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The Women in My Life Ch. 03 Pt. 05



Here is Part 5 of 'Kate'. The first 'swapping' at the villa in Italy and what happened after.

The Warning:

If you have read this series before you will know what to expect; if not please take the time to read the introduction to TWIML, Ch.3-Pt.1. It does explain the story and how it is posted and I prefer it if my readers know what is coming! If you don't read that introduction then please don't complain about the content.

The same comments apply as to voting. Please do but if you don't like my story take the time to tell me why. Oh, and if you do I'd like to know why as well! Thanks Anon UK – at least someone tells me they are enjoying the story – more support is welcome – and it does counter the negative stuff.

Please read and (I hope) enjoy in the knowledge that there is yet more to come!

Chapter 28Interlude

She was asleep when I woke in the morning and I leant on one elbow looking down at her. I've written before about this, how wonderful your love looks like this: asleep, innocent even. No make-up, not that she wore much at home anyway, she was beautiful – well she was to me. I bent and kissed her softly.

"Mmm," she muttered, "mmm, that's nice."

"Time for you to wake up sleepy head, it's late."

"Hold me, I don't want to get up yet. I'm still sleepy." So I did and we cuddled each other for a while.

"Come on," I said later, "we've got to get to mum's for lunch."

"Oh I like it when you hold me."

"And I like it as well but . . ."

"Oh all right," she said grumpily, "come on then." Time to have some gentle fun.

"Oh, no sex then? I was looking forward to another round!"


I laughed, "Now, now, just because I wore you out Sunday . . ."

"You did, you beast. I'm tired."

I hugged her and kissed her, "Come on then, quick shower then mum's." So we showered together, dressed, then off to mum's for lunch. Afterwards Joe and I were shunted off to the golf course with instructions to stay until half five. We had a leisurely round and sat at the 19th afterwards with a bottle of rather good wine. Initially we chatted mainly about work. Although Joe had been my step-father for almost 10 years now I don't think we'd ever really developed a 'father-son' relationship. Not surprising really as I was in my mid twenties when he married mum and he had never had kids. We did get on well however, and I found I could always talk to him, not that he talked about himself and mum very much.

I did note that, today, as we chatted he was looking at me rather quizzically and just a tiny bit worried. After a while he broached a question.

"Mike," he said, "forgive me if I'm prying but Kate seems a little different today." He laughed, "She's always bright and cheerful but today it's even more noticeable. I can tell because she seems to have that effect on Joyce." Now I had a decision to make. Even at this early stage I had a feeling about Toni and Gina. If things did pan out and we carried on with the full 'swap', and even if they didn't, we would see more of them and, in any case, become friends. In either case they would probably become close and that meant that both Kate and I would want them to meet mum and that meant Joe as well. Mum knew what was going on but I was pretty sure she wouldn't have told Joe. Look, he wasn't a prude or anything; he couldn't be could he married to mum, but he might not appreciate what was happening. He noticed my silence as I weighed things in my mind.

"Mike, I'm sorry. I don't mean to pry."

"No, it's all right Joe," I laughed, "there's nothing wrong. It's just that something is happening." He raised his eyebrows. Oh bugger, I thought, he is mum's husband after all, he deserves to know what's going on.

"Joe," I said slowly, "we're going to do something, something a bit out of the ordinary."


I took a deep breath, "We're going to meet another couple on Saturday and we're going to swap partners."

He coughed into his wine. "Did I hear that right?"

"Yes," I said with a smile, "you did and Kate is here to talk to mum about it."

"But, but, but . . . Mike, you and Kate . . . Is everything all right?"

"Mmm, yes. Let me explain." So I told him all about what we were doing, the swinging magazine, how we'd met some couples, and now how we felt about Toni and Gina.

"I don't understand Mike. You and Kate are so happy. Why?"

Now I had to tell him about Kate and I could see, as I talked about her lack of experience, that I was striking some sort of cord because he smiled.

"Mmm. I can see how she might feel being in something like the same position myself," he said with a smile.


"Mike, I've only been with two women in my life. My first wife and Joy. I suppose I'm lucky really finding a woman like your mother. I don't think I've looked at another woman since we met but I think I understand how Kate might feel."

"I think it's different for a woman Joe. It's not quite the done thing for them to want other men is it. OK for us to be lechers but not for a woman."

"I'm surprised that you agreed."

"I didn't have much choice really if you think about it. If I don't I blame myself for making her unhappy – and you know where that leads." He nodded. "Or I see her with another man." I sighed, "I'd rather take the risk of another man Joe, especially after the last time I made her unhappy."

"Why does she need to talk to Joy?"

I laughed, "Well they don't need an excuse to spend time together do they?" He laughed and nodded knowingly – did he know? "But this young couple have a problem." So I explained about Toni.

"Poor bugger," Joe said then, "I expect Joy will know what to do, then they'll enjoy themselves!" He did know!

"You know?"

He smiled, "About them? Yes, I know. I've known for years. Joy told me."

"You don't mind?"

"No, why should I? Tonight will be a busy night," he added with a laugh. "Whenever they spend time together I have a busy night afterwards. Do you?"

I laughed, "Joe, you're priceless. Yes I do but not tonight I think, we had a very busy night on Sunday and she will want to save herself, and me come to that, for Saturday."

Joe laughed and then became more serious. "I'm glad we've had this chat Mike. I know we get on OK but . . . well I've always felt that we didn't . . . Oh heck, I'm not very good at this." He fixed me with his eyes, a decision made. "I've never had kids, Yvonne couldn't and, obviously it was too late with Joy but . . . Oh heck . . . I do feel like . . ." This was obviously difficult for him, emotions were. "Heck Mike, what I'm trying to say is that I do see you as a son, the son I never had, and I'm proud of you. How you looked after Joyce, now you and Kate. I can see you love her and what you're doing, well . . ."

I felt great affection for him then. I'd never known a father, well only Stan for a short time, and now, after nearly 12 years, I was connecting with my step-father.

"Thanks, Joe I've never had a dad, you know that, but . . . well, I think I've got one now," and I covered his hand with mine, "and a bloody good one at that."

"Bloody soppy," he said throatily, downed his glass of wine, then smiled, "by god I feel better for that. I suppose we'd better get back or we'll get told off."

I laughed, "I suppose so. Come on, a slow stroll will give us an appetite.

Both mum and Kate were full of life and energy when we got back, a sure sign that they'd been together for a while that afternoon. Kate was even bubblier than before so I decided to take a risk.

As we sat down after dinner I turned to her and said, "I told Joe all about Toni and Gina."

"You did . . ." She looked at mum.

Mum smiled, "Did you now and what did he say?" She didn't seem surprised, indeed, she seemed rather happy. I suppose, for her, it was a sign that we had really 'bonded' I think is the word and that was bound to please her.

"I said that I hoped they enjoyed the experience," Joe said looking at me, "and I hope that you've been able to help out."

"Oh yes," said mum with a laugh, "I think everything will be all right in that department."

Strangely all this seemed to embarrass Kate a bit so I sidled over and sat next to her. "I needed to let Joe know about this Kate, in case, you know, it goes further. I'm sure mum will want to meet them."

"You bet," said mum with a smile, "from what Kate tells me, he's a real dish."

"What have you been saying minx?"

She laughed now, realising that we were teasing, "I said he was very handsome, had a lovely figure, and," digging me in the ribs, "a very attractive wife."

"Ah," said mum with a smile, "now it's all coming out – attractive wife eh?" Now they were embarrassing me!

"All right, yes. A very attractive wife but," I looked at mum, "Kate must have told you," she nodded, "it might not go that far. We'll have to see."

"Mmm, we will," said Kate cuddling up to me, "but it will be exciting anyway!" With that the conversation moved on to mum's voluntary work and Joe's garden. We left fairly early because Wednesday was going to be busy and got to bed almost straight away. We chatted for a while and I explained about telling Joe. She said she was glad really because I meant we didn't have to exclude him all the time. Kate didn't tell me what mum had said about Toni's 'problem' but she was sure she could sort it out. As Wednesday and Thursday were both going to be busy – we had to go to Birmingham on Thursday – Kate would phone Gina on Friday to 'sort out' Saturday night. I was happy to leave it to her, it was her show after all. I was just concerned she wouldn't be too disappointed if things didn't pan out as she hoped.

The next two days passed quickly, meetings Wednesday, travelling Thursday. Kate was bubbly, effervescent even, obviously excited by what the weekend would bring. We got back late on Thursday evening so straight to bed (no sex – we were still saving ourselves for Saturday night).

Kate phoned Gina on Friday and, I found out later, discussed what would happen the next day. I'd spoken to Toni about the flight times and they were going to pick us up at the airport then drive on to the villa.

"Mike," Kate said as we sat in the lounge after dinner, "about tomorrow."

"Mmm," I said smiling across at her.

"You are OK aren't you?" She was concerned, I think, that I was still finding it difficult.

"Come here and sit next to me. I want to hold you." So she did. I looked into her eyes. "Kate love, I am OK with this. I told you, I've worked it out." I smiled, "I'm looking forward to tomorrow, mind you," I added, "I'm not quite sure of how to carry on."

She kissed me, "I've arranged it with Gina. I want you to make love to her." I raised my eyebrows questioningly. "No," she laughed, "not 'all the way'. Make love to her like you do to me before . . . you know. We need her to be relaxed and ready to lose her virginity to him."

I smiled, "I think I can do that."

"Good. When you have, bring her in to the other bedroom." A vampish smile, "Joy says I should be able to get him ready." She was still unsure of me, "It is alright isn't it?"

"Oh course, I told you minx. What will happen then?"

"Well, I'm going to blindfold him, Joy said that would help, and when you come in Gina will sit on him."

"You two have been very busy."

"Mmm, it was what Joy suggested really. I do hope we can get them together Mike. I feel so sorry for them."

"Yes, I hope so to love but," I stroked her cheek then reminded her again, "remember, they may not want to carry on. Don't get your hopes up too high."

Chapter 29*The first night: with Gina


She was in a bit of a tizzy on Saturday, fussing over this and that. It was clear she was nervous but excited at the same time. I must admit that I was excited as well. This was a funny feeling. Here we were, two happily married people going to meet another couple to swap partners and have sex, well almost anyway. Not something you do every day! Of course I was used to dating women before I married and had my share of virgins but this was so different. I realised that I was nervous as well, far more nervous than when I'd taken a woman out on my own. 'I'll have to make a special effort' I thought to myself otherwise things could get strained. I think that Kate must have realised finally that she was getting herself into a state because she suddenly stopped rushing around as sat next to me.

"Oh Mike, I'm so nervous. Is it always like this before . . . you know . . . a date?"

"I don't know," I smiled, "it's the first time I've done this as well. Look love we're bound to be nervous, so are they. You must have talked about it with Gina."

"Well, not really. I don't think it crossed our minds then."

"It'll be all right, just be you."

"Mmm," she kissed me, "have I told you today that I love you?"

"No, but you have now," and I kissed her back, "and I love you!"

"I know," she said softly.

This little chat calmed us both and, after a good flight, I was happy to see Toni and Gina waiting for us at the airport. Now Kate surprised me, she rushed over to Toni, threw her arms round him, and kissed him full on the lips. As she pulled away he looked totally and completely flummoxed. At that moment Gina draped herself around me and did the same! PHEW, this girl knew how to kiss!

"It's so lovely to see you," she said as I stood there in amazement.

"Yes," Kate said as she turned to Gina and hugged her, "it is. Isn't it Mike?"

"Errm, yes," I laughed as I regained control, "very nice. Very nice indeed." My turn now as I looked at Gina with a smile that told her how I felt. Not that experienced but she was aware of the content of that smile and blushed bright red.

Kate hustled her off, "You mustn't play games with him Gina darling, he is VERY experienced. Bring the cases," she said over her shoulder.

I laughed, "We'll just bring the cases shall we Toni?"

"Errr, si, certo. Yes certainly."

"I think that they have 'taken over' Toni old son." That obviously went over his head so I had to explain the 'old son' bit.

He laughed, "Yes. I think you are right you know."


"Yes, this is a husband swap!"

"I think maybe it is. Come on otherwise we'll get told off for dawdling."

We left the airport about 3 in the afternoon. The drive up to Stresa took about 2 hours (no motorway then) along the side of the lake for a while. As I said, we'd been there and I have always felt at home on this lake. The Italian way of life, the views, the people, and the climate had (and still has) the ability to make me relax. Kate always felt the same way. We stopped at a little bar overlooking the lake for a coffee and that allowed Kate and Gina to work their magic on Toni and me. It was obvious that they had discussed how to behave in that long phone call on Friday because they were both playing the coquette. Poor Toni seemed completely bemused by Kate's behaviour, bemused and captivated but then he almost always was!

Me, I was torn between watching Kate behave in a way I hadn't really seen before. Of course we played our games together but this was for real; she was using all her feminine wiles to capture a man and it was fascinating. Added to this was the effect that Gina was having on me. It was funny really because, although Kate was 12 years older than Gina she had no more experience than her in doing this so their behaviour was similar. I suppose the only difference really was that Kate, because of her experience in the bedroom, had the poise and confidence that Gina lacked. That's not to say that she wasn't provocative. When an attractive 20 year old virgin (remember, I knew she was) starts to flirt with you; to make it obvious that she wants you; you just have to notice!

Back to the car and Kate sat in the front now, next to Toni. I had Gina in the back. I couldn't not be aware of her presence, her perfume, and her warm body pressed closely to mine. The car wasn't that small but she seemed to want to squeeze up to me – can't say I minded really! Poor Kate, in the front, could only rest her hand on his knee. That was enough – he nearly lost it when she first did it!

We arrived at their villa around 5 o'clock and I'll take some time to describe it because it became such an important place in our lives. It was situated just outside one of the small villages set in the hills above Stresa. Stresa itself has been a holiday resort for many years and is a beautiful town overlooking the Borromean Islands. The villa itself was surrounded on three sides by fairly tall cypress trees maintaining almost total privacy. The fourth side faced the lake. Entering the villa from the back, a small corridor ran into the enormous lounge which stretched almost the whole length of the side facing the lake. Three sets of French doors led out onto a terrace with table, chairs, and sunshade. Off the lounge but still facing the lake, was a small dining area which also had doors leading to the terrace. At that time the patio was about 15 feet deep and the ground fell away as lawn down to the woods below. Although it wasn't possible to see the islands there was still a magnificent view of the lake. The ground floor was completed by a generous kitchen located behind the dining area and two small box rooms used, at that time, for storage.

Upstairs there were two bedrooms, both over the lounge. They were about the same size and both had French doors leading to balconies overlooking the patio and the lake. The bedrooms each had tiny en-suites with just a shower and toilet.

I suppose the piece de resistance was the bathroom or rather, shower room. This was literally a room which was a shower. I should think that 6 or 7 people could shower at the same time and, although in those days, there were only a couple of water outlets, it was still a truly important part of the villa.

There were two smaller rooms on this level and a separate toilet. A small spiral staircase led up to the roof which had been laid out to garden but was now in need of some care. In all the villa was beautiful but was sparsely furnished and in need of some investment. Toni told me later that it had taken every spare penny of his cash and then some to buy the villa and he had no money left to make the necessary improvements. We sorted that out, but more later.

Toni and Gina took great delight in showing us around and we both fell in love with the place from that moment. Upstairs in the bedrooms Gina dragged me into one with a, "You show Kate the other bedroom Toni. Come on Mike, this is yours," as she whisked me through the door. Poor old Toni looked completed confused by all this but I was pretty sure I knew what was happening here, particularly when Gina threw her arms around my neck and planted another, fairly sensuous, kiss on my lips. This time I kissed back, holding her to me and running my hands down her body from shoulder to bottom. She felt rather good in my arms and JT was most definitely interested. I suspect she must have felt that, that and the intensity of the kiss, because she pulled away breathlessly.

I smiled, "That was nice!"

"Oh yes, errrm, si . . . I show you the balcony," she went on quickly. Ahh, I thought, not so sophisticated after all.

"Mmm, yes." She turned away and I became aware of her delicious shape. As I said, shorter than Kate, Gina had a full shapely figure with broad hips which, you will be aware, appealed to me no end. She swayed naturally in that seductive manner when she walked. There was no artifice in her manner, she was completely natural and very, very sexy! She opened the doors and went out onto the balcony. Quite small but it was big enough for two chairs and a small table. The view was stunning, the islands seeming to float in the lake below.

"It's lovely," I said turning to her and smiling, "and very romantic."

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