tagIllustratedThe Woman with Dangerous Blue Eyes

The Woman with Dangerous Blue Eyes


It was a hot and humid night, a night not unlike a regular summer evening. The moon hung over the sky like big orange pumpkin lighting the way for the tourists as they traveled over the boardwalk. Many of them new lovers free from any tainted tails, so early in their romance.

It was then that I saw you and your dangerous blue eyes, big as saucers as they tried to capture as much of the light as possible. I noticed your breasts moving in and out like the ocean tide full of sensuality and promise. I knew at first glance I had to have those eyes and those breasts for my own.

You came over to me all innocent, you could have been a nun in another life you were so unassuming. I could smell your heavenly smell as you approached from my right. A little cough to get my attention and when I turned around I looked into your dangerous blue eyes, deep as the sea and just as mysterious. You held out your cigarette and asked me for a light, I could tell from your stance you were looking for much more than just a match. Fire is what you wanted, maybe to replace a piece in your heart ripped out from a last lover.

You sucked in on your smoke so sexually I thought you might be trying to make it orgasm. My groin responded in kind. My cock yearned to be that cigarette between your burgundy velvet lips. When you exhaled, the plumb of smoke danced around your face like the snake dances for the charmer.

Your inhaling and exhaling caused your chest to rise and fall with each breath, your cleavage was deep in the low cut blouse, the tease you presented just barley hiding your nipples put a want in my soul that was precarious. I needed to have you and you sensed my want, stepping in closer you whispered in my ear and told me how much you would like to feel me inside you.

I felt the throb from below my waist and I knew my master's answer and submitted to his will. I put my hand around your waist and lead you to my motel room just across the way. I put the key in the lock and turned it ever so slowly, trying to linger in the moment. The anticipation of what was to be on the other side of the door made my heart race as if I was having a near death experience. You didn't want to wait any longer and pushed me through the door, your strength surprised me. Maybe you are more different than you seemed, you and your dangerous blue eyes.

You shoved me onto the bed and ripped away my clothes. The waiting game for you was over; there was no more time for tease, no more time for patience. You took my throbbing member and put it between your burgundy velvet lips and I was no longer envious of your last cigarette. You sucked me in and pulled like you were trying to coax smoke from me. Your tongue was so slick and smooth like the petals of a rose after a fresh summer shower. I slid my hips forward and you took all of me, my need and your hunger battled it out like two gladiators in the Coliseum. My waist kept moving back and forth and your accepted every stroke.

You then took me out of your mouth and for a moment my master is saddened. The fleeting moment of rejection was as if I had been shut out from the gates of heaven. You didn't make my master depressed for long. As you stood up and removed your sexy apparel I got to witness a nude angel, all perfect in proportion. Your breasts were even lovelier than imagined. The slight bulge in your belly signified you were all real. Your hips were wide and womanly, ready and wanting to produce new life. The soft patch of hair below your waist was soft and silky. It was the perfect topping for your precious cunt.

You pushed me back on the bed and climbed on top of my anxious body. I moved my arms to take you but you resisted and grabbed each one of them. I didn't see the handcuffs you so carefully hid but I was so consumed in my lust I didn't care. I gave into your little game. Your dangerous blue eyes smiled at my easy submission. With my arms secured you took my stiff cock and guided it into your wet folds. My hips thrust upward to fill your soaked sex.

Up and down and up and down you rode the pleasure cycle. Your moans filled the air and I felt the hot splashes on my stomach from your orgasmic releases. I felt the familiar tingle in my balls and I pushed upward, the streams I had released seemed endless but ended all too soon. Then you climbed off my deflated rod and smiled. I was still bound to the bed as I watched you rifle through my pockets taking all my money, my watch and my wallet. You calmly got dressed and left out the door.

I should have heeded the warning from your dangerous blue eyes.

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