tagErotic CouplingsThe Woman From Work Ch. 02

The Woman From Work Ch. 02


I waited by the garage entrance with a measured calm and saw her come out of the building. She saw me and walked my way. She greeted me coolly and walked into the garage. I followed her and enjoyed the show before me as her ass swayed. She looked back at me and asked, "Where is your car Papi? "

I walked her to the far end pointed to it and she saw my truck sitting in the dim lights. It was a 03 Ford that was in good shape. She looked at me expecting me to have maybe more new and I simply shrugged. I walked over to the passenger side and she waited for me to unlock the door. As she moved by me I grabbed her and shoved her up against the door. She looked back at me and I smiled at her and slowly reached into my pocket. I pulled out her panties and slid them slowly over her shoulder and in a husky tone said, "Forget something?"

She had a shocked look on her face and I used that to my advantage. I then bit into her neck and she rolled her head to the side. She leaned back and I got another view of those beautiful tits. I ran my hands up them cupping them and she moaned as she spoke softly in Spanish words of encouragement. I then leaned my head up and her mouth opened, I kissed her mouth and tasted her sweet tongue. We kissed for a while and she then shoved her juicy ass into my crotch causing me to moan into her mouth.

" Fuck me Papi, right here right now." she demanded. I pulled her back and opened my door. I hiked her up into the seat and she hiked her skirt up. I leaned down and kissed her nipples through her blouse and she sighed at that. I then leaned down lower and kissed her juicy slit. She sighed and leaned back. I swirled my tongue on her juicy clit for a long while and my fingers found the entrance and slid in deep. She moaned and whispered even more heated things in Spanish. As I knew the language well I knew exactly how she said and could figure how she wanted it. I ate her pussy until she started to thrash about in my truck. Her legs wrapped around my neck and I was suddenly in the fantasy I had earlier at work. I licked her slit top to bottom and she shuddered, I savored the sweet taste of her and enjoyed the smooth caress of her stockings on my neck and head.

"Will you please fuck me now!" she begged me and I could only do as told. I unzipped my fly and pulled down my slacks. Aiming right for her dripping pussy I teased her slightly and then I slid in easy enough and she cried out.

"Ai papi mas! Por favor mas!"

I slammed into her and she gripped me tight in her hot pussy. She then leaned forward and kissed me deeply and her legs locked around my butt. I slammed her hard and she bit into my neck and I moaned louder. Her nails dug large grooves in my back and I continued my assault. I lifted her up from the seat then held her to me and she shuddered. I turned around and sat down letting her straddle me and she got into a rhythm all of her own. She rode me furiously. She thrust out her chest at me and bit her lip in such a provocative manner I nearly blew my load then and there. I slapped her ass as she rode me and she cried out the feral look in her eyes was beginning to make me wish we were at my place. I stroked the lacy tops of her stockings and she moaned louder. I gripped her hips and ground her hard on me and she looked at me with a savage look then slapped me hard.

My eyes darkened and I got her up again and spun her around. She yelped as I bent her over and slammed deeper into her as I had been as of yet. I hiked her leg into my truck and she screeched at me as I fucked her silly. My mind was focused on one thing: making this hot little bitch mine and mine alone. I licked my thumb and slid it along her little rosebud and she moaned loudly as I teased it slowly. I slowed down my assault on her pussy and she started whimper more wantonly as I teased her asshole I then withdrew my cock from her and she whined. I then leaned down and replaced my thumb with my tongue and she howled like a banshee. I licked and teased it so bad she was crying out incoherently. I then stood up and slammed my cock back into her pussy and picked back up the pace. She was bucking against me and wiggling frantically trying to get more of me into her.

"Please papi, make me cum hard!" she screamed at me.

I slapped her ass and then hissed, "You finally know your place slut." She groaned as I slipped all the way out then back in. I slapped her ass then pulled her hair back and she begged me louder

"Please papi, stop teasing me and make me cum!" Who was I to refuse such a pleasant request. I slammed into her hard and fast and was rewarded when she bucked hard and screamed out.

"Cumming! Ai dios mio gracias Papi!" she screamed as she came hard and my cock was drenched in her sweet nectar. I felt my own impending orgasm coming and I started to moan aloud and I couldn't think as she clamped down hard on me. I tried to withdraw but she was totally clenched on me and I shot a massive load into her. I bellowed out in a primal roar and filled her to the brim with my cum. She screamed and had another massive orgasm. I slumped over her back and she ground her ass into me savoring the after shocks.

"God damn girl!" I growled into her ear. She shuddered under me and tears came from her eyes.

"What's wrong mami?" I asked my voice concerned at the tears. She looked at me and her eyes were not sad she was elated. The look in her eyes was one of pure satisfaction. From what I gathered from that look she hadn't been this satisfied in a long while.

"Can we go to your place now papi?" she asked me in a sweet little girls voice.

"Si mami, andale." I said and she got up from under me then fixed herself. I put myself away and got her into the truck. I got to my side and she leaned over then put her head on my shoulder. I started the truck and we left the office. I set a new land speed record as I used my combat driving tricks to get around most of the graveyard zombies on the road. We got to my place and she got out of my truck. I watched her sway towards me, the sight was electric her hips were the most sensual thing i had seen in years. I put my arm around her shoulders and we walked to my door.

The neighbors were out and being dumb, but who cares I had a beautiful woman under my arm. Even if they were going to make noise, I was going to make scream like a banshee. I didn't give a fuck about the retards that lived there. Even if they wanted some, I was more than ready to rumble plus I had a special surprise under my pillow: a Sig Sauer .40 caliber. We got to my door I opened it and she walked in. My place was small, I was used to a barracks room after all, but the furniture was nice enough. It was a batch pad to be sure, but it was also a memorial of sorts. I had my pictures and plaques from my time in on a few walls and on top of my TV. She walked around and looked at one picture of me and my squad decked out in full combat gear with weapons. She saw me and tilted her head, " This is you?" I nodded my head. She continued walking about in my apartment looking at all the pictures and plaques. She would occasionally ask me what one was for and I told her.

I was hot so I took of my jacket and set it on a dining room chair. She turned my way as I unbuttoned my dress shirt and took it off.. I was wearing a tank top under my shirt and my other tattoos became visible. I took it off and she saw my chest in it's full glory and she licked her lips hungrily. The left side of my chest has my old rank tattooed on it as well as my recon badge. My right side had a cross sheathed in flames. My stomach has a grinning death's head. I had it done to cover the scars of my battle wounds. They were not that attractive, but then being hit by a five round burst of an AK would do that to you after all, and the blacks and greys of the ink covered the scars. It was also a reminder of how close I came to buying it. She walked to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me softly.

I let her do as she wanted as we kissed for a while. It wasn't a rough kiss, more of a figuring out a person kiss. Again there was something she was amazing at. Most women I had been with had kissed well, but this woman was a creature of passion all around. We broke the kiss and she asked me for a drink and soon we were sitting on my couch with two beers. We talked about small things mainly, I mean why the hell not we just rocked each others worlds. I found out she was twenty five and her position at the company was that of a senior accountant to the larger projects. She was a sharp cookie no doubt, but she was also sexy as hell. I held no illusions that she could easily have used her charms to advance. She had her sexy legs across my lap and I was massaging her still nylon encased feet. She moaned a bit as I did and smiled at the attention I gave them. She looked at my chest and stared at my tattoos and asked me, "So what else do you have?"

I took her feet from my lap and stood up. I turned around and showed her my back. In between my shoulders I have a pyramid wrapped in chains with a liquid blue fire in the background. It looks cool and I was royally drunk at the time I got it, it seemed fucking life altering. She ran her fingers over it and looked down and saw the scars on my back from my injury. I had meant to get some work there, but nothing good came to mind. The scars didn't seem to bother her as she ran her fingers over the wounds.

"What happened to you Papi?" she whispered. I turned my head and didn't say anything as the pain of it was still too close to home. I sighed and said nothing. She wasn't about to let me fall into depression though as this lovely woman shocked me yet again. I felt her lips on my wounds. I shuddered as she licked my spine. My head rolled back and she bit my shoulder blade causing a groan to escape my lips. She then reached around my chest and grabbed my pectorals and gave them a squeeze. She was on her knees behind me and kissing my shoulders and running her tongue over the lines of my tattoo. I felt her hand undo my belt and zipper and my pants fell down.. She then tugged at my shorts and they went down and she then got to see my last tattoo. It was a tiger that went the length of my right leg. It started at my knee and went down to my ankle.

She then reached around me, grabbed my cock and squeezed. I moaned and she bit me on the hip. I felt her soft hand grip and squeeze my cock and I was in heaven as she stroked. She tapped my side and I turned around. She then leaned her sexy full lips forward and took me into her hungry mouth. I sighed as she lapped at my throbbing member. She licked me the whole length and sucked the tip for a long while. I was put on my heels and almost fell over. She was even better at sucking cock when she wasn't in shock. She made my skin crawl as she sucked me down and took me all the way in her throat. She pulled off me and sucked hard enough to make a loud pop when she took me out. She licked the tip and I almost lost it. She took me in her mouth then looked up at me and I saw the most erotic sight of my life. Her dark eyes and full lips were something that even I could ever had imagined seeing. She then took me from her mouth and whispered up at me, "Is that what you want papi?" I shook my head and she looked at me confused. I held out my hand and she took it. I helped her to her feet and lifted her in my arms. She wrapped her arms around my neck and we walked to my room.

I opened the door and set her on her feet. As she was moving towards me I stopped her with one finger and she licked it. When she bit it I got my inspiration. I pulled my finger back and her teeth were still attached to it and I whispered to her in Spanish to close her eyes. She did so and I slowly unbuttoned her blouse. I let it slide to the floor and then I went to my knees and undid her skirt and slipped it down her legs. She was sighing as my hot breath was on her dripping slit. I licked her slit and she moaned. I lifted her leg and against all my wishes I slid her stocking off. I got it past her toes and saw the cuteness of them, I couldn't help it as I lifted her toes to my lips and kissed them. She smiled down at me and I repeated the process with her other leg. I stood up and looked at her standing fully nude in my room with her eyes closed.

"Bonita." I whispered and she smiled at me opening her eyes. I picked her up and kissed her lips then turned about so I was laying on my back. She straddled my hips and the feel of her smooth legs on my skin was electrifying. I lined her up and slid her on my cock making her whimper. I let her weight do it's job as she slid to the hilt on me and she groaned. She looked down at me and dug her nails into me and rode me like a fury of old. Her head whipped to and fro and her hair became stuck to her face as she sweat. It was beautiful to watch and every now and then I made her scream as I slapped her ass. She leaned over and ground into me and I was about to blast off when she slapped me across the face and laughed aloud. She went into a tirade of Spanish profanities, most of them involving my huge cock ripping her in half, and continued her frenzy. I saw the most amazing sight as she threw her head back and keened out into the night. Her eyes closed and her hair wet with sweat was inspiring, but her stomach muscles twitched and shook as she had a massive orgasm was mesmerizing. She collapsed on top of me and I laid back letting her bask in her after shocks. I needed to cum so badly it felt like my balls were going to explode. I then flipped her over and she whimpered. I looked down at her with a savage lust in my eyes and she whispered at me in the same sweet voice as from before.

"Cum papi, fill me up and make me yours. I need it soooo bad papi."

I didn't need to be told twice, and I started to savage her already savaged pussy. I slammed into her and she tore into my back even more. My chest then became the target of her feral lusts. She bit into my chest so hard she drew blood and I watched in dark amazement as she laid back keening with my blood dripping from her full lips. I leaned down and kissed her hard and felt the explosion pending. I rammed away as my mouth was locked on hers and she started pleading for it. I said pleading, but in reality the translations of what she said was roughly, "Cum in me now or I'll rip your cock off." I slammed into her one more time and erupted. When I roared in the garage it was a short scream compared to how I howled this time. She had her legs locked behind me preventing me from withdrawing. Her hips were also angled up, so there wasn't any doubt that she would get knocked up as I filled her to overflowing. My cock had to have spurted some ten times.

She kissed me on the lips and the look in her eyes was not one of a bitchy boss lady from my building, but one of a woman who was infatuated with me. It was a good feeling to say the least that this beautiful woman was looking at me like that. I never in a million years would have believed this if I wasn't here in the moment feeling her. I rolled off her as she shuddered next to me. I hoped that she was still ready for me because I wasn't done yet. It had been almost two years since I had some form of release other than a cheap slut or what we refer to as a barracks ho. This woman was hardly cheap, and definitely not the latter. I ran my fingers up her smooth thighs and she giggled as goose bumps formed along them and she looked at me with those big brown eyes.

"You mentioned earlier that you had plans last night." I said as she was breathing deep breaths for the first time.

"It was supposed to be a make up date for lost time with my now ex." she said nonchalantly.

"Wait....you had a boyfriend when we..." I started but she cut me off

"I had a boyfriend, until he decided he was more concerned with his job than with me. But now it seems I don't need a boyfriend." She said in a prideful tone.

"And why is that mami?" I asked intrigued.

She rolled and looked at me and said in a serious tone, "Because now I have a man."

I laughed aloud and she stared at me confused. I didn't laugh mockingly, I laughed to show triumph. She had just now admitted she was mine and the thought of that spurred my erection to return. I rolled over to face her and she gasped when she saw me hard again.

"His stupidity, my gain." I said with a dark smile and the nights games began anew. It was going to be a great time in my life, I just wondered how much of a good time it was going to be.

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