tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Witch's Gift Ch. 02

The Witch's Gift Ch. 02


Hi all! I really appreciated the feedback from the votes and comments on The Witch's Gift Ch 1. The feedback was very helpful and I made sure to address all questions and concerns in Ch 2. Stay tuned for more adventures with Miss and Adam!


* * *

Adam woke to the gentle ministrations of a cool cloth on his forehead and a powerful heat emanating from his thighs. His eyes flew open with a gasp and he jerked away from the hand smoothing over his forehead.

The witch who had introduced herself as 'Miss' was smiling down at him. Her canines were more defined from this angle and a mischievous glint sparkled in her fawn-colored eyes.

"How are you feeling, Adam?" She withdrew the cloth from his head and he saw that she was kneeling beside him on the floor of her caravan. A swathe of starred fabric hung over her head.

"I'm..." he tried to clear his head, to remember what had happened before he had ended up on the floor. She had completed the spell, then he had fallen, dizzy to the floor after seeing...

his cock twitched in his lap and he sat up instantly to get a look at his new manhood.

"Holy Fuck," he said, torn between shock and excitement. His penis was still hard as stone and rested limply on his stomach. But where his erection used to stand proud at 4 1/4 inches, he now sported a cock worthy of a horse or gorilla or.....a whale? A short laugh of disbelief and hilarity brought on by lack of blood to the brain burst from him. He stared, transfixed at the cock he had requested, 10 inches long with a circumference that he wouldn't be able to enclose in one of his own hands.

"Well?" asked Miss, interrupting his thoughts and bringing him back to reality. He met her gaze and saw that a pink flush had started to crawl up her neck and down into the small dip of her modest cleavage.

"It's uh...fuck, it's HUGE," he gasped. "I didn't...I didn't realize it would look like that!" He couldn't keep his eyes off it, even with Miss' face so close to his. The pink head was smaller than the shaft, which bulged out slightly in the middle. A thick blue vein ran under his skin and he found himself reaching out and gripping the shaft of his new cock without embarrassment , compelled to grip it in his hand.

He hissed through his teeth as his palm made contact with the soft skin which had just grown during Miss' spell. The velvety flesh was more sensitive than he thought possible and a shock of dizziness threatened to overwhelm him again.

He must have swayed where he sat, because Miss put out an arm to steady his shoulders. He felt her pert, tight breasts press into his shoulder and his cock throbbed in his hand. He breathed in sharply again.

"It's more sensitive, isn't it?" she asked quietly, looking at his cock. Adam followed her gaze and found it extremely exciting to have her looking at it. Her eyes were slightly wide and thoughtful as she looked at it and he imagined the women at his office who had spurned him, how they would stare at it now, how they would want him to fuck them...

He reached out with his other hand and began to gently explore the surface of his cock, feeling unfamiliar ridges and veins under the skin. Halfway down, he thought he felt a slight bump where the head of his cock used to be.

Miss shifted beside him and he looked up to see her eyes fixed on his hands moving up and down his cock, her brown curls framing her face. She seemed to feel him looking at her because she turned and leaned into him lowering her voice to a throaty whisper.

"Do you know why I help men like you with these problems, Adam?"

He shook his head, still slowly jerking his cock. There seemed to be no room for thought as his cock was full of more blood than had ever filled it before. The honeysuckle scent of the room seemed to be adding to his sense of peaceful delirium.

"Because, " she crooned, smiling now, "because I just love big cocks, Adam."

Adam's eyes widened and he started moving his hands a little faster as he watched her feminine lips, eagerly anticipating her speech. He was finding it hard to jerk off, even with both hands, and a slight frustration began to tighten in his belly.

Miss looked sharply at his cock as his happened and it was like she knew his frustration as she asked, "It's bigger than you thought it would be, isn't it?"

Adam nodded, unwilling to pause as he tried to cover more surface area and relieve the growing ache in his balls and abdomen.

"That happens with a lot of my customers," she said, looking back at him. "They see pornstars who have gone through surgery and sacrificed their sexual enjoyment to achieve a greater size. They have freakishly large cocks that can barely fit in any woman's mouth, pussy or ass."

This stopped Adam from his jerking movements as he looked down at the monster cock in his hand, terror flooding him. Was he a freak now? He sized his cock up with his eyes and he tried to imagine himself fitting it into his ex-girlfriend's pussy. It never would have fit. He turned to Miss, an edge of panic in his voice, "Is it too big? Will it be stuck like this forever? Please, can't you do something? Will I be able to fuck anyone with this?" He sat up now without her support and turned to face her, his trouser legs still bunched around his ankles and loafers.

Miss laughed a tinkling laugh that sounded like falling water. Without any warning, she leaned forward and kissed him full on the mouth, her small tongue working against the tip of his own, her hand reaching down and grasping the soft head of his cock.

Adam convulsed at her touch, yellow shocks of light bursting behind his closed eyes. Her hand was tiny around his fat dick, but she manipulated it expertly as she sucked his tongue and began to roughly jerk his cock.

All he could do was lean limply against her shoulder, his mind submerged under a heavy fog of pleasure. He gasped as she gripped his balls and let them fall so that they slapped heavily onto his thighs, feeling more like ripe oranges than the walnut-sized testicles he had had since his teenage years. Miss slid her hand up his shaft, caressing the new skin before breaking her lips away to hiss, "There's only one way to find out if your cock will fit in a woman's pussy, Adam."

She let him go and he fell back onto the floor as she stood and lifted the hem of her lavender dress. He scrambled up into a semi-reclined position as she knelt over his prone form and spat thickly into her delicate hand. She slathered her saliva over his cock, making him shudder uncontrollably, then straddled him, positioning her coral pussy lips over the head of his cock.

Adam felt an enormous, dopey grin stretch his face as she rubbed her soft lips over his sensitive head. He definitely thought that the honeysuckle vapor in the room was messing with his head, but he couldn't even muster a thought beyond the woman slowly gyrating her hips over him.

His excitement started to increase and Adam bit his lip as Miss' slickness started to run down his shaft in slow, tingling drops. It felt like her pussy lips were softly kissing his head and he groaned at the tantalizing, wet strokes. "Please," he breathed. "Please, it hurts," he said, gritting his teeth as his balls and stomach began to ache more intensely. He needed release.

Adam looked at Miss' face and was surprised to see her expression had completely changed. Her sweet face was slack and her doe eyes had a dull, animal vacancy. Her eyes locked on his and she began to descend, the soft folds of her pussy swallowing him whole.

He thought she must have taken a lot of huge cocks before as she slid over him, her lips widening around him as she sank without pausing, fluidly sliding down his meaty, monster cock. She shuddered and grinned, her eyes closing and her head lolling back as she slowly took inch after inch.

Adam was in heaven, the frustration starting to ease as he felt himself enveloped in sweet slickness.

Miss stopped halfway down the shaft, then pushed with a soft, mousy squeak as she took two more inches and filled herself entirely. Adam felt himself bottom out, gripped by the soft channel of her pussy. Three or four inches of his shaft were still visible and her lips were lewdly stretched out around his shaft which looked like a fence post wedged between her thighs.

"You ready?" she asked suddenly and without waiting for an answer, she began to raise herself and then drop, slowly fucking herself on his new manhood.

Adam laid back on the floor. It was impossible to move. It was impossible to think. His hands reached down and caressed her silky hips. As she leaned forward, he cupped her tits through the cool fabric of her dress which was slowly moistening with sweat. He glanced up to see that her brown curls were sticking to her dewy forehead as she bounced halfway down his cock and then back up to the tip.

"Are you satisfied, Adam?" she asked as he felt his impending ejaculation mounting. "Do you like your new cock?" She shuddered gleefully as she took him deep again and squeezed his shaft with her skilled muscles.

Adam opened his mouth to answer, but as he thought about it, he felt the last four inches of his cock begin to itch. It felt like they were burning and he knew that the only thing that could quench the intolerable burning, prickling sensation would be to feel Miss' tight pussy around his whole length.

"Miss," he said, gritting his teeth. "Please, please fuck my whole cock."

Miss smiled and spoke without pausing in her fucking. "Oh, but Adam, I thought you wanted a cock that would split a woman in half?"

Adam sat up quickly and grabbed her hips, bringing her chest against his face and pushing himself as hard as he could, trying to relieve the agonizing sensations crawling over the exposed skin of his cock.

Rather than crying out with pain, Miss laughed. He pumped manically as the itching, tickling sensation began to torment him. He even tried gripping his cock underneath her pussy and jerking it with his hand, but that only enflamed the skin more.

"Plleeeeeaaasseee!!!!" he practically screamed as he tried to push further, but even her well-practiced pussy wouldn't yield.

"Maybe you should have thought about the women's enjoyment, Adam," said Miss, still grinning and seemingly enjoying his cock as she ground herself into it. "Would you like to make your cock smaller, let's say eight inches?"

"Yes!" he groaned, tears now sparkling in his eyes as he futilely jerked in and out of her stretched-wide pussy.

"And a girth that feels...pleasantly overwhelming, but not painful, I think?" added Miss, a wicked grin spreading across her face as Adam fucked her mercilessly.

"Anything! Please, make it stop!" He would have stopped fucking her if he could, if he could have endured even a moment without trying to fill her and stop the blistering feeling around his flesh. He wasn't allowing her to rise now, only pulling frantically upon her hips, trying to force her to lower onto him completely.

Miss seemed to be in no rush. She actually sighed as she watched him struggling. "I can do this for you, Adam, but you must pay me of course. What are you willing to pay me?"

He felt like a vein was going to pop in his forehead and sweat coursed down his back; his shirt and jacket were soaked. "Anything!" he cried.

"Done," she said sweetly and suddenly he was inside her, his fevered thrusting pushing him into her sweet, satisfying pussy. Cool ripples of relief coursed over his cock and he buried his face in her pert breasts, moaning in ecstasy as pleasure coursed through his veins. Miss gasped and bounced again as he thrust into her to the hilt, her lavender dress catching on his stubbled cheek.

In moments, he was at the brink. "I'm gonna cum," he wailed and Miss whispered, "Me too." He felt his balls tighten and he pushed himself violently over the edge into her spasming pussy, shouting incoherently. Miss was cooing in his ear, lowering her lips to kiss him, her mouth cool against his own, fevered lips.

They collapsed, Miss falling on top of him, his cock slipping from her to slap wetly onto his thigh. It felt smaller than before, but still had an unfamiliar weight against his skin. Miss lay on top of him and he found himself rubbing the soft fabric over her back, his brain floating in a soup of honeysuckle vapor and the tingling ripples of the most intense orgasm of his life.

After a while, Miss shifted, kissing his cheek and peering down into his face. "That's what it's like to be fucked by a witch."

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