tagNonHumanThe Wolf

The Wolf


Chapter 1

Through the darkness a lonely howl cracks the silence. There's huge pine trees' enveloping you. It seems like the trees are the ones ganging up on you even though it's the howls that are the ones doing that. You turn not knowing where it is coming from but it seems like you are surrounded. You step on a branch and it makes you jump out of your skin. You start to panic and not thinking straight, so you start to run in the direction directly in front of you. Sprinting through, branches tearing at you face, arms, and legs. You wonder, "Is it following me? Where am I going? What am I going to do?" And the rest is a blank. You stop dead in your tracks. You heard a low growl but where is it coming from?? You look behind you and nothing is there. Then you turn the way you were running and there are the clearest green eyes that you have ever seen. The wolf relaxes and slowly advances. You back away afraid of it getting too close because you have watched too many movies and read too many books like this. Staring straight into the wolf's eyes you realize that they are not normal for a wolf but rather human. Now this is getting freaky because you believe in these things but you never thought that you would run across one in your lifetime.

A week later college started. The school is on the outskirts of a big city. You can say that it's rather secluded; surrounded by a forest that seems to go on forever. There are rumors that travel that a creature lives there, because every time someone goes in you never see them again; it's just like they disappeared. I heard just about all the rumors but I still wanted to come to this school. It just seemed like I was drawn to it.

My first class was creative writing. I walked in and took a seat toward the middle side. I was nervous. I was watching people come in and there were not that many guys but one seemed to hold my attention. He was taller than I expected. But not tall and lanky; he was built well, built for power and.....grace. He had this mysterious vibe about him that intrigued me even more than the clothes. He wore a pair of jeans that accentuated him in the right way. A button down black shirt accentuated his perfect tawny skin. He wore his hair shoulder length with a slight wave. Black as the night sky but when the light hits it the right way it had a deep indigo tint. He could be a god for all I knew. But his eyes held a darkness that I have never seen before. His eyes were an unnatural color as well. They were the lightest green that I have ever seen (even lighter than mine), they were almost ethereal...they almost looked white if you glanced too fast.

I watched him walk across the room to come and sit behind me. I started to breath heavy...how did a guy have that effect on me, they never do.

The teacher started the class with assigning to each table a guy and a girl. I was like oh great. When she came to me she kept me where I sat but pulling the guy that sat behind me to sit next to me. I didn't even hear the teacher say his name. But he obliged her by moving. Now I couldn't breathe.


Later in the library I heard a voice say, "May I sit?" I look up and it was the guy I saw earlier. "Sure," I said he sets his bag on the table and sits directly across from me. It felt a little weird. I went back to my work but I couldn't seem to concentrate. I look up for different scenery for my eyes and I noticed that he was looking at me. I had this weird feeling that I could place; eyes darting from one side to the other, I relaxed a bit. A while later he speaks up, "Hey I'm Kayne." "Em" I said

"Em...short for Amethyst, right?" he asked or rather stated by the sound of his voice. I looked up rather quickly and our gazes locked. Those eyes seemed very familiar, like I've seen them before...but where? My thoughts kept going back to the wolf in the forest but I quickly squashed that thought. I mean it was another to think and believe that werewolves live among us but totally another story when you might actually have met one in human and werewolf form. "Yes," I reply slightly apprehensively. "Why don't you use your really name," he asked. I dropped my eyes back to my work and said, "It's a long story." Taking the hint, he dropped it.

"So what are you writing?" he inquires. He seemed to be full of questions. "Wolves that aren't normal." I watched him carefully this time I answered. He seemed to stiffen at my mention of werewolves; the laments terms for what I said. What was with this guy? I got this feeling that I could trust him and he would hold anything that I said as a secret but there was also this feeling that I had that tells to run...but he's so captivating. As he started to gather his things Kayne said, "Well, I better get going...I seem to be distracting you from your work." He got up before I could reply. Every time I looked at him I saw somebody trapped but when I looked at those eyes I got the running feeling. It seemed like those eyes have seen more than anybody here at the school. What did I find??

This just seems all too weird...I have no clue what to think any more. It seems like everything that I knew has been turned upside down and I can't make out anything. Did I really meet a werewolf in human and werewolf form??

Every day I would go to class and I would see Kayne and I really don't have a good feeling when it concerns him. But then again I don't have the best radar when it comes to guys. Every night I lay awake for several hours just reliving the night in the forest and in the library...those eyes seemed to be telling me something but I have no clue what and I was getting tired of losing sleep over this and I just couldn't seem to let it go.

Sitting in the library, my head in my left hand; I kept drifting in and out of consciousness. Why me right now???? "You don't look so good..." I look up a little too quickly and my head started to spin...great. I focused my eyes and saw that it was Kayne sitting at the table...the feeling acme back. "I have not been sleeping well lately," I reply. He nods, "Personally I think that the professors under rate sleep but it's a big part of our whole being...sleep is one of the essentials in life...that's the way I look at it." I nod in return pondering the thought, "I don't mean to change the subject but why are you the only one who is talking to me?" He stars at me like I just asked a stupid question, great. "I find you interesting," he replied. I stiffen a little. "How so?" I asked him back, determined to get some answers about this guy. Of course he does not answer and goes back to work. A typical guy thing. I was peeved!! I do a mental sigh and go back to work.

Several hours later, after I finished two subjects, he finally spoke, "I find you interesting because of what you write and believe. Your personality...I have not come across a person like you in a very long time.

"What way?" I arch my eye brow.

"The way that you can see things in a different light...and you are not afraid to go after something that you are passionate about."

Wow there was something underneath all that mysteriousness. I wonder...NO!!!!!! What am I thinking!! I can't develop feelings for this guy I hardly know and based on words that could just be fake. Well, anyway I was tongue tied and I didn't know how to respond to that. But it's also weird that he pegged me so well, has he been following me or something, I so hope not.

"Well it seems you have pegged me pretty well," I said picking up my papers from the pile that it somehow turned into.

"How so?"

"From only seeing and talking to me a couple of times, you knew that.....do you like observing people?---I don't mean that in a bad way."

"I guess you could say that. People have ways of intriguing me with their everyday life and plus it's good for my characters."

"Really..." I say looking at him. "Any good?"

"I like to think so but my teachers don't like the non-linear path I have taken," he remarks.

"Really, because I seem to have the same problem. I work with the other worldly things and they just can't seem to grasp it, meaning the subject matter. When I show them what I want to, they tell me to do something totally different and they don't linger long enough for them to listen and to help me portray anything."

He nods in response.

We both go back to work on our pile of homework that just seems to get bigger.


Sitting in my dorm doing homework, I kept getting distracted by my stupid thoughts.

"Ugh, this is crazy," I said to myself.

Put my homework down and start to pace. My mind just kept going back Kayne and the wolf's eyes.

"There's definitely something wrong with me..." again I said to myself...I do that a lot...unfortunately.

The fact that he is the only guy or person for that fact that's talking to me does not help my situation. Why is everybody staying away from me and he's not.

My thoughts were then interrupted when the door sounded its horrible sound. I walk over, open the door to find Kayne standing in my door way.

"What are you doing here," I asked.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go for a walk with me. You seemed to be working hard earlier...so I thought you needed a breather..."

"Sure...let me just grab my jacket..." I leave the door opened and turn to find my jacket that seemed to have traveled to my room where it should not be. I come back and Kayne is now standing inside waiting. "Let's go."

We walked on the edge of the forest that seemed to be brighter somehow. But even in the light it still looked evil. Kayne seemed to be a nice guy but then again I really don't know him. I know I shouldn't be warming up to this guy but I can't seem not to.

"So how do you like it here?" he asked.

"The surroundings are beautiful and the school gives off that old type. The classes are great because I finally get to take classes I am interested in. But the thing that's totally bothering me is that you are the only person who is talking to me—I don't mean that in a bad way...," I confessed.

"Really I expected you would be talking to a whole bunch of people."

"Yeah well I really don't go up to people and start a conversation. I normally wait until someone comes up to me. But that has not happened since I got here except for you...why have you been talking to me?"

"I thought I answered that question?"

"Yeah well I'm just completely paranoid. I mean only one person out of the whole entire school talks to me and it happens to be a guy... (I looked up at him making sure he was not offended) that never happens to me."

He brings those piercing green eyes to mine and says, "I would have never guessed," he finally smiles.

I return his smile, while turning away I asked, "So why are you here?"

"I just seemed to be attracted to this place...it's the type of place I always wanted to go for college and the fact that you can meet some of the strangest people----"

"----So you think I'm strange!!"

"OH NO!!!! That's not what I meant. But rather you meet different people that can make life interesting and bearable to go through."

"What does that mean?"

"I never knew my parents. They dropped me in an old run down orphanage and ever since then I had to make my own way. Throughout my life I had little or no friends. I have spent my entire life looking for a place that would almost feel like home and here I am."

After that he said nothing so I didn't press.


Again a knock came from my door. With a pounding head ach I stumbled to my door. I lift myself on my tip toes; my hands flush with the door and looked through the peep hole. Again it was Kayne. I get back on solid ground before I open the door.

"Hey what's wrong....?" I asked.

He didn't respond but I could tell that something was going on because he had his things with him.

"Come in," I said ushering him in.

"I was wondering if I could stay with you because some how they kicked me out."

"Yeah...so they kicked you out of your dorm...why!"

"I have no clue, when I went to ask them they wouldn't give me a straight answer."

"Why is it so dark in here?"

"Oh! Sorry..." I moved to turn on the lights. "I'm not feeling well so I turned the lights down." I stumble from the light a little and he rushes forward and steadies me. I move away from him back to my chair and asked, "Can I ask you something?"

He nods.

"Out of everybody that goes to this school, you are the only one who has come up to talk to me, why is that?"

"I told you I like your mindset. All the others here are stiff when it comes to thinking...but you, you know and see the beauty that lies beneath."

"For a guy you are definitely different."

"Is that a bad thing?"

"It really depends."

He looks at me, walks over to the light switch and turns off the lights. What's with this guy he always seemed to be thinking of me.......

He gracefully moves over to the couch and lies himself down. It seemed like he hadn't been able to lie down peacefully for a while. He seemed to be travelling in and out of consciousness. He was so fascinating that I couldn't take my eyes off of him. Even now he seemed to be vulnerable but he carried himself with power that comes from years of being alive.

"Enjoying the view..." he said while a smile played in the corner of his mouth.

"Um....sorry....I was...um," I couldn't think or speak for that fact.


Weeks later...Kayne was still living with me and I barely noticed that he was there but one thing that always got me thinking was the fact that he was gone practically every night...night owl apparently. Finally I confronted him.

"For the past weeks you have never slept here, where have you been?"

I saw him flinch ever so slightly but it was gone a second later. Yeah, there was something seriously wrong with him.

"I'm trusting you with a very important secret, one that I have kept from everyone my entire life. (I move to my chair and sit) I'm not normal by any normal circumstances...."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I know I appear to be human but I am far from it. You may think I'm a night owl, well that's true but that's beside the point.......I'm out in the night because I love the night and the moon....."

"Wait considering the paranormal that's going on...I knew it your eyes are the same eyes that I saw the first night that I was here...you're the wolf or rather werewolf."

He nods, with his head hanging low as if he just said something bad. Well he did be3cause werewolves aren't supposed to tell a human their identity unless that person was their mate.

"So why are you trusting me?"

"Because the more I got to know you the more I liked and like you. Even without knowing me you never ran and you were being a friend to me when I was lost. Without knowing that I'm a werewolf you see me for me.


As I walked through the school, I hardly saw Kayne. I started to get afraid but what I should be afraid of I mean he's a werewolf so he's perfectly capable to take care of himself.

"Ugh," I said but it was rather loud because people were turning to look at me...great.

Meanwhile in writing class a couple of people came up to me to talk to me about Kayne. All they told me was to stay away from him because they thought he was dangerous but I know the real him. So I got up and moved to a different table and finished my work.

I was so completely engrossed that I didn't notice a chair being pulled out beside me. I only noticed when my paper was being pulled out from my pen.

"Hey!" I said. I looked up and it was Kayne. Oh thank god things seem to be ok.

"Hey you're finally back and can I have my paper back," I said with y hand outstretched.

He gives it back without a word. Looks like I'm going to have to do the talking.

"So...why did you leave?"

"Sorry but the people here are very unexcepting. I had to go and lay low for a while (I open my mouth to ask another question but he spoke up before I could) and yes I kept up with my school stuff."

Wow how did he know or am I that predictable...wait no one answer that.

"You're taking the news well..." he stated.

"Yeah, I like you and I don't want to lose you. You're the only one that understands me and well let's face it talks to me."

"I guess we are in the same boat..."

"I guess we are" I returned.


Over the next few days people were talking and staring. Great now I'm the center of attention again...

"Actually (I jump from him coming up behind me in the hallway) they are staring at me."

"Great," I said.


Back at my dorm I walked into a library of books scattered everywhere. He seemed so engrossed.

"So...What's going on?" I asked.

He didn't respond but what else was new. But it seemed like he didn't even know that I was in the room...huh. I decide to go and drop my things off in my room, relax and try again later. I sat there thinking and writing. Sometimes not the best thing to be doing. But the good thing that came out of that was that I finished all my homework.

Later I walked out to the living quarters and Kayne was still there in the same spot and position. Walking by next to him and I sit down. Poking him I said,


He looks up to see that I was there.

"What time is it?" he asked.


"Oh man, I spent most of the day sitting here reading these old books about the school's history."


"Because a hundred years ago there was a famous hunt, well famous for the area and the school at least, but I wanted to read about it from their perspective and see what they did so maybe I could gather an idea of what we should do on our end."

"Wow, that's extensive...(I take in a breath because I just realized something) Oh wait were you in the previous hunt?"

"Yes, my father that took me in was killed in the raid of our home. We knew that the hunt was coming but it took us by surprise that dark and rainy night and I don't intend to have that happen again. The thing is that we have been in the same spot for a century and they are probably counting on it...so I don't know if I could get them to move for their safety."

A long pause permeated the room before he spoke again.

"Maybe you could listen to people around you and see what they could be planning..."

"I could but I highly doubt that they are going to talk if I'm even a 100 yards away but I could try."

He looked relieved and that made my heart flutter. I was falling for this werewolf.


Over the next few weeks people were talking, mostly about the Hunt.

"Hey--" Kayne grabs my arm to get my attention. "I told my family about you and you will come with us and we will keep you safe and by the way have you heard anything?"

"They were saying something about a horn being sounded...maybe to sound the start of the Hunt but I can't be for sure."

"Thanks," Kayne said right before he walked off in the other direction.


After a while they stopped all talk about the Hunt.

Both sides were planning and preparing for a full out war that would most likely have casualties on both sides. All this thinking was making my head hurt, again.

English dragged on as if time stood still. Once the bell rung high and mighty, I literally grabbed my things and ran to my room. I burst through the door, Kayne jumps ready to defend himself...as usual.

Through breathless gasps I managed to say, "Sorry, you weren't in English and considering what's going to happen I thought something went wrong."

He gave me this look that sent shivers down my spine. He cocked his head like a dog would...I just had to shudder. There's just too many similarities between the human Kayne and the wolf Kayne, but he quickly righted himself.

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