tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Woman in the Red Dress

The Woman in the Red Dress


"Ok. Stand there. No. Turn around. You are going to be our good little waiter boy. Now listen. There are going to be lots of women in there and I want to tell you how to behave. You are their servant. You will do what they want. What they tell you and only what they tell you. Don't look at them except to see if they need another Champagne. These are classy women. These are powerful women. You will be attentive, prompt and courteous. And you will be naked. Now let me strip you. Stand here. I don't want you looking at me either. You may watch my hand as it unbuckles your belt. Let me pull that T shirt over your head. Yes it was cute that you wore a T shirt tux. Did you really think I would let you keep your clothes on? Now, step out of these slacks. Let me yank down your briefs.

Claudia, don't you love it when a man's cock springs back out of his shorts and slaps his belly? I do. He's so excited.

Well, sir. I see that you are up to the task. I was afraid I might have to stroke that cock a time or two, but you sprang out of those shorts like I hoped you would. Are you always hard? I think so.

Here's the thing I want you naked. Stripped. Denuded. Just like this. You will be there to be a waiter, but also an objet d'art. This show isn't about you. But if any of the women want you to give them a show ... Well here' is how it will work. See this little white waiter's hand towel. This goes over your cock, just, like, this! You must hold your towel and not with your hands. I'm going to leave it with the tip exposed. We don't want to soak up any leaks.

Ok here's the trick. At any time, any of the ladies can yank this towel off from you and you must do their bidding. The women in white, may take your towel, and tell you what they want to see, and you must do it, but they may not touch you. The women in the long black dresses are just the opposite. Those women may do what they want to, to you, but you must not touch them. And lastly, there is one woman, in red, If she takes your towel, or if someone gives her your towel, you must do whatever act she asks with her, or alone. She, and only she, is allowed to cause you to cum."

Ok, now I'm going to walk you through the crowd for a bit. I'm going to place this towel over your cock. The nice purple head sticking out beyond the cotton. You're doing a very good job keeping it up. Now here's your tray with the champagne. Remember White dressed women can tell you what to do, but not touch. Black dresses can touch, and the Woman in the Red Dress, is the only one who can make you cum. And try not to spill the drinks. Its ok to put them down if you need to. Ok, in you go. Yes. They are all looking at you. Your cock just rose a little bit higher. Good boy. And look. Its wet at the tip. Oooh the ladies will love that. What's that Sharon? You want him over there? Here you go. Yes go ahead. Grab that towel. YES. Ok towel boy, go ahead. Put the drinks down and turn around like she wants.

(Another voice - Sharon) Oh I wish I could touch it? Can I touch it? No? Aww. Too bad. Well my little man. Then I'm just going to have to get by with what I can do. And I can make you walk around. Spin for me. But slowly. I want to see you from every angle. Oooh. I just want to stick my finger in that sticky goo at the end of your cock. Oh well. Now turn away from me. I want to see your ass. Hmmmm. Nice. Firm. Muscular. Bend over. Spread your legs. Touch the floor. Hands on the floor and legs straight. Spread your feet. That's it? Do you like being exposed this way? You are exposed here. Vulnerable. Naked in this room full of beautiful women. Oooh I just wish I could touch you. Ok. Stand up. Turn around. I'll guess I'll just have to be happy with you touching yourself. So go ahead. But don't touch your cock. No. Touch your nipples. Play with them. That's it. Twist them. Look Janet. It twitches when he plays with his nipples. Now touch your cock. Don't masturbate. Not yet. Just touch it. Fondle yourself. Close your eyes and imagine you're alone. Think about your favorite fantasy. Play with yourself the way you would if you wanted to get hard. Make it grow for us Waiterboy. MMmmmm. Nice. Ok. Now stroke it. But slowly. Grab it and pull your skin over the head. That's it. Squeeze your cockhead. Now wait till I finish the next instruction before you do it. I want you to fuck your hand in one long stroke. Don't move your hand, just thrust into your fist with your hips and then hold it like that. Ok. Go ahead. Mmmm very nice. Hold that.

Here Janet. Take this towel

Ok. As you can see. I have a black dress on. Do you like it? I think that you do. Standing there with your cock in your hand it looks like you do. Isn't this a lovely soiree? I love these beautiful women. I must say that we look fabulous in our gowns. I like mine because it has this long slit up the side. It shows off my nylons almost up to my garters. And these black patent leather strapless heels? Spikey and high? I know men love a good high heel. See them? Look around your cock. Go ahead. Look down at my shoe. See how my nylon'd foot comes out of the shoe. I love the feel of nylons. Don't you? Do you mind if I wrap my left leg around yours? Mmmm. Feel me rubbing this silky nylon up and down your leg? Do you like that? Just nod if you can't speak. You do? You like the contact don't you. The up and down, like this .... mmmmm.

Ok now what I want you to do is jerk that cock for me. But wait. I want to hold your balls while you do. I want to be wrapped around you with my leg, and, here let me put my arm around your shoulder for support. There. We're close now. Here. Now I'm going to slide my right hand up ... your ... thigh ... like this. You like? I think the little beads of perspiration mean that you do. And here they are! Here are those stones. Those balls of yours. Hmm. Hefty. A good pair.

Ok ladies? Can everyone see alright? I've got a great view. Ok now stroke your cock. I'm going to let your balls dangle and feel them lightly as they swing. Masturbate. Masturbate waiter boy. Do you like this? I think that you do. Go faster. Up and down. Ooooh. So fast. Your balls are slapping against my hand. Whoa. Slow down. You'd better stop. Madam Raqui said you're not allowed to cum.

(New voice)

YOU"RE not allowed to make him cum. But I am.

(Janet) Why yes madam. I'm sorry

(Madam) Hand me that towel Janet. I want to see this one shoot his spunk.

Ok sir. Now. I want you to stand over here. This is a good boy. Do you like my red dress? See how it shows off my big tits? The nipples nearly peak out. I want you to reach your hands inside my dress and cup my firm breasts. Its ok. Go ahead. No. Don't look at her. NEVER look at anyone else while I'm talking to you. Keep your eyes on me. Or in this case on my boobs. Mmmmm. Feel that? My nips are firming up. Ok. Enough of that. I just wanted to see if that would have any effect on you. I think it did. You're precum is actually dripping onto the floor. I'm going to take it and spread it around your cockhead with my silky long red glove. Ooooh. I was trying to keep it from dripping any more, but I think I'm made you produce more.

Now boy. We intend to have our way with you, or at least I do, but I want to be a good hostess, and these women want to see you shoot your load, so up on the table you go. This time I'll hold your balls. Feel my gloved hands gently supporting your sac?

Masturbate for us.

Yes... Now... Go on. Show us how you do this dirty deed in the dark of your room. Show us what it looks like when a horny man can't hold himself anymore. That's it. Up on the table. Stand up. Spread your legs. Its Mahogany. Its strong. Like your erection. Firm. Solid. Yes. Turn toward the room. See the women looking at you? Stroke your cock. Stand up there and masturbate for the whole room to see. Yes. Just like that. Don't mind me as I slide my gloved hands up and down your thighs. Ok stop for just a second as I feel your, inner thighs. See ladies? Sometimes it bounces without his even touching it. And now watch and listen. Shhhhh. Listen closely as I pull his balls back.. and... down. And let go! Hear that slapping sound? So hard it SPRINGS back up and slaps his belly!!

Alright Mr. Man. Jerk off for us. That's it grab your cock and masturbate! Masturbate for all these beautiful women who want to see you shoot your load of white sticky goo. That's it.

Yes ladies isn't it wonderful. Look at him. He loves to masturbate for you.

Show them how you jerk off alone. Jerk yourself for these ladies as if you were looking at your favorite nudie magazine. Stroke it. Its ok. Don't hold back. Faster. Jerk off faster. Harder. See how hard he pounds his cock ladies? You can be very rough with it. He likes it.

Don't you like it when we handle your cock roughly?

Oh? Can't speak. Well then just keep going.

Look at his hand ladies? It's a blur!. Wow.

(Janet) I love how he jerks off.

(Madam) Yes boy. We enjoy watching you masturbate. Go faster. Do it harder. Oooh your balls are getting tight! Masturbate for the elegant ladies. Show yourself bare. Naked. Jerking off like you would in private. But you're not in private. You are exposed. Here in front of all of us you are masturbating yourself. .... Faster now. Masturbate yourself. Show us how you jerk off. Stroke your cock. Harder. Harder.

I think he's going to cum ladies. Janet get me that crystal plate. I want to catch his spunk.

Shoot your jizz for us now boy. Masturbate faster and harder. He's close now. Faster. Jerk off faster. Harder! Faster!

Ooooooooooooooh! Yes! Yes! Yes, there it is. Ooooh. Again. And ... AGAIN! Yes. Oooh. ANOTHER one! Good boy. Mmmm. And the slower globs of goo come out. I love this part too! Ooooh, Let me catch that. Good. Oh baby you did good.

Running down over your fingers. Ok. Let go of your cock. We want to see it drip a bit.

Alright sir. Now take this towel and go clean yourself up.

Mrs. Jones? Give him a brief rest. Let him clean up. And when he can hold the towel again. Send him back to us. Thank you.

Well ladies? How was that for the opening entertainment?

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