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The Women in My Life Ch. 03 Pt. 02


The Women In My Life – Chapter 3
Part 2

So here is Part 2 of the very long story about Kate. More sex in this part but the main focus is anal so, if that isn’t for you, check each chapter before you read. Also there is some reference to the incestuous relationship between Mike and his mother so beware that also (see TWIML, Ch.2.).

If you have read this series before you will know what to expect; if not please take the time to read the introduction to TWIML, Ch.3-Pt.1. It is quite long but it does explain the story and that is quite important. I prefer it if my readers know what is coming!

To those of you who vote – thanks (even the low ones!). As I constantly say in the post script, votes make posting stories worthwhile. What is even better are comments, both negative and positive. Although in the former case it would be nice if they were reasonably polite, constructive, and NOT anonymous. Of course I suppose we are all ‘anonymous’ on Lit but what I really mean is give me a chance to explain or yourself a chance to engage with an author. I’m not saying I agree with all the negative comments (although some are quite relevant) but it would be nice to discuss them; sometimes there is a reason that a plot line develops or a character acts in a certain way. The main thing is to ENGAGE by voting and commenting. I don’t think I’m alone as an author who enjoys feedback (well most of the time anyway!).

Please read and (I hope) enjoy in the knowledge that there is a lot more to come!

Chapter 10: Kate finds out about mum:

It went on like that for the next three weeks. She didn’t go home again but stayed with me at the house. It was a non-stop feast of straight sex. We made love in every room (I think), in every position, at every time of the day. She was like a child in a candy store, she couldn’t get enough. By the time mum came home I was a physical wreck! I enjoyed every minute of course but, bloody hell, it was tiring. We did manage to spend some time looking for somewhere to live after the marriage. We decided to stay in the flat in town for the time being, although it wasn’t very comfortable it did save us from having to move straight away.
Mum was over the moon when she came back. Now she was completely happy, married herself to a very nice (and virile she’d told me with a smile) man with the prospect of her son being married soon as well. Surprisingly, Kate’s parent’s didn’t seem all that interested in her marriage and I became aware that she wasn’t very close to them, certainly not to her mother. I discovered later that her mother had given up on her, thinking her gay, when she refused boys. Kate told me that she’d never been able to talk to her mother about me or anything sexual. I understood then why she got on so well with mum.
In a way it was good news because it allowed mum to take control, with Kate of course, for all the wedding preparations. We didn’t want to wait, there seemed little point as we were bonking ourselves into and early bed. We just wanted to make it legal as soon as possible. We found a house (the one I live in now) not too far away – and within walking distance of my golf club (an absolute necessity) – so we bought that. It wasn’t finished yet which allowed us a bit of leeway in the interior. Kate and mum really enjoyed themselves.
John was to be my best man with his kids as bridesmaids and pageboys like with mum’s and Kate’s dad was giving her away. All the arrangements were left to mum and Kate and they had a field day. They spent an awful lot of time together and thereby caused the major problem before the wedding.
It was about three weeks before the day. Poor old Joe was still having enormous problems with the American company that had held his investments and he had to go to the States for a week or so to sort it out. He wanted mum to go with him but she had a terrible fear of flying then so stayed at home. It was a Bank Holiday as I remember and Kate and I went to stay with mum while he was away.
I’d gone out to play golf with a few pals on Saturday afternoon leaving mum and Kate to continue their chats and planning. I got back about five and immediately felt that something was wrong. I made to kiss Kate but she turned away before I could. Mum didn’t seem to notice anything so I just assumed Kate was unwell or something. However, throughout dinner Kate didn’t seem herself, quiet and withdrawn. I think mum noticed then and she raised her eyebrows questioningly a couple of times.
I cleared up while mum and Kate watched TV in the lounge. I didn’t hear much talking which was unusual. When I took coffee in the atmosphere seemed strained and I began to worry. About 9.00 o’clock Kate suddenly said she was going to bed and left the lounge without kissing me which was very different from normal.
“Mum, what’s happened?”
“I don’t know Mike. She was OK most of the afternoon. We were chatting then she suddenly went quiet.”
“Shit!” I said. “something’s certainly wrong. I’m going up to her.” So upstairs I went to find her in my bedroom, not Angela’s old room that we usually used. The light was out and as I entered I heard soft crying.
“Kate, Kate,” I said, “what is it?”
“Go away,” she mumbled through tears, “go away.”
I was beginning to panic and that meant anger set in. I couldn’t deal with not knowing. I leant forward and turned her head to me, “Kate! You must tell me. It isn’t fair. Now tell me what is wrong!”
“You!” she said, “you and Joyce.” She looked at me accusingly, “you’re lovers aren’t you. You sleep together, make love together. Fuck!” She spat the last word out passionately and my world began to fall apart! She knew, she’d found out. How the hell? Not mum surely? No, impossible. It must have been something mum said. Kate wasn’t stupid and she was quite capable of putting two and two together and making four. I had to say something.
“Kate, I’m not going to lie to you. I didn’t want you to know because, well I guessed how you’d feel . . .”
“So it’s true, you are. It’s, it’s . . . unnatural!” and she started to cry again and turned her head away as if she couldn’t bear to look at me.
I reached for her again. I needed to look at her although it was dim, I needed to see her face. “Kate, listen! Yes it’s true. We were lovers but not now. Honestly Kate! It stopped when she started seeing Joe. You must believe that!”
“I don’t care. It’s so wrong. Oh god! Why, why? Oh go away, please go away!” I was beginning to crumble now, my world, my love for her, disappearing into the mist of my past. How to deal with this. As ever I could think of only one way so I said to Kate, “Kate darling, I love you more than anything but in this you mustn’t judge. Mustn’t judge me or mum,” and I left the room to speak to mum.
“What is it Mike,” she said as I came in. She saw that something was seriously wrong from the look on my face.
“She knows mum, knows about us!”
“Oh bloody hell,” she said, “how?”
“I don’t know,” I said, “she just said to me ‘you and Joyce are lovers aren’t you?’. I can’t lie to her mum, that would be the wrong way to start our marriage but she seems disgusted. She’s up there in my old room crying.”
Mum took a deep breath and was quiet for a moment. “She’ll have to know Mike, know all about me then perhaps she’ll understand. She loves you and this must be a terrible shock for her but if I explain about me, about us, about Angela, about John, everything, perhaps she’ll see it through fresh eyes.” Now mum seemed down, “Oh heck Mike, I always worried that this would happen. I’ll go and see her. I think we can talk OK even now.”
“Mum, are you sure. It’s a lot for you and will she be able to deal with me and Angela, John and you.”
She smiled sadly, “Well,” she said, “we’ll find out won’t we. I don’t think there’s any other way Mike. If she knows everything at least she can begin to understand how we felt,” she reached up and stroked my cheek, “and still feel, about each other.”
“I told her it had stopped after Joe,” I said, “but that didn’t seem to change her feelings.”
“No. She needs to know it all I think. If she does she can make up her own mind. Mike, it’s a risk and it may take a long time. Sleep on your own tonight, I’ll take her with me if I can and you go out tomorrow; all day. It’ll give us time to sort her feelings out and mine,” she added.
“Mum, this is hard for you. To live it all again.”
She smiled, “No, I don’t mind. Sometimes it’s nice to go over old ground. I’ve told you, I don’t regret any of it and the memories are, for the most part, good and,” she smiled her sexy smile, “exciting!” With that she went upstairs.
All was quiet for a while then I heard doors close and movement in mum’s bedroom. Then mum’s head round the door. “We’re going to bed,” she said, “she’s stopped crying and she is listening so it might be OK. Remember, out tomorrow before we get up. It’s best if you leave it to me.”
I nodded, I was happy to. Well not happy but I didn’t have much choice did I, and I was confident that mum would do her best.
Of course I didn’t sleep much that night. I spent most of it on the settee trying to read but managing only a couple of pages. So much rested upon this night and tomorrow. Could mum’s explanation bring Kate back? I didn’t want to think about it not happening. Come morning I made myself some breakfast then off to the golf club. I’d nothing booked but there were a few trio’s of people I knew who didn’t mind a fourth. In the end they were all quite happy because, although normally I play off four, today I was so bad that I couldn’t manage anything. It cost me a lot of drinks and a lunch but, at least, it took my mind off what might be happening at home.
Finally I couldn’t stand not to know any longer so I went home about 4.30. As I walked up the drive to the house it didn’t seem any different but I knew that what had taken place inside would have a profound effect on my life one way or another. So, by the time I got to the front door, my throat was dry, my head ached with the wine I’d drunk (probably too much), and my stomach had an awful empty feeling. The house was quiet as I entered and I carried with me a tension in the air that was almost palpable. How had it gone? Was Kate even still here? How was mum. Here was the prospect of the two women I loved in conflict and both upset.
Then the tension lifted from my body, I the ripple of laughter coming from the lounge. Relief surged across my body and I felt light-headed, happy at the sound. Tentatively I opened the lounge door further to find them sitting together on the settee. Mum had just finished talking and Kate was laughing, “You didn’t,” she said in surprise.
“Mmm, I did,” said mum laughing back.
Then Kate noticed me and she looked solemn. Getting up she walked over, put her arms round me, and kissed my lips.
“Oh Mike, I’m so sorry,” she said pulling away, “I shouldn’t have acted like that. It wasn’t fair. Am I forgiven?” she ended with a great big pout.
I laughed as relief surged across my body again, “Forgiven? Kate, my love, I’d forgive you anything!”
That elicited a little tear from her and another kiss as she dragged me over to sit down next to her. “Mum and I have had an awfully long chat,” she said with a look at mum that clearly indicated that, perhaps, just a little more than a chat had taken place over the last few hours.
“Good,” I said serious now, “Kate, you do understand don’t you?” I had to explain to her as well. “Kate, I love Joyce as a mother and as a woman,” I looked across to mum and she smiled. I suspect she must have prepared Kate for me to say this, she knew me so well. “But Kate, darling Kate, although I love her I won’t ever make love to her again. You must understand and believe that. Joyce is my mum now, and will be and I love you, you’re the woman I want to make love to. Please Kate . . .?”
She caressed my cheek, “Yes,” she said, “I understand.” She smiled at mum, “Mum has told me everything. Everything about herself, about you two, and,” she fixed me with her eyes, “about you and Angela.” I took a deep breath and went to speak. “No,” she said, “listen! She told me about her and John as well and,” now she looked just a little embarrassed, “about her and Angela. I know everything Mike and I do understand. I understand her frustration because I felt something like that about you and I understand her love for you because I feel that as well. It’s in the past Mike. I know you won’t ever forget it but I hope you can share it with me,” she looked at mum, “both of you,” she blushed again, “like today.”
I raised my eyebrows questioningly and mum just smiled. They’d made love, I thought. Now Kate was her playful self again, “Anyway,” she said in mock seriousness, “I’ve got a bone to pick with you, no several bones,” she added with a smile as she poked me in the chest with her finger.
“Oh,” I said smiling back, “and what might they be?”
“Well,” she said glancing over at mum, “you’ve been hanging back. You haven’t told me everything.” She was putting me through the mill again but she was playful so I wasn’t too worried.
“About what?”
“Sex,” she said with a great big smile.
I laughed back at her, “Sex?” I said.
“Yes,” now she looked at mum who smiled and nodded. “You didn’t tell me about all the other things we could do.”
I looked at mum, “Like what?” They had obviously been talking a great deal.
“Like my bottom,” she said with a coquettish look, “Joyce says you like that. Is that true?”
I grabbed her, kissed her, and ran my hands over the smooth curves of her glorious bottom. “Oh yes,” I said, “I like it a lot.”
“She says you’re very good at it.”
I laughed, “Now you’re embarrassing me!”
“Come on Mike,” mum laughed, “you know you are!”
“Well,” I said, “I’ve had good teachers!”
“I want to do that,” said Kate making my stomach turn and my cock leap at the thought, “and Joyce said that she would help me.” I looked at mum questioningly.
“I told her about the times I helped young and inexperienced wives learn all about sex,” mum said, “and she thought that I could help her.”
I looked at them both in astonishment. “Both of you, in the bedroom, together, how, errrr, oh my god!” I managed to finally blurt out. My mind was racing away with the idea of having Kate while mum watched. Would she take part? With Kate? I knew she wouldn’t with me. Well, I wouldn’t want that either. Oh heck, of course I would but it wasn’t possible now, nor desirable. I must have stood there with my mouth open because they both began to laugh.
“Oh Mike, you should see your face,” said Kate laughing then she kissed me. “And you didn’t tell me about using my mouth either, just like you do to me. Why not?” she asked suddenly then with a great big pout, “don’t you like me?” She was teasing me with that phrase.
Why not? That was a good question. “Kate, Kate darling. Look, this is difficult to explain.” Despite the pout affecting me as it usually did, I was embarrassed before these two women I loved. “It’s not that I didn’t want to do all those things but, well, I was scared.”
“Scared??” they both said together.
“Yes.” I looked at Kate then took her hands in mine, “Kate, I love you so much I didn’t want to scare you away, put you off. Having you near, holding you, looking at you, being with you, making love to you, all mean so much to me that I wasn’t willing to risk scaring you by introducing all those, errr, variations.”
“That’s nice,” she said. Then she turned to mum, “What do you think?”
Mum smiled, “Yes, he’s like that,” she said, discussing me as if I wasn’t there. “I expect he wants you very badly you know.”
“Mmm,” said Kate with a thoughtful look then another pout, “Do you?”
“Kate, Kate, I want you more than anything!”
“Good!” she said with a smile, “because tonight and tomorrow I expect you to have me,” she turned and looked at mum who nodded, “have me every way you’ve always dreamed.” She took a deep breath, “And every way you’ve ever had Joy!”
I looked at mum in panic because I had had my mother in every way possible. Kate must have noticed. “She told me everything Mike, everything you’ve ever done together. I wanted to know, I had to know because I love you and I want to give you everything that Joy ever did and Joy’s going to be there, helping.” I looked at mum and she nodded and smiled. “You don’t mind do you Mike, she’s going to show me the ropes,” she added with a big smile.
“Now,” she said matter-of-factly, “I’m going to start dinner, OK Joyce?”
“Mmm, I’ll be out in a minute.” That was what was so marvellous about Kate in those early days. She realised my need, and mum’s, to be able to talk to each other. “Well?” said mum turning to me with a smile on her face.
I was having difficulty taking it all in really. Mum, mum and Kate, Kate behaving like that. “I don’t know what to say mum, what happened? I can’t believe how she’s reacted.”
“Sit down for a minute. I told her I’d have to explain to you so she won’t worry. I told her everything Mike, about me, the ‘houses’ in Paris, about me and men when you were little, and how I felt about you.”
“You told her that?” I asked surprised.
“I had to Mike, to make her see why it happened as it did. Why I couldn’t resist you later. I think she understood most of those feelings because she had them about you for years. I told her about sharing Stan, then about the pact that we made about you and John.”
“How did she take that?”
“She understands Mike. She yearned for you for so long, much of it in a ‘school-girlish’ way but she knows about wanting, desire. She’s a very hot young woman Mike,” she smiled, “a lot like I was at that age! Well, perhaps I was a bit younger but I started earlier. She laughed when I told her how Angela ‘caught’ you with your book. By the way,” she added laughing, “she wants to see that book. Have you still got it?”
I laughed back, “Yes, as a matter of fact, I have. Mind you,” I added, “I haven’t looked at it for a good few years.”
“It was difficult when I got on to telling her about us. I explained about John’s letter and how it made me feel.” She looked sad now as she relived that moment then she cheered up. “Then I told her how you reacted, how you said you were the man of the house and you’d look after me – in my bed as well! At first she couldn’t believe you’d said that but I think she knows you well Mike, because when she thought about it she wasn’t surprised that you reacted like that.
“I told her that I just couldn’t resist the temptation. I’d wanted you all those years and here you were. It was too much. I cried a little bit then and she was very good, she comforted me and said she understood. She said she was sorry for judging us both it was just the surprise I suppose.”
“What did you do for the rest of the time?”
Now mum looked a little guilty. “She wanted to know all about the ‘house’. What went on there, what I did. I told her all about having men in my bottom: how I was trained like that so as not to get pregnant, and how to use my mouth. She surprised me because she said you didn’t do any of that with her. I guessed why when she told me.” She fixed me with her eyes, “You love her very much don’t you?”
I took a deep breath, “Yes mum, I do. It’s like I told her, I can’t stand the thought of not having her near, not being able to look at her, talk to her, make her happy. I worried that if I was too demanding, you know, in bed she might take flight. She was a virgin, total virgin you know.”
“I guessed,” she laughed. “She is naïve, inexperienced, but she wants to learn, to please you. She loves you just as much you know and she is just as frightened of losing you if she’s not ‘up to it’ in bed. That’s why, when I told her that sometimes I’d go out to a client’s house to train his young wife in all sorts of sex, she said she wanted me to do that for her.” Now mum looked at me, “I’ll be there Mike, there while you make love to her. Is that OK?”

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