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The Women in My Life Ch. 03 Pt. 08



Here is Part 8 of 'Kate'. Still swinging! This is the foursome so the 'Mike is a wimp, Kate's a whore' brigade - don't read any further! Very hardcore at the end for Kate's fantasy but, hopefully, all ends well. In the light of the very negative comments posted I would welcome some support so please, if you are enjoying the story of Mike and Kate, let me know. Thanks Anon UK. Hope to continue soon but will be some delay – very busy and on hols.

The Warning:

If you have read this series before you will know what to expect; if not please take the time to read the introduction to TWIML, Ch.3-Pt.1. It does explain the story and how it is posted and I prefer it if my readers know what is coming! If you don't read that introduction then please don't complain about the content.

Chapter 37Tuesday brings the foursome!!!

Oral (both)/straight (various positions).

I awoke next to my love and, as usual, spent a few moments looking down at her. I love to do this, always have, always will. I've always been an early waker, usually before my love, so this is something I've enjoyed all my life. Kate was restless in bed and I didn't often get any covers so was used to sleeping 'cold'. Now she looked so lovely. I eased out of bed and showered then downstairs to get breakfast. She didn't wake – not unusual!

I'd got breakfast ready by the time she came down, yawning as usual. "You didn't wake me," she said accusatively.

I laughed, "I need my strength for tonight. Can't be letting you have your way with me this morning!"

"Beast," she laughed, "I wouldn't. You need to be at your best tonight." Then she was suddenly sad. "Mike. It is all right isn't it?"

I held her to me, "Love, off course. Whatever you want you know. Anything! I love you, you know. You don't have to feel this way!"

She took a deep breath. I knew just what she wanted. "Oh love, I'm sorry," she sniffed, "I shouldn't!"

"Silly! I can't wait to see you face. Kate, love, just enjoy. Heck, I love you."

She pulled my head down and kissed me. It was a kiss that promised so much. "Much more of that and you'll be face down over the kitchen table," I said with a laugh.

"Mm," she said with a provocative smile, "now there is a thought!" but she escaped my embrace and began to set breakfast, "but you have to wait. We have got some treats for you tonight." She held me tight then her usual self shone through. I made to kiss her again and run my hands over her lovely bottom.

"No beast," she said laughing, "I know you, you just want start early and see all the things!"

I laughed back, "Too right! OK breakfast now minx," and so we laid out everything then ate. Toni and Gina came down together looking happy and joined us.

We were taking them for a drive today, showing them something of England's 'green and pleasant land' so after breakfast it was dressing then into the car. It was a 'fun' day. We drove to the coast, to a seaside town. So different from Italy they were amazed. Lunch was taken in a 'pub'. They couldn't get over the whole idea of a 'pub' and all the things that meant – and the fact that you couldn't get a cup of coffee! (Well you couldn't in those days).

It was a great day full of fun and laughter, just enjoying being with people we were both coming to love. What sort of love we weren't really sure but, talking about the visit afterwards, it became obvious that Gina and Toni, as well as becoming sexual partners, were beginning to fill a void in our lives.

They left Toni and me alone again when we got in, cooking a 'special dinner' they said – and it wasn't the food!

We chatted about many things. Business in particular. I wanted to, I don't know, bring him into the fold I suppose. Make sure he was successful and we made some plans for the future. We spoke about the villa. How to add bedrooms. It was quite difficult because there wasn't much land each side and we couldn't build up. Toni said he would consult a local architect who was used to the problem.

After this long discussion about serious things I finally turned to him, "So, looking forward to tonight then?" I asked with a laugh.

"Yes," he said laughing back, "but a bit nervous."

"Mmm, so am it but I am intrigued by the new underwear!"

"New underwear, new underwear?" said Kate as she and Gina came into the lounge, "who's got new underwear?"

"We were rather hoping that you two had," I said with a smile, "Particularly if you want us to be on out best behaviour tonight." My way of signalling to Kate that I had spoken to Toni about tonight's possibilities.

She picked it up straight away. "Oh, so you," lots of emphasis, "you want to play tonight do you? What do you think Gina, shall we let them play?"

Gina pouted outrageously, firstly at Toni then at me, then said, "Only if we can all play together," with a wicked smile.

I looked at Toni and winked, "Mmm, sounds good to me eh Toni?"

He smiled, at ease now we were all together in this, "Yes, that does sound rather good. What do you think Kate," he added with a look in her direction.

"Oh, I think it's a marvellous idea," she responded with a laugh, "providing you two do just as you are told! Now, enough of this banter," she added in mock seriousness, "Gina and me are going to get dressed for dinner. I suppose you men will just stay as you are?"

"Mmm," I said with a smile, "yes we will and await your return oh mistress mine!"

"Less of the mistress," said Kate with a laugh, "see you in a minute."

About an hour later we heard them coming down the stairs laughing and joking with each other then Gina came into the lounge.

Now I should mention how they were dressed for dinner because it was obvious that their main aim was to get Toni and me as hot as possible. Gina first. She wore her hair loose with a slight up curl. She was wearing some of Kate's jewellery, primarily diamond earrings that hung about two inches and matched a diamond choker type necklace.

Her dress was a thick black fishnet affair cut low over her delightful bosom with three tiny black chains hanging between. Gina often favoured black for sexy dresses and lingerie – we didn't mind, it always looked fantastic. It was almost totally see-through without being so – if you know what I mean. The soft texture of her, slightly dark, skin shone through. Underneath she wore a flesh coloured bra and black panties, the outline and shape of which was obvious. Add to that three inch heels on open shoes and you can imagine just how shaggable she looked. I had to hold Toni back! Mind you, I had to hold myself back. She looked absolutely fantastic.

"Mmm, that's got your interest," said Kate as she entered the room behind Gina.

If anything she was even lovelier. I know I felt like throwing her on the sofa and screwing the arse off her there an then but I was pretty sure she wouldn't stand for it. Well not before dinner anyway!.

Kate was wearing her hair just a bit longer than usual just now, it hung below her shoulders, and was very dark, almost black. I liked it like that now and again. I should say that Kate was fond of changing her appearance: different hair colour, different lengths, sometimes wigs. She would apply make-up as well to give a totally different feeling. It stemmed from our love of role-play I suppose. I would even change hair colour or style sometimes. We might both wear specs: something I liked a lot on Kate. I've never been able to understand the saying that 'guys don't make passes to girls that wear glasses'. I've always found spectacles on women very appealing.

Anyway, to Kate's dress that evening. She was wearing a see through silky/nylon thingy – I don't know what to call it, that reached her waist. It had long sleeves and a pretty leafy type design across the bust. It hid nothing because I could see that she was wearing a white bra designed to lift and squeeze her boobs together. All I wanted to do was bury my face in between!

Around her waist she wore a loosely tied shawl pinned at the side. This was s bit more opaque than the top but it was still easy to make out the shape of a pair of fairly miniscule white panties that I could see matched the bra. All this was finished off with four inch court shoes which emphasized the shape of her bottom to perfection.

As to jewellery, she wore two inch hoop earrings and a matching hoop necklace with a tiny jewel hanging on her bosom.

I couldn't take my eyes off her!

"Got you as well," she said with a big smile. "No you bloody don't," she added with a laugh as I made to grab her. "You don't get to touch just yet. Anyway, this is only for starters."

Christ, I thought, they've got more stuff for later. "Well Toni old son, looks like playtime is going to be fun tonight."

He took a deep swallow as he dragged his eyes away from these two glorious examples of femininity then smiled and said, "Yes, I think it will be."

Gina walked over swaying her, oh so inviting, hips and kissed him. Then over to me for another kiss as Kate bent and kissed Toni. I stood and, as Kate came to kiss me, grabbed her and held her close, "God woman you are sexy," I said as I kissed her. "How the hell do you expect us poor men to eat tonight while you sit there like that?"

She laughed as she pulled away, "Oh, I expect you'll manage. I told you, this is only the hors d'oeuvres. Wait till you see the main course. Now away you naughty man. Gina come, let's leave them to exercise their imagination while we rustle up the meal." And with that they left the room, bottoms swaying enticingly.

Toni looked at me and smiled, "Dio!!!" he said.

"I'll second that," I laughed. "We are going to be busy tonight Toni but, then again, I suspect we'll enjoy it!" He laughed and we chatted for a while before the girls called us in for dinner.

The meal was difficult. Difficult because it was almost impossible to concentrate on the food which was, by the way, excellent. They treated us like a couple of Greek gods, serving food and wine as we needed it. Not that I drank very much, or ate really, I was concentrating on the heavenly bodies flitting around the dining room. Sometimes they would even pick food up on a fork and feed it to us all the time crooning how much they were looking forward to later on. If I was mesmerised poor old Toni was speechless, almost unable to get hold of himself at this 'assault' by these two fabulous women.

I took control at the end, shooing them out of the kitchen while I railroaded Toni into helping with the clearing away. It gave us both a breathing space and, shit, did we need it. I know that I'd been on constant 'alert' all thought the meal as they brushed up against me, bent in front, showed off their bodies. I can only think that they knew we were a bit unsure about our performance later on, two men sort of thing, so they were doing this to wind us up. I do know that it worked. I don't know about Toni but all I could think about was screwing the arse of Kate and/or Gina!

Well, we cleared up and made coffee, jokingly talking about their behaviour and their dresses, then back to the lounge. They were much more subdued then, almost as if they wanted to calm us down. They sat apart and invited us to sit by them, Kate to me and Gina to Toni. Coffee was taken quietly, softly, with gentle caresses that, in their own way, were just as exciting as the 'over the top' behaviour of the meal. There wasn't much conversation, most of the communication being by touch and in looks. It seemed they were happy to just be held, be loved, be admired, before the evening 'took off'. This seemed to go on for quite a while then Kate kissed my cheek, stood, and said to Gina who was, by the way, snuggled up to Toni, "Are you ready?"

Gina kissed Toni's cheek, smiled and nodded.

Kate turned to me, "We're going to get changed now and to get ready. Is that all right?" The way she said 'get ready' made it clear that, tonight, she would prepare her bottom and she wanted me to approve. Her eyebrows raised and she looked concerned as she waited my reply.

"Mmm," I said with a smile, "sounds good to me. And you can show Gina the ropes can't you?" I was making it clear that I knew what she wanted tonight, how she wanted the night to end and she would know that this was an opportunity to show Gina all about anal sex.

She smiled back and crossed to take Gina's hand, "Come on Gina, put him down. You can have much more of him later . . ." and, with a wicked smile at us both, she pulled Gina up and out of the room. As she left she turned and said to us both, "Be ready you men, we want you tonight but you must do as you are told but we might be a little while!" and she left.

I turned to Toni, "Are you OK with this Toni?"

He smiled his slow smile then laughed, "I don't think I have much choice Mike. The way they behaved tonight I expect they won't take no for an answer!"

I laughed in return, "Mmm, perhaps you're right. Bloody hell Toni, but don't they look fabulous. God knows what they'll wear tonight."

"They have been shopping," he said with a smile, then more seriously, "what will happen Mike?"

"To be honest Toni, I don't really know," I said with a soft smile. "We've never done this before either but I think they'll be in charge, we just do as we're told, perhaps take over when the opportunity arises? Whatever happens I expect we'll enjoy it."

"Yes," he said. "Mike," he went on pensively, "what did Kate mean when she said 'get ready'? It meant something I think."

I took a deep breath. It was only fair that he knew what to expect after all. We'd all been rather unkind to him on that first night at the villa so I felt the need to be open with him, and it was something new to him as well. "She meant she was going to get ready for anal sex." His eyebrows shot up.

"You mean . . . .?"

"Yes, she wants to show you and Gina all about it and Toni," deep breath, "she wants you there after me." He looked shocked and went to speak. "Wait Toni, let me explain." He had to know how she felt about this, about him, about me, about us. "It's been her fantasy for a long time Toni. To have another man . . . oh how shall I put this? To have another man inside her, filling her with his seed. Toni, you're that man." Again he looked shocked.

"I need to explain. Our feelings for you two are difficult," I said intensely. "When I was with Gina, Toni," thankfully that didn't seem to bother him, "I had strange feelings. Oh not like with Kate. I love her more than anything – you know that, it's how you love Gina but . . . Bugger, this is hard. Toni, my feelings were paternal. Hell, sexual but paternal as well. This is so hard to explain . . ."

"I know," he interrupted then signalled for me to wait. "Mike, Gina and I have spoken of this. These feelings. I love Gina, as you say, I love her totally but how I feel about Kate . . . She moves me Mike. She make me feel . . . Dio, non lo so, I don't have the English. I look up to her, she is, is . . ." he was obviously having difficulty finding the words. "We talk, Gina and me, we talk about you. About you both. How you make us feel." He was intense now, very intense. "You are much older . . ." I raised my eyebrows with a smile trying to ease his tension (and mine) and it brought a smile, "perhaps not that much," he added, "but you are older and . . . Well you know about me. For me, in this short time, you are . . . important, someone to look up to and Kate," he took a deep breath, "Kate is your wife and you give her to me."

"Hold on Toni," I interrupted, "I don't 'give her to you', she makes that decision. She wants you, but it's more than just sex. You need to understand that." Time to try to explain. "We can't have kids Toni. No family for us." He looked sad.

"It's OK Toni, we're used to it. Come to terms with it but it does effect how we feel about you two. You must see that. Gina is young enough, just," I added with a smile, "just, to be my daughter. Those were the feelings I think I was having trouble with. And Toni," I went on seriously, "that's something of what Kate feels for you, of what I feel for you," I finally managed to say. This was difficult for us both. We men are not very used to expressing feelings like this but it was important that he understood what was going on tonight. Oh, I was sure the girls had programmed everything, well as much as they could anyway. That didn't bother me, I was looking forward to it and I had, after all, experienced two women often before Kate when mum and Angela would enjoy themselves with me. But Toni? Not naïve now, of course, after Gina and one night with Kate, but still relatively inexperienced.

He was quiet for a moment then said emotionally, "We are lucky Gina and I, to have found you two. I think Mike that I love Kate but not as I love Gina. With Kate, before," he was conscious that he might hurt me talking about them together but it didn't so I nodded with a smile, "it was so wonderful but different. Even more exciting than with Gina," he added with a smile. "She is wonderful Mike, wonderful." It was clear that he worshipped Kate, did until the end, and his feelings for her were strong.

I didn't feel ready to explain my feelings for Gina in depth just then. I didn't really understand them myself so I just said, "Yes, she is," then went on with a deep breath and a smile, "tonight will be a roller coaster Toni, we just have to be there."

"Mmm, I suppose so but I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be," he ended with a laugh, his tension eased now.

"Neither can I. Come on let's shower and await their pleasure – and ours!" With that we went to the second bedroom and used the en-suite. Whilst we didn't shower together we were open in our nudity. I was used to changing rooms and communal showers, so was Toni, so that didn't bother us and I think our chat had, sort of, lowered the barriers. Even so, I think we were both a bit nervous as we went into the main bedroom dressed, as instructed, in boxers, to await their arrival. I must admit I was looking forward to seeing what they would be wearing.

It must have been nearly an hour since they went upstairs to get ready. Our chat had lasted a while so we didn't have to wait long before the door to the en-suite opened.

Kate was first and she took my breath away. I need to describe her because she almost stopped my heart. It wasn't only what she was wearing, mind you that was fantastic, it was her whole demeanour. She seemed to exude happiness, pleasure, desire, sexuality. I don't think I'd ever seen her so excited and enticing. Anyway, to describe her.

She was wearing her hair (colour back to normal) straight as usual and hardly any make-up but then she seldom wore much in the bedroom. I think she had a hair-piece on because her hair seemed longer than usual, reaching to her breasts.

The lingerie! She was wearing a white basque which was see-through underneath her boobs but thicker material cupping them. Suspender straps hung loose from the basque but more later! She had a, sort of, shawl around her neck and over her shoulder with the cords draped over her body. For some reason it made her look even sexier!. She was wearing matching knickers over fishnet tights. She didn't often wear tights, always said they got in the bloody way but tonight – wow. The outfit was finished off with a tiny denim belt around her waist that didn't really do anything, just highlighted the swell of her hips. I loved this outfit very much and kept it after . . . Miranda has worn it for me on several emotional occasions (more in part 3).

Added to all this were the bedroom slippers with three inch heels that emphasised her bottom (as if it needed it!). She looked divine, a goddess. As I've said, at 32 Kate was at her peak. Not slim by any means but perfectly in proportion. She was confident in her sexuality and in her ability to turn me, and probably any man, on with little other than a smile. I dread to think what my heart rate must have been as I sat there and watched her turn a couple of times. Still, showed I was OK!

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