tagErotic CouplingsThe Woman From Work Ch. 04

The Woman From Work Ch. 04


The next nine weeks were a series of great times in my life. Donia and I still kept up a professional demeanor at work, but on the times when we would run into each other alone in the halls and restrooms we would have heavy make out sessions. There were times when we would find a closet and our passions would get the best of us as well. All in all great times regardless.

I came to find out three perks that came with being Donia's man. The first and my favorite: She loves sex. The second, and a good one also: She always likes to look her best for her man. Aside from going to the gym and doing yoga regularly she took great pride in her appearance. She started a little game of when we worked on the same day she would wear a skirt and heels and that would be enough to get my attention. On days I didn't work she wore a pant suit and flats. I enjoyed either or as she has a great ass that the slacks she wore always made it stand out. The third thing that was a perk in my mind was she gave me treats of taking me shopping and allowing me to chose an outfit she would wear no matter how provocative. From teddies to bustiers, slips to thongs, it didn't matter as she wore them without a complaint. I always made sure my choice was tasteful, but at times she would buy the sexier version of what I chose. Our sex life was a thing of near perfection to me. It seemed no matter how hard we fucked she wanted it harder still. We had a small scare as she missed her period during our sixth week together, but she was only late. It seemed she was saddened by that, but I took it as an option to keep on trying. Between my apartment and her condo we used each and every room in both to savage each other, sometimes more than once.

We were at my apartment one night after a particularly boring day at work. She was sitting in my lap lounging against my chest. She was wearing a tight blue button up blouse with a nice black wrap around skirt. We watched a movie that neither of us was paying much attention to as I was too busy massaging her neck and shoulders to take notice of. I had her magnificent hair being what was more in my focus than the movie was. She moaned and leaned back into my hands while at the same time she was grinding into my lap which always made me smile. I found that her smell was intoxicating when she wore her lilac perfume and tonight she was wearing it. It's subtle smell filled my nostrils as my hands worked away the kinks in her shoulders from the long day and she sighed as I got one knot out after another.

I felt like I was in heaven when I noticed she tilted her head back. I then leaned forward over her face then I kissed her lips softly making her purr into my mouth. We let our tongues explore each others as she slowly turned around in my lap. She straddled my legs moaning into my mouth as we kissed. I ran my hands down her back then slowly over her lovely ass making her sigh audibly as I did. I then let my hands wander down to her stocking covered thighs. I was delighted to see a new favorite pair she had bought for me on her sexy legs. I stroked their lacy tops making a little whimper come to her throat. She opened her eyes and looked at my face, she then leaned down and undid the top buttons on my dress shirt. I sat up lifting my arms over my head as she tugged at the shirt until it came over my head. She then grabbed my tank top and pulled it off my body as well. She then smiled seductively at me her eyes were glimmering it seemed then went down to my neck and started to bite and nibble. I sighed as she then drew her tongue from my throat down to my left nipple then began to lick and suck on it. She bit it and I groaned loudly arching my back, she then looked up at me smiling naughtily and did the same to my right. I leaned back as far as I could and she then slid further down my body. She then licked the death's head tattoo on my stomach. I felt her lick the bullet holes on my midsection and I looked down at her with a shocked look. She smiled at me and continued her way down my body.

I felt my zipper being pulled down, she then tapped my hips and I rose up as she pulled my slacks and boxers down in one push. As she pulled them off me she grabbed my hardening member. Her soft hand was driving me nuts and she knew it. She always had a way of doing this to me and I never truly understood how she did it, I just chalk it up to her amazing skills. She stroked me slowly and I moaned in tortured agony. She then licked me from base to tip and I felt my head fall backwards. She took my length in her mouth after a few long licks the sensations she used on me was too much for me to handle. She deep throated my whole length then she used her hand to stimulate my balls as she had me fully down. I moaned loud and she continued her pace for a long while. I loved how much this woman loved to suck my cock and was more than a willing participant for whatever she had it in mind. I let her go for a while longer until I felt the twinge in my body. She worked faster and then she slowed down, she looked up at me as she licked the length. It was so erotic I nearly blew my load, but she stopped me by gripping me tightly.

"Not yet papi." she whispered. "I want to feel that yummy cock of yours inside me first." She finished the phrase with a lick of my tip then she slowly kissed her way back up my body.

I met her mouth and she moaned loudly as I brought her into my lap then slid her skirt up. She wiggled it up her hips and I came to find out she wasn't wearing any panties. I slid her on my lap and she sank down on me fully. She leaned back and I felt her start to pump her hips up and down on my length. I reached my hands out and undid her blouse and she sighed as the black bra she wore came into view. It was one I had chosen for her as well and I softly bit her nipples through the material. She sighed and whispered sweet things into my ear in that lovely voice of hers. I slid my hands behind her back, undid the bra as she sat up straight on me lifting her arms above her head allowing me slide it off. She looked down at me and smiled as I reached my tongue out then flicked her nipple. She moaned and started rocking on me. I then grabbed her skirt unbuttoned it and as it was a wrap around I pulled it away from her body and it hit the floor next to my clothes. The only things that left her in was her lacy black garter belt, stockings and five inch strapy black heels. Her stockings were a sexy pair of black lace topped Victoria's Secret brand. She liked how they looked on her when I picked them out for her and she promised to wear them on a special night, I presumed that this was the night she had in mind.

I ran my hands up and down her thighs as she picked up the pace. She started to buck her hips as she felt her own orgasm approaching. I grabbed her hips and slammed her down on me as she would come down. She then started to get that feral look in her eyes. The Spanish began to come out of her lovely mouth as she felt the orgasm approaching. She then dug her nails into my shoulders as she then began to slam up and down on me. Her whines and moans began to get louder as she thrashed about on me for a long while. She then threw her head back and screamed a feral scream as she shuddered along my length. I felt her nails dig into my shoulders and I almost lost it. She looked down at me with a hungry look then kissed me passionately on my lips, her tongue thrashing about in my mouth. I felt her hips trembling and her legs started to violently shake. She looked into my eyes as another orgasm washed over her. She whimpered and sighed into my mouth as it rolled over her. I leaned my head back only to be smothered by her hair as she draped herself over my chest breathing with great shudders.

I started to lift my hips and she whimpered loudly. She then tapped my shoulder and I lifted off the couch holding her up by her ass. She always loves when I would hold her up like this, and so do I. I then turned her about then laid her on her back. She brought those sexy legs around my back and locked her ankles around my waist. I laid her back and she kissed me deeply. I let her taste my tongue as she then pulled her face back and whispered into my ear softly.

"Fill me up papi. I want you so bad in me. Por favor papi, make me feel that I am yours."

I looked into her eyes and the same sweet look she gave me whenever she whispered in my ear like that was there. It wasn't the feral lust look, it was the sweet innocent look that she had when I worshiped her body those weeks ago. I began to slide myself deep into her and she whimpered. I pulled nearly out and she cried out as I shoved back in fully. I built up the pace as she cried out and bucked her hips under me. Her legs squeezed me and I continued my pace. Her hands were grabbing the sides of the couch and she was moaning with her head thrown back. She whispered how good it felt and how much she wanted me so naughtily in Spanish I felt my balls twinge. I rode in and out of her faster and faster. The whole time she begged me for more. I felt her arms go around my neck as she pulled her head up and locked her lips on mine. Donia then looked me in the eyes as I suddenly cried out in her mouth as my cock erupted inside of her. She screamed aloud as she had an orgasm in response to being filled up. I felt her hot pussy spasm on my cock as it began to twitch and she was filled to the brim. I felt her juices dripping down my member and she was crying happy tears when we were done.

I kissed her tears and she smiled at me happily. She was the only woman I had ever known that had ever cried after sex. I hoped I didn't hurt her, but it didn't look like I did as she clenched and unclenched on me while we laid there. She then tapped my side and I got off her and she stood up. She took my hand and leaned down to undo her heels. Stepping out of them she took my hand and led me to my room. I watched her ass framed in that garter belt and my cock started to shift. She had me lay back on the bed then looked down at me.

"With or without papi?" She whispered longingly.

She ran her hands over the stockings and I got the hint. I loved when she slept with me in her stockings, but I wanted to feel her smooth skin against me tonight.

"Without mami." I said softly.

She gave me a seductive grin and slowly undid the four snaps of her garter belt then slowly slid it off her hips. She stepped out of it then threw it on my chair in the closet. She then lifted one leg up and set it on the bed, then she slowly peeled the stocking off her leg and when she slipped it off I saw her toes were painted a cute pink. She looked at me smiling cutely, it was too cute to pass up so I leaned over towards her foot. I picked her foot up to my lips then tenderly kissed her toes making her giggle. She then put her leg down and lifted the next. This time she looked at me pleadingly and I reached up to slide the stocking off. She sighed as I grazed my fingers over her smooth skin. I lifted her foot and the stocking came off. I then kissed her other foot and she sighed at me. She took the stockings and tossed them on the garter belt. She then stalked back to the bed then climbed in with me. We got under the covers and laid there in the night. Her head was on my chest and I felt her breathing grow steady. She was asleep and I looked down at her smiling to myself. I had her all to myself now and loved every minute of it. I felt my own eye lids grow heavy and I was soon asleep.

The nightmares returned to me that night for the first time in weeks and I thrashed about on the bed. I didn't realize it, but she had woken up and was trying desperately to reach me in my dreams. I was locked in the firefight that had nearly killed me. I saw the flashbacks in my dreams, heard the explosions and rapid fire. I felt the impact of the rounds into my stomach and then of the burning pain. I heard my men screaming in agony as the ambush pressed on. I looked around and didn't see my room, I only saw the burning vehicles and my men lying on the ground crying in agony. I looked about and saw the black shapes of the insurgents and my mind went blank. I felt a hand on me and saw I was in the hospital. I cried out and sat up straight then started screaming as my hands went to my stomach. I heard her voice, but it was muffled as she was trying to get my attention. I was lost inside of myself to far to be found, without thinking I reached under my pillow. I felt the cold metal under it then grasped it and drew out my pistol. I was out of the bed and shaking as I paced the apartment sweeping it and then I saw her. She had thrown on one of my shirts and came out after me. I spun about pistol leveling off at her head and she grabbed my arm shoving it to the side. I was shaking as she then grabbed my face with her free hand and I was forced to look at her. She held my face and then her other hand came to my face. I saw her face and the terror started to fade away. I suddenly realized I had my pistol in hand and it was dangerously close to her. I clicked on the safety and set it down on the counter as she was calling my name.

"Nathan wake up! Please papi wake up." she called loudly. It was then I saw her.

I reached up, my hands shaking badly, and touched her hands. The softness of them was settling my ravaged mind. She gave me a worried look and I felt tears of my own. The tears were a mix of frustration and aggravation at myself for pulling out my pistol and having it so near her. I had once had a night terror so bad in the hospital they had to sedate me. She saw the tears and pulled my head down into her chest then she held me there. I felt my knees give out and I was in her soft body as she held me tight.

"I'm so sorry baby.... I... I..." I tried to explain, but the words were lost in my jumbled mind.

I had told her of my condition shortly after our second night together and she was at first worried by it, but after a few nights together she got into the habit of keeping my hands in hers as we slept. It really helped as I didn't worry about them going anywhere as she held them. This night I was really embarrassed as she held me, but I still lost it. She didn't say anything instead she just held me. I felt the tears come out and they were tears of frustration. I had seen three shrinks in my nearly year out and all they told me P.T.S.D. takes time to recover from, if you recover at all. I have friends who were far worse off than me, some where so doped up on anti psychotics it was disturbing. But I was still worried as I saw the pistol out of the corner of my eye.

She let me go then walked over to it. In our time together I had shown her how to use it properly if she needed it. She picked it up then she ejected the magazine from the grip, she then drew the slide back and the round came out. She took it to my room then set it in my dresser, she then came back out and sat on the couch. She looked at me then softly patted the side next to her. I got to my feet and walked towards her hand. I took it in mine then sat down next to her and she gave me a look that said I was doing it wrong. I then laid down on my side and she put my head in her lap. She stroked my head and told me to go to sleep. I laid against her soft, warm thighs and actually felt my mind drift off. I slept for a few hours my face resting against her warm skin.

When I awoke I found her still asleep with my head in her lap and I got up slowly. I relieved myself then went to the kitchen. I decided to apologize for scaring her last night so I made her favorite breakfast. I made the crepes and sliced the fruits then set them on a plate. I squeezed the oranges and then I went to my fridge to get a gift that I meant to give her last night, it was a single red rose that was near blooming. I set the plate up perfectly, then set the rose in a glass of water and walked to the coffee table. I leaned over her sleeping form and kissed her lips softly. I kissed her until I felt her kiss me back in her sleep. Her eyes opened and I saw the deep rich brown of them as she smiled up at me. She kissed me back. I then leaned away so she could stretch out. God she was so hot in my shirt. It was a white and blue stripped shirt and it looked way better on her than it ever had on me. She then opened her eyes and saw the meal set out in front of her. She smiled at me then tilted her head.

"For me papi? Gracias mi corazón." she said smiling a dazzling smile. She then leaned up to me and kissed me on the cheek.

She then saw the rose and leaned down to smell it. She giggled like a school girl, then had me sit next to her as she got in my lap. I got to have a good morning as I fed her the crepes with a bite of fruit. Every now and then she would bite and lick on my finger to get the last of the juice of the fruit off it.We had a fun time together and she then got serious after a while and looked in my eyes.

"What happened to you? I know you don't want to tell me, but is that the reason you have nightmares?" she asked me softly.

I nodded my head and sighed. I felt like she had a right to know. I sat back and recounted how my column was ambushed. I had three of my friends killed and several more horribly wounded. Myself and the rest of my platoon fought back hard. I then slowed down when I told her what happened next.

"When I was going to get one of my wounded Marines, I came face to face with an insurgent. We looked at each other for a brief moment then fired in unison. I hit him in the head, he got me in the midsection. His weapon was on full auto and when he fired five rounds hit me. Three hit me low in the stomach as you can feel." I said running her fingers along the holes. "The other two hit my trauma plate but didn't go through."

She had a look in her eyes that showed her horror at what happened. I then told her of the pain and how I blacked out several times as I fought back against the ambush. I then told her of my rehab and how much pain I went through, then I spoke of my discharge. She was near tears when I finished and she looked at me sadly.

She then sat up in my lap and grabbed me by the head and kissed me hard. She kissed me so thoroughly I had no answer to it and just let it be. She then straddled my lap and slid herself fully on me. I moaned into her mouth and she then began to ride me. She went wild with me and I felt her muscles ripple along my cock and she looked me in the eyes and slapped me. I leaned back and she bit me on the throat. I screamed aloud as she did and she then licked me on the bite mark then began to ride me harder and faster. She grabbed my hands and pulled them to her tits. She moaned at me and then she looked me dead in the eyes.

"I don't ever want you to be afraid with me papi. I don't want to see your mind filled with that hurt. I want it filled with thoughts of me and me alone. Promise me that papi." she said as she rocked on me.

I looked at her and she looked at me deeply and said again, "Promise me." I leaned my head back and started to tremble. She clamped down on me and I looked at her as she grabbed my face with both hands and looked me in the eyes.

"Papi promise me this, I want to know you will only have me in your dreams. I know it will take time, but I want to know now." she said with a look of passion and love. I looked her in the eyes then grabbed her back and kissed her with all I had.

I pulled back a fraction of and inch and breathed, "I promise mi amor."

She moaned into my mouth, she then went fast and hard on my cock. I ripped my shirt open and her perfect tits came into view. I grabbed them and she cried out as she continued to ride me. I then grabbed her hips and stood up, she locked her legs around me. I slammed her into the wall and she cried out as I began to surge in and out of her. I looked at her delicate body and it's rich caramel color. I was infatuated with her. I knew the demons that haunted me would be put to rest with her help. I shuddered as I thrust in and out of her. She moaned and cried out as I did. I felt myself get light headed as my orgasm approached. She then leaned forward and her orgasm ripped through her. She screamed into my shoulder and I felt my own building up. She grabbed me by the face and made me look up and her eyes were filled with the most beautiful light I had ever seen.

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