tagErotic CouplingsThe Woman From Work Ch. 03

The Woman From Work Ch. 03


Thank you all for the good feedback. If you want i can continues this story line for a bit. To those who liked it thank you very much. To those who loved it, here's another for you.

The downside of five years of nearly daily combat is you don't sleep soundly. I was awoken by Donia as she looked at me scared. She had the covers off and her naked body was apparent. She shook me hard, but it didn't help as my mind was lost in a firefight. I screamed out and jumped back from the bed then began to frantically look around. She got up and yelled at me. I looked at her in a shell shocked look. I saw her and my mind slowed down enough to get in my head where I was and who was with me. She came up to me and cupped my face with her hands and I shook for a while as she then hugged me. I felt her her soft warm body against me and it made me calm down a bit.

It was just after ten in the morning the night after the wildest night in my life. I remembered taking her in my office, then in my truck, and then for the majority of the night. We went to bed at around five in the morning or so and when I awoke to my bi monthly night terror. I was afraid she was not going to be accepting. To my relief she whispered to me softly in Spanish to calm down and relax. I sighed and she led me to the bed laid me back then slid up my body and pulled the blanket over us as she held me tight. I relaxed a little and she fell back to sleep. I couldn't sleep so I decided to just relax and enjoy her body on mine.

I was in a happy place when nature decided to make me uncomfortable. I wiggled out from under her and went to the bathroom. I filled the bowl it seemed and had barely flushed when she knocked at the door. I opened it and she was giving me the had to go look. I left her to it and went to the kitchen because I was starving. My arms ached, my back had scratches that may need to be stitched, my chest had a massive hickey and bite marks all over it. I wore them like badges of honor. I made up some simple items for breakfast and looked back to see her as she went to my dress shirt and put it on. She looked sexier in my shirt it seemed than she did the night before. I held out a plate of fruit and boiled eggs to her and she took it then devoured them. She drank some three glasses of water and orange juice. She then had me sit down and she plopped in my lap. She smiled sweetly at me for the meal then began to feed me. It was cute and she knew it.

We got up after eating and she bent over my sink to put the dishes away. I got behind her then slid my hands up her legs causing her to she moan loudly. She was still dripping wet and eager for me. My cock was sadly worn out from the many times I came that night. I needed a little longer to recharge. I instead sank to my knees and licked her from slit to rosebud and she gasped as I did. I hiked her leg on my counter and she balanced gingerly on her foot as I licked and sucked her beautiful pussy. She cried out in pleasure and then her juices ran down my tongue. I savored each drop and she sighed into the morning. She turned around and got me to my feet then kissed me tenderly.

"I love how you taste mami, it's addicting." I said with my eyes closed and my nose touching hers. She smiled, bit my lip and purred as she did and we made out for a long while. My cock started to respond to her needs and it soon became hard again. I slid it in her dripping pussy and she moaned out my name. I hiked her up on the counter then leaned her back and undid the buttons of my shirt. She moaned as I sucked her tits as I fucked her slowly. Her hands were back balancing her as I did this and I couldn't help the feeling in my cock as I neared orgasm. She was just too sexy and I knew I was going to blow soon. So I changed gears and slowly slid in and out. She sighed leaned forward and whispered in my ear.

"Si papi, show me how much you want me. Make me cum again and fill me up papi. Andale mi amour. Andale por favor!" she whispered in her sweetest voice.

She then bit my ear and that along with her breathing in my ear drove me on, I grabbed her hips and began to surge forward into her. I went deeper and deeper in each thrust making her moan and groan loudly for more. She was lost in her lusts as she threw her head back and her legs went around my back again. I couldn't do anything but fill her up again. She moaned and cried out as my seed filled her to the brim. Her hands ripped her nipples as she fell flat on my counter and she came hard. Her muscles clamped and clenched on me so hard I could barely keep my footing. She cooed and sighed as she played with her nipples then she looked up at me through glazed eyes and smiled lazily.

We kissed deeply for a long while and she giggled as I ran my fingers up her thighs. She tapped my arms and I moved back allowing her to hop off the counter. I slapped her ass as she passed me, she moaned and leaned forward suggestively. I ran my hand over her thick ass and squeezed the ample flesh there making her sigh happily.

"You like my ass papi?" she asked me her hair sliding to one side of her face.

"How could a living breathing man not? It has to be the nicest one I've ever seen, or tasted for that matter." I said as I gripped both cheeks.

She sighed and thrust it back into my waist getting a groan from me, she then bent all the way forward and I felt her dripping pussy on my cock and she moaned. She got up and stretched all the way up then took my hand to lead me to the shower. She dropped my shirt slowly and stood before me fully nude again and turned on the shower. She got into it then wet her hair, she was so stunning with her hair wet I stood there enthralled. She was so beautiful with her hair slicked back like that I couldn't breathe. She tilted her head to the side then indicated for me to join her with one finger.

I ,like a machine, walked into the shower and as I did she met me with a savage kiss. She thrashed against me in the shower and we lost all pretenses of civility. I slammed her hard in to the wall as she had her legs on my back and I began to fuck her savagely. I didn't care how bad my cock hurt the next day I wanted this woman, and I wanted her bad. She howled and screamed then reopened some of the scratches on my shoulders as we fucked like maniacs. I slammed into her hard and fast for what seemed like hours. She howled at me in Spanish to keep it up. She bit me again and the blood came from my skin and I didn't care. She had awoken the savage beast I was in Iraq. The man who gunned down insurgents and their friends for even thinking of picking up a weapon. The animal that called in devastation from the air without a care. I was a cold monster then and she was loving it now. My mind was not my own, it was the mind of the man who survived hell itself for five years.

I plowed her into her so hard she keened and looked into my eyes. Her own was lost in the throes of a massive violent orgasm. I fucked her like that for as long as I could. As I was about to cum I slammed into her dripping pussy, she then slapped me and I looked up. She got off me then got down on her knees and stroked me hard over her open mouth. I bellowed a savage cry and fired some six ropes of cum on her hungry mouth. My aim wasn't perfect as three hit her mouth and the rest hit her tits, but hey I could barely stand up. She lapped at my cock and sucked it dry, I almost fell over again. She looked up at me and lost herself to the moment. She licked her fingers then sucked her nipples into her mouth. The sight of her cum drenched nipples being cleaned in her own mouth was too much for me to bear so I leaned back and sat against the edge of the tub. She got up and kissed me deeply. I didn't care my own cum was on her lips. I just kissed her and she shuddered as she had a last after shock.

The shower turned cool so we washed each other off before it got cold. She saw the marks on my back then looked at me apologetically.

"If I was going to complain mami I would, but I don't consider it good unless I have marks to prove it so." I said and she licked the one on my chest getting a moan from me. We washed each other and I got to do something fun, I washed her thick mane and she moaned back into my hands as I did so. I looked down her sexy body as she let the water cascade down her curves. I was too impressed to say anything further. We took turns washing each other, then rinsing each other as well. It was play time really, and we both had fun.

We got out of the shower and I got her some towels. She wrapped her hair in one and her body in another. I went to her clothes and gathered what wasn't ripped. Her jacket was in my truck and her blouse was still in one piece. Her skirt was as well, but her panties and bra were long gone. She held up her stockings and they smelt of our tryst, the smell alone was a turn on. She bunched them up and put them on her leg and I sat back to watch the show. She slowly slid them up then set them in place.

I was enthralled by it as she walked over to me and whispered, "Did you like that Papi?"

"You know I do Mami." I said back.

She smiled at me and then got into her heels. I sat in amazement as she left my room in nothing but heels and stockings and my cock throbbed against the towel. I walked to my dresser and got some clothes for myself as she put her skirt and blouse on. I got dressed and we went out to my truck. She found her jacket then fished out her phone. She sighed as she went through her voice mails. One in particular she cursed at then deleted. She then got angry as she saw she was called by her ex some eleven times.

"He cares now that I don't want him anymore, pinche cabron." she cursed.

She was so sexy when she cursed it made me smile. I got the truck going and we went to her place. We stopped at the train stop so she could get her car and she called me up to tell me to follow her. I followed her car and it didn't shock me she drove a new BMW 900 SL. It seemed standard to me that she would have one I thought as I watched the car pull away from the train stop. It must be odd to see my truck following her beamer down the streets, but I didn't care.

We pulled into a nice high rise condo and she told me to park in the guest parking. I found a spot and had to walk a distance to get to her. She waited for me as I ran up and she didn't look happy.

"My ex is here and waiting for me at my condo. Please don't start anything with him. He is a lawyer and will destroy your life if he can. Please Papi, let me handle him." she asked me eyes full of concern.

I simply nodded my head then followed her to her building and we got to the elevator. Inside the elevator I couldn't resist and turned her to me and kissed her hard. She moaned into my mouth and sighed, as the floor sounded we broke the kiss. We were at the eighth floor and we got out. We walked down the hall and it looked nice and modern. She sighed and took out her card key and slid it in. When we got in her place a vase shattered against the wall and a voice yelled at her.

"You fucking whore! I waited for you for hours and then you prance in here with a fucking white boy!" the man shrieked.

He was a five foot eight black man. He was wearing a dress shirt and shoes that made him look loud and annoying. He did have a decent looking face, but something in his eyes made me look at him like the creep he was. He is a lawyer after all. I gave him a once over and to me he looked like the typical annoying lawyer type, the one who is a know it all that wants to fuck everyone just because he could. I saw fear in his eyes as he saw my arms and chest under my shirt. He glared at her and continued on a racist rant directed at me. I ignored it and laughed at him inwardly. The people in Iraq were racist as well, but they were polite enough not to rail against a guest in their home, it was bad form after all. They would smile and be polite to you in their house, even offer you a nice meal as form dictated. But when you left that was another story and I learned that the hard way several times. I sat back and crossed my arms, making sure my tattoos showed clearly. My arms bulged out as I tensed up and he got in her face. I was getting annoyed as he ranted at her calling her vile things. She was just as heated as she got back at him. I listened for as long as I could stomach to do so.

"That's enough!" I bellowed in my best parade voice. They both stopped dead in their tracks and looked at me. I pointed to the broken items on the floor and then went off in my best sergeant's voice.

"Listen up asshole, I don't give a fuck about you or who you are, but if you don't get the fuck out of her place, and I mean right this fucking second, I'm gonna be forced to remove your sorry limp dicked ass personally. Better believe that you won't find it a pleasant experience." I said my voice loud and firm as one my Drill Instructors.

The whole time I was saying this I was advancing on him using my hand as a distraction by pointing in his face. He stared at me with a look of shock and then he realized, I was right up in his face then my eyes went dead. I towered some six inches over him and my body definitely showed it's rip as my chest heaved under my shirt. It wasn't that I was standing over him that made him shake, it was the malevolence in my eyes that promised him damnation that did it. He looked at her then went to say something when I stopped him.

"Get the fuck out!" I said, my voice booming.

He glared at her, spit on the floor then stomped out. She called him a worthless fuck as he left and he slammed the door. She stood there and fumed. She looked at her floor and the place was trashed. She then sighed and tears began to come out of her eyes from anger. I took her shoulders then turned her to me and she wrapped her arms around me then let it out.

"Shhhh...Es ta bueno meja. Es ta bueno." I said soothingly and she started to breathe easier.

I took her face in my hands tilted her face to me and whispered, "It's OK mami, you have a man now, not some bitch ass punk that doesn't care about you." She sobbed out a choked laugh then smiled at me through the tears. I held her face and kissed her tears away. She smiled appreciatively then took my hands down.

She led me through her condo and what wasn't on the floor was actually very nice. She took pride in her house and it looked modern and chic, just like her. She then sighed and went to her bedroom. I followed her and at least the fuck hadn't ruined it. The clothes were tossed about, but it was easy to fix. I helped her repair her house and put her clothes away, as I did she ordered out. We cleaned up the broken stuff and put away her clothes. All the things he gave her she threw away. She didn't call the police as she decided just to be done with him for good. We then had a dinner of take out Chinese and vodka. She got tipsy and recounted of how he was supposed to be the next big shot attorney to the stars. She then laughed at how he couldn't make her come when they fucked.

She laughed grabbed my crotch then said, "This has brought me more pleasure in the one day that we've known each other than he's given me in six months." She giggled and downed the last of her vodka, I then poured her another. The other draw back of heavy combat is you tend to find outlets to get over the shock. Mine for a time was booze and though I still drink, I keep it in check. She on the other hand needed to let it out. I was still sober as a rock but she was getting more and more relaxed She smiled at me then leaned over.

"You said I was beautiful Papi, did you mean it?" she purred at me.

She was tipsy and loving it. She then got up then slowly stalked towards me. She ripped off her blouse sending the buttons to the floor. She was bare chested and her beautiful tits swung into view. I leaned forward and sucked them letting my mouth perform what was in my mind. She sighed and leaned back.

"You didn't answer me papi. Am I beautiful?" she said holding my face in her hands. The look in her face said she wanted an answer. I felt the answer was apparent, but I decided that I needed to say it for her benefit.

"Si mami. You are not just beautiful, you are perfect. That moron you called your ex was obviously too fucking dumb to see it. So as I said before: His stupidity is my gain. Now come here and let me do something for you no one will or ever will do for you. Let me worship you." I said with hungry eyes.

She looked at me her eyes filling with tears as I hoisted her in my arms. She sighed happily then leaned into my neck. I carried her to her room and laid her back. I looked down at her and she was breath taking. I leaned down and took her blouse off. I then slid the skirt off her legs and each stocking down her perfect thighs. She smiled at me as I undid my shorts and took them off. I took off my shirt then got down on my knees. She was trembling as I leaned over her and whispered, "May I show you how you should be worshiped now mami?"

She nodded her head and I went to work. I traced my fingers over every inch of her body. I ran the tips of them alone over her. I then leaned down and my tongue followed suit. She shuddered at my touch and allowed me to do as I said I would do. I kissed and licked her body she sighed then began to writhe on the bed. In between my licks and kisses I told her how beautiful she was and how excited she made her servant. This seem to catch her by surprise and she dug her hands in the sheets. I went down her stomach slowly then began to worship her legs. She moaned as I licked and kissed her legs. When I got to where her stocking tops would be I licked the whole line of her leg that they would normally rest upon. She moaned in delight as I did then starting whimpering. I then went down and kissed her toes. She sighed at that. I looked up to her seeing her smile at me. Her arms reached down to me and I crawled up to her waiting lips. She met my lips with hers and tears came from her eyes.

"Make love to me Papi. Por favor. Show me you worship me by making sweet love to me." she begged me.

"As you wish." I said softly.

I slid down her lovely body to her slit then licked it and she cried out. Her head thrashed on the pillow and she moaned deep in her throat. When I got her nice and ready I slid up her then slowly inserted my rock hard member into her. I didn't want to tease her anymore as she was already more than ready to go. She cried out as I bottomed out in her. She thrust her hips up at me and I groaned loudly. She put her arms around my neck and her legs around my back as I got into a groove. I slid in and out of her. She felt like silk against my raging member. She moaned and cried out beneath me as I continued to pump into her. I then felt her legs shake as her body began to convulse. She had a gentle orgasm and she shuddered beneath me then started to plead. I leaned back as she spread her leg good and wide. She let go of my neck then grabbed the backs of her ankles. I sat up so my butt rested on my ankles and began to go harder in her. She screamed out loud and again my cock was flooded with her juices.

I pulled her hips under me then drove into her deep and she cried out. Her body was going limp as I continued my assault. I didn't relent and proceeded to show her how I worshiped her. She cried out and arched her back under me then sat up. Her face was in front of mine and she looked at me with a longing I had never known before.

"I want it papi. Please come in me and make me feel it." she was crying as she said it and I could only kissed her lips as she whimpered in my mouth.

"As you wish." I growled into her mouth.

I laid her flat on her back and raised her legs over my shoulders then leaned in and began to pound her. I felt everything I had built up over my thirty one years of life. I felt all my anger and pain, my rage, my hatred, all the things that made me bitter in life go away. I only felt this woman beneath me convulsing in pleasure and I felt it build up in me. I felt the twinge in my balls and she looked up at me pleading for me to cum. I felt the dam burst and cried out as her legs stiffened on my chest as she had a powerful orgasm. I filled her up to overflowing then I let her legs slip down me. She whimpered as they did and she lifted her hips to let my juices flow into her.

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