I was going to die and it looked that way too so I lashed out with each wolf attached to my arm and clubbed the steroid-dwarf in the ribs. The cock sucker splintered the bark behind me as his next blow failed to connect. I still felt horrible; I felt so bad I vomited on the three creatures. They howled, screamed and whimpered as my foul sputum burnt away their flesh and bones in a horrifically acidic and malevolent display. For a moment there was silence.

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