tagIncest/TabooThe Women in My Life

The Women in My Life


NOTE: Please keep in mind that English (still) isn't my native language. I do hope you enjoy this shorter story.


I was 37 when what probably still is the highlight of my sex life happened. My daughter's 18th birthday was about a month earlier, and she had a nice little party with some close friends. She wanted it like that, although we gave her the option to organize a bigger party. Ellie was a grown woman by then. She was a blonde, like her mother, and also had her mother's clear blue eyes. Her face was really pretty, as she seemed to have received all the best features of myself and her mother. Her skin was creamy white, and she had a gorgeous body. I tried not to let any incestuous thought slip into my mind, but it was hard to not when seeing her wander around the house in the sheer outfits she wore to sleep in. Her breasts started growing when she got into puberty, until they were at least a D cup by the time she was 18. Her ass was small but firm and perky. Ellie's mother and I were divorced, but we had a fair deal going on. She stayed with me for a week, and then went back to her mother for the same amount of time. Luckily we weren't fighting a lot, as we felt like getting along is the best option for our daughter, so we were able to make exceptions and all of that. Anyhow.

Next to my daughter, there was another woman in my life at that time. We were together for almost four years when all of this happened. Brandi was truly awesome. She had a great personality as well as being one of the most gorgeous women I've ever seen. She was quite a few years younger than me, being in her late twenties. She was half-Asian, as her mother was from the Philippines and her father was white. She had medium length pure black hair that cupped her pretty face, with hazel eyes. Her pale skin contrasted the dark hair in an awesome way. Unlike my daughter, her curves were mainly put into her butt. It was big, round and bouncy. Her breasts were smaller, although still a C cup.

Like I said, Brandi was in her late twenties, which made her pretty much in the middle of me - thirties - and my daughter, who was still a teen. The two girls got along really fine, probably because they didn't have a massive age difference. Brandi seemed to be an excellent stepmom for Ellie, but on top of that a great friend as well. But maybe they got along a bit too well..

It was a Friday evening. I left work earlier than usual as it was the weekend where Ellie would stay with us, and I wanted to surprise her by getting home early. I expected to hear the girls gossiping already - Brandi didn't work on Fridays - but when I got home the living room was empty. I assumed they were either outside or upstairs, but that wasn't really a problem. I decided to just go upstairs, check if they were there and then maybe take a shower before searching them outside.

When I started going up the stairs, I could hear the first sign of the girls. But it wasn't what I expected at all. It was clearly a moan, although not very loud I could still hear it slightly. Curious about what was going on - either one of the girls was masturbating, or Ellie brought home a guy as she expected to be pretty much home alone (at least those were the options I could think of) - I moved further on. My heart started pumping a bit faster as I heard the moaning was coming out of my bedroom. Now fully expecting it to be Brandi playing with herself as she waited for me coming home, I quietly pushed open the door.

The door didn't make any sound as I opened it, and neither of the girls heard me entering which caused the scene to just go on right in front of me. There they were, my daughter and my girlfriend. Both of them on the bed, while Ellie was entirely naked. Brandi was still wearing her black lace bra with matching panties, as her ass was raised into my direction. She was leaning onto her forearms, while her tongue was eagerly busy lapping over my daughter's pussylips. Apparently Ellie was the one moaning, and her eyes were firmly closed. They still didn't notice me as I watched them with mixed feelings.

I thought about this scenario in the past. The kind of scenario where I catch my girlfriend with another woman, and it kind of turned into a nice little fantasy to think about during some lonely evenings. So, I wouldn't be mad if it really happened but in this case, the other woman was my own daughter. My 18 years old, gorgeous daughter who was eagerly massaging and kneading one of her own huge teenage breasts, while her free hand rested on the head of my girlfriend who was pleasuring her orally. Before I knew, I was rocking a raging hard-on.

I didn't really know what to do. On one side, I wanted to interrupt them and demand an explanation, but on the other side I wanted to keep watching them. I couldn't push the idea of joining out of my head, even if that would be an act of incest. I was watching for over a minute by now, completely startled yet aroused.

The decision of what to do however wasn't mine however, as I suddenly heard my daughters voice speak up. "D-Dad?!" I looked up from her crotch - which was mainly hidden by Brandi's head anyway - to see the shock in her eyes. It didn't take long for Brandi to look around and pull her head away from Ellie's legs. "Oh my god, baby! I .. I can explain.." She started, but I interrupted her. There was time for that later, as my dirty mind took over.

"Don't." I said with a firm voice, trying to make it seem like I was pissed off. "Keep going." I then pretty much demanded. There followed a few seconds of complete silence before the eyes of both girls moved down. Ellie's eyes widened as they must've seen the bulge poking through my pants, but it caused Brandi to naughtily giggle. "Oh, it's like that huh." She asked teasingly before she turned back to my daughter's slit, continuing the treatment. "Sure is." I grinned as I walked over to the bed, reaching out to spank my girlfriend. She always loved when I did that, and I was sure it would turn her on even more in a scenario where I had a reason to 'punish' her. My hand stayed onto her big butt for a while before I raised again, slapping it once more. Both times, the smack filled up the room although it wasn't extremely hard. It surely didn't hurt her, as we both weren't into that.

While now fondling Brandi's behind, I looked over at my daughter. She was visibly having the same mixed feelings as I had earlier. Although she knew this was wrong, the lips nibbling onto her clit felt way too good to make it stop. She looked up and our eyes met for a bit before she closed them again and seemed to relax again. Her soft moans started to be the only noises around again, and it honestly turned me on so much. My free hand reached down to blindly open my pants, and soon I had my cock pulled out. Brandi noticed it, taking a short break to wink at me before she used her thumb and index fingers to spread Ellie's juicy pussylips. This gave her the ability to slide her tongue inside and she started properly eating out my daughter while I jerked off to the scene.

I noticed Ellie started rocking her hips slowly, her fingers getting a proper grip onto the black hair of my girlfriend. Ellie pulled her deeper into her pussy, obviously loving all of this by now. My hand slid down over Brandi's ass, getting between her ass crack until I reached her pussy. The panties were still in my way to touch her bare slit, but I could feel how moist she was. I thought I could hear a muffled moan coming from between her mouth and Ellie's pussy, only by the soft touch. I didn't tease her for too long, as foreplay wasn't really necessary. I got rid of my pants entirely and then got onto the bed.

Brandi's perfect ass was still raised, so all I had to do was slide her panties down to her knees. I held my cock with my free hand, stroking it as it was rockhard by now, and looked up at the two girls. Brandi's face stayed buried between my daughter's legs, as they were pretty much wrapped around her neck, but Ellie's eyes were open now. Looking straight at my cock, as she lustfully bit her lips.

I couldn't believe what I saw. Could she be hungry for my cock, or even have the same incestuous thoughts I had been having since the moment I walked in on them?

Although I was surprised by my daughter's behavior, I got further into position until I was on my knees right behind my half-Asian wife. I aligned my cock with her entrance, rubbing it over the wetness for a few seconds before pressing forward. She was used to my size - not that I was extremely big, but I'm proud of my eight inches of thick meat - so the entire shaft easily slid in. I groaned as I hit the deepest point, and then pulled back to start thrusting.

As I began fucking my girlfriend, I leaned forward a bit to have a clear view onto the lesbian action going on right in front of me. I noticed Brandi was sliding two of her fingers in and out of Ellie's pussy while swirling her tongue over the swollen clit. It didn't take long before Brandi's lewd sounds were added to Ellie's, both of their cunts getting fucked by either fingers or a cock. My thrusts were slow but deep as I enjoyed the tight pussywalls clenching around my meat. I did however focus more onto what Brandi was doing to my daughter. Her fingers slowly pumping into the young, delicious pussy while she was licking the sensitive clit. Ellie kept staring at me while I fucked her stepmom, steadily building up the pace.

Brandi knew exactly what to do, clenching and releasing her pussy around my cock. My hands were firmly yet still softly holding her hips, pulling her into me whenever I thrusted forwards to make sure my shaft pounded as deep as possible. I went on like that for a while, fucking my girlfriend hard and fast as I watched her feast onto my daughter's pussy. My balls hit her skin again and again, and I felt how they started becoming fuller.

Before I knew, things escalated even more. I felt how Brandi tightened up, immediately understanding she reached an orgasm. I kept thrusting during it, but as it died down I groaned out loudly. "Fuck, I'm close!" I said, and Brandi let herself fall forward so my cock slid out of her cunt. She quickly turned around, laying onto her stomach as she wrapped her fingers around my throbbing cock, jerking it as she leaned forward to lick my balls. She loved facials, so that was probably her initial goal. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment, knowing that Brandi would take care of the rest herself in order to get what she wanted, but I suddenly felt another pair of lips touching my manhood. I instantly opened my eyes to look down, and watched Ellie slide her lips over my cockhead. Her eyes were still looking up at me, filled with lust but also curiosity, as she observed my reaction.

I had to admit I was shocked. Fucking my girlfriend with my daughter in the same room was one thing, but now she was sucking onto the tip of my cock while I was rapidly approaching climax. Brandi kept sucking onto my ballsack, tugging softly onto it as she looked up as well. She WANTED me to do this, I could tell. Not able to hold back any longer, I threw my head back and let go. Stream after stream shot into Ellie's mouth, but she kept her lips tightly wrapped around my meat. Luckily nobody else was in the house, because I was pretty sure they would've heard my groans. Maybe my neighbors could even slightly hear, but I wasn't too worried at that time.

When the last drops of cum got dumped into my daughter's mouth, I slowly pulled my cock out of her mouth. She still had her lips tightly around it, which caused my shaft to be relatively clean right away. Ellie's head turned, and she locked lips with her stepmom. The girls started to lustfully make out with each other, swapping my cum between their mouths.

I dropped down in the bed, recalling what happened while watching them. While my sex life was relatively good until then, this was certainly a peak of it. I knew the last part - where I emptied my balls into my daughter's mouth - would be seen as wrong by a lot of people. But right then, I was admiring two gorgeous girls kissing and sharing my cum.

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