tagIncest/TabooThe Women in My Life Ch. 04

The Women in My Life Ch. 04


I woke up Monday morning to an empty bed. Ellie had probably already left for school, and I could hear the water running from the bathroom. As I left the room, Brandi crossed me in the hallway. We shared a quick kiss as she headed downstairs to leave for work, and I did the same after taking a shower and eating breakfast.

Work went smooth as usual, and I managed to get quite some work done. I worked at a small office, and the colleagues and I are pretty close. However, I wasn't aware of any office romances or any affairs going on. We were just friends on a professional level, how it was supposed to be. Not that I would mind getting even closer to one of my female co-workers. Least to say, most of them were all rather interesting girls. Maybe one day, an opportunity would come around the corner..

But not yet, at least. The day went by without anything too interesting happening, until I came home. I was expecting to find my girlfriend's car in the drive-way, but I didn't. I called her to make sure she was okay, but apparently she had to help out her friend again. When I asked her what she needed help with, she gave me a vague answer. Some guy again, she said, and I didn't ask any further. Not sure if Ellie was home, I walked inside the house. She usually used public transport to get to school and back, but most times she was already home by the time I arrived.

And then I heard the same thing I heard about two weeks before. A soft moan reaching my ears as I entered the hallway. Getting suspicious - as the last time this happened turned out into the first threesome of many with my daughter and my girlfriend - while quietly walking further into the house. The moans appeared to come from the living room, and that was exactly where I went.

"Suck my cock, baby." I heard someone say. As if the sentence wasn't clear enough, I noticed the voice was clearly male. Wondering who might be in my living room with probably my daughter, I sneaked into the room. As I softly pushed open the door, I got a slight déjà vu as I caught my daughter for the second time in two weeks. This time, however, she wasn't getting her pussy licked by my girlfriend. Instead, she sat on her knees in front of a guy, her lips wrapped around a black cock. As I got a clear view on the situation, I immediately recognized the man as Ellie's stepbrother. He was the son of the new husband of my ex-wife/Ellie's mother. He was a young Afro-American, his body being close to perfectly fit. As Ellie popped her lips off the cock, I could see it wasn't as long as mine, but it was definitely thicker. My daughter let out a slutty giggle as he whispered something to her, before she went back to taking his cock down her throat.

I wasn't even that surprised when I caught her. Her stepbrother - whose name was Sean, by the way - was a handsome young guy, and probably the most approachable one when she stayed at her mother's house. I didn't know how long they had been fucking around, but then I remembered I popped her cherry, which made me suspect that it hadn't been very long.

"You just can't help it, can you." I said as I walked further into the room. Sean almost jumped as I suddenly got into the picture, but I gestured him to calm down. "I'm so sorry, Sir.." He started, but then stopped as he noticed I wasn't about to make a problem out of it. "You know me, daddy." Ellie answered, before going back to the black cock in front of her. Her stepbrother seemed surprised, even shocked, but didn't complain either. Thinking I might as well join in, I started undressing myself while watching my daughter bump her head onto another hard cock.

When Ellie noticed my cock arriving right next to her, she shifted her body a bit so she was facing the second shaft as well. She took Sean's meat out of her mouth, and looked up at us with a lewd gaze while her hands reached up to grab the cocks. "You're always so good to me, daddy." She said, and I was really sure Sean noticed the dirty tone, and he must've realized what was going on between us. He gave me another look to make sure I was okay with all of this, and then reached down towards Ellie's breasts. He yanked down the fabric of her tank top to reveal the teenage orbs, and grabbed one. His strong hand tenderly explored the soft flesh of her tit, making her moan a bit. As she started stroking both shafts, she leaned towards mine to take it into her mouth. "Your daughter is quite the slut, Sir." Sean smirked, and I nodded. I couldn't disagree with him, and knew the little nymphomaniac would be having two cocks to play with from then on.

She started to alternate between the cocks, bobbing her head onto mine for a bit before turning her head to give Sean the same treatment. She usually made a mess when giving a blowjob, and then wasn't different. Soon, saliva was leaking down from our cocks to the floor. When she had both cocks on her own for a while, she ended up with mine again. I reached down to collect her hair together, using the ponytail to keep her head still as I started swinging my hips back and forth. She gagged loud when I did so, and more spit coated the shaft. I forcefully pulled her off, and turned her towards Sean. He took the offer without questions, slamming his cock into her mouth as I kept her head steady. We took turns fucking her eager throat for a while, knowing she loved it as her hand slid down her shorts to rub her own, soaking wet cunt.

Sean got sight on this too, as he stared down at her pretty body intensely. His cock was rock-hard and messed up with saliva, and he decided Ellie would be ready for his thickness. He pulled his cock away from her face, and reached down to pick up my daughter easily. Knowing what was to come, I sat down on the couch and gestured Sean to place her head by my cock again. So he did, getting her on all fours onto the couch. My cock slid back between her sweet lips as her ass was raised for her stepbrother. I started massaging one of her breasts, digging my fingers in the flesh as I kneaded the orb. I occasionally pinched and pulled onto her nipple, making her moans vibrate onto my shaft. Sean had pulled her jeans shorts down to her knees, revealing the black lace panties she was wearing. He teased her for a bit, although not too long as he was clearly eager to fuck my daughter's drenched cunt. He slowly pushed into her after pulling the straps of her panties to the side, until his balls were pressing against her thighs. Then he pulled back quickly, only to slam his cock back into her pussy. He started fucking her roughly, making her squeal onto my cock. The force of his thrusts made sure she took my cock in a steady bump of her head, as she was spit-roasted by her father and her stepbrother.

Sean slapped Ellie's ass a few times, and his handprint got visible on her firm cheeks. Her tank top was still in the same place it had been the entire day, but with her breasts pulled out of it. She moaned loudly, and I noticed how she started to push back against his cock. She was bouncing back and forth between our bodies, taking a hard cock on each sides. One of her hands was laying on my thigh, firmly gripping the flesh, while she used the other one to rub her own clit. "Fuck, she squirts!" Sean suddenly said, followed by a soft grin. I hadn't seen her cum, but apparently she did. I smirked and nodded. "She sure does." I mumbled as I started thrusting my cock up and down, making her gag onto my cock a few times before standing up. "Let's switch." I said, and Sean obediently pulled out his cock. I flipped Ellie onto her back, and she immediately spread her legs for me. I got on my knees in front of her, slid my hands beneath her body to lift her ass a bit and entered her young pussy.

I started giving deep, hard but slow thrusts. My balls clapped against her ass, and then I slowly withdrew until my cock almost left her pussy. Then I gave another thrust, slowly but surely building up the pace. Every time I swung my hips forward, I watched her big tits bounce. Sean watched for a while, before he got onto his knees next to the blonde girl. Like a good little slut, she turned her head and opened her mouth, giving him access to join in again.

Soon, Ellie was getting fucked hard on both sides again. My cock was getting squeezed by her tight slit, while she was getting throatfucked by Sean's thick black cock. Our hands roamed over her body, fondling and even playfully slapping her bouncing tits, rubbing her clit and just feeling up her smooth skin as we used her gorgeous body for our and her pleasure. My thrusts still weren't that fast, which got Ellie to grind her hips back against me. As I enjoyed the tightness, I couldn't help but stare at the black cock sliding in and out her throat. She looked so precious, her natural innocence being in contrast to her slutty behavior.

I drove my daughter to multiple orgasms, yet those were smaller ones. She didn't squirt very heavily onto my skin, but she tightened up as the pleasure sent waves of pleasure through her body. I got close to an orgasm, but wasn't done with her yet. Sean must've been thinking the same thoughts, as he suddenly pulled his cock out of Ellie's mouth. She looked up at him with questioning eyes, but then I took my cock away from her body as well. Her stepbrother sat down, and she sensually crawled over to him. Their lips met already, while she straddled his lap and her arms moved around his neck. They started passionately kissing the other, their tongues entangled into a lustful dance. My daughter's small hand reached down to lead his thick manhood in position. She grinded her pussy against the cock, before pressing herself down. She had to force the cock back into her pussy, as it had already slightly adjusted to my length, and she got spread open by her stepbrother again. I smirked at the sight of her body delightfully starting to move up and down, fucking the erected cock of her stepbrother. She was facing him, her ass sticking out as its firmness didn't move a bit other than along with the rest of her body. My eyes fell onto her backdoor, the same hole I had taken it's virginity just a day before.

I slapped her butt as I walked past her, but she didn't break the kiss to watch me walk over to the closet. 'Good' I thought to myself, 'It'll be a pleasant surprise then.' I softly grinned to myself as I thought about the plan I had. Brandi would love to receive the same treatment, I couldn't help but thinking about my girlfriend's voluptuous body taking two rockhard cocks. For a minute, I wondered how much longer she would be gone, but then I shrugged while pulling out the bottle of lube. I didn't need to worry about her catching us in the middle of a threesome. I walked back to my daughter - the pretty blonde still riding the strong guy as his lips had gone down to her bouncing tits - and slapped her ass another time. Her eyes were tightly closed, lost in lust as her pussy was filled with a thick cock. I started by lubing up my cock some more, although it was already covered in pussyjuices and saliva, and then coated two of my fingers in the liquid.

"Oh daddy.." Ellie moaned as she looked back at me, feeling how I slid my fingers into her tight asshole to apply the cool lube. She softly bit her bottom lip, showing off how excited she was about what I was about to do to her. There was a big chance Sean had already been involved in double penetration, as he slowed down his thrusts as soon as he noticed what I wanted to do. He smirked over at me and my daughter, giving us one of his smooth smiles. Ellie's elbows were resting on each of Sean's broad shoulders as she leaned forward, resting her forehead against her stepbrothers while she prepared herself to have both holes filled at the same time. Deciding she was lubed up enough, I withdrew my fingers and replaced them by my big throbbing cock.

My cock slid in pretty easily - I fucked her ass multiple times the night before, and at some point Brandi had even fisted the tight backdoor - so soon my entire length was inside of her. I could feel my balls slightly touching Sean's as both of us were as deep inside of her as possible. I slowly pulled back my cock until only the cockhead was still inside, and then thrusted forwards hard. Ellie moaned loud, breathing heavily, as my thrust caused her body to move along upwards. Sean's cock almost got pulled out of her soaked cunt, but she fell back onto it as I pulled back again. I thrusted in again, repeating the double fucking over and over again. After a few minutes, we shifted our bodies so Sean's bottom was hanging out from the couch. Like this, he could start moving his hips up and down properly to fuck my daughter's pussy. We synchronized our thrusts, and soon Ellie was in a bliss. Her lips were put into a happy smile - although it leaned towards being naughty a lot - which parted rather often to let out a deep yet cute moan.

I suddenly felt a hand touching the naked skin of my shoulder blade, making me flinch a bit. I stopped thrusting to look behind me, noticing Brandi was standing there. A grin appeared onto my face as I went back to fucking my daughter's ass, while looking over at my beautiful girlfriend. She was wearing a skin-tight black dress, perfectly showing off her magnificent body without revealing too much. It had the right amount of cleavage, and stopped right below her phat butt. "So who's this handsome fella?" She asked curiously as she looked back at the other guy, whose cock was slamming into Ellie's cunt. Sean looked over as he suddenly heard another female voice, his eyes slowly trailing over Brandi's body. "I'm Sean, n-nice to meet you." He managed to bring out between groans, and Brandi smiled. She squatted behind us, getting on eye level of the two cocks penetrating my daughter's tight holes over and over again. "That's so hot." I heard Brandi say, although barely as she nearly whispered it. She must be startled to see the blonde girl getting fucked by two guys at the same time. Suddenly, I felt Brandi's tongue trailing over my balls before she wrapped her lips over them, sucking as I kept thrusting into my daughter's ass. Moments later, her lips were replaced by her hand. I could still hear her slobbering, so she probably was feasting onto Sean's big black balls.

"Let's flip her over." Sean spoke up after another few seconds, clearly wanting to get a sample of my daughter's ass. I pulled out my cock, causing Sean's cock to pop out of her pussy as well. While Ellie turned around to get into a new position, Brandi quickly crawled into the couch and leaned towards the cocks. She got a firm grip onto mine and wrapped her lips around the black guy's shaft. She gave it a few quick sucks, cleaning off Ellie's juices and replacing them by her own saliva, before getting a taste of my cock as well. By the time she was done blowing both cocks each, my daughter was ready to get her holes filled another time. She sat down onto Sean's cock, forcing the shaft into her tight ass as the hole stretched open even more than before. She screamed loud, but soon she managed to calm down and take the thick shaft down her asshole bit by bit. As soon as the cock had entirely disappeared into the backdoor, I slammed my cock into her used cunt. Yet again, I could feel Sean's shaft pressing against mine through the thin wall separating my daughter's asshole and pussy, and we started fucking her again.

Instead of going back to watch the cocks pound my daughter like I expected, Brandi started rolling up the hem of her dress to reveal her pussy. She had completely shaven off her pubes the day before, something she only did once in a while, so it was still bare naked. I reached out to rub it, but she slapped my hand away after only a few seconds. "Keep fucking her." She whispered to me as she leaned in to kiss my lips passionately. Like she performed a spell onto me, I started thrusting even harder into my daughter's cunt. My daughter was moaning loud, but Brandi had a solution to that. She stood up, placing her legs on each side of Ellie's head and then slowly squatted down. My girlfriend kept moving down until her pussy was right above her face, and then Sean gently tugged onto Ellie's hair to have her head leaning back. Brandi lowered herself some more, and started grinding her pussylips against Ellie's mouth.

Three of us were using my daughter then. While her father and her stepbrother fucked her holes, basically destroying them by then, her tongue eagerly stuck out to let Brandi use her face. "Such a good girl." I groaned out as I reached over to playfully spank one of Ellie's bouncing tits. "Always eager to please." Brandi added, and it was clear that Ellie appreciated the compliments. Her body started rocking back and forth, as if she was demanding even more pleasure, while her hands moved up to grope Brandi's thighs. She pulled the half-Asian woman down more, letting her tongue slide between the folds of my girlfriend. I had a perfect view on everything - my own cock slamming into Ellie's drenched cunt, Sean's shaft trying to keep up with my pace as he fucked Ellie's asshole in a more uncomfortable position, and the gorgeous Brandi riding my daughter's face. Everything felt like heaven, and I surely wasn't the only one who thought that way. The four of us were all moaning deeply, the erotic noises filling up the house. I realized how hot it would be if our neighbors Thomas and Sarah would be watching again, like they did a while ago at our shared pool. I looked over at the window, but of course, they weren't there. I should really hit them up, I thought to myself, but then my thoughts came back to reality.

Ellie reached her first climax since we swapped holes, covering my own cock and Sean's in her orgasmic juices. As her pussywalls tightened up around my shaft, I couldn't hold back. All I could do was pick a target and shoot my load over that. I decided to pull out and cum all over my daughter's full breasts, covering them with semen. Sean didn't really have the option to pull out, and as I backed away I could see some of his white cream leaking out of Ellie's used asshole. Although she wasn't in action as long as myself, Sean and Ellie, Brandi's sensitive pussy soon reached an orgasm as well, her body shivering in pleasure as my daughter kept eating her out. Sean's cock slipped out of her as well, but she kept laying on top of his chest, her tongue buried in the pussy of my girlfriend. Messed up by semen and pussyjuices.

The girls moved off Sean, eager to play with each other after they drained our balls. Brandi laid down on the couch, her head resting against my leg as she spread her legs wide. She pulled Ellie's head between them and again started grinding her pussy against the sweet mouth of my daughter, in which the younger girl eagerly complied. Sean took a seat in an armchair, and he explained what he was doing in my house while we watched the two girls. Apparently, if the MMF experience wasn't enough, our sink was now fixed as well!


NOTE: Thank you for reading the story! I'm planning on making this a rather long series, as I do have quite some ideas for new chapters. I'm hoping you've enjoyed the stories this far, and will enjoy further ones. If you have any ideas which might lead to new adventures for the family and their friends, feel free to comment them below, along with any other opinions!

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I want to see Ellie, move in permanently and brandi stop cheating. I would also like to see either the ex wife join or Ellie's friend. And the father breed all of them. Also in some sentences you say Brandimore...

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Not really an mmf. More of an mfm. Mmf would have had Sean and the dad fucking each other as well.

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