tagErotic HorrorThe Witch's Familiar on His Porch

The Witch's Familiar on His Porch


The skinny black cat jumped from the cushions onto the floor and scampered off of the back porch. "Hey there, come back" Chris cooed. "I just want to pet you..." his voice trailed off as she disappeared from his sight.

He has been trying for months to pet the cat that spent the night on his back porch. She had been sleeping on his large outdoor sofa that he also used for naps. Despite his best efforts of speaking softly and offering treats she would never get close enough for him to pet her. He would put out water and food for her, but still no luck in getting close to her. His only reward was clean bowls to refill.

His friend Willie teased him that his mysterious cat was a witch.

"Black cat, you know, she is a witch. I bet she is watching your house for some reason."

Chris remained skeptical, "Yeah right, for what? Maybe to see if I put in on the market? Witches don't exist like that."

"Its October man. Be prepared. Strange things happen." Willie warned with a chuckle.

Chris was not buying it.

Friday night brought great rewards. After a long week and a night out with some friends Chris made it back home before midnight. He showered, put on his robe, grabbed his lap top, and a glass of port. His destination was his back porch. Some fresh, cool night air was just what he needed before he went to sleep.

He pulled a side table up so he could use the laptop while lying down. Online auctions were his secret addiction and no day was complete without checking status of his auctions. Hit lit a small citronella candle to ensure unwanted insets stayed away. After several minutes he got up to get a blanket from inside to cover his feet. He sipped his port and continued checking his online auctions until his eyelids got heavy.

He closed the laptop and stretched out under the blanket. Slowly, his eyes become more accustomed to the bright moonlight shining brightly on his back lawn and the flickering candle light on the porch ceiling. The near full moon illuminated his back yard like it a white glow. The fresh air was causing him to drift off when he noticed something moving in the yard.

His eyes were barely open, but he noticed a shadow moving left to right across the grass. He opened them a little more, a pulse of alarm shot through him pushing back any fatigue. It was not an animal shadow. No one should be in his back yard. Without moving his head his eyes scanned. Then he saw it, a human figure standing partially behind one of the porch's support columns. He could tell it was facing him. It was a dark human figure with a hood over its head.

Chris thought about his options for confrontation. He resolved to sit up and scare them off; thinking this person had not seen him lying there. Before he could act, the figure pulled the hood back revealing herself. A woman?! This caught him off guard. Most intruders were men, right? She looked Creole, or perhaps Hispanic, but it was hard to tell looking through near shut eyes, but he could tell she looked to have a full head of thick, dark curly hair.

Chris was studying her features when her right hand's index finger made a "silence" motion across her lips. She could see him. Slowly, she approached. He saw that she was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, black sweatpants and those inexpensive rubber shoes that are the trend. She was exotically stunning with features most men find intoxicating while visiting southern latitudes. Her top lip was thinner than the bottom, and he could see a very sexy and sharp cupid's bow. She had high cheek bones, and a small, subtle nose. He tried to speak, but staring at her robbed him of a voice. He felt powerless to give her anything but his full attention.

"May I join you?" her slightly accented voice asked. Chris was still unable to speak, he simply moved back slightly and turned up the blanket for his new mysterious guest.

She reached down and pulled the hoodie over her head. He could see her thin outline against in the candle light. Her bulky clothing concealed her slight body frame. She was maybe five and a half feet tall. She was skinny, like she needed to mix in a few more meals skinny. As she dropped the hoodie on the floor her long, thick, curly hair fell back down to her shoulders. She reached to her waist and shed her sweat pants, dropping them next to the hoodie. She stepped out of her shoes and in one swift motion was under the blanket next to him. A wave of sandal wood fragrance came with her. It was intoxicating. Chris felt her nose rub against his. Then their lips met. It was a soft kiss that lasted a minute, but it felt longer. Her lips were soft and she tasted almost sweet. He was spellbound, it was a magical fantasy.

Her hands felt around and opened his robe. He felt them across his chest. They worked their way around him, pulling him closer. Chris surrendered; he was powerless to resist her. His lips sought hers. This time their kiss was more passionate, more forceful, and more lustful. Soon he felt her nakedness against him. She was partially on top of him. He fully embraced her. He caressed her side with his right hand, but it gravitated to her chest. She giggled slightly when he found the pert nipple on her left A cup.

Chris felt her hands exploring him as well. At six feet he was taller than her, and his lean build from years of swimming and running gave him the muscular physic that some women enjoyed. This mysterious stranger was no different. He felt her hand caress his chest, pausing to tease his right nipple. This gave him goose bumps. "Mmmm..." she purred as her hand affectionately admired his swimmer's pectoral muscles. She kissed him again. Chris moved his left hand up. He discovered that her thick hair felt like silk. He expected it to be thick and coarse, but it was far from that. It also held the exotic smell of sandalwood. He softly rubbed her scalp with his fingertips. She continued purring. His right hand moved down to her mid back and pulled her more on top of him, her long hair fell to cover both sides of his face.

She began kissing his checks and neck, moving downward. Chris relished every time she kissed him. Her soft hair caused a tingling sensation on his skin. She descended under the blanket. Soon she was teasing both of his nipples with her tongue and playful bites. Chris thought that two will play this game, but he would be patient. Her lips planted kisses on abs that took hours in the gym make flat. In fact, they tickled. He tried to shun away from them. This only encouraged her. She kept at him with her mouth followed by her fingernails on his sides. This embarrassed him and he reached his hands down to run interference. He was able to grab her hands, but not her mouth. He shifted his hips trying to prevent her from making contact with this stomach area. His cunning guest changed her target. Chris inhaled deeply when he felt the sensation of her warm breath and mouth on his cock.

He released her hands and mimicked her purring. Her warm tongue worked on his shaft and head. She took him into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down a few times. Chris could see the blanket move up and down with her every motion. Her hands started paying closer attention to his cock. While one rubbed his balls the other followed her mouth as it worked up and down on this cock. This felt amazing. It was getting hot under the blanket. The night was cool, but not cold and their passionate foreplay had dispelled any need for under blanket coziness. Chris pulled off the blanket fully exposing his beautiful stranger with a mouthful of his hardness. He did not want this to end, but his gentlemanly guilt was kicking in.

He affectionately stroked her cheeks, and then playfully tugged on her shoulders to move up. She sat up on him, her pelvis resting on him just beyond the reach of his cock. He could feel her warm wetness on his skin. He kept prompting her to move up. He cupped his hands on her ass and moved her up to his chin. Her lips had tasted so good when they kissed and she smelled so exotic, he wanted to taste her juices. And he was not disappointed. With her knees on both sides of his head she lowered her womanhood to his mouth. He relished this, moving his face closer; he exhaled deeply, sending a wave of warmth onto her already wet pussy. His tongue circled her lips, pausing slightly at her clit. She moaned softy, arching her back with her hands on his knees. Chris continued pleasing her, diligently feeding off of her moaning. He could feel her torso moving, she was reaching for something. Chris was unable to see what it was. Soon her juices tasted of something familiar. She was dripping the port from his glass onto herself. This spurred him on with more vigor. He could feel her weight shift and looking up; he saw her finish off the port and return the glass to the table. She then put her hand back on his knees, pushing her sweet pussy closer to his face. It did not take long. Deep sighs and a long moan announced her orgasm. Chris then kissed her inner thighs, proud to have made her so vocal. She backed up and straddled his waist.

Reaching down she grabbed his cock with one hand and rubbed his muscular torso with her other. He could see her smiling. In fact now Chris could now fully see her. The light from the still burning candle illuminated her in a soft glow. He studied her thin arms and fingers as they pleasured him. She was not curvaceous. As he noticed earlier, she was pretty svelte. Maybe too much so, he could see the outline of her ribs when she moved a certain way. He looked upward to her eyes. In the low light they looked brown. Her smile again distracted him, white teeth and model like lips caught his attention. She was smiling as she raised herself up, rubbing the head of his now rock hard cock on her wet pussy lips. She guided it into her and slid downward. Ecstasy! He filled her up as she let out a soft moan taking him in fully.

Chris felt powerless to resist her slow, sensual movements. She was in charge. She moved up and down his cock with every gyration of her body. Leaning forward she kissed him between his groans. He sucked her fingers after she reached down and rubbed herself. Her sandalwood scent and her love juices intoxicated him. He wanted to take control; he had the urge to take her from behind, to pull that thick beautiful hair while plunging his cock deep inside her. He moved to sit up, but his beautiful stranger stopped him. A silent sided to side wave of her finger told him no. She wanted him prone, down, under control. Leaning down she kissed him, rubbed her finger over his lips, and commanded him with a soft "sshhhh". He felt powerless to protest.

She sifted her position. She was still on top, but with her back to him, in a reverse cowboy. She mounted him again and her soft gyrations pleased both his eyes and his cock. Her backside was something to behold. Chris noticed a very large tattoo on her back. Having only seen her front, her full back tattoo was a surprise. He had seen no other ink on her. But her back was covered in what looked to be a big, beautifully drawn figure commonly seen in the Hispanic world: the Virgin of Guadalupe. With her bent over he could only assume that is what it was since he could only see parts of it. The artist did a great job on bottom of the robe and lines that bordered the image. He had to admit it was a turn on.

He was outside on his back porch being made love to by a beautiful, mysterious stranger. Her rhythm increased. She arched her back; he felt her hands on his knees again. He watched her ass rock as she rode him. She would arch her back and roll her hips in a manner he had never experienced before. He felt her pussy squeeze down on his cock, they were both building.

Chris watched her throw her head back as she descended down on his shaft. The thick, dark hair covered the top part of her back. Like an ocean wave on the beach, her hair uncovered her back as her head leaned forward again. Chris refocused on the tattoo on her back. When she arched her body forward he could only see the middle to lower part, when she moved upright he could see it all. There was something odd, something not quite right about the top portion.

Maybe it was not finished? She moved again, he moaned in pleasure. She went upright again; her heavy breathing and groaning grew louder. Chris looked again; his interest peaked. This time the image was clearer. However, it was not the smooth cheeks and iconic face of the Virgin. Instead it was a skull.

Chris blinked to make sure he was seeing it correctly. He was seeing it correctly, her face was a skull and her hands were also skeletal. A shock went through his gut when he figured out it that her large tattoo was not of the pious and good Virgin of Guadalupe, but the evil Santa Muerte.

She shifted forward again and bore down on him with her pelvis thrusts.

"Ooooohhhhh..." she wailed. She was building.

So was he and he was close.

However Chris was now regaining his senses. His mysterious stranger's spell on him was losing its grip. He was still rock hard and his cock was enjoying everything she was giving it, but his brain was taking over.

Just like limiting booze prevents hangover, this "magical fantasy" needed to be reined in. No way was he going to cum inside a woman who would drop serious cash to put Santa Muerte on her back. Some ink is fine, but a woman who would drop serious cash for a back full of "Saint Death" was just too freaky and creepy for him. He started to sit up.

"NO!!" She turned her head and commanded, panting. Her eyes were wide, fiery and defiant.

Chris tried to speak, but somehow he could not get enough spit to do so.

Panicking, she leaned back moving her hand from his knees to his chest.

"Whatever..." Chris thought, she was skinny and he would just push her off, but he was wrong. His arms would not do what his brain said. It was like he had just swum five few miles, they tingled and felt heavy.

She forced him flat again. Dumbfounded he tried to sit up again, but could not. Her "magic" was working again. She kept going, leaning forward again and pumping her hips vigorously. She was covered in sweat, her body heaving with deep breaths. She kept pumping him in what seemed a desperate push to finish. Their bodies smacked together at an increasing pace.

"Ooooooooohhhhhhhh-oooooooohhhhhh-yyeeesss" she released.

Her pussy clamped down on his cock. Chris was unable to hold back or get free. He groaned deeply shot his load deep inside her. His body shuddered as a few aftershocks kept his cock spurting. She stopped, breathless from her lustful effort, purring in an afterglow.

She turned a smiling face to him, puckered her lips in an air kiss. His eyelids suddenly got very heavy and darkness soon followed.

Chris awoke as to chirping birds; loud chirping birds. It was a pissed off mocking bird making a whole lot of noise. He tried to hide under his blanket, but it was no use. As he slowly exited slumber he peeked out to see what the bird was so mad about. Across the back porch, sitting on an outdoor chair was the skinny black cat. The cat was staring intensely at the mocking bird perched on the back porch rail.

"Shut up bird, go away" Chris grumbled to no avail. The bird continued. Chris had enough. It was noisy; he needed coffee and a visit to the bathroom. He had to scare the bird off.

"Shut up dammit!" he angrily commanded, quickly standing up and sending the bird away. A cold sensation startled him. He was naked. He looked down at an empty port glass. Had he gotten drunk and shed his robe in the night?

A curious "meow" caught his attention. The black cat was now on the porch rail looking at him. The cat turned and with a tail flick, scampered away.

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