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The Women's Championship


Trish grabbed hold of Torrie's neck in a headlock and jumped forward. Torrie's head bounced on the mat after the huge bulldog Trish delivered. Trish climbed on top of her opponent and pinned her to retain her WWF Women's Champion, which she had successfully won at Survivor Series. She stood and was presented her title by the referee. Her hands raised in victory, she spun round to acknowledge her support. Then, putting her belt over her shoulder, she crouched down and offered her hand to the dazed Torrie Wilson, who was trying to get up. Torrie accepted and allowed herself to be pulled to her feet. Seeing the smile on Trish Stratus' face, she smiled back, thanked her, then raised Trish's arm to show her congratulations. Trish then headed back to the locker room, followed not far behind by Torrie.

Trish's locker room was always kept tidy, no matter where she was. The layout was always neat. Trish always wanted plenty of room. Trish put her belt on the table before taking a seat on the sofa, and began to watch the rest of Smackdown on the small television on the table. Kane and the Undertaker were currently dominating the Dudley Boyz. There was suddenly knock at the door.

"Come in" called Trish. Torrie stepped inside and closed the door behind her. She was still slightly sweaty from the match, and slightly dazed.

"I wanted to congratulate you on that match. You deserved to win" said Torrie, sitting beside her fellow diva.

"What's the point?" asked Trish "you knew I was going to anyway."

"Yes, but you fought well. It was not an unfair match. You were always the better woman. You've changed a lot since you entered the WWF" replied Torrie.

"You weren't in the WWF when I joined" said Trish.

"No, but I always secretly watched Smackdown and Raw" replied Torrie. "I always admired how you fought, even though you were a bit of a bitch at first, especially at the time when you managed T & A. But you were always the most attractive of the girls in the WWF..." Torrie trailed off. Trish was intrigued by that last comment.

"Really?" she asked, "I always felt that you were one of the best looking in sports entertainment. It's your long blonde hair that I thought made you alluring." She reached over and stroked Torrie's her, but caught her looking straight into her eyes. Se felt herself being drawn closer towards Torrie, before they finally kissed. The kiss was slow at first, with just lips. Then the kiss got serious as Torrie put her tongue inside Trish's mouth. It lasted a while before the two withdrew.

"I-I'm sorry, I-I..." Trish stammered. Torrie put one finger to Trish's lips, telling her to be silent. Then she removed her top to reveal her large breasts bulging in a lacy yellow bra. She eased down her trousers to reveal matching knickers. Trish, now more confident, did likewise and stripped to her bra and knickers. Both girls stood up and began hugging and kissing passionately. Trish reached round Torrie's back and undid the clasp of Torrie’s bra, while Torrie did the same with Trish's. They removed their own bras simultaneously showing each other their breasts. Torrie's were quite large with light aureoles and smooth nipples. Trish's were bigger and had larger nipples. Trish then quickly removed her knickers to show Torrie her bald pussy. Torrie revealed hers and showed that it was also fully shaven.

The girls silently began to caress each other. Trish knelt down to suck Torrie's nipples. She began to suck hard and made them erect. She started to lick her left breast and caress it with her tongue, before doing the same to Torrie's right breast. Torrie moaned slowly. Trish then lay down on the floor and beckoned Torrie to join her. Torrie began to kiss Trish's breasts in the same way Trish had to hers. She then lowered her concentration to Trish’s naval and swirled her tongue around it. She then went further down and reached her pussy. She delved straight in with her tongue and found Trish's clit. She began licking it. Trish arched her back to bring her cunt closer to Torrie's mouth. Torrie kept licking and slowly inserted to fingers right inside Trish's pussy. Trish began thrusting her hips back and forth as if trying to fuck Torrie's fingers and tongue as she would a cock. This drove Torrie wild as she began to lick harder. Torrie began to orgasm.

"Fuck yeah Torrie" she screamed "yeah I'm cumming. Fuck ooh. I'm cumming. Ooooh shit yeah. Aaah yeah that's it." With that, Trish came fully. Then she grinned at Torrie.

"My turn" she said.

She rolled on top of Torrie and went straight down to eat Torrie's pussy. She started licking furiously. She plunged two fingers deep into Torrie's vagina and began playing around while concentrating her oral movements on her clit. She lowered her other hand to her own vagina and began to stroke her own pussy. She could feel how wet she was, but kept going. She put her index and middle finger inside her, while her thumb massaged her clit.

Torrie was already cumming. Her moans became intense. Trish could feel herself cumming again, but she put all her effort into bringing Torrie to her climax first.

"Mmm Trish that's it, you got it. I'm gonna... fuck...yeah. That's it. OOOOH YES! Keep going. Ooooh I'm cumming" Torrie orgasmed much more than Trish.

"Mmmmmm! Oooooooh! Yeah! Mmmmmm!" came Trish with her mouth still eating out Torrie. She withdrew and brought her head back to eye level with Torrie. She began to kiss Torrie again while pressing her whole body against. She stopped kissing briefly.

"1, 2, 3" she said. Torrie smiled.

"You definitely won over me" she said and carried on kissing Trish.

After making herself and another woman cum at the same time, Trish Stratus is the undisputed WWF Women's Champion.

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